The Sunday Buzz

The buzzThe Sunday Buzz started out a a quick and dirty update to events of the week including interesting news stories, lifestyle tips and must-see videos.  (Remember the “In the News” and “Backdoor Tip of the Day” sections?).

I realized this week that the Buzz has come in to its own and is more than just a quick, only if I have time to read it type of thing.  Perhaps it is a sign of the times but these days there is simply too much to say to get it done in just a few minutes or just a few paragraphs.  So enough of my rambles.  Let’s get to it.

The 5 Stages of Personal Awakening

Last week, Eric Blair, one of the founders of Activist Post, wrote an article titled 5 Stages of My Personal Awakening. I was personally moved by the piece since many of Eric’s stages have mimicked my own. As he so clearly states, the five stages are his and are not meant to be universal guidelines. Still, the stages are so very real and filled with a clarity beyond what I could articulate myself.

The stages?

  • Recognizing the Lies
  • Realizing Who’s Really In Charge
  • Understanding the Agenda
  • Nature of Reality and Solutions
  • Forgiving the Evil Doers

Clearly, I have not stepped through all of the stages and indeed, I may have a stage or two of my own. That said, if you do nothing else this weekend, please read this article. It is brilliant.

The Sellout of the American People Continues

As you know, I have no great love for banks and personally prefer local community banks and credit unions.  So when I hear that the big guys are being rewarded for bad work – well – that just fries me.  According to The Consumerist:

“Since the Treasury Dept. began releasing quarterly report cards on big banks’ efforts to improve their mortgage modification processes, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase have consistently received subpar marks, leading the feds to withhold a total of $171 million in incentives. That money is now set to be released to B of A and Chase .  Of the total amount, B of A will get $81.8 million and Chase will be gifted with $89.1 million.”

In the meantime, these same institutions are raping the public and businesses with absurd account maintenance fees, zero customer service and “to hell with you” attitude.

So I am confused. The Department of Justice sues these corporations for fraudulent practices, then the Department of Treasury gives them reward money?  Jeesh . . . and people wonder why we prepare for civil unrest on a national scale.

For a lesson in government contradiction and stupidity, read this: Obama Administration Releases February Housing Scorecard.

Some Young People Really DO Care

A hat tip to Rex for sending over the following video.  Apparently AARP (the old folks club) held a contest titled “U @ 50”.  This video won second place.  It is very simple yet oh so brilliant.  It will only take a second to watch.

From the Just Say No Department

Oh my – two videos in one week.  But this one is important.  When the power company asks if they can upgrade your electric meter, tell them, “No Way, Go Away”.

This hat tip goes to my long-time friend and colleague from another life, Jerry.

Wake Up World!

Okay okay.  I know I do not need to remind you to “wake up” since unless you are a troll, you would not be reading this if you were part of the sheeple crowd.  What I do want to do is suggest that you visit the site Wake Up World where you will find lots of interesting and enlightening work by some of the best survival and coping type authors on the web.  Did I mention that some of my articles are featured?

I asked Ryan Mullins for a quote for my readers and gosh, talk about synergy.  This is what he said:

My quote for the past year has been ” The heart is the new brain” 🙂

My thoughts exactly!

This week on Strategic Living

Stupid IVToday’s article on Strategic Living is titled Thirteen Ways to Avoid Stupid.  Of special note is our first point relative to our changed world.  And when we say changed, we mean changed as of right now.

We think smart people will see it and stupid people won’t.  You can read it here.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


. . . Your comments welcome here and at The Buzz.

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5 Responses to “The Sunday Buzz”

  1. Number 5: Forgive the Evil Doers. In a pigs eye, NO WAY, only after Hell is cold, and when they tell me that they were wrong and evil all the time. This crap of forgiveness, NEVER.

  2. About “your old buddy Jerry”;

    I will fight “Smart Meters” from a privacy and liberty standpoint, but as I’m someone that has had a early form of smart meter for the last ten years, RIGHT OUT SIDE MY BEDROOM, IMO the “health dangers” of these meters are blown WAY out of proportion. The amount of RF that they emit is so minisiscule, that a common home router, microwave, or cordless phone puts out exponentially more radio frequency than a smart meter.

    He is so blinded by this to the point of not being rational.


  3. Hey there Texas Scout,
    Please don’t shoot the messenger :). I did not create that Smart Meters video I just found it on Youtube and shared it. I think you and I agree on the one reason I posted it…the gradual errosion of our privacy is unacceptable to us.

  4. They already installed their damned smart meter at my house! They came while I worked, and left me a door hanger. Now I will fry from within my own home. HELLO BIG BROTHER……you ASSHOLE! There is no opting out either. It’ all part of the end game, be afraid, very very afraid…’re next! They’re coming for one and all.

  5. Forgiveness AFTER Justice! A public hanging is in order!


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