The Sunday Survival Buzz #130

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 4, 2019

Welcome to this week’s all-new Sunday Survival Buzz with an update on my own preps and announcements from the Backdoor Survival blog.

I had a big blooper I would like to share with you this week.  I was out of unbleached flour and was not in the mood for grinding some wheat so I pulled a Mylar bag of flour from deep storage.  So far so good and yes, the pizza was delicious!

Mylar Bag Blooper

Anyway, being thrifty, I was not going to let a perfectly good Mylar bag go to waste so after dumping the flour into my canister, I put the bag in the dishwasher.  Surely the dishwasher would be easier than hand washing, right?  Oops!  This is not something that you want to do since the dishwashing process separated the layers that make up the bag, making it unusable.

If you are interested in learning more storing bulk foods in Mylar bags, see How to Seal Food in Mylar Bags.

Preps this week included making up a cheat sheet for my Kaito Voyager.  Actually, I had Shelly do it for me since every time I go to use the Kaito, I forget which setting to use and have to dig out the manual with its eensy teensy print.  This should make things a lot easier.  The cheat sheet is handwritten at the moment, but as soon as I get it formatted on my laptop, I will share it with you.

Tip:  if you have infrequently used equipment, consider making up your own cheat sheets.  I like to put mine on 3 x 5 cards which are easy to stash in my equipment bins and bug-out-bags.

About the only other thing I did this week was make up a new batch of DIY laundry soap.  If you have not tried it, I encourage you to do so.  Not only will you save a ton of money, but your clothes will come out fresh and clean without the use of a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals.

That about covers it for me this week.  Now for some announcements.


My friend Todd at Prepper Website wrote an article titled The SAD Way of Preparedness Websites – Possibly An Analogy of the Preparedness Life!  In his conclusion, he said:

Stay Balanced – If you are an extreme prepper, but sometimes miss the “fun” stuff that others seem to be doing, just go do it. Spend the money, bite the bullet and do it. You might have a ton of fun and you might regret taking the time and money to do it. But you might not ever know unless you do it!

Also, you should never sacrifice your marriage, family or job for preparedness. If you are hurting people around you because you HAVE TO PREP, then you are doing something wrong. Find more info. on maintaining “balance” at Prepper Website.

Plan and Make Goals – You might be able to make big goals or you might have to make small goals. It always helps when you know where you want to go. Find more info. about “making goals” at Prepper Website.

Prep without Money – Purpose to find ways to prep without money. This means that you don’t need all the fancy gear! Many have done it. You can too! Find more info. about being “frugal” at Prepper Website.

Stay Consistent – This is bigger than you might think! Just a little, over time, makes a big difference!

Refresh Yourself – You know what you need to stay fresh. Pray, get outside, unwind, take your spouse on a date or whatever. Take some time and don’t be afraid to live your life. Find more about supporting your “relationships” and managing prepper “stress” at Prepper Website.

Be sure to read the complete article at Ed That Matters.


Someone left a comment this week telling me that Backdoor Survival had the best giveaways.  Talk about a bit of motivation after feeling a bit of giveaway burnout.  So thanks for that!

These two giveaways are currently active:

Summer Survival Blast: SunBell and Little Sun Solar Lamps + Giveaway
Summer 2014 Book Festival: Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency + Giveaway


I have a number of winners to announce this week.  June Simpson was the winner of the group giveaway for a 72 Hour Survival Bucket, and Rick Rice was the winner of the group giveaway for the Waterbricks.

Sara Hathaway, the author of “Day After Disaster” authorized a one-day flash giveaway to commenters to “Living Life the Old Fashioned Way”. Jim W was selected at random as are all of the winners on Backdoor Survival.

And finally, the winners of the two books by Steve Konkoly were  “Dairy”, “WandaV”, and “Lisa”.  Check your email and if you were one of the winners, be sure to claim your copy of the two book set including The Perseid Collapse and Event Horizon.

Congratulations to all of the winners.


Heartburn is something that happens to all of us from time to time. Many find relief from peppermint essential oil but that does not work for everyone. Other essential oils to try include lemon or the Spark Naturals “Digest” blend.

I happen to use SN Digest but whatever you use, mix a couple of drops into a carrier such as a coconut oil or almond oil and rub onto the chest area or tummy. Sometimes, because I always have it available, I mix a few drops into my healing salve. That works too.

As always, if you make a purchase from Spark Naturals, use the code BACKDOORSURVIVAL for an additional 10% off your order.


Also, just a reminder that I have started a Facebook page that will be exclusive to Essential Oils and Natural Remedies.  This is my new passion and while I will not be posting daily, I hope to post a few tips and some of those “free at the moment” eBooks weekly.  Here is a link:  Strategic Living is on Facebook.


