A Historical Look at Survival Under Attack

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Learning From the Past Survival Under Atomic Attack | Backdoor SurvivalLearning From the Past: Survival Under Atomic Attack




    1. ???? I am not sure I understand your comment. “Nike” refers to the Nike missiles . . . and there really is a decommissioned site in Bothell, Washington that currently serves as the FEMA HQ in the PNW.

      — Gaye

      1. They are indeed NIKE bunkers.I have seen them first hand along the shoreline of NY,believe it or not.I used to fish in breezy point and the surrounding federal lands,some of which contain decommissioned Nike batteries.

  1. The short version of my comment is; In the event of a nuclear war indeed you can protect yourself from radioactive fallout and survive. But you won’t. You need a fallout shelter and enough food and water to allow you to stay in the shelter for 7 weeks and enough additional resources to allow you to avoid spending more then a few hours outside the shelter for a few months to a year after that. Do you have that? If not then you can’t protect yourself from the radiation.

  2. Survivalwoman, your article regarding the bomb is so timely and hits the mark so well.
    Just as the all of the political B.S. we are subjected to, there are both facts and falsehoods when it comes to the issue of nuclear threat and preparedness. We must pick and choose what level of the “control paradigm” that is presented to us that we are going to allow into our own perceived reality. It is so necessary, as you do so well, is take caution not to immerse ourselves so completely in the insanity brought upon us by our so-called “leaders”. In the meantime, I’m gonna go crawl back under my desk…

  3. We have 14 Ohio class submarines, each carrying 24 missiles on each of which are mounted 12 independently targetable war heads. 14x24x12=4032 bombs, each capable of destroying a city the size of NYC, Beijing, or Moscow. The Northern Hemisphere would be essentially unihabitable.Perhaps an Ahmenajad might launch an attack-the retribution would leave most of Iran one huge glassy wasteland. More likely is an Islamic dirty bomb jihad against American cities, combined with biological warfare. That is a motif that gives Homeland Security it’s worst case nightmares.

    As indidviduals we need to continue to be prepared for the most likely problems that exist regionally. Hurricanes on the coasts, tornados and blizzards and droughts in the mid.ection of the country, earthquakes in California, forest fires in the mountains- the usual geologic, climatic, technical issues, such as power grids going down, or taken down. By securing all the supplies needed to more or less go it alone if need be, we add to the flow of money into the economy. helping to create jobs and making ourselves more comfortable and less anxious about where food and water will come from, should society undergo a deeper upheavel than since the Civil War. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all talked about how bad the Dust Bowl and the depression of 1929 were. Normalacy did not return until early 1942. when we engaged the Japanese in the Pacific.

    13 years is a long time, and few have the resources to stock that much food and other needs for so long. But they all had gardens or lived on farms, and nobody went hungry. Cardboard soles in their shoes-cash money was tight, but livestock and grains produced tradeable goods that secured many necessities. The moral: live on 80% of your net income, save some, invest some, and slowly build your own stockpile, first for a week, then a month, and finally a year, then more if you so choose. So….I’m gonna get my jammers an’ blankie an’ teddy bear an’ slide back under the bed.

  4. my friend found copies of these pamphlets in his gradnmothers house when he was cleaning it out.I found a first edition copy of Favorite Flies by Mary Orvis Marbury

  5. Gaye,
    perfect timing. have been thinking about this particular subject. think we shoukd start looking for a container to bury, your thoughts? have perfect place and equipment to do it

  6. oh, I also just hear the other day the kbi man ordered nukes transferred from Texas to north carolina recently, maybe they are a bit concerned themselves

  7. My father worked that bunker in Bothell a few years before you did, apparently, as a Nike technician in the military. In 1976, we moved just a couple of miles away, and I currently live less than a mile from that site. Given the history of the Seattle area, with Boeing and other high priority targets, I have lived with the knowledge that we are at an above average risk of attack. Maybe that has always been a part of what drives me to do my own prepping.

    In any case, thanks for the reminder that our forefathers had to practice many of the same things that we do today!

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