The Sunday Survival Buzz – Volume 26

Sunday Survival BuzzWelcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web.

But first, an update on my own preps.

This week I ordered 1000 rounds of 380 ammo for my Ruger from  Now that may sound like a lot but if I am going to stay safe and get comfy using my handgun, I need to spend lots of time at the range so I can practice.

I also tested some packaged food from Legacy Foods/Preparewise.  The meal was a “beans and rice” enchilada” dish that looked kind of weird in its dried form but turned out very tasty.  I know I know . . . time for a review.Legacy Enchilada (Custom)

But enough about me.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.

Survival News Bytes & Articles from Around the Web

Help! I’m Allergic to Bread:  An interesting article from Mother Earth News that suggests that the upsurge in gluten intolerance is due to what they call the “modernizing” of wheat.  The solution for some may be finding an heirloom wheat to use in making your own bread.  The resultant bread will not be gluten free but for some it will be gluten “tolerant”.  (Also see the BD article Baking bread and why you should do it.)

Old-fangled Kitchen Tools:  Many of us, myself included, have a vision of the good old days, before technology ruled our lives.  I am referring to times long before I was born, say the days of my grandparents and great-grandparents.  There were challenges during those times, of course, but in looking back from a historical perspective, simplicity seems like a good thing.  Just for the fun of it, take a look at this article titled Kitchen Tools They Ought To Still Make.

WHO Calls For Emergency Stockpile Of Cholera Vaccine:  According to NPR, more than a half-million Haitians have been infected with cholera since 2010, and more than 7,400 have died from the disease. The neighboring Dominican Republic has reported more than 25,000 cases and over 400 deaths. And this summer, Cuba began to see cholera cases for the first time since it was a Spanish colony in the 1800s.  Universal cholera vaccination in Haiti in itself would not eliminate cholera there, but the experts feel that vaccination would help curb the illness, along with programs to increase access to clean water and sewage treatment.

So what does this mean to preppers?  We need to continue to be diligent in finding ways to insure clean water and decent sanitation facilities following a disaster or if the SHTF.

Urban Survival’s (and my) Take on the Election:

I have gone on record a number of times indicating that I will not be voting for either mainstream candidate in November.  Yes, I will vote and at the moment, I am carefully considering a write-in candidate.

My pal George Ure shares many (but not all) of my feelings on the matter and has offered up the following opinion regarding the November election (paraphrased with his permission):

Here’s the ugly fact of the matter, which I hope you remember:

As I have stated before: The Presidency is no longer an election. It’s an auction and I’m going to vote for whoever shows up on the ballot, regardless of party, who has collected the least money.

BOTH big-checkbook picks are being less than forthcoming: Where is Romney’s income tax returns and where’s Obama’s missing docs? Neither is “putting it out there.”

The fact is that there is no essential difference between the so-called corporate-sponsored “choices” couldn’t be more clear than a list of 40-points compared in a Michael Snyder piece at The American Dream this week. Among his 40-points in common?

1. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supported TARP.
2. Mitt Romney supported Barack Obama’s “economic stimulus” packages.
3. Mitt Romney says that Barack Obama’s bailout of the auto industry was actually his idea.
4. Neither candidate supports immediately balancing the federal budget.
5. They both believe in big government and they both have a track record of being big spenders while in office.
6. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both fully support the Federal Reserve.
7. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both on record as saying that the president should not question the “independence” of the Federal Reserve.
8. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both said that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did a good job during the last financial crisis.

You owe it to yourself to click over here and read his whole column. The list goes on and on.

To my way of thinking, there hasn’t been much change from George Bush to Barack Obama (except sales at gun shows and ammo buys for federal agencies. We’re still occupying roughly the same number of countries, still exporting jobs, still giving tax breaks to crooks and say, how come Jon Corzine isn’t on trial?

There is only one party in America: It’s the corporate party and the rules are simple:  You can screw the 99-percent six ways to Sunday, but if you are good and raise funds for the 1 percent, it’s a get out of jail free card.

