The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 61

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Sunday Survival BuzzWelcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web.

This has been a tough week not only for those of us in the North America but also for citizens of the world.  The bombing in Boston, the explosion in Texas and the earthquake in China are just a few of the recent events that have changed life as they know it for many.

As I made my way home from vacation, I could not help but to think about the the liberal use of the term “shelter in place” that was used over the airwaves by the MSM this week.  That made me wonder just how many people knew how to really shelter in place following a disaster as opposed to staying locked down inside their homes pending apprehension of the bad guys.

Alas, for today I will simply ponder and wonder about the impact of the the Boston bombing on right to move about without 24/7 surveillance.

Soaps 007

My only prep this week was to gather as many free bars of soap as I could so that I would have source material for my DIY Dirt Cheap Soft Soap.  And although not technically a prep, I showed any and everyone that would listen my little 9 Volt Blocklite which served as a handy dandy night light during my trip.

blocklite (Mobile)

I am now back home and even though this was a working vacation, I am recharged and ready to take my preps to the next level.  But enough about me.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.


Before We Plunge Ahead In Creating a Fishbowl Society of Surveillance, We Might Want to Ask Whether Such New Measures or Devices Will Actually Make Us Safer:  This article addresses some of my own thoughts and concerns.  Yes, we want to be safe but at what cost?

How to Prepare Your Child to Handle an Emergency:  Although I have written about this topic myself, this article is a good reminder that children need our assistance to help them cope with a scary, emergency situation.  Also see 12 Preparedness Tips for Families with Children.

Dad Furious After Finding This Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader’s Backpack: ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer’:  This has been making the rounds but in case you missed it, take note.  This is something else you need to ponder.

Chid willing to give up rights

Superstorm Sandy Was So Powerful the Ground Shook in Seattle:  Yikes!

Arggggh! American workers are at a breaking point:  In my own conversations with employed friends, part of the problem is that the productive workers have to cover for the on-the-job slackers.  The good employees do not get promoted because they are doing a great job while their co-workers spend the day browsing the internet and surfing Facebook.  I am sure this is a gross generalization but it is something I hear about time and again.


From “Brinda”:

Why Soak Your Grains?

Glad you asked! Soaking releases the phytic acid, the ‘peel’ of the grain. This is the preserver that locks in the nutrients and flavor. It also adversely affects some folks’ digestion.

Many folks who experience bloating after consuming whole grains, thoroughly love soaked grain bread. Their body handles it well! Some people think they need to eat gluten free, they feel better. Try soaked grain bread. It is much more delicious, economical, and nutritious than typical GF food! Unless you are truly celiac, soaked grain may just be the answer to your digestion.

And from Mike the Gardener at Seeds of the Month Club, a Backdoor Survival sponsor:

Another reason to turn off the power (following a disaster) … if you hook up a generator directly to your main house panel, you have to turn off the main before you start the generator … should the power come back on while your generator is pumping electric through your system, you could have some very bad affects … as we witnessed here in NJ during Hurricane Sandy where houses were burning down, because of this.


This week I am pleased to announce a new sponsor, Mother Earth Products.

Mother Earth 200 x 200

When Theodore Pope, the owner, is asked “what sets Mother Earth Products apart from everyone else” he says:

The pictures you see on the website and Facebook are of me and my family. We want to make sure there is a face to this company. We are a real family. These are our experiences and we would love to share them with you.

Mother Earth Products is our company and creation.  We are the manufacturer and hand package each of these products for quality and assurance. We hope that our personal experience, great products, and excellent customer service will entice you to try us out. We hope that we can be a valuable asset in your preparedness journey; sharing our knowledge, not just selling you product.

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If you subscribe to email updates and have them delivered to the Outlook email client, you may have noticed that with the latest Microsoft security update, images are not appearing properly.  I know – because starting a couple of weeks ago, this happened to me.  Here is a fix from Microsoft:  Outlook 2010 won’t display images after installing IE10.


I started out by saying how good it was to be back home.

In my bones I am feeling change in the air but whether good or bad I do not know.  My antennae are on high alert but for what I do not know.  What I do know is that I need to keep on prepping and to keep on learning new skills.  That plus I need to get my summer vegetable seeds planted.

