The Survival Buzz #144

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 5, 2019
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Welcome to this week’s Survival Buzz with an update on my own preps and announcements from the Backdoor Survival blog.

The wild goose chase for misplaced preps continues.  First, I could not locate a small tin that holds my pocket survival kit.  Why is my pocket survival kit in a tin and not my pocket?  Too much stuff with some of it not really practical given my geographical location.  Let me give you an example.

pocket survival kit Nov 2014

These are just some of the many items in my current pocket survival kit.

The island where I live is 24 miles long and 9 miles wide at its widest point.  This means that for all intents and purposes, I am always within walking distance of my home.  The items I keep in my pocket (actually my day pack or handbag) reflect this particular demographic.  On the other hand, my pocket survival kit/tin goes with me when I travel to the mainland.

Make sense?  It does to me except when I can not find it.

The other search operation was for the spare toilet repair kit.  Both Shelly and I looked high and low for it only to have it arrive the next day. You know, there are some days that I simply row with one oar!

Other preps this week included taking another run at making healing lotion bars.  Don’t they look nice?  I want to make one more batch then I will go live with the directions.

Lotion bars V1

Likewise, I made a reed diffuser using standard cooking oil, a bit of alcohol, and essential oils.  After a bit of fine tuning, I will share that DIY with you as well.   Granted, the benefits of a diffuser are amazing but for some, the cost may be a bit out of reach for some readers.

My purchases this week included ammo cans, a travel version of Scrabble for my bug-out kit, and the book, CyberStorm, that was recommended by a reader.

That about covers it for me this week.  Now for some announcements.


It has been a while since I shared some reader tips so here is a couple.

Kathy writes:

Chili or black pepper stops bleeding in seconds. I don’t know the science, bit I’ve used it a few times, and even used it on my dogs when I cut their nails too short.

Rita shared this:

Put a drop of water where you open the can. If the water is sucked in as you break the seal, the can is still good. If not the food will probably be off.

Regarding those expiration dates on food products?  My personal opinion is that expiration dates are a myth and more of a CYA for the manufacturers than anything else.  If you do a web search, you will find articles from Consumer Reports and other credible sources that say the same thing.

I tend to hoard food and am always finding old cans and packages dating back 10 years or longer.  Except for packages of baking items (cakes, brownie mixes), I have used them and am still alive, kicking and healthy.  That said, before consuming “old” food, open the can or package, check for bulges or leaks and definitely, if it smells hinky, tosses it.


The following article includes a giveaway for a copy of The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous WorldBook Festival 7: The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide + Giveaway | Backdoor Survival by Robert Richardson.  Note that the deadline for entries is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday.

Book Festival 7: The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide

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Although this book will not be available for free until Sunday, I did want to give you a heads up.  I helped the author choose the cover; I hope you like it.

The Prepper’s Wife is an in-depth beginners guide to prepping for a grid down situation and is targeted at wives of preppers. You will be able to download the eBook for free from Sunday, November 23rd to Thursday, November 27th.

Free is good, right?


That about covers it for this week. So what about you – what did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Bargain Bin: Here are some links to items mentioned in today’s Buzz.  As you know, prices can fluctuate and the prices shown represent those at the time of this writing.

Fluidmaster 400CR Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit:  This is one of those items you don’t think of stockpiling but believe me, we now have a couple in reserve for emergency purposes.

Kershaw OSO Sweet Knife:  This “oh so sweet” knife is solidly built, stainless steel knife that comes razor sharp right out of the package. It will pretty much cut through anything the price is amazing. Need convincing?  Here is what one reader wrote to me on November 20:

I have followed your site for over a year now and finally bought 3 of the Kershaw OSO pocket knives.  I want to thank you for the reminders of how good this knife is. Once I had the knife in hand it is definitely all that you have been saying it is. I have lots of knives and also make sheath knives and the OSO is definitely a keeper and will become my constant carry knife.

Scrabble Folio Edition:  I love my portable Rummikub game and tend to use it more than the full-sized version. Now I will have a portable Scrabble game as well.  Keep in mind that board games will become a great distraction if you are ever without power for an extended period.  The next game on my bucket list is Conflicted.

