The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 91

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jun 27, 2019
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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web. But first, an update on my own preps.

This week I traveled to my bug out location (B.O.L.) which is outfitted quite comfortably and has great connectivity as long as there is power.  I was able to work normally and without internet disruption which, thankfully, allowed me get caught up on a huge backlog of comments and emails.

Time was short when it came to doing much else although I did have an opportunity to begin using my essential oils in some new ways.  As with all of my little experiments, I don’t want to say too much until I have proven to myself that they work.  To give you an idea, however, I am using straight lemon essential oil and tea tree (Malaleuca) essential oil on some skin tags and on Survival Husband’s wart (yuk) to see if they will fall off or dissolve naturally without the use of toxic chemicals.

Shellys Yucky Wart

I will say this, however.  The photo above is day number 5 and already, Mr. Wart is smoother and less angry looking.

Okay, enough about me.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.


Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines aid effort hampered by lawlessness:  This, I believe, is what we fear most in the event of extreme chaos resulting from a humungous natural disaster or from and economic or societal collapse.

How Can I Find Out What My Politician Has Been Up To?:  Have you ever wondered how you can track what your elected officials are up to and also, who is paying them off?  Here are some tracking databases for you.

Occupy Wall Street buys $15 million of Americans’ medical debt:  An Occupy Wall Street spin-off group has bought up $14.7 million worth of Americans’ personal medical debt and forgiven it over the last year.  The Rolling Jubilee project, organized by Occupy Wall Street’s Strike Debt group, has so far spent $400,000 to buy the debt, in the process relieving 2,693 people of the money they owed for medical services Occupy thinks should be free.

“It Is Not A Matter Of If, But When The Lights Go Out”:  This article speculated that Grid EX II may trigger a false flag event (it did not), but still, there are truth in these words. I have no great love for the former  DHS Director, Janet Napolitano, but she did say:

“A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster , the likes of which the nation has never seen is also likely and on its way.”

Why Does The Mainstream Media Like To Make Fun Of Preppers So Much?: It is very rare for any piece in the mainstream media about preppers to be even close to balanced reporting.  Most of the time, news stories that report on preppers portray them as mentally unstable kooks and loons that everyone else in society should be laughing at.  It has gotten so bad that sometimes, to mock right back, I refer to myself as that “crazy island prepper lady”.  Really.

Homemade Natural Ant Killers: If you are bothered by ants, you will welcome these tips on getting rid of them using common household products.

Imports and Exports: How Safe is Seafood From Foreign Sources?:  No, we are not talking about Fukushima in this one.  Interesting article – especially about common “fish fraud”.  You may not be eating what you think you are eating.

Check Your “Fitness Age” With This Research-Based Calculator:  The actual calculator itself is here.  After converting my waist measurement from inches to centimeters, I cam up with a “fitness age” of 41.  Odd that it did not ask my weight.  Give it a try and see how old you are, fitness-wise.


The article Fukushima (Fukushima: Is Anyone or Anything Safe?) sparked a lot of comments last week, including some offensive statements that I was tempted to censor (but didn’t).  In the meantime, Joy stepped in with some additional information:

Hello to Backdoor Survival, and thanks so much for letting me speak my mind on the issues.  A word to those on the west coast of North America, even islands.

The biggest danger to humans from Fukushima comes from airborne releases, not waterborne releases. Because we live on land and breathe open air. Right now the fallout is minimal from the original releases, and iodine is decayed away. Just pay attention for new airborne releases during the defueling op. So long as you either stay inside during sea-fogs/mists and rain or wear appropriate rain gear with several layers of cloth over mouth and nose, your exposures to waterborne isotopes will be minimized.

And don’t eat north Pacific seafood, sadly. The waterborne releases will continue and increase for as far into the future as we can see right now.

Reader “Joe” has a tip for building a rocket stove using cement blocks:

Ya know…. if you don’t wanna take the time to fabricate your rocket stove by drilling , cutting or a stove that consumes itself after several uses….

I have always made a quick stove from a couple old cement blocks sitting around… take your hammer or anything you have handy, and break one block in half, leaving one side intact, and this is your “chimney”, then on another whole block, take your beating tool and bust out about a third of the web between the two chambers … this will be the little hole you feed the fuel thru… now sit your “chimney” over one of the open chambers on the whole block below and drop your fuel in the top and start your little fire and then you can feed additional fuel thru the little hole in the web between chambers on the bottom block.

It only takes 60 seconds to make one and you can use anything as a beating device to shape the blocks…. and of course walk away from it when it is still containing hot embers and feel no threat of fire escaping the little stove, and there always blocks lying around, especially after a post apocalyptic event.


I received the following email from Amazon.  Sorry no.  I opted out.

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The winner of this weeks book festival giveaway is “Jody”.  She will receive a copy of Backyard Cuisine: Bringing Foraged Food to Your TableBDS Book Festival: Backyard Cuisine Backdoor Survival.  Here is how she answered the question What is your best outdoor cooking tip?

Practice, practice, practice!! It is difficult to learn these skills. Ladies…it’s nothin’ like the kitchen!


