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Sunday Survival BuzzWelcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web. But first, an update on my own preps.

This week I traveled to Dallas to attend the Ready-Set-Prep Summit hosted by  During an amazing day and a half, I joined a number of other bloggers and website owners to share thoughts on prepping, survival and homesteading topics.  The culmination of our summit was a visit to the Glenn Beck Blaze TV studio where the panelists at our Summit shared their thoughts on food storage and need for preparedness in general.

Ready Set Prep Summit 003b

I will be writing more about my trip on Tuesday.

Getting ready for the trip and travel time pretty much filled my week so enough about me. Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.

Survival News & Articles from Around the Web

5 Reasons Why You May have to Bug Out Even Though You Don’t Want to:  This week Bernie at Apartment Prepper has an article that addresses reasons you may need to bug out in spite of your self.  I know from your emails that most Backdoor Survival readers would rather bug in.  That said, there are situations where you do need to evacuate to get out of harms way.

The Uses and Benefits of Honey:  Sweeteners come in many forms, but none as sweet as honey. Honey remains the one confection offering life-giving qualities not found in any other sweetener.  Not only that, it stores well.  Even if you don’t like honey you should have some on hand for its beneficial healing qualities.  This is an excellent article and should not be missed.

DIY Dryer Balls from Old Socks:  Ever wonder what to do with those odd socks?  You know the ones.  These are the leftovers after the sock-monster stole half of the pair while it was in the laundry.  I plan to make some dryer balls later this summer with the lavender and rosemary that I harvest from my yard.

Idiot Banker Watch:  Last week on Urban Survival, my pal George had a peach of an article and a bit of a vent about the EU banksters:

“Sooner or later, the world will run out of people to screw and then people will take it to the streets and demand justice from the banksters, but by then it will be too late.”

And that, in a nutshell, is one very important reason why I prepare. Even if you do not normally read George’s stuff, this one is worth a peek.

Face masks recommended to help prevent flu transmission:  The Harvard School of Public Health recommend face masks to help prevent getting and transmitting the flu.  I have never had a flu shot and never will but wearing a mask when those around me are sick makes good sense.

25 Tips On Avoiding Pandemic Flu:  Speaking of the flu, here are some tips for avoiding a pandemic flu.  In case you missed it, also read Survival Basics: Hand Sanitation For Good Hygiene.

Backdoor Survival Reader Tips

Last week’s article on recharging alkaline batteries was hugely popular and resulted in a lot of email.

Here is a comment from “David”:

Perhaps you are too young to remember, but in the late 60s and early 70s a lot of home fires were started by battery chargers being used on batteries that were not intended to be recharged. I believe at one point the manufacture or sale of such chargers was prohibited. No doubt the technology is better now, and modern chargers probably have protective circuitry built-in to prevent the overheating, overcharging, or other phenomenon that would result in a fire.

Still, as a professional in fire protection, I’d urge you to add a comment to your blog that fire safety must be of paramount concern when charging alkaline batteries.

For some tips on home fire safety, read Preparing For and Surviving a Fire in Your Home.

And here is a comment from “thetammer”:

One thing i notice is the random organization of batteries in your larger boxes.

Please be aware that batteries with any charge left in them can be a fire hazard if they complete a circuit. This can happen especially with 9-volt batteries that come in contact with something metal, like a paperclip. I have seen news stories where people’s junk drawers spontaneously burst into flames because of spare batteries touching metal.

You are best to organize your spare batteries (recharged or for recycling) into rows all facing the same direction, and with a piece of cardboard between each layer – something like this photo.

Needless to say, I have re-organized my batteries so that they are being stored in a safer manner.

News From our Sponsor

Mike from the Seeds of the Month Club is graciously sending me some lettuces and other greens to plant in my garden this year.  I am very excited to give his seeds a try – especially since he matches seeds to a specific geographic region and agricultural zone.

garden greens on deck

Home grown lettuces and greens – on my little deck

It is still a bit too cool here to plant so I will wait until mid April before planting my new seeds.  And yes, I will document my progress for you – for better or for worse.  As you may recall, 2011 was a for better year but 2012 was a for worse year.  I am cautiously optimistic about 2013 especially since I do not want to have to use starts again for a second year in a row.  (I told you 2012 was bad.)

Thanks Mike!

As with all of my sponsors, please pay them a visit and let them know you saw them on Backdoor Survival. Speaking of which, check out the Backdoor Survival Sponsors page and support the fine companies that allow me to keep Backdoor Survival free for everyone.

The Final Word

Now that I am home, I have a ton of new preps to sort through, test and organize.  This not only includes some new freeze dried foods that arrived while I was gone, but also some new gear that I ordered a few weeks ago.  That said, a quick heads up that I have another trip coming up – this time a working vacation – so some of my testing will have to be put on hold for awhile.

I share this with you because, like you, I sometimes get backlogged on my own prepping chores.  I get behind and I get frustrated.  When that happens I remind myself that the tasks that do not get done today will get done tomorrow or the next.

Until next time, remember to make every day a prep day!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap, Hemp Peppermint: Dr. Bronner’s fans are almost like a cult. I have given the peppermint soap a thorough test in my own home and now consider it a favorite. Same thing with Sal Suds – perhaps even more so.

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Solo Stove_21Solo Stove: Emergency Survival Stove: The Solo Stove is perfect for cooking beans and rice using just a pot, some water and biomass as fuel. A step up is the EcoZoom Versa. Remember when I spoke of redundancy? I have both plus a Volcano II collapsible stove. I suppose you could say that going hungry is not high on my to do list.

Chemical Light Sticks: Pick your size (length) and pick your color. Just be aware that if color does not matter, some colors are cheaper than others. Be sure to read Lighting Your Way With Chemical Lighting.

Bicycle Canasta Games Playing Cards: This timeless classic will keep the entire family occupied when the power it out. Playing cards or board games should be in everyone’s preparedness panty.

Dorcy LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood Lite The Sunday Survival Buzz   Volume 22: Don’t let the price lead you to think this wireless flood light is wimpy. I have two of these and feel that these lights are worth double the price. Using D-cell batteries, the Dorcy floodlight will light up a dark room or a dark stairway in an instant. I can not recommend these enough.

Ticket To Ride: This board game has 601 reviews and a full 5 stars. I am anxious to try it although it is a bit pricey. Still, it is less than a dinner out for two at a modest restaurant. If you know me at all by now, you know which one I will choose.

Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials: The monthly specials at Emergency Essentials feature discounts of up to 35% off sometimes a bit more.

Fruit Combo

I eat a lot of fruit (usually three whole fruits a night as a bedtime snack) and in a SHTF situation, fruits will be something I will really miss. The Freeze-Dried Fruit Favorites Combo from Emergency Essentials is something I use all year round. With the grocery store a 20 mile round trip journey, I like the thought of being able to rehydrate my own fruit, in the quantity I want, at a moments notice.

The selection includes Apple Dices, Bananas, Peaches, Pineapple Dices, Blueberries and Strawberries.

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3 FREE Mylar Food Storage Bags

+1 Week of Food - Just Cover Shipping & Handling.

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Updated Nov 6, 2013

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3 FREE Mylar Food Storage BagsGet Free Bags →

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