The Survival Buzz #150

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 4, 2019
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Welcome to the first Survival Buzz of 2015.  This week I tried to keep things brief since I am up to my neck in alligators with all of the projects that are a work in process.  Alas, that did not happen.

To be honest, I feel bad teasing you with a mention of the projects without closure in terms of how-to articles.  I apologize but these things do take time. That being said, this weeks preps are more of the same.

1.  I am using Shelly (aka the Survival Husband) as a human guinea pig as I experiment using essential oils to bring down his blood pressure.  Since he currently takes three different meds, the plan is to see if we can bring the BP down with EOs then eliminate one of the meds.

Experimenting with Essential Oils to Reduce Blood Pressure - The Survival Buzz from Backdoor Survival

Results so far are mixed.  The first few days there was a remarkable drop in BP but then it rose back to its pre-EO level.  Today I changed the protocol and it is falling again. Stay tuned as I report on our progress.

Important Note:  I am not a health care professional and am doing this at our own risk.  I am not in any way suggesting that you do this yourself.  That said, if the time comes when prescription drugs are scarce, it will be good to know if EOs or other natural remedies can be used as a replacement.

2.  I milled five pounds or hard white wheat to use in baking and bread-making.  I am working on a project for WonderMill and will be posting three articles on their Grain Mill Wagon blog demonstrating how I am using home ground grains.  The first article will post after January 15th and I will post a link after the fact.

3.   After comparing prices with our local market, the cost was less than half, for twice the amount of product.  The arrowroot will be used to create a batch of mineral makeup and the cheesecloth to strain the herb and spice oil infusions that I have going (both oregano and cayenne).  I plan to use the oils in healing salves that are made without essential oils.

4.  Something I learned during that spell without running water is that hair-clogged drains are a real problem when water is precious.  Having a sink full of grey water is useful but then, when you release the plunger and it does not go anywhere, well, that is an issue.  This week we cleared the drains with a plumbers snake.  For sure this is something you should have on hand in your toolbox.

That about covers it for me this week.  Now for some announcements.


This week’s tip comes, once again, for Learner:

“Did you know that you can subscribe to the Space Weather Prediction Center SWPC to receive email notices about solar storm watches and warnings?

It’s a similar concept to the National Weather Service watches and warnings about tornados and hurricanes.  Oh and yes it’s FREE. The idea is that you could have some advanced warning if a solar flare was shooting an EMP at us with few hours notice maybe…:”

Here is a link to the subscription page:  //


I have two active giveaways at the moment.  Note that the deadline for entries for both giveaways is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday.

Get Organized with the Preparedness Planner + Giveaway

BDS Book Festival 7: The Avalon Series + Giveaway

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Are you having a problem using the Rafflecopter?  If so, chances are you are using an outdated browser, you are behind a company firewall, or have a pop-up blocker running.  I reached out to the folks at Rafflecopter and they suggested that if you have a problem and are using a personal computer, send me an email with your exact computer data and they will make an attempt to troubleshoot.

You can get this information here:  //

Please, though, make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker running first.


Heartburn is something that happens to all of us from time to time.  Many find relief from Peppermint EO others you can try to include Lemon EO or the Spark Naturals “Digest” blend.

I happen to use the Digest blend but whatever you use, mix a few drops into a carrier such as a coconut oil, DIY healing salve, or plain ole’ salve.  Rub your diluted essential oils onto the chest area or tummy.  You will be amazed at how well this works.


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2015 is off to a great start.

For the first time ever, I have an entire month of articles planned out in advance so all that I need to do is sit down and write.  I also have written some guest articles that will appear on prominent sites, thus furthering the message of preparedness.  And finally, and have lined up (so far) three additional giveaways and hope to run them every other Friday.  Giveaways, to me, are the best way for a blogger to pay it forward.

So what about you – what did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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\For your discernment, here are items related to today’s article.

Lifesource UB-351 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: We have the more expensive UB-512 model but I don’t see why this more basic and less expensive unit would not work.  A must for your survival first aid kit!

