The Survival Buzz #186: Hitting the Road with a Survival Mindset

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 1, 2019

Welcome to this week’s Survival Buzz with an update on my own preps plus news and announcements from the Backdoor Survival blog.

Having done quite a bit of travel by commercial air, I have been rather overwhelmed while putting together everything I need to be on a road trip.  Unlike the airlines with their 50 pound bag limits, at first you think that the space in a vehicle is limitless.  The reality is much different.

So, even though I had visions of looking like the Beverly Hillbillies on their journey west, I have cut way back so I can include a generous emergency kit, my portable first aid kit, and a case of bottled water.  I have been laying it all out and promise to share what made the cut in a future post.

How Not to Get Ready for a Road Trip | Backdoor Survival

Something else I did this week is clean up my garden.  Long spent pea pods were pulled and I gave my zombie oregano plant a major haircut.  It just seems to me that keeping things tidy now will make my garden preps next year a lot easier.

My major prep this week, if you want to call it that, is a thorough testing of a type of water purification system.  The product was a bag, that once filled with non-potable water, had some chemicals added.  There was then a “shake it up baby” process and some settling time.  Long story short, it was a great concept, but not easy or practical to use.

That brings me to another point.  Now that my own foundation of preps are in place, and by that I mean food, supplies, and gear, more and more of my time is being spent becoming more proficient at the various skills I have acquired along the way.  And so it should be with you.

Prepping is as much about mindset and skills as it is about stuff.  Perhaps more so.  Please do keep that in mind as you walk with me on this journey of preparedness.  Being a prepper is a lifestyle choice, and although I frequently recommend and promote products, at the end of the day it your ability to cope, adapt, and learn that will ensure you survive.

And that, for now, is all I am going to say about that!

Backdoor Survival Mail Bag & Reader Tips

Angela asked a few questions about making DIY salves.  I am sharing my response since you might be curious as well.  My answers to her questions are in green.

1.  Is it safe to use the same saucepans & glass storage containers for lotion-making as I do for our food?   Yes.  None of the ingredients are toxic although I personally chose not to take essential oils internally.

2. How about an immersion blender? Can I use the same one for lotion-making as I do for food?   Yes.

3. Do I need to boil the containers I’m storing the lotion & salve in prior to use, or is putting them through the dishwasher adequate?  I just wash mine with soapy water, rinse and dry.

I can’t wait to get my ingredients & try your recipes!   You are going to love the salves!!!  I promise.

Another frequent question I get has to do with purchasing some of my DIY salves.  Alas, I am not set up to sell product and seriously, the salves are so darn easy to make, I would prefer that you make them yourself.  If you are new to Backdoor Survival and want to get started making a healing salve, here is the article that started the rage!

DIY Miracle Healing Salve

Current Backdoor Survival Giveaways

Just one this week.  If you have a dream of owning chickens, or have questions about the flock you already own, you will want to read the interview with author Janet Garman and enter to win.

Prepper Book Festival 9: Chickens From Scratch + Giveaway

With all giveaways, winners are notified by email and have 48 hours to claim their prize or an alternate will be selected.  Once selected, the names of winners are also displayed in the Rafflecopter on the original giveaway article.  This usually happens on the Friday following the end of the giveaway. 

Coming Soon:  Free Online “Sun Cooking Essentials” Webinar

Back in June, I held a Sun Cooking Essentials webinar featured Paul Munsen, the CEO of Sun Ovens International.  (Sun Ovens is a sponsor of this website!)

Paul is an expert in solar cooking and will once again be sharing his knowledge with us on September 23rd at 7PM Central.  If you are curious to learn about this fantastic method of off-grid cooking, be sure to sign up for the webinar.

Sun Oven Webinar Sep 23

Here is what you will learn:

· How to harness the power of the sun to cook and dehydrate food, purify water, and be better prepared for emergencies

· How a Sun Oven can help you never worry about burning dinner again

· How to use a SUN OVEN to naturally dehydrate fruits and vegetables

· How to reduce your utility bills while learning how to cook during hard times when normal fuel sources will be in short supply.