Until, next time, remember to make every day a prep day!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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Mobile Washer

Mobile Washer: This is hand operated washing machine. Like a plunger, it uses a technique of pushing and pulling the water through clothes to clean them well without wearing them out. It uses a minimum of water and less soap due to the agitation motion. Use in a bucket (5-gallon suggested), sink or tub.

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7 Responses to “The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 61”

  1. This is a great site. I have purchased several items based on your reviews. Please keep up your balanced reviews and informing others of the need to be prepared. Like many others, I feel there is something in the air, and that time is short. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Glad you both are home safe. Cell service has been horrible here, so havent been able to get much done/read. I still need to comment on a post from the other day. your comments in this article on certain things, I have been having an uneasy stomach in regards to that for some time now. Yes, time is short, and we need to get together for a pow wow soon, when you’re ready of course. I see you have a recommendation for mother earth products, I just ordered some garlic flakes through them a month ago, good product, and good prices. I plan on ordering more from them very soon. Also, another one to check out is Augason Farms. They are also family owned, and I always receive my order in a short time. I have been buying some things from them, and during the month of April, they are having a sale. everyday there is something different on sale. By the by, Nestle’ thinks that water is food and thus should be privatized, and is Not a human right, something else they will hold over us, or tax, or take away. Yep, there’s something in the air alright, and it stinks! Yes, something IS coming, and it wont be good, and soon, not sure how soon. Before the elections, I thought we had several years yet, not so sure now.

  3. I love these weekly Survival Buzz’s … I have a large box filled with these soaps. In a previous job I use to do a lot of traveling … i.e. a lot of hotel stays, and I use to keep all of the soaps and shampoos … I figured they were already fixed into the room price … over the course of a couple of years, I stocked enough soap to wash my entire town for a year … I have since donated quite a bit to women’s shelters, and kept a bunch for us.

  4. I am glad you are home safe. I feel exactly the way you do: something is in the air and my senses are on alert. I would think for the better except for our current administration and the agenda they are pushing (damn the Constitution,full speed ahead!)
    I am feeling more pressure to step up my preps. Thanks so much for all of the great info. Made DIY laundry soap this weekend – awesome!

  5. This is gonna be long, I have to get it off my chest, off my mind, although I know it will never leave me. I have seen so many people the day they caught that 19 year old, demanding his blood. People an Facebook, that are ok with “Shelter in Place” That are defending that he doesn’t deserve Miranda rights. I watched a video on you tube of troops storming peoples houses, it looks like something from another country. // I sat here and cried watching it. It hits me on and off through the day, and I am so saddened. After watching it, I realize, our very own government has become the (place a barbaric gov here)government we were all told was evil, the people we hate. I also realize, and its hard for me to admit, it has taken the wind out of my sails a bit. I thought I was tough, thought I would stand and defend if they came knocking on my door, now I just don’t know. I don’t know if I would defend or crumble. I hate to say it but I am now mad, sad and terrified at what this govt., what this country, and her people have become. I don’t know if this kid did it or not, but he is an American citizen and has the same rights as anyone else. Which is partly what scares me now. We have run out of rights as long as the word “terrorist” is attached to any one of us for any reason. This whole thing stinks of a false flag to me. I guess I just need a few days to process it all, I will never stop being mad, or sad about it, and if I let them terrify me, their work here is done. I need to do as Crista said just step up my preps, and forge ahead. I think I’m grieving not the dead, although my prayers are with their families, I am grieving a gigantic piece of the Constitution, and of America that was killed the other day.

    • About all I can say is that you are not alone in your feelings. So many of us have quietly (or not so quietly) prepped in hope that we would be ready for a natural disaster or economic meltdown. Lately it seems as though we are preparing for something much more serious and far more insidious. Hang in there – you are stronger than you think.

      — Gaye

    • LeAnn
      I agree with your concerns about the situation in Boston.

      The fact that the FBI claimed they needed public help in identifying the two men even though they had been monitoring them for 5 years does not add up.

      It certainly looks like the FBI was involved.

      Seeing the storm troopers going door-to-door pointing guns at people is more frightening to me than the 19 yr old kid.

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