FlexiSnake Drain Millipede Hair Clog Tool for Drain Cleaning: To be honest, the snake we have is not very good at removing a hair-clogged bathroom drain. After reading tons of reviews, Shelly had me order this one which is cheap, but effective.  As soon as it arrives, I am going to learn how to use it myself.

Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain/Flour Mill by Wondermill:  I am very excited about my manual mill since it can also be used to grind coffee beans, nuts, and other oily bulk food items.  I also own the powered/electric WonderMill Grain Mill.

Arrowroot Powder Organic: I will be using this to create DIY beauty products.  Sorry if this is offensive but it the SHTF, looking good will be important to keeping my spirits up and boosting my self-esteem.  I will be using recipes from this book:  Kick Chemicals to the Curb!: All-Natural Makeup & Beauty Recipes

Regency Natural Ultra Fine 100% Cotton Cheesecloth: Cheesecloth is needed to strain oils that have been infused with herbs, spices, and flowers.  I am in the process of experimenting by making salves with infused oils instead of essential oils.

AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Wall Calendar 2015:  This calendar has worked out great.  The boxes are large enough that I can populate them with post-it notes then move them around as I make schedule changes.  Great price, too.

Preparedness Planner:  Both Shelly and I are impressed with how easy this planner is making our inventory and organization process.  As with my wall calendar, a tool like this was long overdue.

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Updated Jul 4, 2019

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64 Responses to “The Survival Buzz #150”

  1. please keep us up to date on the BP experiment and what oils you are using.

  2. I had taken Learner’s advice and subscribed to space weather. Now I know why my AM radio has static on it ever so often when I get alerts. So far just small alerts, but I’m glad I will get the warning when a big one comes. Thanks Learner

    • You’re welcome John R. I feel so grateful that Gaye has provided so much valuable information for all of us to freely access, that I feel it only fair to give back a tiny nugget whenever I can.

    • Did anybody else receive the alert today “ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 8, NOAA Scale: G4 – Severe, Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 45 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude. Induced Currents – Possible widespread voltage control problems and some protective systems may mistakenly trip out key assets from the power grid. Induced pipeline currents intensify. Aurora may be seen as low as Alabama and northern California.”?
      In all the time I have subscribed to alerts, this is the first time I’ve seen one of G4 scale. There is only one level higher than this. interesting anyway

  3. The BP experiment is interesting. I wonder if the first few readings weren’t false only because the medication was still in his system.

    Not much done this week. We got a couple shelves so we can organize the garage, it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow (above 32) so I’m hoping we can work on it then. My theme for the next few weeks will be organizing and taking stock of what I have.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information re: SWPC. I will be signing up.

  5. My preps this week included updating my homeowners inventory to make sure that I have listed everything that was accumulated throughout last year. I also scanned all important docs onto a thumb drive to be placed in safe keeping, as in titles, deeds, insurance policies and such. I have been toying with the idea of obtaining replacement docs ahead of time. If a birth certificate or driver’s license etc. should be lost or destroyed by fire, flood, or what ever, I think it would be stressful trying to jump through the hoops and provide verification to get replacements while dealing with whatever crisis caused the loss in the first place. But if I were to go ahead and get a replacement now as if I had already suffered the loss, then put those duplicates in a secondary safe place, I would feel better. Like, what if I woke up in the night to a house filled with smoke and had to get out without my purse or hubby’s wallet? Replacing driver’s licenses and credit/debit cards would be a nightmare.

    • This is a really good idea. A fire safe might be a good idea also.

    • my dear friends house burned to the ground and they had a lot of money and documents in a fire safe and it all was disintegrated when the fire was over and the safe was opened. I cant feel comfortable trusting one.

    • Thanks. I am glad to know that.

    • There are good fire safes out there. Your friends probably had a cheap one, or one which isn’t rated for high temps. They have ones that are rated for high temps which work really well, as we found out to our relief when my mom’s kitchen went up in flames. She kept hers in the pantry just behind the stove which also burned, and there was some white powder on her documents, but they were still readable and the money was still usable, and the jewelry was not melted. Check with your local fire department to see which one they recommend.

