The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 107

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jun 27, 2019

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Survival Buzz – a roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web. But first, an update on my own preps.

I am very – no extremely – excited to report that I was able to score some free buckets for storing my survival goods.  Those of you that have been following me for awhile know how I love my buckets but I have always had to buy them.  Long story short, Shelly and I were having a coffee date and I saw some buckets behind the barista’s counter.  Not being the bashful type, I asked whether I could buy them cheap and while I did not get the square buckets I had seen, she went in back and found these!

Free Buckets

Depending on what is stored inside (gear or food) and whether the contents are sealed in Mylar bags or not, I will replace the lids with Gamma Seals and will be one happy Prepper.  Did I say they were free?

Please, if you have a restaurant or bakery nearby, ask for some free buckets.  These buckets have uses around the house, in the garden and in the survival pantry.  Even if you have to pay a buck or two, used food-grade buckets are a great deal if you can find them.

Okay, enough bucket-bragging.  Let’s get on to the Sunday Survival Buzz.


Top 10 Greatest Firearms in History:  The article, while a bit dated, looks at ten of the greatest firearms in history.  It is an interesting perspective from a non-American.  His question, at the end of the article, is definitely something to ponder.

The Toxic Placebo Effect Of Vaccines:  Almost daily, I see an article where some family is saying “if only we had taken the flu shot”.  Sorry, I call baloney.  Sometimes, people get sick. And vaccines?  Not for me, that is for darn sure.

Adding this herb to pizza sauce may help fight virus:  Oregano?  Who would have thought it.  Actually, with success we have had using Oil of Oregano (essential oil) this does not surprise me.

It Doesn’t Take Much For People To Start Behaving Like Crazed Lunatics: This was a reality in February and not speculation.  Will those that do not prepared every get it?

Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable?:  I have learned first hand what it is like to be without internet or cell phone service for an extended period. As the article says:

“What strikes me about the timing of such a move, pulling the plug on the internet and otherwise, is how important communications are to crises. With so many looming potential devastating scenarios and the survival of our loved ones and each other so important, this is something to be very conscious of as well as prepared for.”

Dehydrating Intro:  A nice pictorial look at dehydrating fruits and veggies. A hat tip to Bill M. for suggesting this one.

Turn An Empty Beer Can Into The Only Camp Stove You’ll Ever Need:  Here is another take on a DIY rocket stove.  I wonder if I can convince the Survival Husband to make one for me?


From Dawn:

I read your article on DIY Miracle Healing Salve.  You wrote:

“Relieve pet scratching and itching: Tucker the Dog was scratching himself in one spot on his belly so I put a little Miracle salve on the spot and a couple of days later he stopped.  Was it the smell,  the healing properties or just a coincidence?  I don’t know but it worked.”

I would just like to add the CATS are killed by essential oils.  Their livers can NOT break down the phenols the way that humans and canines can.  Please tell your awesome readers NOT to use any essential oils around their felines.

And from Valerie regarding the DIY Miracle Healing Salve:

I love this stuff too. There is nothing I can say that would be enough to get everyone to try it.

I am confined to a wheelchair and spend quite a bit of time in my chair and in bed. Your Miracle Healing Salve is utterly fantastic. It has gotten rid of the start of many small decubiti (bed sores), gotten rid of itchy skin, and other various ailments.

I have given jars to my mother (age 86) who is also in a wheelchair, and my caregivers (who love it and use it on their kids too. I am on my second batch. This time I added Tea Tree Oil to see how it works and it seems to work even better than the first batch. If you need a testimonial, I am your gal.

Okay everyone, I am blushing and bragging. But honestly, you really do need to give the Healing Salve a try.  It is wonderful stuff!  Here is the link again: DIY Miracle Healing Salve.


If this Buzz seems a little short, it is because the Survival Hubby and I are taking a much needed “save our sanity” vacation.  The best part, though, is we are traveling with my beloved niece and her husband who wants a crash course in prepping.  To be honest, these are the first members of my own family to come onboard the preparedness wagon train.

