The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 59

Sunday Survival BuzzWelcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web.

Since I am traveling this week, I don’t have any preps to report other than I definitely have my travel preps with me including but not limited the LED flashlights, light sticks, paracord, an emergency whistle, a flash drive with critical data and emergency contacts and more.

Oh yeah – I also have a big roll of duct tape in my carryon so that I am really prepared for everything, including rough and tumble airline baggage handlers.

Sep 2012 Travel Survival Kit (Custom)

But enough about me.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.


Ability Is A Poor Prepper’s Wealth:  The title on this one says it all.  An excellent article from Todd at Survival Sherpa.

‘Get-Away Home, a Hunting Cabin, an In-Between Home’ — See What a 128-Sq-Ft House Can Offer:  I put this out on my Facebook page but for those of you that do not use Facebook, take a look at this.

4 Ways Retail Stores Are Monitoring Your Every Move:  It seems to me that almost everything we do these days is being monitored.  Most people are concerned about online purchases being tracked but retail purchases have just as much risk – perhaps more so because the surveillance cameras can capture your face and will know what you look like.

Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11:  Actually, he is not the only one that lied and furthermore, there are still a lot of liars in Washington.  Some of us has known that all along.

Consumerist Readers Make The Case For Wiping Paid Medical Debt From Credit Reports:  As if rising healthcare costs are not enough, a mistake made the billing department of your medical provider or hospital could haunt your credit report.


It is not often that I read an e-book that really stands out and gives me an “Oh Wow” feeling.  Last week while traveling down to Seattle, I read the book Fight, Flight, or Hide. The Guide to Surviving a Mass Shooting by John Forsythe. 

Most of you that are frequent readers here on Backdoor Survival know that the motivation to get my own concealed permit was a shooting at a coffee shop in Seattle.  This book is all about putting you in the right frame of mind for dealing with a mass shooting and a mass shooter – if it is at all possible to prepare, that is.

Are you a victim, guardian or hero?  And does it matter?  You are going to be surprised by the answers.  Please, if you live in an urban area – and whether you love guns or hate guns – consider this e-book.  It is not about firearms.  It is about saving your own life when faced with a mass shooter.


Even though I am one the road, I am spending a lot of time planning out the garden I will be planting the week of my return.  I will be setting up my InstaBed from Chris Newman’s Cubic Foot Gardening site and planting seeds from Mike the Gardener at Seeds of the Month Club.

Mike has graciously sent me greens, greens and more greens at my request.  I will be putting some of the seeds directly in the ground but others will be started indoors.  Since the seeds are specific to my growing zone, I expect nothing but success from these non-GMO seeds.

Seeds of the Month Gaye's Greens (Custom)

So I suppose, even though I am on vacation, you just can not take the prepper out of this crazy prepper lady!  Probably like you, I am always thinking about my next prepping task – one way or another.

As with all of my sponsors, please pay Chris and Mike a visit and let them know you saw them on Backdoor Survival. Speaking of which, check out the Backdoor Survival Sponsors page and support the fine companies that allow me to keep Backdoor Survival free for everyone.


In the few days since I have been gone, I have managed to shut down the work portion of my working vacation at 3PM so that I can enjoy an evening of socializing with my friends, sharing an umbrella drink cocktail, and dancing the night away.  Everyone deserves a vacation from their daily routine, even if it means a vacation spent staying at home and sleeping in.

The Survival Husband and I are having a blast with our friends and hope to return home full of recharged prepping energy.  So until, next time, remember to make every day a prep day!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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Bargain Bin: Everyone needs a portable pocket survival kit. Here are links to the items in my own Portable Pocket Survival Kit.pocket survival kit_2

Kershaw OSO Sweet Knife:  This “oh so sweet” knife is solidly built, stainless steel knife that comes razor sharp right out of the package. It will pretty much cut through anything the price is amazing.

Streamlight Nano Light Keychain LED Flashlight:  extremely small and light weight yet it will throw off a decent amount of super-bright light. At just .36 ounces and 1.47 inches long, the Streamlight Nano Light Keychain Flashlight will take up a minimum of space in your pocket or bag.

Paracord Survival Bracelet:  Why a Paracord Bracelet? So you always have some of this useful cord on your person!

Windstorm Safety Whistle:  This particular whistle can be heard a long distance away and above howling wind and other competing sounds.

Swedish Firesteel:  Using this basic pocket fire-starter, you can get a nice fire going under almost any conditions. This is a small, compact version.

Pepper Spray:  It is always good to have some form of defense that will temporarily halt a bad guy that is in your face.

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets:  These come in compressed packets small enough to fit in a pocket or wallet.  You will be surprised at how warm these will keep you.

Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials: The monthly specials at Emergency Essentials feature discounts of up to 35% off sometimes a bit more.

One of the items being featured this month is the Volcano Collapsible Grill with Propane Attachment.  You can read about the Volcano stove in my review SurvivalWoman Review: Volcano Collapsible II Stove but note that I did not purchase the propane attached and wish I had,  It costs a lot more to add it later.

Something else to consider this month are the Freeze Dried Diced Apples which are a must have for your morning oatmeal.  But not to be left out, there are veggies too. The deluxe supply of Freeze Dried Vegetables includes 18 #10 tins of the following veggies in various quantities: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sweet Corn , Green Beans, Green Peppers, Green Peas, Mushrooms, Potato Dices, Spinach, and White Onions.

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  1. Gaye, thanks for mentioning my on today’s Buzz!

    As far as living big in small places, we’ve got a 130 sq. ft. ‘cabin’ (more like a shack) we spend time in… and love it. It’s a great way to simplify life and access what’s really needed to live.

    And duct tape will get you home 🙂


    • “my” should be read as “me”

  2. Thank you for the excellent review and for the excellent Sunday Survival Buzz this week. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to research every point of my own survival plan…because you already have so many things down to a science! All I have to do is read!

  3. Excellent read this week as with all of the other weeks!


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