The Winter Warmer: The Best of BDS Winter Preparedness Posts

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: November 24, 2019
The Winter Warmer: The Best of BDS Winter Preparedness Posts

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With October halfway gone, it is time to be thinking about any winter preps that you have not done. At 3,000 feet in the mountains of North Carolina, we have yet to have our first frost but we expect it to happen within the week. The leaf color was a bit disappointing. I can only hope that we have one of those years where the leaves turn bright and it snows on them. The effect is surreal.

Our surreal first snow of the season back in 2014.

Matt has been working hard to seal the house well against the yearly invasion of stink bugs and ladybugs but that has led to him painting the whole house. We have our firewood for the year and the heating ducts cleaned so we are ready for the cold.

Our next project is to throw together a small barn for the sheep. Our Babydolls prefer a space to get out of the weather but the Shetland sheep don’t care as much. The problem is when you get 9 inches of snow and they get trapped. When they try to move it is like a ball of wool trying to slide and sink. This means someone has to get a shovel and make a path for them. We are going to have a better system for the heavy snows that are predicted for this year.

Over the years Backdoor Survival has put together some great posts on winter preparedness. For ease of navigation, I have included links to the posts I think stand out and that will help you in the months to come. I think this may be helpful since at this point, Backdoor Survival has over 1,400 articles and that can be a bit much for busy folks to search through for some seasonal information.

Why Wool Blankets Should Be Part Of Your Preps

The Many Uses Of Fleece Blankets During Good Times and Bad

Firewood, Woodstove, and Chimney Prep For the Coming Winter

Designing A Winter Emergency Kit For Your Car

Surviving Severe Winter Weather and Blizzards

Matt back in 2009 feeding some Sorghum we grew to our Dexter calf. Do you see the camper in the background? That is what we were living in at the time while we worked on building our house.

Winter Clothing Preparation For The Whole Family

Preparing Your Chickens For Winter

How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

How To Achieve Better Health and Immunity Before Winter Comes!

15 Tips To Stay Comfortable During A Winter Power Outage

Staying Safe and Sane When Snowed In For Days

Avoiding and Treating Hypothermia and Frostbite

What Every Prepper Needs To Know About Hypothermia

Staying Warm During Bitter Cold and Windchill

Cold Weather Survival Simulation: Spend A Night In The Cold

Is Your Vehicle Ready For the Coming Snow Season?

Keeping Up Morale and Finding Entertainment During Hard Times

The Best Safe Room Ideas For Inclement Weather

Reminder: Prepare For Winter Weather Now

Backup Heat Options For The Prepared Home

Best Kerosene Heater For Emergencies + Safety Tips

4 Tools To Cut and Chop Wood For Survival

Future Articles

As Backdoor Survival publishes additional winter content, I will add the links to the list in this post. I also welcome you to comment below or email me with any winter-related topics you would like to see on our site. I am always looking for great ideas for posts that can help out anyone reading Backdoor Survival.

Wishing you a safe and great winter,


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  1. thanks for the list! i’ve read most of these, but i like to review them now and then too. according to my brother over in penland, you should be having your first frost right about……now. here in ny it’s 65. stay warm.

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