Click here to register!

Essential Oils: Deal of the Week

Did you know that each week I update a special page with the Spark Naturals item of the week?  You can find it here:  Essential Oils from Spark Naturals – Weekly Deals. Every once in awhile there will be free shipping or a free gift offered as well as a product discount.

And remember, you can always use the code BACKDOORSURVIVAL for an additional 10% off your entire SN order.  When it comes to saving money, every little bit helps.

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Other Announcements: The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

I have sent a couple of emails to subscribers telling them about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle but I am so darn enthusiastic about it, I also want everyone else to learn about it.

Do any of these situations describe you?

You are eager to start using natural remedies, and you’re particularly interested in learning how to use essential oils safely and effectively.

You have known for quite some time that you needed to make changes to your lifestyle, but just don’t know how.

You have been eyeing some eBooks and eCourses on healthy living, but they’ve just been a bit too expensive to justify (especially as you don’t know if they’re any good).

You want to get in the best physical shape of your life this year, without spending all your time at the gym.

If anything  this list resonates with you, I invite you to take a look at The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (2015 Edition).  This fantastic bundle  contains 94 hand-picked, high-quality eBooks and eCourses that will get you and your family on the path to health and wellness.

Some of my favorite items in the bundle cover the topics of Essential Oils, Homesteading, Natural Remedies, and Natural Home Products.  I have created a page showing a listing of the products available in these favorite categories:  2015 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle – Selected Contents.

But that is just a sampling.  That said, you can view a complete list of the contents by clicking here.  And note:  the cost per eBook and eCourse works out to just 32 cents each!  That is a fantastic value.

I also want to mention that I do earn a small commission on each sale, but even if I didn’t, I would be excited about this bundle.  That said, this is a great way to support Backdoor Survival while at the same time getting something in return!


The Final Word

In closing, I keep going back to something I said at the beginning.  Having a proper survival mindset is everything.  In our busy lives it is often easy to lose sight of the goal.  All I can say in that regard is to stay the course, and keep on prepping as best you can.  And if you get tired and overwhelmed?  Take a short break and comeback to your prepping activities later.

Can you tell that is what I am planning to do later this month?  So what about you – what did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Here is a list of most of the items recommended by Backdoor Survival reader, Karen Skoog, in the article Best Practices: The Every Day Carry Bag (EDC).  A great article, in case you missed it.

Rothco MOLLE Compatible Water Bottle Pouch:  I never would have considered using a water pouch as an EDC bag.  This one is a MOLLE compatible pouch so it can be easily attached to the rest of your MOLLE gear.  It features MOLLE loops around the entire pouch, two 6 inch straps on the back, and D-rings on each side. The straw hole on the top and a drain hole makes hydration simple. A perfect companion to my favorite Rothco Medium Transport Pack.  I own three of these packs – two in black and one in tan.

5.11 MOLLE Padded Pouch: When I read about the “food pouch”, I had one of those “why didn’t I think of that moments”!

Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle:  This is the bottle that Karen chose and it is one that I have recommended in the past.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot:  Nice and something that I am adding to my own shopping cart.  It is designed to slip over standard 1-litre water bottle and holds up to 18 ounces.

Military Army Trainmen Paisley Bandanas: Speaking of bandanas, be sure to check out the article How to Use a Bandana to Save the Day.

Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets:  Ultralight tablets provide fresh drinking water anywhere you go. Effective against viruses, bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidium. Fresh tasting water-no unpleasant taste. These easy-to-use tablets meet EPA purification guidelines. Purification method: Chlorine Dioxide tablets. 1 tablet treats 1 qt. of water.

Cobra Products 4-Way Sillcock Key:  This 4-way sillcock key has a 1/4″ , 9/32″, 5/16″ and 11/32″ stem to service most sillcocks in common use. It is durable, easy to use and has an attractive finish. Used to open and close sillcocks or spigots and made of durable steel construction.