    • My vital records are in an organized folder in a portable file with handle. It’s labeled IN THE EVENT OF … That about covers all adverse events. It’s all scanned into the computer, on CDs, on flash drives, sealed in weather proof plastic bags or laminated. Copies are in the safe deposit at the bank. Why did I do something so OCD? Because we lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and it was a pain to replace…and costly. I review the docs about twice a year to keep everything up to date. That file is the first thing you see when you open my office closet, so it’s an easy grab & go, if necessary. I have folders for me, hubby, mom-in-law. Records I don’t keep include anything from a major company that has the history on their server. I have my account numbers. That’s all I need to carry. If the grid goes down, so go the computers. We’re on our own. I don’t worry about it, but I am prepared.

    • Just wondering, you say you have all this on CD, flashdrives and computer. Are they in a secure file which has a password and encrypted? I was watching something yesterday and the speaker was talking about our important documents. He said his stuff was as you mentioned only it was locked by encryption. He also has put it on an sd which can be slipped into his pocket. He was very emphatic about encryption so someone couldn’t just take your identity at any time. I so understand why you would do what you have done. You’re ahead of me in some ways. You’ve also answered some questions I had and have been asked. Thank you.

    • Thank you. My major computers are backed up to 1T sd’s that will go in my purse. The ubiquitous purse! Firewalls protect most of it. I’m not so worried about the other guy as I am about accessing my own info. I paid attention to the same interview you did; his advice was excellent. In the event of…. I don’t want to be so flustered that I can’t find my stuff! Yesterday I started a new tote called “The Mobile Office.” Since I have at least 2 of everything office, it’s going pretty fast. If I use something, I look for a second & toss it in the MO. Essentials. Next project is power sources for computers (extra batteries = expensive) and for durable
      medical equipment (DME).

  6. I’m hoping that you will reveal the results of BP experiment and what oils work best. I’ve never seen a monitor like that. It looks cool.

  7. This week I scratched four people off my mental list of who to let in the door after SHTF.
    I don’t know if that’s a plus, or a minus.

    • You are leaving us hanging. What were the circumstances?

    • Baaaahahahahahaha!!!! Do we have the same brother in law? 😀

  8. Keep me posted on the BP reduction using essential oils, I’m getting ready to place an order soon. Hubby is on many meds and I’m trying to list all homeopathic remedies for future reference.

    Prepping this week was add things to Hubby’s Bug out bag for work! He’s not as embarrassed to take it at this point in time. He realizes I have his best interests at heart.

    We just purchased a GSG 522 by ATI, looks like an M5. Add on’s were a 100 round barrel, optical and 4 20 round clips. Slick rifle with no kickback. I have a damaged rotator cuff and need a firearm that I can aim and shoot. Accurate to 440 yards.

    My best to you and your hubby for keeping us informed. Soldier on…

  9. What a great post this week. Very interested in the EO blood pressure challenge. Love reading your opinions, comments and experiences. keep up the good work.

  10. I’d like to know more about EOs for digestive problems. I have acid refulx and the meds I am forced to taqke have made my bones soft and very breakable. If there is a natural remedy I’d like to try it.

    • My experience with EOs for digestive problems is limited to temporary woes and not a long term, chronic problem. As I mentioned, Digest Blend works great for that.

      That said, are you taking a probiotic? That would be your first line of defense along with food avoidance which you probably already know about.

      Also, you might find this article about the use of coconut oil to control stomach acid interesting. //

      Finally, let me do some research and see if I can find some credible information about using EOs for chronic acid reflux.

    • First, is the reflux from too much acid or not enough? The medical community doesn’t distinguish. I was taught 30 years ago by my father-in-law, first take some orange juice or lemon aid, allow about 5 minutes. If still hurting, THEN take something for stopping the acid. He didn’t produce enough, so was told by his old time friend and doc. I have since practiced this. Sometimes I’ve even used apple cider vinegar or other vinegars. My sense says, if you are taking antacids, you’re not allowing enough acids which are needed to metabolize the calcium you’re taking in. Check your diet and see what types of acid you’re intaking. Sometimes it’s just a matter of small changes which can make a diff.

