The Sunday Buzz – Volume 11

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The buzzWelcome to this week’s roundup of preparedness news, tips, articles and recommendations from around the web. But first, an update on my own preps.

I have been busy with rehearsals this week (Survival Husband and I are two of the featured waltzer’s in our local production of the Sound of Music) but I still found time to pick up some organic lettuce starts as well as some other early spring veggies for the garden.

What? No seeds this year?  Well here is the scoop.  Last year I went through three batches of seed-starting and still ended up buying starts.  It is not that I have a brown thumb – quite the contrary.  It is just that our PNW climate has been cold, damp and cloudy and there is simply not enough light in my home to get the little seeds started.  So this year I caved, at least for now.

As you can see, my little square foot garden still has some onions in the ground from last year.  But a big oops – I thought I was growing onion onions.  You know, the onions that mature to the size of a fist.  But no, these are green onions.  So the moral of the story?  The time to learn about growing crops is now so that you learn what works in your climate and what doesn’t.  Like me, you will make mistakes but keep at it and soon you will learn what works for you.

Spring Lettuce_1

Spring Lettuce_0

And if you need some help, be sure to check out my article Growing and Raising 100% of your Food.

But enough about me.  What buzzing around in the prepping and survival world this week?

Titanic’s Wake: Shipwreck of the Century Retains Its Grip

Newsweek recently ran an article titled Voyage of the Doomed.  The article was, of course, about the Titanic and about how, in their words:

All walks of life teemed aboard the RMS Titanic—from dollar dukes to striving immigrants. Little did they know how they would be betrayed.

Now what I find interesting is that this MSM publication liked the sinking of the Titanic to the supposedly unsinkable liner we know as global capitalism.

Of course, the supposedly unsinkable liner that is global capitalism recently hit an iceberg, and its name was Lehman Brothers. And lo, in the twinkling of an eye there was much screaming, and the fanciest and most sumptuous vessel looked as though it would slide right into the deep. Now, too, it is steerage that gets the short end of the stick, just as it did in 1912. Will we ever learn that the best systems, the most money, the cleverest engineers, and their most infallible designs are of no avail when it’s that imperfect thing—the human being—that drives them at a reckless speed?

Forgive me if I doubt it. But as we sail on into that dark ocean of the future where who knows what perils lurk in the darkness, is it too much to ask that there be at least enough bloody lifeboats for everyone—for us in third class as well as the ladies and gents living it up in the state rooms?

Bloody lifeboats indeed.  That would be nice but I am not counting on it.

From the Here We Go Again Department:  Another Casting Call

First it was a call for the doomsday prepper types, then the prepping singles, and now the weapons savvy.  This hit my email on Friday.  If you are interested, send contact information, a brief bio and a “preview” of what security items you have to [email protected] or call 720-259-1547 for more information.


Orion Entertainment, the world’s leader in outdoor-adventure television, is currently casting for a new docu-reality television pilot that explores weapon-savvy Americans and their families. These regular and everyday citizens are armed and prepared for when the fabric of society unravels in the wake of any major cataclysmic event.

The weapons preppers featured in the television pilot will be armed with the latest in firearms technology, ammunitions, night vision optics, vehicles and security systems. They believe their preparedness and armament is to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones for catastrophic events such as terrorist attacks, economic meltdowns, global pandemics and natural disasters.

Potential candidates would need to be available for approximately 4 days of filming and provide camera access for a full 360-view of their defensive strategies:

· On-camera interviews with preppers and their family and friends (when applicable). Need to hear of any past incidents and events that have shaped their mindset today. What motivates them now, and what are their biggest fears and thoughts on the future of the world?

· An “all-access tour” of their security items – firearms, ammo, knives, night vision, etc. What do they have, and more importantly, why?

· Access to test-firing weapons – our preppers will show our host and audiences what their firepower can do.

· A sneak-peak into their security and safety plans and strategies. What is the plan for an economic crisis? Tornados that wiped out the states power grids? A terrorist attack on U.S. soil?

· What is their training of real-world scenarios and situations to keep their skills up-to-date? The preppers and our host will run the drills.

· We want to see it all, hear it all and feel it all.

Kashi to Embrace Non-GMO Organic Ingredients

I adore Kashi products and especially Kashi protein bars so I was pleased to see the following announcement: All new Kashi foods to be Non-GMO Project Verified and contain at least 70% organic ingredients beginning 2015.

Currently, less than 1% of cropland in the US is organic and about 70% of all processed food contains GMOs.  As one of the largest food brands in the natural and organic marketplace, we are in a unique position to make a sizeable, positive impact on the food system. That’s why we’re announcing a long-term initiative to produce significantly more organic and Non-GMO Project Verified foods.

By the end of 2014, all existing Kashi® GOLEAN cereals and Kashi® Chewy Granola Bars—which are our biggest offerings—will be Non-GMO Project Verified. Plus, beginning 2015, all new Kashi foods will contain at least 70% organic ingredients and be Non-GMO Project Verified as well.  Seven of our cereals already meet the Non-GMO Project Verification standard today.

This is good news for Kashi but hopefully better news for the food system as a whole.  Currently, it’s difficult for companies like Kashi to source enough ingredients that are organic and grown without using GMO. But with this commitment, we ensure more farmers make more organic and non-GMO crops accessible for everyone.

The Truth About Neighborhood Crime

This recently came across my desk.  (Can you tell that I love infographics?)  I was surprised by some of the dangerous cities.  Who would have thought that Anchorage, Alaska would be in the top 10?  Personally, I vote for living in the country but for many, that is not possible due to their work or family situation.

The Truth About Neighborhood Crime
Compiled By: Home Insurance Guide

Today on Strategic Living

Do you get the feeling that your life is being over-run by digital media?  It seems as though everywhere you look, someone is pitching an eBook your way – some for free and some for a mere two or three bucks.  Today on Strategic Living, George and I share some thoughts on the future of reading in our article: The Questionable Future of Reading and Books

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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  1. It seems that media sensationalists such as the Orion Entertainment group are preying on the impacted people rather than the true causes of the condition that people are in. Their investigative efforts can be likened to graphic pictorials of animal neglect and abuse… rather than pictorial exposure of the cause or those who commit such atrocities. Just whose “best interests” are they serving by their “reporting”? Seems that they would be providing a much greater service to the viewing public to redirect their investigative reporting efforts in the direction of those who are secretly causing and manipulating the conditions that we the people must deal with. How curious that they want to “report” all the hidden realities about what the general populace is doing to prepare and protect themselves… but not expose the corrupt and ruthless predators causing the people so much fear and difficulty. Seems the Orion Group is only a part of the sick problem… rather than paricipating in the cure.

    • And of course you know my opinion on the whole Doomsday Prepper et. al. business. Let someone else do it.

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