The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 125

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 3, 2019
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Welcome to this week’s all new Sunday Survival Buzz with an update on my own preps and announcements from the Backdoor Survival blog.

There was not a lot of prepping going on at my place this week.  Most of what I accomplished had to do with research for blog articles, including cutting up an old pair of Shelly’s jeans to make some char cloth.  I also purchased a 5 gallon tub of coconut oil.

I am certain you are thinking that I must have lost it because 5 gallons is a lot of coconut oil.  No worries, though.  I am in love with the Tropical Traditions coconut oil and the 5 gallon tub was 1/2 off.  In case you are interested, free shipping with code “11147” is valid through midnight EDT, Monday, July 14th.

Preppers Guide to Food Storage Sale dark

The big news around here is that I finally spent some time preparing my eBook for publishing as a traditional print book.  It is slow going and time-consuming but needs to be done.  Believe it or not, I am struggling with what to put on the back cover.  I know, I know.  Get a grip and just do it.

Need to be convinced? The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage will provide you with everything you need to create an affordable food storage plan, including what to buy and how to store it. Nothing scary and nothing overwhelming – you really can do it!

That about covers it for me this week.  Now for some announcements.


This week’s Summer Blast giveaway is the amazing SolarBag Water Purifier.  You can read my review and enter the giveaway here:

Summer Survival Blast: Win a SolarBag Water Purifier


The winner of Bernie Carr’s book, Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure is Mary T. In addition, the winner of the Ultimate Volcano Cooking Combo from Emergency Essentials is Bill.  Both have claimed their prize and I soooooo appreciate their promptness!

One other thing.  Bill won the Volcano Stove by using the “Free Entry for Everyone” option.  I am pointing this out for those of you that prefer not to use the social media.  In an effort to simplify the giveaway process, I am now using “Rafflecopter” but that being said, I want to ensure that everyone has the ability to enter – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest notwithstanding.


There is still time left to get in on the Item of the Week from Spark Naturals. The item currently being offered is Frankincense and with your purchase, shipping is free on your entire order.  Just don’t forget to use the code BACKDOORSURVIVAL at checkout to get an extra 10% off.

Now here is the thing about Frankincense.  You can layer it over other essential oils to enhance that oil’s properties and drive the oils deeper.  Put another way, you can use Frankincense to “kick things up a notch”.

And me?  I use it on my face with my DIY Miracle Salve to scare away those wrinkles in an effort to look as young as I feel!


I would like to extend a warm Backdoor Survival welcome to Living Rational, your source for Survival Kits.  Check them out; they offer a best price guarantee and shipping is always free.


In the article Spring 2014 Book Festival: The Pantry Primer, I asked “Which of the following food storage accessories have you used?“  I was a bit surprised by the results, which were fairly evenly distributed.  One thing for sure, it appears that there are a lot of home canners in Backdoor Survival-land.  Bummer, though, because I am not one of them … yet.

  • Vacuum Sealer (such as a FoodSaver) – 59
  • Pressure Canner – 49
  • Water Bath Canner – 27
  • Mylar Bags with or without Oxygen Absorbers – 32
  • Large Buckets – 49
  • Food Dehydrator – 26
  • Other (not specified) – 40
  • None of the above -19


That about wraps things up for this week. What about you – what did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Updated Jul 3, 2019

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28 Responses to “The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 125”

  1. We had another power outage this week – 30 hours, that’s after 18 last week. So we did another grid down drill. Again I always learn something. On the plus side of it, I have my dh on-board with looking into a few solar panels, so I’m researching that.
    I picked up a set of Berkey filters and canned some blueberry jam.

    • Andrea – the 45 watt setup at Harbor Freight is an easy setup and doesn’t take a lot of room. I think Gaye has a link to their website. In addition that one is 12 volts, unlike many that are 24 volt systems. The charge controller has a 12 volt cigarette lighter plug, so you can use almost any equipment that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car-cell phone chargers, mp3 players, even the12 volt DVD players.

    • Sorry – I can’t find the Harbor Freight link on here anymore – I guess Gaye had to drop them.
      Just do a web search and you should find them. Or if you live near one of their stores just drop in and browse. (No – I don’t work for them and don’t get paid to mention them – but I have shopped there.)