Streamlight Nano Light Keychain LED Flashlight: Extremely small and lightweight yet it will throw off a decent amount of super-bright light. At just .36 ounces and 1.47 inches long, the Streamlight Nano Light Keychain Flashlight will take up a minimum of space in your pocket or bag.

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Updated Jul 5, 2019

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48 Responses to “The Survival Buzz #144”

  1. Good morning Gaye! Good luck to you in finding your pocket kit. I know that winter is usually my prime organizing frenzy time when cabin fever sets in. Who knows what treasures you’ll find when you start going through your stash!

    This week’s preps included signing up for some more Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes, including traffic management, communications response and an advanced emergency medical class. I love that my county offers these classes for free and I have to say, the people who take these classes are MY KINDA PEOPLE. We’ve been exchanging notes on where to get cool (inexpensive) gear and ideas how to stay in touch after the classes end.

    At the thrift stores, your recent waterpocalypse tale inspired me to buy a 5 gallon water jersey can for $2. Back at our condo we have plenty of drinking water, but not so much for flushing toilets, etc. Buffalo’s recent snow storm prompted me to bring home another wool blanket and a few thermal long sleeve tops. Those will live in the car in case we should get stranded on the road or we come across an accident scene where people may need to stay warm until help arrives.

    Today we head back up to the BOL Homestead Cabin to check to see if the mousetraps have done their job. I’m bringing a bunch of big metal Christmas tins to put away the final items that may look tasty to our uninvited rodent guests, along with my bottle of peppermint essential oil. I’ll soak a few cottonballs with it and leave them in the pantry as another line of defense against them.

    And as a final note this week, the headline story of NSA’s assertion that China can (and may) attack the national power grid is keeping me up at night. Could you tell us again the best EO combination to reduce anxiety? Oy.

    • Anxiety and stress? Me??? Actually, I find the best combination is Zen and Wild Orange in a diffuser. I have this combo going every day as I sit at my desk, work on Backdoor Survival, and worry about things of which I have no control.

      Lavender is no longer calming to me but I find geranium essential oil works quite well instead. This leads me to believe that we can build up a tolerance to particular e.o.s if they are used a lot. Something else to research…

    • Thanks so much for the EO guidance! As a follow up, we have returned from a quick jaunt to the BOL and happily there was no more evidence of mice in the pantry or clothes bureau. Alas, I did learn that boxed wine does not store well in an environment that gets below freezing. Another annoying opportunity for growth, I guess.

  2. My uncle came to visit last month and was so impressed with your “Miracle healing salve”, that I gave him a jar and also my bottles of EOs to make his own. So this week my replenishing bottles came. Also came, my big bag of “black seed”. I also move “dig my potatoes” to the top of my procrastination list. Moved my heated water containers into the chicken pens. So much time and so little to do.

    • Isn’t that so little time and so much to do? Or are you messing with we LOL??

      I plan on creating a large potato patch next year. I already have the perfect location set up and ready to go. In the spirit of “if you can’t beat em, join em”, next year I am going to plant something that actually has half a chance of thriving. The nice thing is that potatoes store well.

    • Oh no I wouldn’t mess with you. I maybe should have inserted the word “retired” with the key words of “dig”, and procrastinate.
      I use to work with Green Giant in Wisconsin. I worked in the green beans, sweet corn, and potatoes. DO NOT buy potatoes from Wisconsin. Especially if they are grown in Plover or Bancroft. Wis does not have a state inspection for exporting like Maine, Colorado, and Idaho. I buy potatoes in the 50 lb boxes from Sams club for winter storage. Now is the time to buy. Idahos are what I buy and they store well in the basement.
      If you are going to raise potatoes, try some purple potatoes. Dr Oz says these are much better for you. I have some in the ground, but they haven’t gotten into any container yet. (can you spell procrastinate?)

    • The Primal/Paleo diet/lifestyle people say if you’re gonna eat potatoes, to eat the purple ones, too.

