The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 84

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jun 26, 2019



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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web.

Since I am traveling this week, I have no preps of my own to report unless catching up on my reading counts.  Here are the three books I have with me this week:

Expatriates: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse by James Wesley Rawles
American Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins by A. American
Apocalypse Drift by Joe Nobody


By the way, Jim Rawles will be featured in the Backdoor Survival Fall book festival starting up in October.  I have in interview in hand and of course, a giveaway is planned. I received an advance copy of his new book, Expatriates, which officially goes on sale October 1 although I believe you can place a pre-order now.

Okay, enough about me.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.


Why Most Disaster Preparedness Experts Have No Clue what the Hell They’re Talking About!: A great article from Rob at Off Grid Survival.

What Will You Do When The Toilet Paper Is Gone?:  To be perfectly honest, I hoard toilet paper. I think it has something to do with my upbringing because we always had an entire cupboard full of TP while I was growing up.  Here are some ideas for you to use if you are ever in a situation and there is no toilet paper.

How to Clean a Frog:  If you had to, you could clean and eat a frog.  Like I said, if you had to.  This might be a good article to keep.  Just sayin’.

Comparing OTC Drugs for Common Ailments: I thought this was a pretty good list of OTC drugs to have in our survival first aid kits.  One thing to keep in mind is that if a retailer’s brand has the same active ingredient as the name-brand drugs, you should save some money and go for it!

Easiest Ever, No Canning Required Dill Pickles:  This is a great recipe for beginning canners – processing or special equipment is required.  You can even put up one jar at a time.

Fifty Free Farmstead eBooks: The University of North Texas provides online editions of thousands of United States government sponsored books and documents. Here’s a small sampling of USDA publications from the 1930s through the 1960s. These old works do not show the latest and best methods, but they are still valuable for ideas

Slow Cooker to Dutch Oven Conversion:  This is the perfect cheat sheet for converting those wonderful crock pot recipes to a Dutch oven.  The conversion is for conventional oven cooking but I don’t see why the conversion wouldn’t work outdoors as well.


By now you should know that I read every single email that you send to me.  I don’t have the time to respond to each one – I get over 80 emails a day – but like I said, I do read them.  One thing I do is save up the reader tips for posting  in the Sunday Survival Buzz.  My tip folder runneth over so today I share a bunch of them with you.

A reminder about the real-life range of two-way radios from “UmbrellaMan”.

I hate to disillusion you Gaye, but those Midland (or any other make) two-way radios won’t give you 36 mile, or anywhere near 36 mile range.  Maybe more like 3.6 miles. Anyway, I’ve got a couple sets and wouldn’t be without them, BUT I wouldn’t tell readers to believe what’s on the packaging (maybe mountaintop to mountaintop).

Have a toothache?  Here is a tip from “Bud”:

I am extremely blessed to have a prickly ash tree near me. It is also known as an Indian toothache tree. Peel some bark and place it on affected gums. Numbs the pain until care can be found.

From “BJ”:

Got a cat. Buy litter in plastic jugs. The 20 pound kind. They are easy to clean out and make great water storage jugs.

“Doug” has this tip for using a tree branch as a fishing pole:

I would recommend that, if you are using a springy branch for fishing, that you tie the line around the BASE of the branch.  That way, if the branch breaks you still have the chance of landing the fish.  One other thing, I would think long and hard about bartering ammunition unless the person I gave the ammunition to was family.

“Perry” has a great tip for some inexpensive night-time lighting.

Usually I use nighttime for sleep. No sun, sleep. That’s easy. Sometimes there are needs for some lighting though.

The thing that works for me is an inexpensive solar yard light — usually about $1.50 each. I put them in the sun in the AM and bring them inside at night for some illumination around the ‘cave’. If I really need to read something, I can do it with one of these lights. Add a few and we can play a game of checkers or whatever.

They can stand alone if you pop off the part to stick in the dirt. Another thing is to make a simple base with sand in a coffee can or a hole in a piece of wood.


A couple of years ago I wrote about the importance of vacations.  Even “stay-vacations” at home are beneficial as long as you can set the chores aside and get some true rest and recreation done.  In my case, the lure of the computer and the internet and of course, writing for Backdoor Survival, gets in the way of my well-intentioned stay-vacations.

However you choose to take a break from daily life, please do – even if it is as simple as a trip to the park or a hike on the local trails.  The LOSTD can wait!

Until, next time, remember to make every day a prep day!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Bargain Bin:  I always feel like I am on a treasure hunt when seeking out inexpensive survival gear that does what I need it to do at a very low price.  Here are some whistles and other items that can be the starting point for your own treasure hunt.

rothco safety whistleRothco Safety Orange Flat Whistle – 2 Pack   These flat-style whistles are made by Rothco, a respected brand in outdoor gear.

SE 5 in 1 Survival Whistle:  I have a few of these.  They are a cheap but they do the job surprisingly well.

Windstorm Safety Whistle:  This one is my personal favorite although it is a bit more expansive.

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool: The Shard has seven useful functions: small flat driver, medium flat driver, cross driver, pry bar, wire stripper, lanyard hole, and bottle opener.  It is light weight and is perfect for your pocket survival kit.

Blocklite 9V Flashlight:  I now have four of these.  They just go and go, plus, they make good use of those re-purposed 9V alkaline batteries that you have recharged with your Maximal Power FC999 Universal Battery Charger.

Business Card Survival Tool:  This tiny little survival tool is no bigger than a business card and fits right in your wallet, so you’ll always have it on you.  It includes a Can Opener, Knife Edge, Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver, Ruler, Bottle Cap Opener, 4 Position Wrench, Wing-nut Wrench, Direction Ancillary Indicator, 2 Position Wrench and Keychain Hole.

SE 7-Inch Hunting Knife with Fire Starter:  Another inexpensive option for a highly rated knife. It has a full-tang stainless-steel tanto blade and  includes a green cord-wrapped handle a belt sheath with a Velcro securing strap, and a magnesium alloy fire starter.

EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS Mountain House SUPER SALE! 40-50% off all cans!

There are still a few more days to take advantage of the Emergency Essentials sale on Mountain House Products. The selection is huge.

Emergency Essential Corn Bread 013        biscuit cast iron pan_5 403

But beyond that, I really love the Provident Pantry Corn Muffin Mix which I cooked up as corn bread in my cast iron skillet.  Oh my gosh – it was better than anything boxed that I have ever purchased and as good as home made.  The best part is that all I had to add was water!  Same with the Buttermilk Biscuit Mix.

These are just two of the food storage items that you can purchase at Emergency Essentials.  And if you need some recipes?  Go to the Food Storage Recipes page of Emergency Essentials for lots of creative (and free) ideas for using the good you have on hand.

 Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials

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Test New Survival Gear, and Let Us Know What You Think! We Cover the Products, You Cover Shipping.

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Updated Jun 26, 2019

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  1. This has been one very informative newletter. There is so much good information and follow-up that we are needing at this stage of our self-reliance. Thank you so much.

  2. Before I even start reading your post, (I have followed you for a long time please keep up the great work.) The American Apocalypse series by Nova is an excellent read. You made a wise choice.
    The books scream for a screenplay.

    I am prejudiced. Nova was a friend of mine.


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