The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 79

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jun 26, 2019

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web. But first, an update on my own preps.

For awhile now I have been meaning to visit an LDS cannery.  This week I called the cannery in Kent, Washington to get some information and to pave the way for the Survival Husband to visit and pick up some bulk wheat.  He has not returned home yet with the wheat and the pictures but he did provide me with a report.

According the very nice people at the cannery, after September, DIY canning at their facility will no longer be allowed.  As widely reported on the internet, the feds are simply making it too difficult for them to comply with health regulations.  Bulk items previously available for canning will be sourced from a supplier in Utah who will pre-can the items and ship them to the Kent facility where they will be made available for purchase.

Now here is the interesting thing:  they expect the price for these pre-canned items to be the same as the DIY canned price or if not the same, very similar.  Shelly reports that the Kent cannery was “packed” with people canning as well as folks simply stopping by to make a purchase.


As you can see in the photo above, my Rayovac 6-Volt battery adapter arrived.  I am going to set it up with my 2000-hour flashlight (actually, my prototype is a 1000-hour flashlight) to see how long it runs.  Considering the fact that the adapter costs about the same as a 6-volt battery and that I can use rechargeable batteries in it, this seems like a good deal.  Check back in three or four months.

One of the problems being solo these past website.  I did order a tripod but it is still in the box and besides, I need to figure out how to run my camera remotely.

Okay, enough about me.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.


Those That Are Not Preparing For The Coming Economic Depression Are Going To Bitterly Regret It:  Some of the statistics cited in this article are alarming such as “44 percent of all Americans do not have first-aid kits in their homes”.  Yikes – that is a scary thought and makes me even more concerned that those that are not prepared will come after us in search of some of the basic needs in life if and when another depression occurs.

Squeeze The Bacteria Out Of Water With A New Gel: The way it works is that a bacteria-killing, spongy polymer gel absorbs water, then releases it in a purified form when squeezed.

Things All Scouts Should Know: 16 Camping and Life Hacks from 1911: In 1911, the first edition of Boys’ Life magazine was published. The first several issues included a short-lived section called “Things All Scouts Should Know,” which featured short, practical tips for boys at home and out camping. Here is collection of those tips.

San Francisco Under Emergency As Fire Threatens Power, Water: Just because you are not in the direct path of a wildfire does not meant you should not be concerned.  And for those of us in areas there wildfires are common, be sure to go back and read How to Prepare Your Home and Your Family for a Wildfire.

The No-Weld Double-Barrel Smoker (and how to use it: There has been some interest on my Facebook page in smokers.  Here is a DIY Double Barrel Smoker that you can make yourself.

Coping: The Great Vaccine Debate:  I simply could not believe it when my friend George came out in favor of vaccines.  One day later, he reconsidered. You might want to read it since it is not often that George retracts something so quickly.

13 Ways to Stay Cool Without Electricity: This is not something I need to worry about in NW Washington State but I do know this is a huge concern for many of you.


Two separate readers let me know that those cheap, Chinese made lighters may not be such a good deal after all.

From Bill:

Chinese lighters are built to different manufacturing standards than US. The Chinese lighters sometimes do not shut off when the lever is released, occasionally setting fire to pockets or whatever. I’ll stick to BICs.

And from James:

I would counsel against the cheap lighters mentioned in your blog today.  I’ve done a lot of research on lighters and these Chinese units are junk at best and dangerous at worst.  Read the reviews on Amazon.  Better to spend the money and buy BICs.

Lighters are mission critical items in a survival situation and you don’t want something that will not work or explode and light your shelter on fire.


Camping Survival was one of the very first sponsors here on Backdoor Survival.  This week I am pleased to announce that they now carry a full line of fish antibiotics.  Not only that, when you make a purchase from Camping Survival, enter the discount code backdoorsurvive to get 5% off your entire order.

Why do you need fish antibiotics?  Read How to Stockpile Antibiotics for Long Term Survival.

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I often get an email indicating that my FB status updates (and links to free eBooks) are not appearing in their time line.  Perhaps this explanation will help.

FB does not automatically post updates to all of the fan pages.  They have some sort of algorithm that is a big mystery to everyone.  That said, the way I believe it works is that the more you like, comment or share on someone’s page, the greater the chance that my “feed” will show up automatically on your timeline.  That is why I always say “like, comment and share”.  In addition to that, the more I personally interact , the greater the likelihood my posts will show up on fans personal timelines.  Go figure.

Behind the scenes, there are FB guru sites that I follow and that is how I learned this.  All of these likes, comments and shares are called “reach”.  It is almost like learning a new language.

Anyway, you can always put “Backdoor Survival” in the search box on FB.  I usually do the free e-books over morning coffee at about 8AM or 9AM but sometimes later.  I try to do one a day but sometimes I do more than one and other days for one reason or another (busy) I skip.  Finding those books can be a time sink and I have to start work so it is a dilemma when I get all wrapped up in it.

