The Area 51 Raid and What We Can Learn As Preppers

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: September 18, 2019
The Area 51 Raid and What We Can Learn As Preppers

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of talk about the raid of Area 51. People seem to think it is a big old party that people are talking about.

Do you know what I thought when I first heard about it?

This is the first major instance of a huge group of people planning to overthrow an army installation via social media.

Most people act like it is just a prank and a bit of fun and have given little thought to what they are really doing and the very serious consequences of these actions.

From an outsider’s perspective and journalistic view, it is fascinating that people are feeling like rebelling on this level and how easy it was for just some guy online to get people this worked up and planning things out together.

I don’t know a lot about Matty Roberts but one thing I do know is that he was unheard of until recently. It appears that he really just accidentally fell into this role thinking he was just having a little fun. At the same time, it is important to remember that during times of unrest, unlikely people can be elevated to more powerful roles in society, especially if they have the charisma or are appealing and likable to a lot of people. They don’t even have to be that outspoken.

You can joke about aliens and Area 51, how the people that are planning the storm Area 51 even are a bunch of this or that but that fact remains that you have people planning to overthrow something that is part of our government.

I don’t take that lightly especially when you look at the numbers. Even if a mere 10% show up that is a lot of people in an area that has a minuscule regular population.

As preppers, we can learn from how those in the tiny town of Rachel, Nevada and the surrounding area, handled it when they realized they may have tens of thousands of people coming to their area in need of food and shelter.

What would you do if you suddenly realized that a 100,000 people or 50,000 people were going to come to your area?

Rachel, NV and the surrounding area has a total of 184 hotel rooms. The tiny yet popular A’ Le Inn in Rachel has 10! While cellular phone service is available, the towers are designed to handle the volume of a tiny population. If you get a lot of people suddenly using the system, it will essentially cease to function.

When the citizens of Rachel and the surrounding area realized that the “Raid Area 51” event was not just a joke that would go away they started to consider how to deal with the situation.

How do you handle food, water, sanitation, and medical issues for that many people regardless of what they are there for?

Rachel has the luxury of being able to reach out for help during good times. During a real SHTF event, a horde moving into your area could be more trouble than you could imagine and you would not have access to an abundance of support and resources from the public and private sector.

Rachel decided to make it an event and capitalize on it.

If you are going to get invaded you might as well make some money if possible. The folks in Rachel and the surrounding area were planning events to help entertain and diffuse the situation.

At the very least the idea was that this would help with food and bathroom issues that can arise when there are so many people in a small area. A lot of these events are supposedly now canceled or have been moved.

Cell phone and internet signal issues can be addressed sometimes if people have notice.

It is well known that the cell phone and internet structure in the area around Area 51 cannot handle tens of thousands of people suddenly making demands on the system. At least now there are people working on a plan as to how to handle a major spike in wireless demands.

Adapting to the new reality is key.

If you know something like a lot of people is going to be a problem then you have a few choices. One is to flee with what you can if the situation is dire enough (bugging out). The other is to stand your ground and try to be as useful as you can and hope for the best.

Ideally, you can just come together with others and come up with a better and more united solution that everyone can benefit from. If the situation is expected to be short term, being able to stay safe and take care of the basics for a few weeks is the goal (bugging in).

What can you do if you have a hoard coming and you have no way to accommodate them or help them?

While Rachel was able to come up with some solutions, a lot of us are in the position of not having anywhere close to the resources or ability to plan out how to handle even a modest-sized group coming into our space and needing the basics. What if we found ourselves in a situation like that? Is it best to “give until it hurts” as some say or should you try to bluff, lie, etc?

The truth is that there is no good answer to this. It depends on group size, how much supplies you have, and how well-provisioned those headed your way are and what their actual intent is. That is a lot of questions that could be very hard or even impossible to know until it is a little late in the game.

So what will happen if people really try to get access to Area 51’s secrets?

The reality is that “raiders” will never get close enough to see anything. Once they got so far they were met by armed guards in trucks that were pretty annoyed to have to deal with people trying to act silly. I am sure it gets old.

The video below shows what happens when two guys on motorcycles try to get into Area 51. This video contains strong language just to give you a fair warning.

[vid url=”″]

If anyone is going to make it into Area 51 it would be because the government and military wanted them to or someone would have to come in with a lot of force.