    • Gaye, where you live, don’t plan on large patch but on planting in green garbage bags or stacking tires. The sun keeps the soil warm so they grow better. Then when you want to harvest, all you do is dig down far enough to harvest what you plan for a meal. The rest are quite comfy in their little spot of ground. Though you may want to use a cover which breathes to prevent some of the rain you get from soaking them. This methods works even where I live now.

    • WHAt the heck is a “green garbage bag”?

    • Green as in large 30 gallon trash bags. It’s the darkness of color which helps absorb the heat and keep those ‘tators warm as they grow. 🙂 It also keeps them warm so they don’t ‘freeze’ when the PNW gets those occasional cold weather below freezing temps.

  3. I do not live in the U.S. so cannot access your offers but would love to receive the Preppers Wife free book, I will not have web availability tomorrow, is there any chance of getting today? I follow your articles and have learnt many useful things. Tip: chili or pepper is good for asmathics when in an asthma attack, try it my daughter had a very good experience with it. Also I use empty cat food cans to bake cakes or puddings in individual servings, easier to freeze or carry. Best from Chile

    • The free promo will run until Thursday so hopefully you can get The Prepper’s Wife before it ends. This is something that was set up by the author so unfortunately, I do not have any control of the dates it will be available for free.

      I am just beginning to learn about the benefits of both chili and pepper for first aid and healing purposes. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • Gaye. I read along time ago about a doctor that said if he could get to a heart attack patient before they died, he could always save them by giving them a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. I have since heard that from other doctors. I encapsulate cayenne pills and take them daily. Lowered my need for blood pressure med.

    • Most free books are also available from for Canadian readers. Check the Amazon website for your country.

    • thanks angelika, I didn’t know that peppers were good for asthmatics. Will keep that in mind. I do know about how cayenne can stimulate the heart if/when an attack or stroke is suspected. It’s a blood thinner too so anyone using it, needs to consider this as well. It’s in all my first aid kits–in little straw containers. It’s for under the tongue, not for ingesting. Not sure if you have thyme where you live but thyme also works for asthma so I’m going to put it with cayenne to how it works. Thanks again.

  4. Can you eat those reed diffusers? In that photo they look like irresistible delicious candy.

    And, did you see the photo of the tomtato online? It’s a cherry tomato plant grafted onto a potato plant. Pretty weird looking plant if you ask me, tomatoes on top and potatoes on the bottom, whoa.

    This week I bought a cheap used popcorn tin at the thrift store. (88 Cents! As opposed the 12 Bucks or more that they go for brand new.) It fits nicely inside an empty wine box, makes for easier stacking while still remaining mouse-proof.

    I started reading up about propane stove/burners and carbon monoxide. There’s a ton of conflicting advise on the internet about those two. Even the Mr. Buddy Heater threads have some people who argue about how best to use it and where not to. For instance, some people say they are meant for indoor construction sites, not for enclosed rooms.
    I used one years ago during a power outage. The room was 12×12 and adjoined a 12 x 10 room and a 10 x 10 room, I still got a bit of a headache from it. I think it was on that thread I read someone say not to use a natural gas oven to heat a room. I used one once for that purpose. Had no ill effects. I went on to read how some Yahoo asked what’s the difference between a propane camping stove and a natural gas oven, imho he never got a clear answer. Someone replied that the natural gas ovens are vented as being the difference, which is clearly false, at least the several natural gas ovens I’ve used didn’t have Any kind of venting.

    I read on a tiny house blog where some people say don’t worry about using propane stove/burners in enclosed spaces, one guy mentioned how millions of people in Asia use propane everyday with no ill effects. Older people chime in and say how they used them in the old days in the unitedstate, in contrast to those who freak out about the very idea of using a propane device inside.Then there’s the fellas using the Coleman dual fuel camping stoves in the back of a camper or in a tiny house with no ill effects. While other guys insist on running a hose through the wall to an outside tank for their propane stoves, and yet still more guys just run a hose under the kitchen sink to their 20lb. tank.

    The beer brewing guys talk about the subject quite a bit. Seems a lot of them use turkey fryers in their garages and some of them would prefer to brew in the basement during the Winter. They ask themselves: will propane work?

    I came across an imported wok propane burner, it could get to 100,000 BTU. Pretty impressive, but way too hot for my needs.