I hope this all makes sense.  Try to “like” as much as you can and hopefully you will see more things show up on your timeline on a timely basis.

And while we are on the subject of Facebook, as of this writing, I have 7,178 FB fans.  Wow!  Not only that, unlike some Brand-X sites, all have come organically without paid ads, paid followers (think Fiverr) and scraping activities.  Thank you everyone!!  The more people we can reach with the message of family preparedness, the better.


The big blooper this week is that I dislike (that is putting it mildly) my new Excalibur food dehydrator. Sorry, but the results are not what I expected.  The word the comes to mind is “vile tasting”.  There was quite a discussion of my woes on Facebook and true enough, I need to call the manufacturer and explain the situation in detail since I might possibly have a defective unit.

That said, I wish I had purchased a $22 Harbor Freight cheapie first since what I have learned is that some people simply do not like the taste of food that is dehydrated at home.  I think I have been spoiled by all of those commercial freeze-dried fruits and veggies.  Also, I have a very small garden area which means I must purchase everything I dehydrate. This makes the cost, when you include the unit itself, rather high.

I am not saying that dehydrating food is a bad thing – most people love their dehydrators.  I do recommend, however, that you start conservatively or better yet, try some home dehydrated food offered to you by a friendly relative of neighbor before you do what I did and spend a lot of money.


I am often asked to provide an opinion or quote on the best “can’t be without” prepping item.  The answer I give is usually the same: a proper survival mindset.  Speaking to that, I want everyone to recognize that being prepared is not something you put on your task list and complete at the end of a week, a month or even a year.  Instead, being prepared is a lifestyle that you embrace and a lifestyle that will change as the needs of your family change.

While the steps to becoming prepared are not difficult, they may not always be easy.  Grab onto a positive attitude and mindset to get you through the rough spots and you will do just fine.

Until, next time, remember to make every day a prep day!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Rayovac 6VADPT-B Battery Adapter with Batteries, 6-volt:  This adapter allows you to use standard D sized batteries in a lantern style flashlight.  I am going to use it in my Amazing 2000-Hour Flashlight (see below for more details).

Eveready 3-LED 6Volt Floating Lantern (battery included): Speaking of which, if you plan on building one of these super-charged flashlights, here is the base lantern/flashlight that you will need.

BIC Disposable Classic Lighter With Child Guard:  This six pack of Bic lighters is reasonably priced but check around since these often go on sale locally.  BICs just work – every time.

SAS Survival Handbook: SAS Survival Handbook is the definitive resource for all campers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. It includes everything from basic camp craft and navigation to fear management and strategies for coping with any type of disaster. Also the companion books, SAS Urban Survival Handbook, The SAS Guide to Tracking, and Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass.  (Recommended by reader Joel on FB and also a part of my personal book collection.)

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Updated Jun 26, 2019

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10 Responses to “The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 79”

  1. re staying cool without electricity…assuming no one has electricity and a lot of your suggestions require water (taking a bath) the city water pumps wont be working either.

  2. How very interesting about the cannery. I live in the Puget Sound area as well, and I am going with a prepper meet up group to the one in Bremerton in October. Gosh, I am wondering about that now… I have also wondered if the wheat is non-GMO. And the food as well. We are trying to use what we store, and stay away from the GMO foods. Any idea where I could find that out?
    Thank you for your research this week, have a blessed Sabbath.

    • Gayle – Shelly arrived home and you can imagine my surprise when I saw the bag of LDS wheat hade a big Honeyville logo on it. I checked the Honeyville website and besides learning their price was double the cost, I did learn that their wheat was not GMO.

      As far as your visit to Bremerton, the canneries are not closing, they simply will not be canning if that makes sense.

    • Thank you Gaye! I have been wondering and wondering about this and almost didn’t think it would be worth the trip. Now I know it is!

  3. I am glad you shared your results with the Excalibur Food Dehydrator-that was in my own wish list for the next gift giving occasion. I may try out the Harbor Freight version, and see how that one turns out. Thanks, you’ve saved me some $ and counter space!

    • You are correct about the counter space. My home is very small (1500 sf) and counter space is precious. The Excalibur is huge! You might want to check my FB page – there are tons of comments and suggestions from readers about my dehydrator woes.

      OTOH, I love my WonderMill and am trying to find counter space for it so I can leave it out.

  4. Quick question; Did you get your handful of proofreaders?

    • Kathryn – Yes I did. I sent out 24 packets and have about a dozen people on the “wait list”. What a tremendous response!

  5. Great article as always Gaye, packed full of awesome information.

    It was fun to read your “proper mindset” comment, as that was indeed what you told me when I asked a few months ago for one of my first posts!

    “being prepared is not something you put on your task list and complete at the end of a week, a month or even a year. Instead, being prepared is a lifestyle that you embrace and a lifestyle that will change as the needs of your family change.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • Thanks Jake. I am consistent if nothing else LOL.

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