The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 31

Sunday Survival BuzzWelcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web.  But first, an update on my own preps.

This week I had travel on my mind as I prepare for an upcoming adventure.  I put together my traveler’s survival kit – something I do not think I have mentioned before.  So what is included?

Here are the items in my kit, in no particular order.  How about you?  Do you carry a survival kit when you travel for vacation of business?

Sep 2012 Travel Survival Kit (Custom)

Windstorm Whistle & Paracord Lanyard
Mini Flashlight
Chemical Light Stick
Paracord Survival Bracelet (his and Hers)
Mylar Survival Blankets
Swiss Army Knife
Kershaw OSO Sweet Pocket Knife
Amoxicillin (Fish Mox Forte)
Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier
Natural, herbal based insect repellent (thanks to reader Libby)
Important documents on a
Flash Drive

But enough about me.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.

Survival News Bytes & Articles from Around the Web

Are You Seeing What I’m Seeing?: This is a long article but it leaves no doubt as to the economic state we are in here in the United States.  If you happen to live within the cocoon of a rural area such as I do, you may not see things like this first hand, but in your heart of hearts, you know they are there.  After reading this, you will reconfirm to yourself that prepping for survival is indeed the right thing to do.  The prognosis for three to five years from now is not good.  Not good at all. (Thanks to Frank for sending me the link.)

Romney defines ‘middle-income’ as $200,000 to $250,000 and less: And not just to pick on Romney, according to the article, it turns out Obama has said something quite similar. A White House infographic says that the proposed tax plan will “Lower tax rates on the first $250,000 of income, affecting 114 million middle class families.”   So if an annual income of $200-$250K is middle class, what does that make me?   And people wonder why I am an independent.

How To Launch An Executive Email Carpet Bomb:  An oldie but a goodie but this really does work when you have having a product or service issue with a big company.  One of the best tips is to nose around the company’s website and find some contact emails.  From there you can figure out their email format.  Attach some highly placed executive names to a properly formatted email and you are good to go.

From the article:

Determine the corporate email address formatLook through their website or Google for press releases. Examine the PR flack’s email address. What’s the format? Is it [email protected]? [email protected]? Figure it out and write it down.

Another hint – not mentioned in the article but it works – is to call the investor relations department.  They absolutely hate it when an “investor” complains about the company.  Who’s to know you are not an investor.  You do not have to lie, just don’t mention it one way or another.

Backdoor Survival Tip

Last week I talked about using up dibs and dabs of veggies as I put together a meal from leftovers. And I think that last winter I told you about my garbage soup, right?  Well this week Pat from Scottsdale reminded me of another use of dibs and dabs – this time using salad dressings, vinegars, mustards and other bottled condiments and sauces.

Not being the wasteful type, like her, I mix the small amounts left over in the bottle with other small amounts and custom create my own salad dressing.  Some of the combos are a bit strange (Caesar dressing with salsa anyone?) but it all tastes good to me.  Of course now I make my own Vinaigrette and I will mix these leftovers in to that as well.

You know sometime is just feels good to be thrifty this way.  Even if you do not have too be quite so frugal right now, it is still good to shun waste and make do with what you have.  That’s what they did in the Great Depression and personally, I think those lessons were good ones – even for us old gals!

A New Book from Joe Nobody

I have just learned about the latest book from Joe Nobody, a prolific author in the survival niche.  A review copy is on its way to me and I am excited because everything so far from this author has been a worthy read.  The new book is titled The Home Schooled Shootist and is intended to serve as an intermediate to advanced shooting handbook for those already familiar with firearms and firearms safety.

There are eleven different drills included – all designed to increase your ability to defend yourself in a survival situation. Will this be as tough a read to stomach as Rule of Law?  I’ll let you know.

Speaking of reviews,  I must confess that I read every single page of every book that is reviewed here on Backdoor Survival.  And that sometimes can take a month or even longer.  What that means is that I may not be the first on the block with a review of the latest and greatest.  But it does mean that I have taken the time to properly evaluate the book and its content.   I am not saying that others don’t, but on the other hand, well, you get the drift.

Another thing: I admit to being guilty of not putting up a review of something – whether a book or product – if it is truly horrible.  You know, really bad.  I suppose I should alert you products that are not quite up to snuff so you don’t spend you money on them.  It takes a fine line to walk between being nice and being honest.  There is a long-standing saying about people that are “Seattle nice” and I find myself a member of that club.

So what do you think?  Should I let you know about the books and products that don’t pass my seal of approval?

News From our Sponsor: Buy Emergency Foods 

On Monday I was informed that effective immediately, all Legacy premium food pouches (which are sold at Buy Emergency Foods) will include oxygen absorbers.  This is something that has been common in tins and food buckets but not so common in the smaller meal pouches.  I had learned a few months ago that new product packaging was being developed and that testing had been ordered so this is good news indeed.