    I looked at the RV drop-in and slide-in propane stove top burners. On the BTU side, they seemed to all run a little low. Campers they are used in – are enclosed – yet, I didn’t read about anyone freaking out about the use of them.
    I’m considering building a wooden box one can drop or slide into so I can use it on the kitchen counter top.

    I found a propane single burner on Amazon which was listed as safe for indoor use. In the Q&A section it appeared the manufacturer was saying the reason they are safe for indoor use is that they are small and only give off a small amount of carbon monoxide. …Then I read elsewhere how some people say the only real danger from using a Coleman propane camping stove inside is from using it too long, from trying to heat a room or house, and from leaving it unattended. I get the idea it’s ok to use one if a window is open a crack. (In contrast, one guy on the beer brewing thread said he kept a garage door open two feet – and a backdoor open – and still got high carbon monoxide readings on his detector inside his house after using his propane turkey fryer) On the Coleman website, in the description of some of the propane camping stoves, it says, use during emergencies. I’m guessing this is their way of saying they’re not going to say it’s safe to use indoors, but you might be just fine.? The rest of the stoves simply state something like, “for outdoor use only”. I wonder if there’s a difference between the two groups or if it’s just worded differently?

    This subject would make a good follow up to the propane series. (Hint. Hint.)

    I also came across a company which sells (imported from India) small kerosene single burner stoves, they looked like they might be worthwhile. However; the importer does caution that they come from a third world country and might be a bit banged up, dinged, scratched or have a bit of rust. Millions(?) of people use them with great success though.

    I need to read some more. Pardon me if that was a bit long winded and sloppy, the subject matter is rather wide.

    Oh, and after I practiced walking miles around in the woods and through some fields in the cold testing my outdoor Winter gear (that’s the term for getting skunked while hunting) I stopped off at a “name your price” moving sale and got a snagging fishing pole for One Dollar. That might come in handy someday? …Or, be just some fun way to catch fishing bait?

    • Those are lotion bars in the picture. I used cupcake wrappers and a muffin tin rather than molds. They are nice but not edible. Today I made a clove scented reed diffuser to use as an air freshener. Not exactly a prepper item but it does smell good and cost virtually pennies.

    • helot. In 1999, getting ready for Y2K, I installed a “vent- less” propane fireplace in my living room. At the same time I converted from an electric stove to a propane stove for cooking. I have used them ever since.
      I heat the part of the house that I most often live in with the fireplace. I love a cool bedroom, so no heat. I cook quite often, probably 3 times a day.
      When I took in a foster kid, they made me put in carbon monoxide detectors in the house. I have never had one to go off.
      I guess what I am saying is that I have used propane for 15 years and have never had a problem. I have my heat pump to keep the house from freezing when I leave in the winter.

    • My home includes a propane stove, propane furnace, and two propane fireplaces. The furnace is rarely used since the downstairs fireplace can heat my entire home (it is small). As with John R., my carbon monoxide detectors never go off except when the battery is low.

    • Both your replies are good to read.

      However; in the background, there’s this girl and her bird (the Number Three pet in the unitedstate)and she might wonder, “what Are the levels that kill her birds?”… and her (or maybe even she thinks: or, me?)?

      I just yesterday “got it” that it wasn’t the “fumes” from certain substance which killed birds, and People, rather it was the carbon monoxide.
      I always thought it was the particular “fumes”.

      B.T.W. webmaster , er’ sultry webmistress, why does my scroll bar disappear on my old out of date Firefox browser when the, “Join The Mailbox Group” pop up box appears?

      It’s REALLY irritating when the scroll bar goes poof. Especially when all I returned to visit was to see what your guests had to say.

    • Back in the “olden days”, coal miners carried a canary with them when they went down into the mines. The birds are very susceptible to low oxygen air. When the coal miner’s bird died, they scrambled out of the mine.

    • Helot – I don’t know why the scroll bar is disappearing. I test in IE11 and Chrome. Is there is a reason you do not update Firefox?

      Perhaps another reader can help?????

    • Yes. The processor is not fast enough. Trying to live beneath my means.