Stupid advertising, or worse, advertising to reinvents racial tensions and base emotional responses while it reinforces “us versus them” thinking is fine, so long as it works.

And, above all, you gots to have money (or connections) to be in the game.

Whether you agree or not is up to you.  Even in my own household, there are are heated discussions about this matter.  That not-withstanding, whatever you believe and whatever you think, I feel you will find some value in this article from Michael Snyder at The American Dream website.

Top posts this week from The Consumerist

I love the Consumerist website.  Taking a cue from some of the articles, the Survival Husband fought back and received resolution of a health insurance claim from a senior executive at United Healthcare.  Here are the top posts from last week.

Fair Use Policy for Backdoor Survival

I have been meaning to write something up for quite some time on the matter of fair use but like a lot of things, coming up with a fair use policy keeps falling to the bottom of the list.  Yes, my site has been ripped off on a few occasions that I know of.  What this means is that a few unscrupulous websites have taken my content, changed a few words (if that), and called my work their own.  Shame on them.

As other writers know, coming up with original content and copyright-free photos takes a lot of time.  You may not know this but each article takes about three hours or more to put together.  So getting blatantly ripped off hurts to the core.

On the other hand, I encourage you to share my work.  I hope my message is a good one and that others that are not regular readers – will find some benefit and enlightenment.  So, having said that, here is the rule:

You may copy and post from any original article on Backdoor Survival without prior permission as long as you direct the reader to the Backdoor Survival for the full article.  In addition, all of the photos I use, including my own, come with a creative commons license or are in the public domain.  This means you may copy and post a photo or two in a non-commercial website without prior permission as long as you again credit Backdoor Survival with a link back to my website.

Enough said . . . and thank you for sharing my work.

Backdoor Survival Tip of the Week

Today I have one more tip for using your FoodSaver vacuum sealer machine.  Forget about those name-brand, FoodSaver bags.  I especially dislike the ones that come on a roll that you have to make yourself.  Yuck.

Instead, I use more generic bags made by VacMaster.  You can get them on Amazon – here are some links: VacMaster Quart-sized Storage Bags and VacMaster Storage Bags, Variety Pack.  You can find other sizes and quantities at Amazon as well.

Our Newest Sponsor

Today I am thrilled to announce another new sponsor, JM Bullion.    JM Bullion is an online website that supplies individual investors with physical gold and silver products at the lowest prices possible.  (And as you know, the Survival Husband spent his career in the jewelry industry and is well versed in gold and bullion purchasing.  He agrees that their prices are great.)

I asked Mike, the “M” in JM if he would like to pass something on to my readers.  Here is what he said:

JM Bullion is proud to be a new sponsor of As staunch believers that precious metals are far superior stores of value than paper fiat currency, we look forward to earning your business and helping you protect your wealth from currency debasement and inflation. Feel free to call us at 800-276-6508 to learn more about our company and products – you will never deal with telephone prompts or hold times, as we personally answer all phone calls immediately.

As with all of my sponsors, please pay them a visit and let them know you saw them on Backdoor Survival. Speaking of which, check out the Sponsors page. If you know someone interested in advertising on Backdoor survival, have them drop me a line.

Recommendations & Announcements

brushfire plague pezI have always been a sucker for disaster of the month movies but these days, the disasters seem a lot closer to home than they used to.  As a result, I was pleased to hear that Prepper Press has recently published a new novel titled Brushfire Plague. I have been communicating with the author, R.P. Ruggiero, and asked him to describe his novel:

The Brushfire Plague is an action novel in the same genre of survivalist adventure as One Second After, but with compelling emotional engagement woven in the same vein as Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.  

When a virulent plague erupts across the globe, Cooper Adams faces a daily battle for survival as society unravels at a dizzying pace. As he organizes his neighbors for self-defense and strives to save those around him, he soon discovers the first clues about the origin of the Brushfire Plague that is killing untold millions around the world. In his pursuit to learn the truth, Cooper must combat looters, organized gangs, and those protecting the Brushfire Plague’s secrets. When his son falls ill, his search to uncover the plague’s origin and a possible cure transforms into a race against time. Ultimately, Cooper faces a paralyzing choice between exposing what he has learned with potentially shattering consequences, or abetting a horrible secret and giving his nation a chance to recover and rebuild.  This decision is made even more compelling because Cooper—whose life was sundered by lies in his childhood—has an unwavering adherence to truth.  Will he abandon those principles to give his son a better chance to live?

