The Sunday Survival Buzz #134

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Updated Jul 4, 2019 (Orig - Sep 14, 2014)



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Welcome to this week’s all-new Sunday Survival Buzz with an update on my own preps and announcements from the Backdoor Survival blog.

I love that we use the Sunday Survival Buzz to share what we have been up to this past week.  I have to tell you, I get envious of some of your preps.  This is especially when you indicate yours have been inventorying and organizing.  If anyone would like to come to visit and help me out, the invitation is open.


I am also envious of those backyard animal chores.  I would love to have chickens for fresh, organic eggs, and a cow for milk.  For now, I must live vicariously through the rest of you.

So what did I do this week?  I was looking a bit ragged so I skipped the trip to the salon and cut my own hair.  Not a lot mind you, but enough to make a difference.  I can still go out in public which says a lot about my skills or, more likely, my standard of excellence.

Seriously, haircutting will be a valuable skill if the stuff hits the fan.  I have been cutting, actually shaving a clipping, Shelly’s hair for years and even Tucker the Dog has had to suffer through my hair clipping learning sessions.

Needless to say, Gaye learning to cut hair is fodder for America’s funniest home videos.

And with that, I move on to some announcements.


This week I have another great tip from “Learner”:

Since most of my trips are about 30+ miles from home i am always concerned about something (EMP maybe) causing me to have to walk back home, so i made sure to include a weeks supply of hubby’s essential heart prescription in my kit and have a standing order on every daylight savings time change to rotate fresh meds.

I really do feel much better about trips now.

I think that using the cut-over to/from daylight savings to trigger rotation of meds is brilliant!

And from “Anita”:

Both my husband and I were unemployed for an extended period following an accident. Having food and other necessities stored gave us breathing room for the months we were laid up. We even were able to feed our neighbors family when they hit a really rough patch after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Living off our stores was a valuable lesson in living off our preps. We are now rebuilding our stores.


The following two giveaways are current, waiting for your entry.

Summer 2014 Book Festival: The Provident Prepper + Giveaway
Friday Flash Giveaway: Rivers by Michael Farris Smith


“Dulcinea V.” is the lucky winner of the Sunjack Portable Solar Charger.  In addition, “Carol L.” is the winner of the set of the Four-Book Survivalist Series by A. American.

Congratulations to you both.  You have 48 hours to claim your winning prizes.


For aches and pains, I personally use a combination of birch, lemongrass, and geranium oils. This combination is a miracle worker! Shelly uses this combo on his arthritis and everywhere else where he happens to be sore.

Aches & Pains Essential Oil Blend

In a 10ml roller ball add:

6 drops geranium
6 drops birch
2 drops lemongrass

Fill the bottle half way with FCO (fractionated coconut oil) and you are good to go.  Shake before using.

All of these oils plus the roller ball bottles and FCO are available from Spark Naturals.  As always, remember to use the code BACKDOORSURVIVAL for a 10% discount off your entire order.


We are still wrapping things up down in the Seattle area and let me tell you, the 10-hour round trip is a killer.  I have been feeling guilty about the website and hope I have not neglected things too much.  If I seem a bit cranky, you know why.  Of course, as with all things preparedness, sometimes we just have to roll with the punches, right?

So what about you – what did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Best Food Types, Storage Methods and Exactly What to Buy

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Updated Jul 4, 2019
Published Sep 14, 2014

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17 Responses to “The Sunday Survival Buzz #134”

  1. Hi, all! Couldn’t do without you, Gaye! Thanks for all you do. This week my granddaughter contracted the “mystery” enterovirus and missed most of the week of school. If she isn’t better by Tuesday, she has to go to the hospital. So, seeing how fast disease travels and seeing that it’s an early flu season and seeing that Ebola is out of control, we all got flu shots and I got in a stockpile of Tyvek suits, latex gloves, N95 masks, goggles, and a large bottle of concentrated Lysol disinfectent. Hopefully, we NEVER have to use them!

  2. This week I added to my stores and inventoried, collected 63 eggs from chickens, built new a pen for our ram to separate from him our ewes (they are getting close to breeding age), and took a course on land navigation with map and compass.

    • Wow!! Sixty-three eggs?? What do you do with them all?

  3. I went to a local growers “Fall Festival” where they had three speakers. The first was the county extension agent and he talked about soil fertility. I found out that the soil in this county is very acidic. He also covered ways to modify the soil and add required nutrients. Then a lady come on who talked about fruit trees. She explained about chill hours required for fruit trees. She also covered what trees we could grow in our climate. I found out that you do not want a paw paw tree in your yard because when in bloom they have a carrion smell to attract pollinators. She also talked about jujubee trees, which have a lemon smell in bloom, then gave everyone a jujubee for the seed and another one to eat. After having spent five hours on my feet I reluctantly decide to skip the last speaker who was covering small hoop houses for extending the growing season for garden plants.
    It was an excellent , free, learning experience.