  5. This week I unpacked my BOB. I had read numerous articles and had a good sized roller board suitcase packed with food, water, first aid, toiletries, extra clothes, etc. However, I don’t own a car so bugging out will be on foot. My plan has always been to shelter in place. I started thinking of possible scenarios that would require bugging out. Many were very local – a house fire for example. For that type of emergency all I need is cash and/or a credit card and a phone to call a taxi. For a large scale emergency like a major earthquake that makes my home unsafe to remain in, the reality is I am a 65 year old woman, not in the best shape (working on that)and living alone in a large city. The safest place for me is a shelter until a family member can come and get me or buses are running out of the city. I transferred my emergency cash to a money belt and have packed a cloth grocery bag with a couple of water bottles and a few necessities which can go into my small wire shopping cart but is also light enough to carry if necessary.

    • RE: “The safest place for me is a shelter until a family member can come and get me or buses are running out of the city.”

      I kind of wonder if you’d be safer under a danged bridge or in an alley than in a, “shelter”?

      Not to scare you or anything, but have you read this?:

      the place with no name, a.k.a. LISTENING TO KATRINA


    • You don’t want to be under a bridge after an earthquake! I live in a large city in Canada – nowhere near as big as a lot of American cities. The stadium and convention centre are on the other side of a large river in a neighbouring city. An earthquake severe enough to damage homes would almost certainly knock out bridges and tunnels.
      Emergency plans call for shelters to be set up in schools and churches. If I suspect a shtf situation is about to occur I have a plan to get out of the city. Unfortunately the most likely scenario here is a major earthquake and you don’t get warnings about those.

    • You might Not want to be under a bridge after an earthquake, however; I suspect you didn’t read the link I posted.

      For myself, Even If there were a massive earthquakes, I think I’d prefer to be under a bridge instead of in a goobermint “shelter”.

      When I see this: “Emergency plans call for shelters to be set up in schools and churches.”

      All I can see is, Key words: directing People to Obey and Submit to their master and follow their dictates while being subject to criminals. …Or, do I repeat myself?

      These two words are like cookies to some People: “schools and churches”.

      I see that you’re an old far… er’ Person, Susanne. A Lot of People will get sucked into the idea that their goobermint Loves them and People will come running to the “schools and churches”. I suppose it might be Ok for some, …I guess all I can say is, beware. …And, read the link above.

      At any rate, at 65, I’m impressed you’re online, every 65 yr. old + I know is just sitting around and awaiting death, quite clueless about the world.

      I expected better of that generation. …My mothers generation. ….It appears that from what you’re trying to do, you’ve exceeded all that. At least you’re trying. Hats off to you.

      Maybe of this, we can relate: “It’s a Drag getting old”. …But I’m still quite the same as I was.

    • Helot – Did you know that I am one of those online 65 year olds? As of last week, that is. Really.

    • I want to add to this. What are you going to do when you get to be 70 like someone I am close to?

    • Just because someone has acquired years of living, doesn’t mean they are vegetating. It will take those who have acquired years of living and developed the wisdom that comes with those years to assist in many things which will come up in any disaster. I’ll be 65 next year, but as someone reminded me by quoting a the Beatles’ hit, “when I’m 64” even with disAbilities, I’m still ahead of the game in many way. Not sure what you expect from any generation. I am aware from history, it takes all kinds and at all ages to rebound from any disaster. I do mean from tots to teens to old codgers like me. 😉

    • Double dittos

  6. Gaye, the soaps looked like a coconut candy I made last year.I thought ‘Oh maybe hers turned out better than mine!'(mine didn’t turn out well)
    This is the last month for the ’12 Months Before Christmas’ I still haven’t decided what to do for this month, but am leaning towards Your EO salves. The 12th month is for the grand children’s BOB’s.
    I finished the craft fair items and sent them in the mail for my daughter to host. I canned 22 pint jars of applesauce. Transplanted ‘Glads’, planted tulips and transplanted the herbs for growing inside. We had a good day in the Northwest today. Still more in the yard to do. Need to harvest the kale before the deer consume them.
    Thank you again Gaye for the great web site, the information and giveaways.