Cooper Adams is an everyman hero, full of common human frailties while possessing an inner resolve that inspires those around him.  Paul Dranko, his neighbor and friend, is a long-time survivalist who provides both knowledge and supplies critical to their neighborhood’s defense.  The two form the core of an intriguing cast of characters in the neighborhood who must come together during a horrible crisis and defend themselves amidst the escalating, and rampant, violence.  As the chaos escalates and Cooper is unable to shield his son, Jake, from its effects, he must grapple with watching his son’s innocence lost.

The Brushfire Plague offers readers a fast moving action adventure within the context of societal collapse, while also delivering emotional connection to its characters, interspersing valuable survival information, and added suspense as Cooper Adams tracks down the origins of the plague.

Now if this book is anything like The Road, it promises to be an engaging read.  For more information visit Brushfire Plague on Amazon.

Today on Strategic Living

Thinking about moving something cheaper (nicer, warmer . . . you fill in the blanks) for retirement purposes?  Wait, what retirement?  I do hope that you plan to work albeit part time for as long as you can because we all know those government and pension entitlements can go away or be stolen from you at ay time in the future.

That said, over on Strategic Living we have a fluffy piece that we are calling The Quest for an Ideal Retirement Location.

The Final Word

These days there is so much going on that I simply can not cover it all in a weekly Sunday Survival Buzz.  I have been thinking about sending a “Monthly Survival Buzz” to my newsletter subscribers but am afraid that the news I gather throughout the month will be dated.  On the other hand, as I know from my own experience, much of the news that a put of reading for a week or two or three is educational and part of my own goal of seeking the truth.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?  Or thoughts on what you would like to see in a monthly newsletter?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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  1. VOTING: Send a message to the DINOs & RINOs, vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian. If you people will stand up and go third party, the message will be sent. He may not win BUT the other two will HAVE to take notice.

  2. I hate it when I am told that a vote for someone other than one of the mainstream candidates is a “wasted” vote. As you say, an independent candidate (your choice as to who you vote for) may not win but the other two will definitely have to take notice.

  3. I feel your pain as regards the two major candidates for Presidency. Here’s my humble remarks:
    1. At least Romney isn’t a communist.
    2. There will possibly be 2-5 Supreme Court justices appointed in the next 4 to 8 yrs. I shudder to think who NOBAMA would appoint! And 4 more years of NOBAMA will leave us with an America that none of us will recognize.

    Sometimes in elections (perhaps it is most of the time) one has to chose the lessor of the two evils. That’s why it is most important that the Senate and House races are won by honest and new people.

    God help us in November. I wouldn’t be surprised if our current POTUS stirs up a racial war and declares martial law – doing away with the elections all together.

    Please be sure to see the movie 2016.

    • Thanks for the tip about the movie. I will check it out. These are scary times.

      — Gaye

  4. I went to see 2016 Obama’s America. It is a well done documentary about Obama. Not political or
    party based just about who he is and what he wants the USA to look like. I urge everyone in this nation to see it if it is in your area before you vote in November. All I will say is I love my nation, it is the duty of every citizen to vote and Obama’s America is not the America
    I want. Please see the movie if you can.

  5. thank you for the very good piece on our current “corporate party” political system. it is maddening, to say the least.
    one question–which “docs” has president obama not released? what did i miss?

    • Birth certificate . . . at least a version that is not photoshop’ed or otherwise questionable. I am not saying that the released version is fake – just that there are some unanswered questions.

  6. really? i wouldn’t have guessed that you were a “birther” ! that’ll teach me to make assumptions about people ! actually, i doubt that anything will stop me from doing that….
    thank you for clearing that up for me.


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