  2. Had a tornado go through our area this past week, so twice within a one week period, some of my preps came into use. Water was the big star here, as well as the batteries and lamps that I had stored up.
    I bought your book just now, as well as that of A. American. His first one. You did such a good job of promoting both his and your own work, that I had to have one of each.
    I definitely plan to replace the water that I used this week, along with a couple of extra bottles, just to stay ahead.

  3. I have always worried about storing cooking oil. It goes rancid so fast. 5 gallon of coconut oil? How long will it last? If it stores for a long time, you will have me on board.

    • The only food item that has ever gone rancid on me is peanut butter and the only reason I knew is that is smelled “funny”. This is most likely due to our cool climate. In addition, it helps that my deep storage area is in a finished area/crawlspace that is dark and cool. I have stored EVOO there for 5 years and it is still good.

      Anyway, I have found that the stated shelf life for virgin coconut oil is anywhere from 18 months to 5 years, depending on storage conditions. With the 5 gallon bucket, I plan to scoop out what I need for the next month or two and leave the rest in deep storage. The key is to make sure my scooper is 100% clean and sterile so I do not introduce anything that might cause the coconut oil to start to turn.

      Of course at the rate I am using coconut oil to make salves, it will be gone within a year or two. BTW, I used coconut oil instead of butter on my melted cheese sandwich last night. Wonderful!

    • I’m with you Gaye. I use so much that 5 gallons—well how long will one bucket last you? Never having bought so much at one time, just trying to figure how long is a challenge. Then again, I have several different locations for storing so perhaps it’s best I stick to smaller containers. 😉 Though I do love the idea of so much. 🙂
      Also, I haven’t had any last for 5 years yet and my usage just keeps going up. Love grilled cheese sands with coconut oil. 🙂

    • If the oil is stored at a temp that keeps it solid, would it help the life to toss in an O2 absorber?

    • Jim – No, I don’t think so. The best thing would be to keep it cool.

    • Gaye you sweet thing. When I ordered this 5 gal pail, they asked me how I found their web site. When I told them through a reference from a friend, they gave me, free of charge, their book on Virgin Coconut Oil. It is a wonderful book. I’m old and maybe I believe anything I read, but this oil is like a gift from heaven. I will be using coconut oil for everything now. I’ll never buy any other oil from now on. Very few things in my life excite me now, but this oil is getting me excited. Thank you so much for pushing me toward this brand of oil.
      How did you discover this company? Do you really taste the difference between this oil and other brands?

    • I learned about Tropical Traditions from Rebecca at She is the same person that turned me on to Spark Naturals essential oils and is also a contributing author on BDS. I can not say I notice a taste difference because I am still using up the Nutiva brand in the kitchen, but the salves I make are a lot smoother and silkier with the TT brand.

      I am slowly but surely working my way through all of my other cooking oils and converting 100% to coconut oil and EVOO. But in the meantime, I am using the TT coconut oil in as a face moisturizer, hair serum, as an instant carrier for e.o.’s and anything else I can think of. I still need to use it to make popcorn – doesn’t that sound good?

    • Thanks Gaye. I am taking your advice on this brand of oil. I have been using the coconut oil from Sam’s club and I was very happy with it. I store my oil in the basement, which is usually around 70 degrees. I have had lots of olive oil go bad. I think the fact that the coconut oil is solid may have something to do with its longevity. Between this 5 gallon bucket and all my bacon grease, I am set for the long run.

    • You can make oil lamps from the bad oil. Have your tried that?

    • OH yes. The rancid oil still burns clean with no bad odor. I’m a prepper, I never throw anything away. I don’t pay for a trash collector. My paper is burnt in my backyard campfire, or shredded to use for my chicken nest, or mulch for my garden. My tin cans are sold to the salvage yard, and my food waste is fed to my critters.

    • I never thought of that. Burning rancid coconut oil in my olive oil cheaply built lamp.

      “Hit me with your Best Shot!”

      Thanks for that.

