Top 3 Best Brands of Essential Oils

Jodie Weston Jodie Weston  |  Updated: June 28, 2021
Top 3 Best Brands of Essential Oils

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The world of essential oils is growing. More and more people are realizing the amazing benefits of oils, from helping give more energy to helping deal with asthma symptoms. There are many uses of essential oils to explore!

But before you can take advantage of essential oil uses, you need to have essential oils. You can find at least a small selection of essential oils at most grocery stores, pharmacies, and natural stores. Or you can shop online for a broader selection of essential oil choices (and company choices).

With so many companies out there vying for your money, it can be difficult knowing which brands to trust. They all claim to offer top of the line certified essential oils. How do you make an informed decision?

What Doesn’t Matter

With so many terms thrown about on labels and websites, it is hard to tell what is meaningful and what is marketing hogwash.

One of the most common essential oil terms that are meaningless is “therapeutic grade”.

There is no outstanding entity that assigns this term and it is not a true measurement of anything.

While using this term does not necessarily mean the company is trying to be misleading, it can throw a bit of a red flag that they would use a term that sounds official and professional when it is not. Some companies even use a variant of this in a form of a trademark, meaning it is, even more, a marketing tactic they paid a fee to obtain.

What Does Matter

One important aspect of essential oil quality is indigenous sourcing. Check out where the company gets the plants for their oils. Ideally, you want native plants.

Native plants grow where they originally were found. Non-native plants are planted by people because they do not grow naturally in that area.

Native plants can be better quality and can be better for the environment (since they tend to be better suited and adapted to that area they can require fewer pesticides and growth support).

Another important aspect of essential oil quality is whether the ingredients must meet any kind of standard. There is no one overarching standard in the industry. Rather, it is self-regulated. If a company uses testing by a third party, this helps reflect the quality of their product. If they test on their own, it is not quite as reliable but can still be an indicator of quality.

How to Tell if the Product is Overpriced

Different essential oils will cost different amounts. Some ingredients are easier to grow than others, so they can cost less. Generally speaking, a 15 ml bottle will cost between $10 and $20. Unless the oil’s ingredients are really hard to obtain, a price much higher than that range is probably overpriced.

Our Favorite Brands

We have rounded up our three favorite brands below to help inform you of some great essential oil companies out there.

Rocky Mountain OilsRocky Mountain Oils

Where They Get Their Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils gets their essential oils from small organic farms scattered throughout the globe. They rely on a third party GC/Ms testing as a quality check on their ingredients

Selection Offering

Rocky Mountain Oils sells around 100 choices of essential oils, so you should have no problem finding the scents you prefer.

In addition to the essential oils, you can find a number of accessories. There are specially designed diffusers to assist with the aromatic application of the oils. There are also blending kits to help blend different scents and carrier oils together. One stop at their website should be enough to get your essential oil set-up.


Rocky Mountain Oils offers a great value in their shipping. Customers enjoy free economy shipping on any order placed in the United States, which is great when most online companies require a minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping. Orders arrive within three to seven business days.

The costs of the products range dramatically. Their more cost-effective essential oils start out around $10. Their most expensive essential oils reach the $250 range! But most of their products rest in the $10 to $20 range for a 15ml bottle.

Check here for the latest prices and deals


Rocky Mountain Oils provides one of the best customer service policies for an online company. Customers enjoy a no questions asked 90 day return policy (even if the product is already opened!) It is rare to find such a generous policy with any online company, especially one dealing with all natural products.

Company Values

The company was created by wellness enthusiasts and claims to offer the “purest single essential oils available”.

A passion for the environment rests at the heart of the company. They are in the process of transitioning to using 100% recycled packaging materials. They also are big into recycling. Anyone can send them old essential oil bottles from any brand and they will recycle for you.

Best For

This company is best for those individuals who are not sure about the scents they are buying. It can take a few days of using an oil to tell if you enjoy the scent. I know I used one and it was not until later in the week I realized my headaches were due to the essential oil.

If you are using an essential oil for a remedy like soothing a sore throat or relieving allergies, for example, it may take a while to see if the essential oil is working. With Rocky Mountain Oils, you get plenty of time to decide if you want to keep the oil.

This company is also best for those passionate about the environment. You can order knowing you are making a minimal impact on the earth because of their recycling efforts.

Spark Naturals

Where They Get Their Oils

Spark Naturals focuses on using indigenous sourcing. They prioritize getting the oil ingredients from the particular location around the world best suited for that ingredient. This helps result in better quality ingredients and less impact on the environment. As a result, they get their essential oils from around the world.

They make a priority to purchase in bulk, hoping to pass the savings onto the customer. The company enjoys exclusive agreements with farmers, helping them to create mutually beneficial relationships.

They are intentional about not owning any farms so they can maintain the freedom to reject a less than ideal crop.