The testing, by the way, was done at the University if Minnesota and it was reported that the average oxygen content in the tested Legacy Premium pouches was .47%.  Full test results can be found here.

As with all of my sponsors, please pay them a visit and let them know you saw them on Backdoor Survival. Speaking of which, check out the new Sponsors page. If you know someone interested in advertising on Backdoor survival, have them drop me a line.

Recommendations & Announcements

I am proud to announce the launch of The Preparedness Review this coming November.  The Preparedness Review will be a downloadable PDF that includes some of the very best preparedness material from a blue ribbon panel of contributors, including myself.

What you will find in TPR are articles you may have missed because they were published a year ago or longer, or newer articles worthy of printing, archiving and keeping as a reference.

Todd Sepulveda, the editor at Prepper Website, is putting this great resource together for us.  Here is what he had to say:

I’m excited about TPR.  We have a great line up and we are adding more contributors every week!

The Preparedness Review will feature some of the best preparedness authors on the internet today.  TPR is an e-Journal in PDF format and will be provided free to the preparedness community twice a year, Fall and Spring.

Some of the contributors that you can expect to read are: Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy, Creek Stewart, Tess Pennington, Joe Nobody, Mac Slavo, the minds behind Prepper Link, Amy from Homestead Revival, Gaye Levy and Brandon from Monderno.  The first edition comes out Fall 2012.

To get more info. and to sign-up for email updates, visit

Broken Web: The Coming Collapse of the Internet

Through a special arrangement with George Ure, my readers are able to purchase a copy of his new book, “Broken Web: The Coming Collapse of the Internet” a day or two ahead of the official launch that is currently set for September 25th.

So what’s it about?  Let me just say this: if you are living your digital life 100% the cloud, you would be wise to learn of the risks ahead and by establishing a paper – yes paper, life. Everything from a massive malware attack to the execution of the government kill switch can threaten our ability to use the internet.  I am putting together a review for next week but if you want a head start, you may purchase the e-book for $9.95 here.

The Final Word

My thoughts these days are turning to learning new skills that will not only enhance my ability to survive but also will contribute to my overall enjoyment of life.  My bucket list is long but my motivation is high.  It is tough, sometimes, to feel a sense of accomplishment.  When I move beyond the the last week and the last month, however, and consider what I have accomplished in the past year, well, the results are amazing.

And with you too.  It may seem you are getting nowhere, but truly you are.  One bean, one band-aid, and one bullet at a time.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!



Spotlight Item: For $7, the book “Bartering With Desperate People” is worth a quick read. I am not sure I agree with the “desperate” part of the title since realistically, this e-Book is about more negotiating the very best deal in such a way that all parties to the transaction are happy.

Bargain Bin: Doing a bit of traveling?  Consider putting together a Survival Travel Kit such as the one I will be using for my travels over the next few weeks.  All of the items are readily available and quite inexpensive.  And by the way, I now carry the whistle and lanyard almost everywhere.  I consider then an early warning system of trouble ahead, or given the trails I frequent, notice that I am in trouble.

Once again, here are the items in my travel survival kit:

Windstorm Whistle & Paracord Lanyard
Mini Flashlight
Chemical Light Stick
Paracord Survival Bracelet (his and Hers)
Mylar Survival Blankets
Swiss Army Knife
Kershaw OSO Sweet Pocket Knife
Amoxicillin (Fish Mox Forte)
Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier
Natural, herbal based insect repellent (thanks to reader Libby)
Important documents on a
Flash Drive

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Other items on sale in September include a One Month Supply of Just-Add-Water Entrees for $134.99, Freeze Dried Mozzarella Cheese (21% off), Freeze Dried Yogurt Bits (for snacks) at 20% off and Freeze Dried Celery pieces at $14.99 which is 30% off.

Want to help support Backdoor Survival?  Your purchases earn a small commission and for that I thank you!

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  1. Why a swiss army knife I have had several in the past all were junk you would be better off with a leatherman cost more but you get what you pay for also has tools that are not on swiss knife

  2. I vote for printing the bad reviews too. The net is full of glowing reviews for everything (whether they deserve it or not) and having more realistic opinions out there really helps me decide what to spend my (very limited) money on. Anyone can say “Oh, this is fantastic!” It takes some thought to say “This could really be better, and this is why.” I appreciate the thought you put into your posts, and would love to hear more of them. 🙂

  3. I have recently learned to make red french dressing and thousand island dressing. After deciding we like it a lot, I am going to can some of it in 1/2 pint jars, in the pressure canner. Yesterday, I actually canned meatloaf and potatoes, then opened a jar and had it for supper…..yummy! And the meat did not fall apart….so easy, and so good…so I am getting ground meat when it’s on sale.


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