    • Dee. Was that you that posted a pain killer that was pretty strong? I know it had cayenne and honey in it. If it was you can you post it again? Thanks

    • Not sure if these are what you’re looking for John R. but here’s what I do for pain now.

      Lemon/Cayenne Tonic

      2 cups WATER
      1 tsp TURMERIC
      pinch BLACK PEPPER
      1 tsp CAYENNE
      1 Tablespoon LEMON JUICE

      Bring water to boil . Add turmeric and black pepper for 10 minutes. Remove from heat. Add cayenne and lemon.
      GULP, don’t sip or drink, 2 oz. when cooled down enough to taste. OR allow to cool, then 2 oz. and chill the rest until needed.

      Lemon Ginger Tea
      Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes
      Total Time: 10 minutes
      1 Tbsp. freshly grated GINGER (no need to peel it)
      1 Tbsp. freshly squeezed LEMON JUICE
      1 Tbsp. HONEY, plus more to taste
      Health Benefits: Balance PH, regulates body temperature, reduces risks for osteoporosis/hip fractures, distributes oxygen throughout body, collects carbon dioxide/dissolves these gases, metabolism, BACKACHES, constipation/heartburn/migraine/gastritis/ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular disease, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, pregnant women/nursing mothers, kidney function, skin tone,
      Water intake is also related to the amount of food you eat. Research has shown that an adult needs approximately one cubic centimeter of water for each calorie consumed. So if you consume 2,000 calories a day, you should drink 2,000 cc (roughly 8-1/2 cups) of water.

      dash CORIANDER SEED ground to powder
      dash NUTMEG
      dash ALLSPICE
      1/2 tsp GINGER
      dash CLOVES

      Put the ginger in a tea pot or medium bowl. Pour 1 cup boiling water over it and let it steep for 3 minutes.
      Meanwhile, put the lemon juice and the honey in a large mug. Strain the ginger tea into the mug.
      Stir to dissolve the honey, taste, and add more honey or lemon juice if you like.
      Makes 1 mug Honey Lemon Ginger Tea.

      Double Hot Chocolate Mix

      Hot cocoa is comfort on a cold day. I like mine dark, rich, and chocolaty. This mix is all that. It’s so easy to make a quick batch to have on hand during the winter months. I prefer to leave out artificial ingredients and eliminate that hint of a chemical taste. This recipe has pure, wholesome ingredients. It has powdered milk in it, so it’s intended to be mixed with hot water. To assist with pain relief, I add a bit of apple pie spice, pumpkin pie spice or another of my spice blends, it depends on the level of pain at the time. I make my own blends, so no additives or bulking components are added. NOTE: Since I’m diabetic, I make mine with 1 1/2 cups sugar, but I use real sugar, which I don’t use for most of my diet. It also makes it easier to carry in a disaster. For home use, raw honey is used. As I have learned about kitchen spices and herbs, I use them to help balance my sugar levels. I also have learned that balancing the sugar amount with some protein, so I munch some nuts while drinking chocolate–of course you can find other ways of getting protein.

      Servings: Makes 6 cups
      2 cups powdered sugar (or choose any dry sweetener, try crystallized raw honey)
      1 teaspoon SEA SALT
      1 pinch CAYENNE PEPPER
      1 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT and to add a bit more something something.

      The above lists of spice for the ginger tea works with the chocolate. I like adding mint tea if cold or flu is occurring.

    • Wow Dee, that was a mouth full. Thank you very much. I have it copied this time.

    • thanks John, someone has suggested I write a book about the health benefits and nutrients involved. lol It’s all online for the searching. You’re very welcome. 🙂

    • I just went off my proton pumps (prilosec) for 2 days, and then when my chest was on fire, I put 1/2 a lemon in a glass of water and drank. My chest was still on fire. A glass of water with a little baking soda made it go away. Am I right in assuming I am producing to much acid and need to stay on the prilosec?