Tucker the Dog is at doggie camp and a friend is house-sitting and taking tender loving care of my tomato seedlings.  Life, for now, is good.  Thank you all for being so awesome!

So what about you – what did you do to prep this week?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Cheap Whistle Works Good

Is this worth 93 cents?  You bet!

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Gamma Seal Lids: If you can get your hands on some free buckets, this is the way to go.

Morakniv Craftline Q Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife: Also known as the Mora 511, this is now my favorite knife.  It is made of Swedish steel and is super sharp.

LifeStraw Personal Water FilterThe Amazon Top Ten Most Wanted Survival and Outdoor Items   Backdoor Survival:  The LifeStraw is considered the most advanced, compact, ultra light personal water filter available. It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. It weighs only 2oz.  making it perfect for the prepper. For more information, see my LifeStraw review.

Magnesium Fire StarterThe Amazon Top Ten Most Wanted Survival and Outdoor Items   Backdoor Survival:  This Campers’ Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter.

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12 Color Pack Bandana – Assorted Colors:  This is the #1 seller in the bandana category. Heck, I think that beats Wal-Mart and flea market pricing. Be sure to read How to Use a Bandana to Save the Day.


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This month, the Do It Yourself SuperPail Combo is on sale. It includes 8 x 6-Gallon Buckets with Lids, 8 x Metallized Storage Bags and a 10-Pack of Large Oxygen Absorbers.

Don’t forget that you do not need fancy equipment to seal the metalized bag. A cheap hair iron will do the job.  Forget about a hose and a vacuum sealer. A cheap hair iron works great – just be sure to get one with 2” plates.


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Updated Jun 27, 2019

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37 Responses to “The Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 107”

  1. Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, it was hard to find a survival manual. One of the few authors was Howard J Ruff. I had purchased his first book and was then fortunate enough to meet him in person. I then bought his second book and became a member of his newsletter. He was the one that, has been said, single handedly brought the price of gold down over 50% over night when he gave the sell order. Being as old as I am and so forgetful, I knew there was some good stuff in his books, but I had forgotten some of them, so I bought another from Amazon. While reading a book printed in the early 70’s,(remember the long gas lines, buying gas on odd and even days according to your license plate numbers, the truckers strike with snipers shooting truckers who didn’t strike)and comparing what he said about in the 70’s, and what is happening now is uncanny. What is happening to our society was predicted, but what is really happening is so much worst than what was predicted. This has made me order more from Emergency Essentials.

    • John, I feel that it is getting about too late for anyone who is not fully prepared, including myself. I plan to do all I can to survive (with the exception of becoming a cold hearted killer).
      The crazies that think they are in charge of the world seem to be wanting a nuclear war. Hopefully they will settle for bombing one major city, or set off an EMP, with a nuke and then go to conventional weapons. Could be a false flag, or could be an attack, we would probably never know. And would it really make any difference? I think a lot of “prepping” will happen after the SHTF. People will start growing their own food, like they should have been doing all along. I just hope not too many starve to death trying to survive by hunting or learning to garden.

    • Jim, all my life I have lived in an rural area with the exception of 18 months I spent in the greater Miami area. 18 months is all I could stand it. Yes, I got out of Dodge. I just cant imagine what it will be like in the large cities when the people that are living on the government now, no longer get their freebies. I don’t want to be around. I have spent the most of my life in WV, Tenn, and Ky. I just cant understand people not knowing how to garden, but I met one lady that planted corn and didn’t know why she only got one ear of corn off the stalk. She thought they just kept growing new ears. There will be millions and millions like her.
      I also don’t want to be a cold hearted killer, but I know the parable of the 10 virgins. I know what the 5 did that had oil for their lamp. Do to my thinking this way, there is no way anyone is going to survive with no weapons. Even Nancy Pelosi’s husband tried to buy an AR15.