    • Oh no Jim!! I was really looking forward to planting paw-paws on our West Virginia homestead. Now I guess I know I should plant them farther away from the house than initially expected. 😉

  4. Hi Gaye – the website is doing fine, getting your property taken care of I’d more important.

    Not much done for me this week, I’ve been sick and the dr’s are still trying to figure out what’s wrong, so it was another week of tests and appts. I ordered the LXR and Dream eo blends from Spark & have to say super fast shipping, I ordered them Sat and got them on Tues & I’m on the East coast. I absolutely love the LXR it has helped with my stress through all of this.

    Other than that I ordered the 72 hour bucket from Emergency Essentials, it’s a good deal right now & I needed to replace some of the items we used during power outages this summer.

    Lastly I’m trying out a pantry app to inventory my goods. Hopefully this one will work, this is the 3rd one I’m trying & 3rd times a charm right

  5. While we’re in the midst of building our house (going on 3 years now living in a cabin) we also discussed ways to make our land more agrarian. We have decided to reclaim a portion of the horse pasture (which will become a goat pasture when the oldest horse passes on, she’s now almost 30) to put a BIG greenhouse next to the garden. I currently have a small greenhouse (8×12) that is holding up, but it was only $99 and will likely only last a couple of years. We have a large garden but the bugs really ate a lot of it this year. The squash bugs were unbelievable! Also too much spring rain brought on early blight for the tomatoes. Thankfully they continued to produce, just not bounteously, but growing them under cover of a greenhouse would certainly eliminate that problem. My herbs have been lovely and plentiful and I dried a LOT of them, and need to preserve some basil in oil in the freezer. If I had more room I’d be canning, but I don’t have the proper stove for canning, nor do I have the space in my cabin to spread out and take over. Add to that very little storage space (and I’ve utilized every inch of what we have with stored food already) and I say I will put it off til next year, when I have a real kitchen again. 🙂

  6. I am on my way to Alaska, my goal is to learn how to tie knots while watching the scenery roll by. Lot of prepping this week, My neighbor is watering for me. So all is well

  7. This week I added to my food storage. I got a copy of the doctors PDR. I started organizing my storage area and realized that it is a complete disaster. My plan is to spend all next week reorganizing but like you Gaye I have issues with organization. I know where everything is but no one else in the family does. I thought about that and one member of the family pointed this out to me. What good are all those supplies if no one knows what they are and where they are. I said I do and he said but what if something happens to you (God Forbid). I realized I need to organize and write lists so everyone in the family can use the supplies. I may not be around to help them. Have a blessed week.

  8. We put up some meals in mylar Retort pouches, and used some of our home canned veg. beef soup because it was cool and damp this week. Using some of our preps keeps us enthused and it is satisfying.

  9. Hi gang!

    Hubby and I just got back from a weekend at the Homestead BOL. We were busy fitting light-blocking curtains on the windows, planting fast growing cedar trees to hide the driveway from the main road, and practicing our off-grid cooking skills.

    The funny thing is, I had to take several items out of our BOL pantry to bring back to our suburban condo! My BOL I better stocked than my house!

    Have a great week Gaye.

  10. I made some chili and beans from scratch, I used some of the ground beef I had canned ,dry pinto beans and fresh garlic and onions along with other seasonings. never made chile from scratch, always used false alarm seasoning.I made a large pot of the chili so I plan to can some of it .

  11. Waiting to find out if I get right shoulder back 100%. Been working on new bumpers for my jeep, the kind that can push, found the last piece of 2×2 tubing for free, time to weld. Good luck on the move!

  12. This week, I made a space for the potatoes that will be harvested, bartered some baked goodies for 2 dozen eggs from the chickens down the road. I’ll be getting another dozen tomorrow… devil up for the chicken owner.
    I ordered two more knives and water-proof matches from Amazon….from this page. My housemate isn’t well….and I’m trying to get him to see a dr.
    I think he’ll be making an appt. tomorrow…just to shut me up!!
    Oh yeah, I went through my two 72hr. backpacks and put them back in our wagon, with a set of cothes for each of us. I have a bad feeling about the up coming rainy season.
    That’s about it…

  13. Didn’t due much this last week due to death in family. A favorite cousin passed Monday. Sunday went Grocery shopping and added a few more cans of chicken to the stores(on sale 10 for $10.with 11th one free)

  14. Found a new extra large wooden spoon with a soft grip handle on sale for under $5.00 at our local Meijer’s store. This was on display in the aisle where they set up the canning items in the fall. This spoon will have multiple uses in deep pots, 5 gallon buckets, keeping the husband in line and so on. I saw it three weeks ago and just patiently waited for a couple of mark downs in price. Also picked up on sale, biscuit cutters (pkg of 3)and heavy duty hand dough blender with blades for mixing in shortening or butter to thick dough. Saved over $60.00 at the grocery with coupons and took advantage of the 5 for 5 and 10 for 10 sales on boxed and canned goods. Added more water to my storage. Setting up for a garage sale to clear out unused items and will take monies and add more to my preps.

  15. Canned tomatoes this week Gaye, juice, pasta sauce, chili sauce, salsa, and of course stewed. Also tried my hand at dehydrating apples, not quite done yet, will let you know how it goes. When done I think I will vacuum seal them. Gonna dig some potatoes tomorrow for winter storage, good crop this year.


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