    • I have been hearing some interesting info about rebound reflux after coming off Prilosec. Sorry I don’t have a nifty link for you but you ought to look into it. I can tell you my personal experience was that several years ago I started having heartburn 24/7, seriously. I tried all that stuff and nothing worked very well until I was told about taking a straight shot of apple cider vinegar. Of course as it was going down I thought I was going to die lol but within a minute or so the relief was well worth it. It has been my go to ever since. The way it happened for me was that the initial shot lasted a day or so and I needed to take it again. The second one lasted me a couple of days and each time I drank some the relief lasted even longer. Now I’m at the point of taking some about once or twice a year. hope this helps you as much as it has me.

    • Learner. I am willing to try anything, but as they say, “been there, done that? I went off the prilosec for a few days and followed what Dr Oz had to say. I have made tea with ginger root and mint. I have mint growing outside my back door and make a coffee pot full with about an inch of minced ginger root and sip it all day. I have used apple cider vinegar to make the “thieves tonic” and I drink a mouthful each day. I used the glass of water with soda. That was great, but the common advice is not to use it for more that a few days. (well the advice on Prilosec is not to use it for over 2 weeks, DUH) When I had it bad when I was trying all this cures, the best thing I used was to suck on peppermint candy. Dr Oz even said to try melatonin, but I already use it daily as a sleep aid.
      Life sucks then you die. I would try anything to get rid of this. I’m open for suggestions. No, Jim Beam doesn’t help.

    • John R. You may be one who really does need those antacids. If you have tried other methods, by all means get checked out with your doc. When you do, you may want to ask for lab work to see it you have a deficiency which might be causing the acid reflux. Or you might have them check, it may be something to do with your esophagus as mine was once. It was a few decades ago so I can’t remember what was prescribed. I know they ran a camera down to take a peek. It pays to get a good internist for that where possible.

    • Dee, when this started I took so many Tums, that I got a kidney stone. I didn’t know that you don’t take calcium carbonate, you take calcium citrate. The doc that found my kidney stone put me on Prilosec and then had to up it to 2 prilosec a day.
      They had to do a scope on my stomach to do a biopsy on my pancreas and the doc that did that said my esophagus was very irritated. I go to the VA doctors and I get my meds there also. The VA wont give me Nexiun, just Prilosec. Some one told me Nexium had some healing properties that may help my esopagus. Since it is over the counter now, do you know if it would be worth the $1 a day for the Nexium? The VA does a complete blood work up on me every year, for what it’s worth.

    • I understand now John R. I’m familiar with how the VA works. I agree with Gaye about just taking basic/needed meds, letting your doc know, and do the elimination diet. I know sometimes the VA gets backed up and keeps you vets on meds you don’t need. So take it easy. I remember when even drinking water became painful which landed me in the hospital. Wishing and praying that doesn’t happen to you.

    • Dee, the VA has me on many meds that I dont take. I wont take Nsaids and they try to get me to take cholesterol lowering meds. I wont take them. I am now taking 1/2 of my BP meds and 1/4 my diabetes meds, (metformin). I know some of these goodies Dr Oz has me taking is working. I’ll just keep taking my Prilosec

    • It just seems to me that you are taking so many different things that you don’t know what is and isn’t working. In my very biased opinion, I would cut out EVERYTHING including supplements, that is not a life-sustaining med (such as heart medicine). Then slowly add remedies and meds one at a time and see how you do with them.

      We went through this process with Shelly a number of years back. He now takes a fraction of what he used to take and that includes supplements, most of which he dropped. His doctor (a cardiologist) was on board with the process; always a good thing.

    • Gaye, your advice is certainly good, but long before I got on this heathy life style, I had acid reflux. I have been on Prilosec for 10 years. Dr Oz got me started. When he would do a show on acid reflux, I would go off the Prilosec for a few days, then try his ideas. They dont work, so I go back on the Prilosec. When I try something new, I go off my meds. I think I have tried about everything people suggest. I see you have a link for coconut, that I haven’t been to, but I take 1/4 cup of coconut oil in my smoothie each morning.

    • What are EOs ?

