The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 49

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: September 14, 2021
The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 49

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Sunday Survival BuzzWelcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web. But first, an update on my own preps.

The week’s order from Amazon included a really nice left handed holster for the Glock 19 and an inexpensive, refillable soap pump.  In addition, I received a Breathing Mobile Washer for review purposes.

Beyond the stuff, however, I packaged 50 pounds of rice in a single Mylar bag (yes, it was heavy) and also re-packaged some freeze dried cheddar cheese from its #10 tin in to mason jars.  Here are a few pictures for you.

Shoulder Holster_2     Shoulder Holster_0

Storing Rice in Mylar Bag_01     Storing Rice in Mylar Bag_06

Storing Rice in Mylar Bag_09     Packaging FD Cheese in Jars_5

Okay, enough about me.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.

Survival News & Articles from Around the Web

Tips for Long-Term Ammunition Storage:  From my friend Ed Corcoran at Survival and Beyond comes some tips for storing ammunition for the long term.

Bill Gates, Monsanto, Eugenics: How One of the World’s Wealthiest Men Is Actively Promoting Corporate Takeover of Global Agriculture:  Being naïve, I used to think Bill Gates was one of the good guys.  Perhaps at one time but not any more.

How to get paid for not collecting Social Security:  Even I did not know this.  If you are planning to delay collecting Social Security when you reach age 66, you must read this.  And remember, in my view, social security has been earned through years of payroll deductions and employer contributions.  Don’t let anyone tell you it is a handout.  ‘Nuff said.

How Quickly Could a Single Super-virus Spread to Every Single Person on Earth?:  A pandemic is truly something to fear.

America Should Declare Bankruptcy:  It is going to happen so why not start the fall now so that we can begin the long recovery?  Yes, there will be suffering but true recovery will not begin until we hit bottom.  And if not the USA as a country, what about the corporations that are still on the dole?  Let them fail I say.

Cough, Cold and Flu Soother: This one is for the Do It Yourselfers out there.  This homemade concoction looks good.  I plan to try it myself – not that I have a cough, cold or the flu right now.  The point is that the ingredients all store well and this can me made up as needed.  Adding the “Irish Flu remedy of whiskey or brandy sounds good too!

The Big Boys of Cutting Tools: Axes, Mauls, and Hatchets:  A really good article from Prepper Link.  Ever wondered about the differences between these tools?

Backdoor Survival Reader Tips

From “Mercy”:

If you put 3 cups of wheat overnight in your crockpot with about 8 cups of water and a little salt, you can use the delicious chewy wheat berries in all kinds of recipes; eat as a cereal like oatmeal, or put in casseroles, baking, make pilafs, etc.

I cook some up with onions, peppers, tomatoes, sausage and herbs, throw in some rice if I have some leftover, top with cheese, makes a really quick and delicious skillet dish…good book with some recipes is Cooking With Stored Foods by Latham and Tejada.

From “Greg”

Lots of police and emergency medical responders want to see medicines in their original containers with the pharmacies label. It makes verification of contents easier, an ER doctor can locate and call the doctor that prescribed the meds, if their should be a medical emergency.

Some pharmacies, I think Target is one, will on request give you a second smaller container with the pharmacies label, they do this for traveling specifically for the reasons I’ve stated.

And I love this one from reader “Denny”:

If you add 4 oz. of vodka or grain alcohol to your  spray bottle cleaning solution it also is a bug and vermin repellant and make bugs,  rodents not come in windows, screens,  doors, if sprayed on window sills and sides of window jams and door jams.. down side is it kills these pests and you have to clean up their dead parts after…or you could just drink the 4 oz. and not care about the bugs ….

And the Winners Are . . .

Last week I told you that I had 12 copies of Dennis Evers book, How to Handle a Crisis, to give away to my readers.  The winners have been selected at random using the tools at and have been sent their winning e-book via email.  Congratulations to all of you.

But wait – there is more!  Dennis has give me permission to giveaway 12 more copies this week.  All that he asks is that you please visit his website at “Preparedness is Fundamental”.  Not that I should need to twist your arm because he has lots of really useful information to share at his site.

In addition, I need to know about your entry as well so once again, please leave a comment to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz plus – and you are on the honor system here – hop on over to my Facebook page and LIKE me.  (And if you entered last week and did not win, be sure to enter again this week.)

News From our Sponsor

This week I am pleased to announce a new sponsor.  Jason from the Survivalist Daily wanted to pass this on to my readers (and he was there – he lives in New York):

Did you know that since Hurricane Sandy hit, middle-class New York City dwellers have been forced to dumpster dive for food.  Unbelievable but true.  Massive food shortages have driven hungry New Yorkers to scrounge through spoiled, maggot-infested garbage to stay alive.

