Book Festival 7: Urban Emergency Survival Plan

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Book Festival 7: Urban Emergency Survival Plan

Today I share the next author interview and giveaway in the Backdoor Survival Book Festival 7.  Jim Cobb, the author of Urban Emergency Survival Plan is back again to answer some new Book Festival questions and of course, to award one lucky reader with a copy of the book.

This is Jim’s fourth entry in the BDS Book Festival Series and with good reason.  His books are solid references with credible information that can easily be put into action with a minimum amount of stress and cost.  There is nothing exotic or far-fetched about Jim or his books.

Urban Emergency Survival

Urban Emergency Survival Plan is no exception.  This is a book for city dwellers or residents of the suburbs who plan to bug in.  This covers a good percentage of the population so why aren’t more books focused on that fact?

One of the sections in Urban Emergency Survival Plan covers how to shelter in place at work.  You spend up to one third of your daily life at the workplace.  Have you given any consideration to what you would do if there was a disaster and you could not get home?  See what I mean? This book is unique in covering situations that are not typically covered in preparedness books.  You are going to like this one!

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

An Interview with Jim Cobb, Author of Urban Emergency Survival Plan

Most preppers have some sort of EDC (Every Day Carry). What items do you carry with you at all times?

Due to my day job as a private investigator, I tend to spend a lot of time in and out of courthouses and other government facilities. That being the case, I can’t always carry on my person everything I’d like. But, on a daily basis, I have either in my pockets or in my car the following:

Pocket knife
Cell phone
Butane lighter
Small notepad and pen
Small flashlight

If I’m not working, then I’ll add a firearm or other defensive weapon.

Have you ever lived through a real disaster and therefore had to live on your preps?  If so, for how long? What were some of the mistakes you encountered along the way?

We routinely see power outages, either due to weather or traffic accidents.

One mistake we learned from early on was not to count on any flashlights stashed in children’s bedrooms to be functional when actually needed. Batteries were either drained or missing completely. So, now we have crank powered flashlights in those rooms.

Bugging out poses a major dilemma for many preppers. Family obligations, money, jobs, and health considerations all play a role in the bug-out, bug-in decision. What advice do you have for those that who will be required to bug-in?

I firmly believe that bugging out should be your last option, not a primary plan.

Sheltering in place allows you to take advantage of your pantry and other stockpiled supplies. For those who are planning to shelter in place in the event of a crisis, I strongly suggest you conduct a few practice drills. Turn off the power to the home for just one day and see how things go. Learn from the inevitable mistakes now, while you have the ability to correct them.

What specifically would you like Backdoor Survival readers to learn from your book?

My goal with any of my books is to convey practical, common sense solutions to the problems we may face in the wake of a disaster.

I’m not a fear monger and avoid as much as possible using scare tactics to convince people to prep. Instead, I make the assumption that if you’re reading one of my books, you probably already have at least some interest in the topic. See, for me, I don’t care why you prep. Seriously, the reasons you may have, whether because you are worried about an economic collapse, terrorism, or natural disasters, don’t come into play for me.

I’m far more concerned about the how of prepping and trying to show readers various ways they can accomplish their preparedness goals.

The Book Giveaway

A copy of Urban Emergency Survival Plan has been reserved for one lucky reader.

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The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

The Final Word

Urban Emergency Survival Plan will become a useful resource for any prepper who lives in or near a city.  I encourage you to enter to win a copy of this latest book from Jim Cobb.

Good luck, everyone!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight:  Urban Emergency Survival Plan: Readiness Strategies for the City and Suburbs

This book will not advise you to flee the city and set up a homestead to avoid potential disasters. With many other survival-planning resources emphasizing that approach, urban dwellers that plan to stay put in the city, no matter the circumstances, have been overlooked.

This book delivers a common-sense approach to urban survival planning rather than advocating that city survivalists need to figure out a way to grow an acre of food, raise goats, and build an underground bunker.It includes:

  • Packing lists for get-home bags, everyday carry items for adults and kids and bug-out bags
  • An overview of threats that face an urban area and instructions for planning safe travel during and after disasters, as well as how to plan a temporary escape
  • Instructions for sheltering in place at work
  • Chapters on food storage and water procurement in urban areas with emphasis on limited space and budget
  • A detailed chapter on security options in urban areas
  • A detailed chapter on sanitation, first aid and shelter
  • Ideas for how to respond and cooperate with government disaster plans
  • Photos of important survival gear

Discover the skills you’ll need to weather any storm, whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, condominium, single-family home or any other urban setting. With planning and practice, you’ll gain the confidence to always feel safe in the city.

Author: Jim Cobb

Plus: The Preppers Guide to Food Storage

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  1. For many of us, bugging in is a good/best alternative. We do not have the resources to buy 5 acres in the boonies for a cabin etc. I think we have many of the basics covered in the BOBs for my wife and me (shelter, immediate use water and longer term purification via Vario and Sawyer, 10-12 days of food, food prep/utensils, fire, etc.). I do not have any firearms in our BOBs because of our grandchildren though they are close if we can take an extra minute before getting out of the house. I would really like to see more info on medicinal and edible plants/weeds and more about long term sustainment post survival mode.

  2. Ok so we all have 300 pounds of wheat berries…um what do I do with them? something like that would be great next year. 😀

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