The Friendly Swede Magnesium Alloy Emergency Easy Grip Fire Starter (2 Pack):  Firestarters are an essential piece of any survival/outdoor kit – waterproof, durable and easy to use as follows:

1. Scrape off black protective coating from firestarter rod
2. Prepare your tinder
3. Hold the striker at a 45° angle to the firestarter. Scrape striker hard and fast down the firestarter
4. Allow sparks to fall onto tinder

Dorcy Waterproof LED Flashlight with Carabineer Clip:  This is a floating waterproof flashlight that provides 55-lumens of light output and a 31-meter beam distance. I am a big fan of Dorcy products so this one is definitely going in my shopping cart as well.  Not that I need more flashlights!  Wait – you can never have too many!!

MTECH USA MT-378 Tactical Folding Knife 4.5 Closed: This folding knife features a 3 inch black finished 440 stainless steel tanto style blade with a quick opening thumb stud. The comfortably contoured black steel handle features a brushed metal finish, a heavy duty pivot pin and the liner lock blade locking design. It has a closed length of 4 1/2 inches and comes with a durable pocket clip.

Help support Backdoor Survival. Purchases earn a small commission and for that I thank you!




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Updated Jul 1, 2019

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7 Responses to “The Survival Buzz #186: Hitting the Road with a Survival Mindset”

  1. I make monthly trips to visit my Dad, 350 miles away. My biggest fear is an EMP while traveling. I have quite a bit that I carry with me all the time. But I always wonder if I am leaving something out that is important. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Added more water, pet food, tp, trash bags. worked on edc, checked batteries in flashlights, ready up on someways to get emergency heat. Also have been checking my elderly parents home to see what they have and what they would need. Trying to get in more exercise.

  3. You mentioned your healing salve…I’ve just been created a body lotion/salve by replacing avocado oil for the olive oil. The avocado contains Vita E and something which which help replenish the elastin in our skin. Very important for dry skin and/or aging skin. 🙂
    Enjoy your trip. Just remember it’s too easy to over pack, so be stingy and make what you take do more work. You’re right, sometimes what we THINK is important isn’t, it’s just more convenient. 😉

    • I have been experimenting with Hemp Oil in the salves I craft for my face but I am not sure it is worth the extra expense. Still messing with it and the benefits are difficult to quantify.

  4. Recently our oldest Granddaughter started college. Even though here parents took care of everything the college had on a list to bring there were items that did not appear. So we covered those items but I went even further. Turns out she did not have an umbrella or a safety whistle let alone a couple of flashlights. I purchased a larger lantern for her room in case the power went off along with a big package of batteries. She now owns a poncho and a Mylar emergency blanket. For Christmas I am thinking I should put together a small go bag and add a multi-tool, some protein bars, a second larger water bottle, a second Mylar blanket, a first aid kit, glow sticks, lighter, Vaseline coated cotton balls, water purification tablets, lip balm, hand crank/solar powered radio with a light and maybe some other items yet to be determined. Our Granddaughter is up around the great lakes area and it gets very cold in the winter. You worry when someone you love is not close to pick up if things go wrong. All we can do is prepare her and teach her to be safe. Anyone have any suggestions on what else to add that won’t get her into trouble with the college? They are not allowed to have any cooking appliances in their room other than a microwave which is useless in a power outage, definitely no knife or gun and nothing that requires a flame.

    • How about a small rocket stove (such as the Solo Stove) that can be used outdoors with biomass as fuel? And a LifeStraw.

    • Granddaughter should give serious thought as to how she would keep warm should there be a significant power outage. Has she ever been so cold that her teeth began to chatter? Other than a rubber teeth guard, she might consider catching a couple of good sleeping bags when they’re on sale. They might seem a little more cozy than the mylar bags… especially when sharing it with another warm body. Candles in the jar can be an encouraging source of light… and possibly help keep the frost from settling on her desk a bit in a cold dark room. As most of us know, layering with clothes & blankets will help cut the cold, too, for a while. Water… Warmth… and Wherewithal.

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