  7. well, I still haven’t gotten used to the survival buzz not being on sunday so I guess i’m a day late. i did want to share my preps for this week though. i canned some quarts of beef stew and some quarts of chili. and i have a batch of no knead bread going (this is my first shot at the no knead kind). also just to pass along one of my most reliable tips. I have the embarrassing occurrence of getting ‘cold sores’ on my lips from time to time. i felt one starting a few days ago and went instantly to my tried and true remedy…pure organic aloe vera gel. i swear by this treatment. i just start putting some on that tingly spot as soon as i feel it and keep reapplying several times a day and it somehow seems to suppress it. i can happily say that the sore made barely a red tiny bump this time and that is already faded and gone this morning. i have treated my cold sores this way for a couple years now and it works 9 out of 10 times, and the time it doesn’t work is because i didn’t reapply it multiple times during the first day of feeling the tingle. lastly i read the post on off grid survival this week about “NSA Director Confirms: Entire U.S. Power Grid could be Shut down by Single Cyber Attack” and it just reaffirmed my belief in prepping!.

    • RE: “pure organic aloe vera gel”

      I’ve tried thousands of Dollars worth of stuff to relieve my Cutaneous filariasis effects which are oh-so similar. So far, aloe vera gel is The Best one. I can see why it helps you.
      Wished I would have had it in the beginning.

      Isopropyl Alcohol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin, Isopropyl Myristate, Tocpheryl Acetate, Acylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspollymer, Aminomethyl Propanol… and an bunch of fragrances and dyes. A.k.a. Purell Advanced with Aloe.

      I hope that helps someone who is the early stages. Mosquitoes, flies, and Geo-engineering, Sucks!

      Ruination, even.

  8. While changing several items that take batteries, I decided to make a list of everything in my house that ran on batteries, their sizes, how many each item requires and which ones I can do without. Found a lot of things, so went out to do some shopping and picked up a wind up alarm clock and also found AA and AAA batteries on sale which were $9.99 as opposed to $14.99 for 16 batteries in each package. They say you will find a lot of battery sales as Christmas draws near. Also went thru and pitched a hand full of older flashlights that we could not get to work. Will replace with LED type and make them smaller sized. I did pick up a couple of red Energizer flashlights that are waterproof, will float, have a couple of areas that glow in the dark and will be placed on bed side tables in both bedrooms. May pick up a couple more for the basement and garage. The best thing about this type of flash light is that they take 2 AA batteries and not C or D size. We also took advantage of the Emergency Essentials sale that on thru November. Picked up the 2.5 size cans to try and ordered some larger ones after the taste test. This company offers more of the smaller size cans to try which I like that idea and can add many other items to my growing food storage. Time to get the car emergency tub back in the trunk and added a few more things. All the snow in Buffalo area makes me cringe. Anyone of us can get a freak storm no matter where we live. I hope we have some people in the Buffalo area that will share their experiences and we can all grow some more with our preps and the aha moments to gain more knowledge.

  9. RE: Kikkerland CD401 Classic Survival Tool The Survival Buzz #144 | Backdoor Survival.
    I keep one in my EDC and my daughter keeps one in her wallet. It’s amazing how often we have used them. Worth every bit it costs and then some.
    Also that multiple type battery charger you recommended, I’m buying a second one! I found batteries I didn’t know i had and they charge w/o problem. Thanks

  10. It has been about 2 weeks since my last food order. but ordered a new wood stove, since our old one is eating 4 large logs in just over an hour. That will run us out of wood in short time. I also ordered 2 more multi tools from emergency essentials and should be waiting for me when I get back home. We are staying with friends and helping them with projects. We will be stocking up on dog ford, toilet paper, and some other items. It feels good to finally be able to have some things put away for a “rainy day” event. We have a new neighbor, who is retired from big city job, and wants to learn about living self sufficient lifestyle, so we have been coaching him somewhat. Don’t know if he realizes anything about the state of our country’ or the need to be prepared for any number of things that could happen, but we will help him, if we can.