Some people are serious about getting into Area 51. Recently two people were arrested 3 miles into the zone around the area that is supposed to be off-limits. The two men were Youtube vloggers from the Netherlands. All their equipment was confiscated and they were booked into jail.

The Air Force has made it clear that anyone caught within the posted area will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of local and military law.

They have also warned potential raiders that the area surrounding the base is used for military training exercises so it could be very dangerous to trespass there.

I don’t think the folks at Area 51 really want to fatally injure anyone. I can imagine the hysteria that would be all over the news if something like this happened even if it was due to a civilian’s poor choice and being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Personally, I think that people need something productive to do or at least a cause that is important if they have enough time on their hands to travel to a remote desert town and demand that they are shown a ton of secret government stuff. Seriously. Who has time and funds to dedicate to this?

[vid url=””]

Another lesson we can learn from this is that if you give away what you are going to try to do, it gives the other side plenty of time to create a defensive strategy. Even if Uncle Sam himself greeted people outside Area 51 and said: “hey folks we have decided to let you see it all!” I wouldn’t believe for a second that I was going to be shown everything.

In fact, I would bet money that if anything of interest was there, it would be shipped off or hidden fast from the public eye. So for those going to “raid”, you blew it already. You will not get to see anything they don’t want you too. If you want a party in the desert then you got it but that is all you are going to get.

I am also glad that there has been time to come up with a strategy for handing at least a lot of trespassers. Since it is expected, it makes it far less likely that anyone actually gets hurt but very likely that they will be arrested and successfully convicted. Lack of success might discourage this nonsense from continuing.

In a SHTF scenario or long emergency, never give away too much info. It is very easy for those that wish you harm or at least want what you have, to use any info against you.

If someone tries to force their way into Area 51, they will be met with force. If you try to invade a government facility you are inviting trouble and harm to yourself. People in this country bank on the idea that the military will not turn its weapons on US civilians. Let’s not forget that this has happened more than once in recent history. While

The uncertainty of how many people will show up is weighing on some.

One thing I have noticed when reading about the expected turnout for the various festivals and gatherings near Area 51 is the wide range of numbers given. There is a big difference between 5,000 and 30,000 people. This makes it somewhat hard to plan for.

I think the area around Rachel, NV is trying hard to plan for all instances but it will be very interesting to see how many people show and how many people are bluffing. There is also a chance that once others hit the road that some people that didn’t even seriously plan on attending before will join in, caught up in the excitement and energy that a crowd with a common purpose can create.

The Alienstock Festival has been canceled or at least moved to Las Vegas after concerns that it could potentially be a humanitarian crisis.

The creator of the “Storm Area 51” event on Facebook, Matty Roberts, had his lawyers send a cease and desist letter to the owner of the Little A’Le Inn in Rachel, canceling Alienstock out of fear that there was no way to be confident that the festival could happen safely.

Due to the lack of infrastructure, poor planning, risk management and blatant disregard for the safety of the expected 10,000+ AlienStock attendees, we decided to pull the plug on the festival. 

[vid url=””]

There are still plenty of people planning on heading to the desert.

Just because Alienstock is not happening in Rachel doesn’t mean a lot of people are not going to head out to the desert on September 20, 2019. While it is nice that they have a diversionary event happening in Las Vegas, that is not going to attract as many people away as they might hope.

Security and defense

I am used to being pretty isolated and safe. We don’t have a bunch of people wandering by or partying. The residents in the Rachel, NV area are used to having it quiet as well. With a lot of people comes the problems associated with densely populated areas.

Add in the fact that the people gathering at Area 51 are coming from all over the country and from many different backgrounds. That sends up a lot of warning signals to me. Let’s be honest about how a lot of this group are going to treat the “raid” like something between a raging kegger and another Burning Man.

The difference is that with Burning Man they have time to plan everything out to the last detail and they know how many people to plan for and it is a given that it is going to be a mind-altering party.

If I lived in Rachel I would be thinking about my defensive plans if my home was anywhere near where people may wander in. I would also plan on making absolutely sure that I had some type of personal defensive weapon on me at all times. Any supplies, vehicles, firearms, etc, should be locked up, hidden, or at least kept somewhere that can be watched.