    • I did not mean that I would not kill someone. I will do so to protect family and loved ones. But I don’t think I could kill for food or things that I can live without.

    • John, your memory reminded me; last year while my nephew and his wife were visiting (both are in their 40s), I sent my nephew out to gather some greens for a salad—his wife ask him, “Are we going to eat that? What about the dirt?” See, she works in a grocery store. That’s what she knows.
      As to weapons, it’s going to be those people don’t know how to use anymore and the simpler ones which will see us through once the ammo is gone because most don’t know how to make more of what goes inside those bullets. Yes, I’m planning for the long term as well as the short term. 🙂

    • Dee,
      You or your husband might find Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming’s new book “Grid Down: Perceptions of Reality Volume 2 Part 2” of interest. He tells how to make black powder from chicken manure. In addition to other survival items. (Ever hear of sugardine? It’s Betadine and sugar or honey!) It’s available on kindle or as hard copy. I got the hard copy, just need light to read it! Electricity not required.

    • I am single. It’s been a long time but I suspect I could make something close enough gun powder. I lived in rather rustic location during my tweens. Just long enough that I was curious enough to just absorb a lot even when I wasn’t being taught how to.
      Not sure why but all that old way of doing is coming back even though I live in town right now. Since I don’t use Betadine it will have to be honey or sugar. lol But then I’m mean with a pea shooter(interpret that as lethal) and am relearning how to use a hand sling/power crossbow mix. It’s my skill/knowledge which will help me live thru what’s coming more than my ability to defend myself. That said, even disAbled people can defend themselves. 😉

  2. Hi Gaye!

    I hope your ‘vacation’ was a rejuvenating one!!

    I would like to add to your bucket idea– my hubby is a handyman and does a ton of painting. He ends up with a bunch of 5 gallon paint buckets that he just eventually pitches. I have taken them, cleaned them out (easiest way is to open the buckets and set in the sun and peel out the dried paint) – I use the buckets to put a lot of my survival stuff in that is already packaged. it actually still seals really good! I got hit by a really good down pour the other day and the stuff in the paint buckets where actually under water! I thought i lost everything! But, when i opened the buckets the next day, everything was dry inside!!

    so get with a painter that uses 5 gallons of paint at a time! make sure to keep the lid with it’s smaller cap and you can even pack clothes in them to keep dry and bug/rodent free!

    • Oh yeah just remembered this! with the buckets having the paint label on the outsides, at first glance nobody will know they are survival items! you can even mix them in with real paint and nobody but you will be the wiser! a great way to have extra supplies hidden in plain sight!

    • Great idea about hiding stuff in plain site. 🙂

    • I have supplies all over my property that you wouldnt think of looking! hubby says i’m obsessed but I tell him that he’s not gonna think that when S.H.T.F.! lol

  3. buckets are definitely highly versatile. besides using them as containers or for rain water collection, we have a number of buckets here at the house that we like to use when we get an unexpected dip in the temperatures and happened to have planted our little tomatoes and peppers. fortunately here in houston it doesn’t stay cold for more than a couple days so obviously this wouldn’t work well up north. we just cover our plants with the buckets for the day or two that its going to be cold. less hassle than having to use frost blankets and pin them down.

  4. Gaye, I understand that you do not agree with vaccines and will not use them. I like your website and have learned a lot from it. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from insulting people who have thoughtfully researched them, as you have, and come to different conclusions. My grandmother was born in Philadelphia in 1904 and orphaned by the influenza epidemic in 1918-1919. If the next girl on the line at the stocking factory they both worked at(full time at the ages of 14 and 15)had not taken her in, she would have been homeless for more than the month that she slept in the coat closet at the factory. She was adamant for all of her 98 years that all family members be vaccinated as appropriate. She lived in an unvaccinated world for many years and was faced many times with friends and family members dying from or becoming disabled by things we have prevention/treatment for today. I would like to think you would have treated her with respect in spite of your differences in opinion.