Selection Offering

Spark Naturals offers less essential oil options than many of the other companies. But they still provide almost 50 essential oil options, which is usually more than enough for most enthusiasts.

They provide a great selection of accessories. Many of these are suited for doing it yourself projects with essential oils, like deodorant tubes. Some are pretty creative as well, like a diffuser necklace.


Their essential oils range mostly between $10 and $50. Most of their oils are between $10 and $20.

Check here for the latest prices and deals

Best For

These oils are best for those looking for a luxurious feel to their products. The company strives to provide a luxurious experience for customers.


Where They Get Their Oils

dōTERRA sources their oils from around the globe. Their oils must meet their self-imposed Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade requirement, meaning there are “no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants” and that their packaging facilitates a long shelf-life.

Selection Offering

dōTERRA provides over 100 essential oil choices with ingredients from over 40 countries. Enjoy a wide selection of essential oil options with this company.

dōTERRA also deals with numerous accessories, ranging from essential oil storage options to a leadership magazine.


Most of their oils cost around $20 per 15 ml of essential oil.

Check here for the latest prices and deals


Customers get a 100% refund of products purchased within 30 days. They can get a 100% product credit for products purchased within 90 days.

If the product is damaged or incorrectly sent, they will be exchanged free of charge (as long as it occurs within 15 days of purchase).

Company Values

dōTERRA was created by a collection of healthcare and business professionals. They strive to provide a great work environment for their employees and they have been recognized for it. Forbes named the company one of “America’s Best Employers”.

They also strive to be involved in communities. dōTERRA was named the 2016 International Company of the year by The World Trade Association of Utah for its growth and investment in communities.

dōTERRA relies on their Cō-Impact Sourcing initiative, which facilitates mutually beneficial relationships with those involved in the creation process, such as the farmers, harvesters and distillers, many of which are in developing countries

The Healing Hands Foundation is the charity branch of the company which helps fund community projects, such as school building and job training programs.

Best For

dōTERRA is best for individuals who like to support companies actively involved in communities. dōTERRA funds and supports numerous community projects each year. Money from essential oil purchases help fund these projects.

Choosing the Best Brands of Essential Oils

The thing about choosing the best essential oil company is that there really is no one “best” company. Numerous companies out there are producing a quality product in a mindful way (with efforts to support environmental efforts and community involvement).

SPARK NATURALS Essential Oils 4 PackFinal Word

When buying essential oils, you can choose based on a number of factors. Which company offers the cheapest oil? Which company best supports your environmental or community values? Which company offers the best shipping? There is no wrong way to go about buying essential oils as long as you buy from reputable companies.

If you are wanting to buy some essential oil kits, we recommend the Essential 4 Pack. If you want a larger pack, check out the Health and Wellness Kit. If you want to buy either kit, use the discount code “BACKDOORSURVIVAL” for 10% off your order!

Madison is a freelance writer and digital marketer passionate about health and survival. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her testing out new health strategies or studying up on survival techniques.

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  1. I’ve found this article to be helpful:

    Scroll down to see the table by sellers and if adulteration was found.

    As an aromatherapist, I use mostly Aromatics International but I also have significant oils from Spark Naturals and Rocky Mountain. I do limit the RM oils to aromatic applications vice therapies.

  2. I jumped on the EO band wagon a while back, and got ‘suckered’ into being a DoTerra rep. I learned a lot, but also learned that I didn’t know much. At the same time, I also bought from Spark. I personally think Spark is as good in quality. I have not purchased from Rocky Mountain myself, have heard good things about them, and the person who ‘recruited’ me to DoTerra is now a rep for Rocky Mountain. All I can say, is do your due diligence. Find out where a company sources their oils, and do they support sustainability. Be careful of what you can find in you local health food store, etc. The less expensive alternatives MIGHT not be as pure. While each person reacts to each oil differently, the purity of the oil also affects your reaction. EO’s are a wonderful addition to an alternative medicine chest, know that they also come with ‘side effects’ , times they maybe shouldn’t be used, and that ‘more’ is not better. Just because they are ‘natural’ does not mean that they are ‘perfectly’ safe. Please do your due diligence and get educated about their use. THAT is the one thing I have learned….

  3. I have used all 3 companies & been very satisfied with all 3. I thought Spark Naturals also used 3rd party testing of their oils also to insure quality & purity. Spark has good sales often. I really enjoy the info sheet that comes with the Spark Oils. DoTerra’s customer support is great including help knowing what works for what condition. What works well for one person may not work for someone else but with the community support, you can find your solution.

  4. Madison,

    Initially you say that the term “therapeutic grade” is meaningless. Yet, you put emphasis on doTerra’s labeling of “certified therapeutic grade”. You explain what the company means by their term, but, should we consider other companies claims of “therapeutic grade” if they explain what they mean?

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