    • Prepared Andy,
      EOs are Essential Oils.

    • Thanks.

  11. Preps the last couple of weeks have mostly been replacing canned goods that have been used and rotating by dates. I went through a lot of our canned veggies and took a large number of cans to food pantrys in early December. I plan to replace them with ONLY veggies we will actually use. It was nice to have full shelves but I realized I was storing anything that was on sale. So that is my goal this year to restore the right items. I also bought and sealed up (in food saver bags) some chocolate that I purchased on sale after the holiday. I will store it in our cool dark basement and see how it does.
    I work in food service and have access to heavy 1 gallon jugs that I use for storing water. I usually add a couple every week. Another goal for the new year is to start buying the 5 gal stackable totes for water.

    • Beware the 5 gal. stackables. My plan was the same as yours but the stacks fell over when I stacked them 3 high. (Plus they are sooooo heavy).

  12. Cautions first. Begin doing the blood pressure reduction but let your doctor know what you’re doing. I did this 5 years ago but with food. I did so w/o informing my doc so when I began getting low blood pressure readings with each visit. I was referred to a cardiologist. He cut the med in half, but the readings kept giving me low bp symptoms (no fun let me tell you). One more trip and testing, the cut down to 1/4 of what the original dosage was. Now, no more meds. As I have learned what foods help us. All meds are foods and spices/herbs. I just been through a rough season for my asthma and not even an inhaler appeared. So great you’re doing this for hubby. BTW: if he is on any blood thinners, regular use of cayenne or regular peppers act as blood thinners. Again when making changes—-use your doc as a consultant. My next project for my health is for auto-immune reversal and I have my endocrinologists full endorsement. 🙂
    Learner, thanks for the link. Gaye, I made up some healing salve using a mixture of oils and herbs. It didn’t solidify as much as I would like. Could I add a bit more beeswax for more solidity?
    It would seem I am now making connections for possible grouping in disaster events. How? I gave out gifts of my personal herb and spice blends for Christmas along with some small gifts to friends for managing pain and inflammation. 🙂 Seems people are tired of doing the pharma thing. 😉 My personal studies for the past 7 years are paying off. Have a great week all. 🙂

    • Dee – No problem taking your salve back to liquid and adding more beeswax. Be very mindful of the heat, however, if you did happen to use essential oils. I am not 100% convinced that they break down when heated but best to not risk it by not letting your salve get overly hot. I use a water bath, sticking my jar of salve in an inch or two of water and slowly bringing it to liquid form.

      Another thing you can do is heat a bit of your preferred oil and add some beeswax. After the beeswax is melted, stir it into your salve. Set it aside and you will find that when it cools, your original salve is now more solid.

      Unfortunately, there is no way that I am able to convince Shelly to change his diet. I wish that were the case but it simply is not going to happen.

    • thanks Gaye. Will try both ways. As to hubs…sometimes like children, we need to sneak foods in (I don’t like doing sneaky but at times, I don’t think of it as sneaking as much of just not saying unless asked. 😉

  13. Hi Gayle,

    Just a tip/suggestion. I got tired of repurchasing one-time use cheesecloth for straining herbs. I tried several other fabrics and found that large squares of voile fabric do very well in straining and can be washed out and reused again and again. And I used my JoAnn 40% off coupon to buy several yards to stock for future use. It isn’t organic but I think it’s a good substitute when cheesecloth isn’t available.

    • Great idea for an alternative, I’ve used regular unbleached muslin too. I so like having backups.

  14. Deborah,
    Just make sure you have the chocolate away from any heat source. Having run a candy store, I have found chocolate will get a whitish bloom on it which is due to the fat rising in the piece(s) when it gets warm not enough to melt it but enough that the fat will start to rise. I have been storing chocolate in the “root cellar” (two years now) in food saver bags in Snap ware containers and so far since the room they are in has never gone over 60 degrees, it’s been fine. In fact before Christmas DaHubs (DH) was looking for some candy and I pulled a bit out from storage and he thought I had just bought some that week :). Hope that helps

    • Thanks, will try this. I haven’t found anything which can sub for cocoa or chocolate yet. Still searching though. 🙂

    • Thanks Kathy,
      We have a deep basement which stays very cool in the summer months. I have never checked the temp though.
      Love my Food Saver!