  4. BTW, thanks for the bargain bin notifications!

  5. Thank you for this great product info Gaye. I have already ordered several of you suggested products including your E-book. Thank you for putting it on sale. I also checked the website on the coconut oil and am going to go in halfsies with my daughter. I’m excited to try it. FYI though, the 50% off price is through today only and the 50% shipping is through tomorrow.
    Thanks again for all you do.

  6. Hi Gaye! It’s been a great prepping week.

    I’ve recycled lots of old, worn out clothing into quilting squares and whipped up a batch of personal cloths for the (hopefully unlikely) day the toilet paper runs out.

    I sharpened all our razors using the method you showed us a while ago using an old pair of jeans as a strop.

    Bought another 20# of dried beans and several pounds of dry pasta to go into storage – then donated half of each to the local foodbank.

    I rediscovered an old recipe from my childhood to make what my Mom used to call “energy candy” out of peanut butter, powdered milk and honey – all things I had in my preps! Its a great way to eat peanut butter without bread and is a super tasty calorie/energy dense food!

    Also tried my hand using some of the corn meal in my storage to make polenta griddle cakes for the first time. Added parmesean cheese and topped with saute’d mushrooms? DEEELISH!

    Put together a BOB for our cats, and received our gorgeous stainless steel Berkey water filter that will live in our off-grid BOL cabin.

    Did a mind-map of what I consider our most urgent Homestead Risks to make up plan for the next 24 months – Now I’m headed to the library to check out a few study guides to get my HAM license sometime this year since it’s one of the action items I identified as a priority!

    Thanks for your continuing work Gaye. You help keep me focused and positive about preparing!

    • Red – the tech ham license is very easy. I know – everyone says that – – but it really is!
      Good luck and have fun with it. I hope you get an easier call than mine! KF5AQF – try saying that fast a few times! 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement Jim! 😀

  7. RE: “There was not a lot of prepping going on at my place this week. Most of what I accomplished had to do with […] cutting up an old pair of Shelly’s jeans to make some char cloth. I also purchased a 5 gallon tub of coconut oil.”

    Am I the only one who thinks that is actually, alot? Especially compared to those who did Nothing.

    Anyway, I wonder what kind of feedback the winners of these giveaway prizes have. Seems like what they experience would be useful.

    Also, maybe it’s because my browser is outdated, but when I hit CTRL + to get the fonts up to a size my aging eyes are ok with, the blog page drops down to the bottom of the page. It sure is annoying having to scroll back up.

    This week I stopped at an Estate Sale and picked up an old toolbox full of taps and dies for cheap. I wiped them down with some Ballistol to control the rust and to maintain their value in case I Kick The Bucket before my better-half does so she has something of value to sell off after SHTF.

    In the meantime, I can fix a lot more broken bolts than before. And… no electricity required!

  8. My prepping this week involved harvesting cuttings from my herb garden, bunching them up and tying them to hang upside down to dry. When dried I keep them in glass containers in a dark cupboard for tasty dried herbs all winter.

    • Oh I almost forgot! I joined the Oil of the Month Club this week and am looking forward to receiving Oregano oil soon!

  9. I read PHOENIX ISLAND. I couldn’t decide just which character was more like me. I did enjoy reading it though since I am familiar not only with the location but also the counties and the native tribes mentioned. Which got me to thinking…just how much I know if that would happen to me. So I decided to write a book with similar detail which was included in the book. I’m not a storyteller but perhaps in writing down what I know…perhaps I could weave it into a story. lol Or just write it down. 🙂
    Is this the same as prepping when you’re having fun with it? F

    • I received my copy (that I wn here) yesterday, but have not had time to do more than look it over. It’s a good thing I don’t have TV. I would never get anything done!:)
      Right now I’m reading “Isle of Woman” “Crosscurrents” “The Life of Nicola Tesla ” and about three others. That’s in addition to taking care of chickens, three dogs, myself, and trying to keep the house and yard halfway clean! These hot summer days are getting me behind on the yard work!

  10. Not shocked by the poll results at all. I love my Food Saver and I know a lot of people that own one and use it a lot. In fact a couple of friends of mine are on their second ones since they burned out their first ones.

    • I, too, am on my second one. We MacGyvered the first one two or three times until it could not be fixed anymore.

    • RE: “We MacGyvered the first one two or three times until it could not be fixed anymore.”

      That’s cool.


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