And with just one storm, thousands of upstanding Americans–people with jobs, families, homes, and successful lives–have been transformed into raving lunatics, fighting each other for a morsel of food to help feed their families.

If you were in this situation wherever you live, what would you do? Hurricane Sandy slammed the heavily populated New York/New Jersey area into chaos–and FEMA was helpless to do anything about it.  Gas lines stretched for miles…stores were looted in broad daylight…power remained off for millions – for days…and people were literally scavenging for something, anything, to eat.

But here’s the real kicker…these folks thought they were safe. After all, hurricanes only hit Florida and New Orleans and places like that. Right?  Truth is, no matter where you live, we’re all just a freak storm or earthquake or terrorist attack away from going hungry unless you are adequately  prepared.

Please visit my sponsors and let them know you saw them on Backdoor Survival. Speaking of which, check out the Backdoor Survival Sponsors page and support the fine companies that allow me to keep Backdoor Survival free for everyone.

Curious about Freezer Dried Foods?

Backdoor Survival sponsor Extreme Food Storage has put together some infographics that tell the food storage story.  For those of you that are wondering how fresh product gets to freeze-dried, the following infographic will help.  Also, you might want to read my article from awhile back: The Big Deal About Freeze Dried Food.

The Freeze Dried Food Process

Quote of the Week

Thanks to “Scott on San Juan Island” for this one:


The Final Word

I had so much more to share this week but I simply ran out of MIPS. For those of you that are curious, that means “millions of instructions per second” and is old computer slang.

I wanted to tell you how I managed, with help from the Survival Husband, to package up all of that rice and seal it with a hair iron.  Then there was my phone call to the Mylar bag people and the great customer service I received from the Amazon seller.  I wanted to share with you the joy of using an inexpensive canning funnel to fill jars.  And finally, I wanted to share more about my exploration into the world of DIY cleaners.

Alas, there is only so much time in a week so all of that will have to wait.  I hope you had a great prepping week and that you continue to be safe and be well.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


Bargain Bin:  Interested in some of the stuff featured in today’s article.  Except for the cookbook (which I will be ordering), I personally own and can recommend all of the following items.

Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster:  Don’t let the price fool you.  This is an extremely well made holster with a multitude of of adjustment points to get a perfect fit.  Fairly weightless as well.

Soft ‘N Style Lotion Dispenser Bottle 16 oz.:  Works great with my Dirt Cheap Soft Soap.

10 – 5 Gallon Mylar Bags & 2,000cc Oxygen Absorbers: So here is a question for you.  Why does the price go down right after I make a purchase.

Conair Flat Iron 2″ Ceramic Straightener:  I use a hair iron to seal my Mylar bags.  Forget about a hose and a vacuum sealer.

FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer:  This gizmo is great.  I pop my FD food (or bulk foods) in a clean mason jar, add an oxygen absorber and seal it up.  So easy – and the filled jars look beautify in the pantry!

Cooking With Stored Foods: Recommended by more than one reader, this would make a good addition to your survival library.

Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials: The monthly specials at Emergency Essentials feature discounts of up to 35% off sometimes a bit more. Even if you are not ready to buy, take a look at their robust list of Food Storage Recipes – yours for the taking.

The goal with these recipes is to help you rotate and take advantage of your food storage on a daily basis – not a bad idea if I do say so myself. One other thing. The recipes can be printed or saved in a PDF so they can be saved on your hard drive.

ice cream (Custom)Specials this month includes Freeze Dried Ground Beef, Mountain House Cinnamon Apple Dices, Neapolitan Ice Cream Slices and a six piece Entree Variety Combo. This combo pack includes MH Lasagna with Meat Sauce, MH Beef Stew, MH Chicken A La King, MH Turkey Tetrazzini, Sweet and Sour Noodles with Beef and Spiral Pasta Primavera. The price for all six is $144.99 about a 30% discount.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info from Dennis Ever’s book, “How to Handle a Crisis.” He has so much useful info on his website and I really admire how he revamps items that would have filled up our landfills.

    • I wish I’d seen the tip on using “dead” Uninterruptable Power Supply units before. I’ve e-recycled 20 of them over the years. I’ll ask someone for their “dead” one next time and get the inverter part of it working as Dennis showed. Thanks!

  2. Love his Website. Especially like his gardening concept using 8 plastic buckets. We will make that for spring planting. I want to learn to weld also. I am following him also to get his newsletters (blogs). It’s great to be getting info from a TV Prepper. I watch those shows and learn from them. I don’t snicker or scoff at them as the media indicates. Thanks so much for turning us on to so many wonderful sites. I learn so much from you. I have milar bags but haven’t used them yet. I just put stuff in the food grade buckets. Thanks again.

  3. entered again 🙂 Love his website, almost as much as yours and Georges sites…can’t miss a day. Hope G is wrong and the internet is with us at least 750 weeks more!

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