    • Amy, my grandfather lost a wife and three children in the flue epidemic, but that doesn’t mean we should be vaccinated when there are so many people dying and getting sick from the vaccinations. I have always gotten my flue shots until this year. I am reading to much about the side effects. I have made and am now taking daily drinks of the 4 thieves tonic. This tonic allowed the thieves to pillage dead people’s home in the great plague. I may have to hold my nose to take it, but I feel great and I will never have another vaccination shot that my governments says is good for me. There will be no apologies from me.

    • Amy – I feel very bad that you feel I was disrespectful since that was never my intent. Sadly, however, it is my opinion that the vaccines today have “hidden agendas”. This is unlike the life-saving qualities of the vaccines created in the past. These days it seems that greed and control have taken over – making it difficult to separate what is good and what is harmful.

      My apologies to you and your family for any bad feelings I may have created.

  5. I have been blessed to know people who work at grocery stores, so when I ask, they pick up some buckets. Mine are mostly 3 gallon but the gamma lids fit those too. I agree, whatever is coming is galloping toward us. My daughter just came to me the other day and said we need to finding another place to live soon. She’s not into prepping (she lets me do it for the family) but I’ve learned to rely on her intuition just as I do my own. We even have the area picked out. Now to have things fall into place for us to get this done.
    BTW: I’ve begun saving my plastic bags from chips, snacks and other items which are resealable. I do a lot of reusing and recycling; then the idea came that at a certain point. Plastic may not be available AND as mentioned before, even if these aren’t used for food, they work for other items which we want to keep water out of…after all, all we have to do is seal one side just as you do with mylar bags.
    Gaye and all, good for you for asking about buckets. Grocery stores which have bakeries, and some deli’s—these are great places for asking for buckets. AND ask those restaurants which serve breakfasts like Denny’s and IHOP…they may have the 55 gallon drums we’re wanting. That’s my next request. I can get them across the street from me for $14 but I’d rather get them for free. 😉
    Didn’t do much prepping this week, the flu decided to stop by for a visit. I’m spending my time loving and nurturing my body so as to make it known it’s not a wanted guest here. 😉 LOL Even so, keep prepping. 🙂 AND Gaye AND SH…enjoy your vacation.

    • I was not able to find any buckets nearby, however when I asked my sister (who lives near Oklahoma City) about getting some, she knew a man that worked at a hardware store and he gave her about a dozen used 5 gallon and 2.5 gallon buckets for me. So, I’ve got quite a few, but could always use more!

    • There are gamma lids for those 2.5 gallon buckets too. They are very handy too. OKC huh?! I know lots of people in Oklieland. lol

    • I live far SE Oklahoma. My sis lives too close to OKC and Tinker AFB for my liking. If a nuke hits Tinker all I can do is shed a few tears and say a prayer for her. Anything less and she knows that my house is her bugout location. She called today to let me know that she had ordered strawberry plants, blackberry plants, paw-paw trees, and apple trees for me. I should be getting them in the next 3 or 4 weeks. Then I’ve gotta find where I’m going to plant all of them!

    • It’s not just Tinker that would be targeted. Yes, I’m concerned because quite a few my people live around OKC. So are you going to have do any major soil amendment with so much red clay there? At least you can get a pottery wheel cuz the clay is great for making terracotta pots. Possible skill for you there? You/your sister actually ordered blackberry bushes? I remember those thickets growing all over the place. And for sure you have poke around there for greens. 🙂 O to have a paw paw tree, but not sure but what someone might think it was a weed up there in the NW lol.

    • She ordered thornless blackberries. I’m in the foothills of the ouachita’s, so I have mostly rocks! Finally got a posthole drill for the tractor, so making holes in the ground is a lot easier now. You go through about 2 inches of topsoil and start hitting big rocks and boulders. Difficult by hand. Maybe I can sell pet rocks? 🙂 I had two small paw-paw trees a couple of years ago, but the super hot summer killed them. This time I’m planning on making a removable canopy to shade them from the noonday sun.

