Monday Potpourri: Sheeple and a Backdoor Survival Roundup

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Monday Potpourri: Sheeple and a Backdoor Survival Roundup

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sheepleWhat are Sheeple?

I have used this term on a number of occasions recently only to receive a blank stare of confusion from the person with who I am conversing.  And  Survival Husband thought I made a typo in a recent post.  Let me define this term for you.

Sheeple (from “sheep” and “people”) is a term of disparagement, in which people are likened to sheep.

The term is often used to denote persons who voluntarily acquiesce to a perceived authority figure’s suggestion without critical analysis or sufficient research to understand the ramifications of that decision. By doing so, Sheeple undermine their own individuality and may willingly give up their rights. The implication of the term is that people fallaciously appeal to authority and believe or do what they are told by perceived authority figures who they view as trustworthy. The term is generally used in a political, social, and sometimes spiritual sense.

Preppers (and readers of this blog) are not Sheeple, that’s a certainty.  But sadly, there is a still a large contingent of our population that will continue to follow the herd until they waddle over the side of the mountain and tumble in to the abyss.  They will never know what happened to them.   Sad when you think about it.

Front yard garden woes

veggieDid you catch the story about the woman who was charged with up to 93 days in jail for growing veggies in her front yard?  Boy oh boy.  I happen to live in a la-di-da location with lots of homeowners rules  yet not a peep has been said about my tomatoes, squash, and artichoke plants in the front yard.  This is the sunniest part of my property so I pulled out the landscaping and put veggies in instead.  No complaints so far.

Read more at Michigan Woman Faces Jail for Planting Vegetable Garden,

In the meantime City Slickers Continue To Rake In Farm Payments

It never ends.  This is ludicrous.  According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), fat cat city slickers are reaping huge bucks in the form of farm subsidy payments. In Seattle, for example, 564 individuals received $2,275,300 in farm subsidies in 2010.

Last time I traveled 60 miles south to Seattle, I saw skyscrapers and smog but no farmland unless you consider a patio or backyard garden “farmland”.  As the article says:

“City Slickers” underscored the fundamental problem with America’s farm programs, and it still exists today: They mostly reward those who own the land, not those who farm it, or are most in need, or grow the healthiest food, or do the best job of protecting soil, water and wildlife habitat.


We did it again!

Activist Post named the article “A Prepper’s View of Independence and the 4th of July” one of its top 5 articles last week.  In addition, the article “Why the Rich Elite Will Suffer When the SHTF” was given honorable mention in the “Health, Survival, Environment, Nuclear category”.  If you have a disdain for the MSM, you might enjoy checking out for a variety of articles on various topics.

Coming tomorrow:  Getting Prepared Week 25

Hot off the presses!  Fellow blogger Bernie Carr has a new book, “The Prepper’s Pocket Guide.”  Tomorrow I will tell you why everyone needs a survival guide with their arsenal of emergency preps and why this little book is a good one to include for beginning as well as experienced preppers.

The Mark Your Calendars Department

As of this moment, I am scheduled for an encore appearance on the Doctor Prepper show, Thursday at Noon CDT.  The Doctor Prepper Show airs on BlogTalkRadio and is a part of the Preparedness Radio Network.  I will post a link on Friday so that you can listen to the show after the fact.  It will also be available as a free download from iTunes.

Well, as Bugs always said: That’s it folks! 

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


Backdoor Survival Tip of the Day:  Ever get a plastic bag caught up on the tail pipe of your motorcycle or scooter?  What, no motorcycle?  Okay, ever accidentally melt a plastic bag on the outside of your toaster and saucepan.  If so, you know how difficult it is to remove the melted gunk.  It’s darn ugly too.  Well, been there done that.  Spritz the mess with oven cleaner and it will come right off.’

Note:  If you have been reading Backdoor Survival for a while you know that I don’t like harsh cleaners.  Give me vinegar , baking soda or pine cleaner. Add a bit of elbow grease and I am good to go.  This is one situation, however, where something stronger is needed to get the job done.

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One Response to “Monday Potpourri: Sheeple and a Backdoor Survival Roundup”

  1. The first time I ever read the term “sheeple” I had to chuckle to myself. It was funny enough then, as the word seemed remote and far removed from my own circumstances. Sadly, however, it doesn’t seem quite as comical now, as most all of my loved ones fall neatly into this category of willing servility to those who would promise that “everything’s going to be okay.”

    Sometime back, I wrote a guest post for Rourke over at about having a survivalist mindset amongst apathy. The post focused mainly on how much we, as preppers, are often slighted by our immediate contemporaries and families even though we have their own best interests at heart. My bottom line was, and remains still, that we often have to continue alone down a path that we know is best for our families and loved ones.

    Whenever I listen to the MSM’s upbeat take on the economy, politics, and the overall state of the world we live in, I cannot help but shake my head in wonder and dismay at the misinformation and spin that constantly gets disseminated to the general public. Their less than accurate reporting of the news serves to act as a direct contradiction to what the prepping community regularly preaches, and that is to remain vigilant and prepared for as many uncertainties as possible. Rather, it seem to me, they would prefer everyone believe that our elected and appointed officials have everything under control, and that we (the common people) will be provided for whenever times prove more difficult than usual.

    Great post, Gaye. Keep it coming.

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