Communication backup

One of the big concerns with so many people coming into a small area is the strain on the communications network. If you are in the Rachel area, now would be a good time to arrange some alternative ways to get in touch with each other besides cell phones and internet. Walkie-Talkies and other radios could bridge the gap in case the communications systems and cell towers are overwhelmed.

It is important to have the food on hand you need to get through at least a few weeks even in the case of a minor disruption.

As a prepper, you already know that food is important. The isolation of Rachel and the surrounding area makes it a good idea for people to always have some extra supplies. Being able to stay at home for a few weeks in case of any trouble is important. This means having access to your supplies too. If you have supplies and preps hidden at other locations or mostly at a bugout spot, that is not the best situation to be in. Even if things are at your house, consider how hard they are to get to.

Those with a lot of preps with a shelf life should make sure to rotate out food supplies as needed. This is one reason it is good to put back a lot of what you like to eat or at least the ingredients to make those things.

If you are going to events near Area 51 please do yourself and others a favor and go prepared.

Rachel is in the desert. This is not a place you want to break down or get caught without supplies. If you are going to events then please take the time to do the following:

  • Check your vehicles out to make sure they are good on oil and full of gas.
  • Check your tires out and get some supplies in case you have a flat.
  • Take plenty of water with you and replenish it as you go.
  • Pack a medical kit and any medicines you require.
  • It is the desert. Plan your clothing and footwear accordingly.
  • Bring sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Take enough food to get you through at least 72 hours in case supplies are low or limited in the area at any point. If you are on a special diet, don’t expect to be able to find everything in Rachel. Pack it yourself.
  • Stay within designated areas and don’t get arrested. You are not going to make it into the base.
  • Practice good situational awareness and don’t hesitate to leave if it starts getting too weird or feels unsafe. Listen to instincts. People are on edge more than usual and that can lead to trouble even when things appear peaceful. Check out my article “Panic: Staying Safe In A Society On Edge”.

Nye County, where Area 51 is located, has been declared an emergency area.

Officials have wisely declared Nye County to be in a state of emergency so that they can get access to aid faster it needed if they are overrun with visitors, raiders, etc, or any other event happens as a result of the planned raid.

Hopefully, a really large overwhelming crowd doesn’t show up but it is better to be safe than sorry. The best-case scenario is that a manageable crowd shows up, the area makes some money, no one gets severely hurt and we all learn some lessons for the future.

This planet has got to be pretty crazy so if there is life out there, they may want to just roll up the windows and lock the doors when they cruise by.

Stay safe folks and best wishes,


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  1. Government is government and it is protecting the nations secrets. They will and have the obligation is first to defend. Had it been a demonstration against government policies then the citizen can move to petition government to change, should government resist we have the right to force them. Revolution included. ————Grampa

  2. The stupidity of these idiots trying to get into area 51 is amazing. I’d like to help out our guys in repelling them with out the constraints they have placed on them.
    I’ll not be giving you any tips on how to .communicate or do anything so that these fools can suck the resources out of our military who are just trying to do a job these punks can’t. They should be supporting the military and using all these sneaky skills while in the military. Those 2 from a foreign country should be tried for treason and executed as such.
    I hope it all goes south for them and the desert does claim a bunch of them.

    • What did I learn?
      That my base load is more than enough to take care of all 200 that actually showed lol.
      It just solidified what I knew about people and social media.

  3. It is sad that the world is in the hands of people like this. I hope for their sake, they choose not to storm a top secret military facility.

  4. “it is fascinating that people are feeling like rebelling on this level and how easy it was for just some guy online to get people this worked up”

    this is entirely your agenda, this has nothing to do with it. it’s not about rebelling and it’s not about getting riled up to “fight the system”. it’s a joke that’s going to manifest.

    regardless, the organizational power of the internet is on another level, and people could do a lot with it if they so chose.

  5. ya’ll take this too seriously. kids just don’t care. they’re not living under conditioned establishment fear that you’ve been predisposed to for years. it’s a joke to them.

    this act isn’t going to be insidious nor highly coordinated, because it’s not overly objective. it’s a bit of fun. some parts curiosity, some parts mild danger, some parts feeling authority is meh. not some terrifying body to fear certainly. I don’t think these kids feel overly attached to their future, I think they feel like it’s pretty bleak and up in the air. so they’re living more presently, not taking things too seriously, and they really don’t experience fear the way in which you seem to.

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