  15. Has anybody here tried colloidal silver solution? What were the results, and what was it used for(kinda the horse b4 the cart here?????????????)

    • I’d love some info about this too. I’ve been looking up a ton of stuff about it but I have read very conflicting reports and I just don’t know who to trust. I’ve read about people making it from home for pennies and having a multitude of health benefits but I’ve also read about people supposedly being poisoned and turning blue…

    • Lewis. i have a silver generator. I love it. Silver, by far is the best germ fighting solution. Better that alcohol, lemon oil, bleach, vinegar, and any other. It is one of the solutions you can put in your eye for eye irritation. Try that with other stuff. I very seldom take it internally because it will kill all the good bacteria in your body, but i have been reading now that it wont. I have always taken a probiotic after taking silver internally. For bug bites, just a splash and no more itching.

    • I don’t know anything about colloidal silver. I am aware the pioneers which crossed the plains put silver dollars in their water barrels to keep their water pure and fresh tasting.

    • Dee, the man that put me onto colloidal silver told me you could fill an Olympic size swimming pool with sewage and pour in one cup of silver and it would be safe to drink. I’m not going to try it, but my silver generator will run on one of my small solar panels, and I intend to use silver to purify my water when the crap hits.

    • All this info about colloidal silver is new to me and interesting. Clean plentiful water is by far the most important aspect to successful survival. If you don’t have a clean water supply you don’t have anything. Start prepping by making sure you have good water. Killing the germs is important, but only part of good drinking water. Reverse osmosis is best if you can afford it. I recently started using a Sawyer water filter when I go backpacking. Previous backpacking water filters removed particles down to 40 microns. This little Sawyer removes down to 1 / 10th of a micron. At 1 / 10 of a micron very few bad germs get through. The little Sawyer filters up to 100,000 gallons. It is simple with no pumps. It is a plastic bag with a filter element on it and filters by gravity. It is a bit show.

  16. Fat fingers…….it is Lewis

  17. I am planning on building a small greenhouse this spring, and have been searching YouTube and the internet for ideas. Right now I plan on building an 8 x 12 wood frame greenhouse covered in a Solexx. I would appreciate any advise.

    • When I built my small green house, I used wood framing and I went to the used door and window place and was about to buy sliding glass doors for $20 apiece. They are double pained and tempered glass. Placed end to end they stretch almost 14 feet, so that is how long my green house is. Just keep stacking them until you go as wide as you wish.

    • Thanks for the info.

  18. My hubby and I have had our greenhouse for several years. 125’x30′ metal arches that go ground to ground then covered with 6mil poly. It is hydroponic though and we get most of our supplies from hydro-gardens in Colorado. they are really great to work with. we do have a smaller house that is used to start seedlings and it is only 16’x20′ and it is a wood frame covered in the same 6 mil poly. The poly has worked well for us but there are a few things to note. you have to use two layers and a small blower to keep a constant layer of air inbetween the two layers of poly. also the poly needs to be taken off and replaced about every 6 years or so.

    • That sounds like a good idea. When I was in Alaska last summer I got a lot of advice from Alaska residents on greenhouses. The guys I spoke to all used a material called Solexx. It is white, not clear. I it kind of like corrugated cardboard only plastic. It is quite strong, and has better insolating qualities than most other greenhouse glazing. Solexx makes a greenhouse kit that uses bent fiberglass tubes. At first I was going to go for the kit then I say a YouTube video that showed a wood frame greenhouse that used the Solexx on the outside and a thin plastic film on the inside. That gave it a 4 inch dead airspace. Lots of insolation. My greenhouse is going to be much smaller than yours. I will only build a 8 by 12 foot one. We had some good weather and I have started laying out the footprint. I stopped today because of a snow storm. I will get back to in when the weather gets better.

  19. just learning about oils and how they work. what book would be best to start with?


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