The Survival Buzz #188: The Ultimate Comfort Food!

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 1, 2019

Welcome to this week’s Survival Buzz with an update on my own preps plus news and announcements from the Backdoor Survival blog.

You might be asking yourself, “What the heck is Gaye up to?.  Let me give you a brief rundown.

As I reported last week, I have been on a road trip that has taken me south through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.  There is some mighty beautiful country out there and it is a huge change from what I am used to in northwest Washington State.

While in Utah, I stopped to meet with Linda from Food Storage Moms. She fed me dinner and most notably, sealed our friendship with her awesome homemade cinnamon rolls.  Talk about the ultimate comfort food!  I am going to have to make some myself and share the recipe as soon as I get home.

I also met with one of the owners of Spark Naturals, my favorite essential oil company.  There is a terrific new kit coming down the line from Spark Naturals, and, hint hint, wink wink, I can’t wait to tell you about it since I have been helping to put it together.

Ultimate Comfort Food | Backdoor Survival

I am going to hold off and writing much else right now because I am, after all, supposed to be relaxing, enjoying myself and not working.  So, as I did last week, I am going to turn things over to Daisy who has promised to fill you in on her preps on the farm.

Livestock and Food Preservation

This was an insanely busy week at the farm. Home school is in full swing, so my young helper has been tied up with academics. We added some new livestock and got a windfall of fresh produce to preserve.

Anytime you add new animals to the farm, there’s always a little bit of concern. Will they bring an illness or parasite in? Will they get along with your other animals or will you be introducing chaos to your coop?

This week, we added some new roosters of a different breed. The breed, Silkie, has soft, fluffy beautiful feathers and they’re honestly very silly looking birds. I needed roosters for two reasons: they’re flock protectors and to fertilize the eggs so that we don’t have to buy chicks next year. Part of my self-sufficiency plan is breeding to replenish our livestock and for potential barter.

You rarely have to buy a rooster. A flock with too many roosters has a lot of disharmony, as they fight with each other to vie for the ladies. An urban farm often can’t have roosters because the neighbors will be unhappy with nature’s alarm clock. So we got our lovely Silkies at no cost for that very reason.

Orwell and Hemingway are brothers and very bonded, so we took both of them since there wouldn’t be a concern about them fighting.  Orwell immediately took to our ducklings and follows them everywhere keeping the hens from pecking at them.

Orwell the rooser and his babies | Backdoor Survival

I had intended to keep the new roosters segregated from our flock for a few weeks, but the hens broke down the barrier I had put up. At that point, I couldn’t unring the bell, so I just let them continue to mingle. Although they appear to be in fine health, you just never know, so it’s advisable to always quarantine new animals.

We got loads of fresh produce this week for canning. There’s something so special about knowing where your food came from and being able to combine a harvest to make delicious things. I’ve added 2 dozen quarts and 20 pints of delicious produce to the stockpile. So far, I’ve made salsa, Italian tomato-vegetable soup, Asian plum sauce, mixed fruit, a weird spiced fruit concoction that is actually a failed jam, and plum jam. I have a bit more canning to do today, and tomorrow I’ll be getting more tomatoes for marinara. Our food storage relies heavily on the items I preserve, so autumn is my busiest time of year as far as preparedness is concerned.

No baby goats yet, but Cora’s belly is getting bigger by the day. The other day, I poked it and something poked me back. She either has a large and particularly wicked parasite, or a baby goat in there. I have great plans for goat milk soap and homemade coffee creamer. It’s going to be incredibly satisfying to be able to meet our need for dairy products right here at home!

Those are my preps for the week. I’m feeling pretty productive!  Are any of you canners?  What did you put back this week?

Thanks for letting me share our adventures here! It’s been great getting to know you all.

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Lucky for us, the session was recorded and, for a limited time, you can watch the video online for free.  I know that some of you had other commitments and could not participate in the live event so here is a second chance to learn about the basics of solar cooking.

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The Final Word

Something I did not mention at the onset is that in preparation for my trip, I completely dismantled my Bug Out Bag and reassembled it with items more conducive to the risks we would face on our journey.  I hesitate to even call it a “bug out bag” because it was has been serving as an all-around emergency kit.  That being said, the B.O.B. coupled with my ammo can first aid kit and portable survival kit have everything I would need in a bug-out situation.  And yes, I actually had to use a few of the items in my kit.

I did remember to write down everything that went into the kit so as soon as I land at home, I will organize my thoughts and share.

In closing, I would once again like to thank Daisy for filling in for me.  I hope you have enjoyed learning of her newbie-ish farm adventures.  Next week, it is back to normal programming as I settle back into my normal routine.

Now it is your turn.  What did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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blocklite flashlight

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6 Responses to “The Survival Buzz #188: The Ultimate Comfort Food!”

  1. I bought 20# of frozen chicken leg quarters at a very reasonable price and canned 10#. Next week I plan to can the rest of it. It’s so much easier to use when it’s canned. It’s just heat and eat rather than planning ahead, defrosting and cooking and making it fit with when you want to eat it when at 78 anything can happen between taking it out to defrost and when you plan to use it.

  2. This last week we bought a 1.5 ac lot and a 1903 fixer-upper on it. In the near future we will be more self sufficient.

  3. This last week I have canned applesauce. I rotated some of my canned goods and rearranged the storage area.

  4. Well I put up a new deer stands for this coming season. Garden didnt do great this year. Got a lot of figgs and strawberry But have alot of meat fish and shrimp in freezer. Fishing season is about to kick off again.

  5. I bought five little piglets that have just being weaned. I traded the runt for 3 chickens that were just beginning to lay. I have started a 11 foot x 21 foot hoop house. I have built 5 grow beds that I intend to use to grow hydroponically with the Kratky method. I have all the seeds coming up and in about a week, I will transplant.
    Its looking good here in Ky.
    PS. Is anyone going to the NPS expo in Louisville on Oct 10?

    • You have boundless energy, John. Good job with the hoop house. I am not familiar with the Kratky method and need to ask Google about it.

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