It has been cloudy and overcast all week in my neck of the woods.  Surprisingly, leaves are falling from the trees in my yard making me wonder whether there will be an early Fall.  Regardless, I am delighted with my cherry tomato crop so something, weather-wise, must be right.

So what about you – what did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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19 Responses to “The Sunday Survival Buzz #130”

  1. I made the decision this week to go to the Mena hamfest next month and upgrade my ham license from tech to general, so I’ve started going through the study guides and taking the online sample tests. I also got my new antenna temporarily mounted, and found that even my Baofeng UV3R on low power will trigger the repeater that is around 40 miles from my house. Now I have a mobile and a portable for emergency communications!
    The 3 x 5 cheat sheets sounds great! Now I’ll have to make up some for these two ham radio’s.

    • If you laminate those cheat sheets, not only will they last longer but will stand up to some rough times when those times come.

  2. I love the Sunday Buzz! Thank you for all you do, such great information. 🙂

  3. That is a whole lot of info for one blog post! Love it… now on to reading all the info!

  4. Hey everyone!
    If you enjoy Gaye’s work here and you haven’t been voting for her at top prepper you need to start doing so every day.
    Just click one of the “VOTE FOR ME” boxes she has on her blog. You don’t have to give any information at the website it takes you to – just, when you get there, click the “Enter” link – that gives one vote for BDS and takes you to another page. On the new page click on the BackDoorSurvival banner and another vote is recorded. One vote ‘in’ and one vote ‘out’- – – that’s all there is to it! Honest!

    • I kinda figure it’s a small enough price to pay for the great content we get!

    • Thanks Jim. I am bummed about giving up the #1 position to someone with very little original content, only links to others. And I should not care, right?

      I appreciate the support.

    • I’ve been watching that one getting closer everyday and was wondering why people quit voting for your site. However, I think that other site will have a rather difficult time catching the ‘out’ count!

    • Oh, and if you didn’t care about loosing the #1 spot, you probably wouldn’t care about giving your readers such excellent content – to say nothing about the great give always!
      I’m sure that having the top slot helps when you are talking to someone about giving away a sample of their product.

    • Somehow the other site (which I purposely did not name) saw my post and blasted it over on Facebook. I am now getting hate mail. This is not good. Not good at all.

      Very sad that a little friendly competition has come to this.

      Now, back to regular programming.

    • 1 You did not name them – if they attacked you then they just showed their caliber.
      2 If you said nothing false – what do they have to complain about?
      3 If they do not want to be known for plagerism or as a “links” site then they need to be working on some original content – even if it’s just a compilation of what several other sites say – as long as it is in their own words and not just cut and paste.
      4 Whenever they are posting someone else’s work, admit it and give a link to the original – like you do!

  5. Hey Jim W, What kind of antenna did you get for your bofeng? I tried one of the popular mobile antennas and it cut my reception down to absolute ZERO ! I sent it back and am looking for something better. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Mike.

    • Mike – As a test I connected to a “Slimjim” antenna. That’s a j pole that is made from twin lead. They can be bought on ebay or from the guy that makes them. It can be rolled up and stored for emergencies. For the Baofeng you have to get an adapter to be able to connect to the pl259 connector on the antenna.
      I don’t know if it’s due to changing propagation conditions or better familiarity with the equipment, but I can also hit the repeater using a mag mount whip on the Baofeng – I couldn’t get anything on it last year!

  6. This week I canned some sweet relish and jam. I also picked up some super glue.

  7. Hi Gaye and fellow Practivists!

    This week we harvested a ton of potatoes and tomatoes out of the BOL Cabin garden and planted cover crops for the winter. We’ll put up the tomatoes as marinara sauce using basil and garlic we grew too.

    We put up another half cord of firewood at the Cabin. We also managed to fix a mechanical problem with our bushhog without having to bring it to a mechanic.

    We also baked bread, used food storage for most of our week-day meals and received another 400 rounds of LR ammo.

    The trailcam showed a 100-pound adolescent black bear sharpening its claws on our outhouse! Yipe! I may need to invest in one of those portable toilets so I don’t have to go out there in the middle of the night to pee.

    Take care everyone.

    • You are lucky the bear didn’t push the outhouse over! I had a bear messing with our garbage can building (built to keep bears out!) so I put some ammonia in a couple of balloons and rubbed bacon grease on the outside….first time the bear took a swipe at the bacon grease and got a wiff of the ammonia…he didn’t come back lol….got that tip from a neighbor who kept having his chicken house moved around the yard by a big bear pushing on it…

    • chamberpot.

  8. this week i started my own sourdough start so that i will have it available should i run out of yeast. i am also starting to investigate how to make cheese at home. i’ll let you know how that turns out after i try it…lol.
    great site and i vote for you frequently. love ya gaye

  9. I finally broke down and bought a Kershaw OSO sweet pocket knife, I really like it…works slick, good texture on the handles glad I bought it thanks!


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