    • Young, you mention storing dog food, my local store that I buy dog food from told me that dog food can only be stored for about 2 months before it begins to break down. Have you heard any different? What I buy doesn’t contain grains so this may be why it has such a short shelf life. I don’t buy from a chain, this store takes pride in what they know about their customers. Like those old time stores used to do. 🙂

    • RE: “dog food can only be stored for about 2 months before it begins to break down”

      I don’t know if this is true or not (it may be an old wives tale) after so long, worms appear within the food and devour it.
      I knew a guy who worked in a dog food factory who sweared by this.
      He could’ve been lying, IDK.

      …You’d think those worms would be a good source of protein for the dogs, eh?

      In the background, a dog turns his nose up at “safe” dog food, and gives his master this look which seems to say, “Really?”

  11. Dee , and Helot,
    I don’t know about the 2 month shelf life, but
    I have stored more than 2 months worth, no problem. I have to have a Natural Balance limited ingredients, but my local pet store owner gave me a couple of websites to get info on dog food brands. right now I ‘m headed to another town to recycle place to look for tiles and 2 sinks-I’m passenger, not driving. I also taste my dogs food periodically. It does go rancid after some time because of
    the oils in it. Also, how long do you suppose dog food sits on store shelves before it is sold. I keep mine in as cold a place as I can, it does help. Because one of my dogs has food allergies, I have already stocked up on food ingredients to make homemade food for both dogs, if it comes to that, and once in a while, I make some up for them anyway. If anyone is interested, I will post the 2 websites later when I get back from shopping.

    • Thanks for the websites. I’ll be using this to inform others about their choice of pet food. Meanwhile, I emailed the company, awaiting their reply. 🙂

  12. Hello Gaye,

    I would like to add my name to your long list of readers to tell you how much I HATE your blogs and website. Since I added my name to your email list, I, reluctantly, allow you to eat up countless hours of my day exploring the seeds of interest you deliver. Your writings have a seriously addictive quality about them. Yes, you are the best site I’ve encountered. In fact, yours is the ONLY GENUINE site I’ve found, so far. Most of what I see is about money: how many different ways they can sell me the same old stuff they have to offer, or what they can sell me from some other site. ( That’s how I found yours ) I hope, someday I can offer some information in return. For now, I have 1 thing that might interest you and your readers: I’ve had my email address for about 20 years. ([email protected]) When I got it, it cost about $5 a year. The price has continued to rise and the company has changed hands a couple of times but, personal email addresses are still available for about $35 a year, including: [email protected] and similar suggestions they offer. //

    Your enthusiasm is very charming. Thanks for being online.
    Mark Young

    • “Your enthusiasm is very charming. Thanks for being online.”

      Mark – You made my day! Thank you 🙂

  13. here are the 2 websites for dog food info

  14. Gaye…..I think I found your other oar……..BTW, I’ve been growing potatoes for a “long” time. If you give Kennebec’s a try, I think you will be well satisfied. They have thin white skins when 1st harvested that thickens over their storage period. They produce well and I harvest in October and still have solid spuds in April and even May. Taste for my pallet is excellent, fried, backed or boiled. A good all around one. Just a thought….

  15. I would like to win ultimate situational survival guide written by Robert Richardson. Well, truly say I didn’t undertand that about what this blog is except providing some survival tips and suggesting survival gears. I tried to understand it, but there are few things I think I did not get clearly. I think that you should write your blog title more effectively. Beside this I would also like to suggest 1 tip to face survival conditions to stop the blood. If in any survival condition you do not have any medicine, then wet soil and urine are very effective. They stop the bleeding very fast.

  16. Gayle, I’ve been making and using the DIY laundry soap for close to a year now and find it cleans just as good and is much, much cheaper than the commercial soaps. I’m trying to get my girlfriend to start using it, she has a front loading “high efficiency” washer and is concerned that the soap might “gum it up”. I tell her I don’t think that would happen, but what are your thoughts? Thanks

    • Tell her not to worry. I have a front loading HE washer and the DIY laundry soap works great. It is extremely low sudsing, just like commercial HE products.

      BTW, my washer is one of those stacked, apartment sized machines. I use 1/4 to 3/8 cup per load. I find that if I use too much, the clothes become dingy. Less is more.

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