Reminder: if you are interested in finding a past article on a specific topic, you can use the Search box on the right hand side or select SEARCH from the menu bar.


In the spirit of thinking that more is better, I decided to make up some DIY Laundry Soap using only half the stated amount of water.  My thought was that this double-strength brew could be used on extra dirty laundry and that the result would be even cleaner than the regular strength.


There were three problems.  First, the regular strength version was working just fine so why mess with it, right?  Second, I had a heck of a time dissolving the washing soda and borax using the reduced amount of water.  And third, most telling, the laundry came out less clean.  So much less that the whites had to be redone.

Now perhaps this was operator error but I was not satisfied with the results.  I leave it up to you to decide if you want to try this but I am going back to the original recipe.


On Monday I am going to have some surgery on my right eye.  There is a strong likelihood that I will not be on Facebook for a few days and also that I will have to skip responding to comments and emails.  Of course I have some fantastic new articles ready to go and if all goes well, things should be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

What can you do?  Please try to keep the conversation going on Facebook where I will try to post some status update.  Also, if you use Pinterest, pin my photos so others can learn about the articles here on Backdoor Survival.  I know, I know.  I am asking for some shameless promotion but a girl has got to do what she has to do.

Another thing.

I may have mentioned this last week but in case I didn’t, I have added a couple of free downloads to my new RESOURCES page.  One of the items is a free copy of the The USDA Home Canning Guide so if that is something that interests you, go ahead and snag a copy.


As our vulnerabilities start to mount up (dependence upon the internet, the power grid, and on medical clinics and doctors), the importance of being prepared hits home in a very personal way.  So many people are clueless and the media propaganda machine continues, for the most part, to churn out ridicule.  This frustrates me to no end and makes me want to ramp up my efforts in an almost phobic manner.

Of course turning prepping efforts into an uncontrolled obsession is not a good thing and so I rely on Shelly to calm me down and force me to get a grip.  Yes, even I lose it sometimes so if you feel the same way, know you are not alone and that I am walking the walk right along side of you.

So what did you do to prep this week?  Until, next time, remember to make every day a prep day!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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FordEx Group 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp:  Here we go with another flashlight.    It is super mini sized, bright and waterproof.  Plus, it uses a single, standard AA sized battery.

Morakniv Craftline Q Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife: Also known as the Mora 511, this is now my favorite knife.  It is made of Swedish steel and is super sharp.

LifeStraw Personal Water FilterThe Amazon Top Ten Most Wanted Survival and Outdoor Items Backdoor Survival:  The LifeStraw is considered the most advanced, compact, ultra light personal water filter available. It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. It weighs only 2oz.  making it perfect for the prepper. For more information, see my LifeStraw review.

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  1. If any of you out there in prepper land know a magnificent red head, now is the day to wish her a happy birthday. Happy birthday Gaye, and good luck with your surgery.

    • HAppy Birthday Gay! Prayers for your surgery.
      As for prepping this week I got 20 Dawn dish soaps for 12.60 My husband drives for a company that has a store just for employees where he bought oodles of otc meds for our supplies at a very cheap price. I also tried my hand at cheese making, made mozzarella, soon as i get a mold I will work on cheddar. Im going to try it with powdered milk. I know yuk, but I want to see what I can do without fresh!
      I have also (I think) convinced my husband to get me a chicken coop for Christmas! YAY! Hes been hinting at a new laptop, but this has at least another year left in it (I hope) We have also been looking at a place to buy that is way off the beaten path, with enough room for a few chickens and goats, and of course my garden. It even has a basement, which is rare here in upstate SC, so much rock to blast through.
      I go through frenzies of prepping too. Not as much as when I first started, but I realize something I have over looked, and cant seem to stockpile it fast enough! Lately I cant get enough simple recipes that will use my pantry staples. I have been trying at least one new simple recipe a week, Im not cooking it on a rocket stove, or in a cob oven, even though I do know that would be the true test!

  2. wishing you a happy birthday and a fastandpainless surgury and recovery.i will trytovisit thesite and keep it active.the last time when you lost power we kept it going and i even had an email conversation with one of your followers and made a new friend

  3. Duct tape as a bandage over warts. It will take time (couple weeks), but it hasn’t failed me yet.

  4. good luck with your surgery and hoppy bird-day!
    is the mora 511 knife small enough for your hands? i’d like one, but my hands are pretty beefy–8 ½ inches around–and i’m afraid it would be too small.

    • Yep, The Mora knife is quite comfortable for me and also for Shelly (survival husband). It seems very well balanced which is probably more important than the size. Shelly does not like the fact that being carbon steel, it stains. I think the stains give it character and I now use the Mora instead of my fancy Henckels paring knife.

      Surgery went well – I am still doped up a bit on the drugs but other than that, A-Okay 🙂

    • So glad to hear the surgery went well. Yes dear, we were concerned…

    • Thanks, John. Catching up on emails today and getting things set up for the big giveaway tomorrow. Then off to beddy-bye to rest.

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