  6. I go to the bakery department in the grocery stores and ask for their buckets, I like the ones that have a rubber gasket, not only are they food safe, they also have a very tight seal. ( found out that I am not the only one in town that asks for these buckets) Yes they are free. My preps this week were minuscule. I got: 3 puzzles, analog timer and started to organize my prep area. While at the store I saw one of the soda venders stocking soda. I asked them for a few “soda trays” these are put on the floor and soda or water are stacked on top. I will use these like mini pallets. I would at some point try to obtain one of the larger rubber pallets.

    • I have those bottle trays in my one closet with empty soda bottles in them ready to be filled at a moments notice–it’s great for keeping the bottles in a nice neat area once you wash out the soda bottles to use later for water storage. They are also great to have out in the garden to hold plant pots.

  7. Is anyone worried about what is going on in Russia and the Ukrain? Should we be worries that this might be it?

    • From seeing all the reports on the news, hubby thinks it’s nothing- for now. I have come to rely on his intuition on things after 25 years. He feels that Russia is making a ‘dry run’ for something bigger and is basically ‘testing’ the rest of the world to see who is going to do what and how soon. Right now, its a big game of RISK we just dont know whose turn it is yet. This is defiantly something to keep an eyeball on. If it settles down, I for one am not going to let my guard down since that might be what Russia wants- the world to relax and take it easy. In my opinion, I can see something like the recent version of ‘Red Dawn” becoming a reality.

    • You ought to see the remake of Red ‘Dawn’. It opens up other possibilities. I agree with your hubby.

    • That was the version i was referring to- the one with Chris Helmsworth in it

    • I don’t worry about it being some sort of tipping point. My concerns are that it will drive up energy prices, which seem to drive up ALL prices, and bring about a return of a Cold War Light. I think maybe more war-by-proxy and some economic turmoil but no “The Day After”.

  8. I’m lucky enough to have a Sister-in-law who works in the restaurant business. I’m awash in free 5 gallon buckets, of course trying to get the pickle smell out is a constant chore. Thanks for a great read. -Mike

    • Try using a baking soda wash to get the pickle smell out– it’s a trick that is as old as tupperware! lol I used to sell it and I was taught that if you take baking soda and use it in place of say kitchen cleanser poweder- it can take almost anything out of plastics– I have let the mix sit in plastics over night and it does great.

    • Thanks for the tip!

    • I use it too that way Michele. Another tip, when plain baking soda doesn’t get it all then add some salt to the bs and with the 2 they act like super duper scrubber!

  9. Have you looked into vacuum sealing for storage long term?

    The ancient one from Aspen Hill

    • CDR – have you read Gaye’s January 15 article?

      But, we are always willing to listen to anyone with experience! If you have tips or suggestions that can help us out, we do appreciate them.

  10. Have you heard of anyone having problems with their gamma lids splitting?? Almost every gamma lid that I have purchased in the last year now has a giant crack right in the center of it. And they hadn’t even been used yet, so it wasn’t from stacking them. All of the lids were just sitting on a shelf in the basement. I am at a loss for what caused it unless it could be from temperature fluctuations.

    • Wow – that is not something I have heard of. It seems to me that gamma lids should be designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. Where did you get them – or did you purchase them from a variety of sources?

    • They were from different places. One came from Emergency Essentials, 2 were from a farm store in Utah and one was a gift (so unknown).

      It’s so bizarre. I have tried to look it up online, but I can’t find a single case of gamma lids splitting like that. And it wouldn’t be so weird if it had only happened to one of them. The only other thing I can think of besides it getting cold down in the basement is that maybe it is too dry down there (being in Utah)…but those are supposed to be good things for food storage!

      I’m going to contact the company to see if they have any ideas for what could have caused it.

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