Summer Survival Blast: SunBell and Little Sun Solar Lamps

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 28, 2021
Summer Survival Blast: SunBell and Little Sun Solar Lamps

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Every once in a while something comes along that tickles my fancy because it is just so darn much fun.  When that fun item is coupled with solid functionality, I am thrilled.

Such is the case with the SunBell Solar Lamp and the Little Sun. Both are 100% solar powered, simple to use, and a delight to look at.  And of course, I have one of each to give away to lucky Backdoor Survival readers.

SunBell and Little Sun BDS

So what are they and how do they work?  Let us take them one at a time, starting with the SunBell.

The SunBell Solar Lamp and Phone Charger

The SunBell is a lightweight solar-powered lamp that is totally powered by the sun.  It consists of a lampshade that also serves as a stand, LED light, USB phone charging port, charging cable, internal battery, and of course, the solar panel itself.

SunBell Contents

The SunBell can be used as a lantern and a flashlight.  You can stand the lampshade on its base, slip the battery/LED fixture into the slots on top, and use the SunBell for task lighting. There is a flexible neck so you can easily adjust the task light for close work or reading.

Or, if you wish, you can hang it from a doorknob or a ceiling hook as a hanging lamp.  There are lots of possibilities!

SunBell Hanging Lamp

SunBell Flashlight

SunBell Lantern Lamp

But there is more.  You can detach the lamp and battery from the unit and hang it around your neck, giving you some hands-free lighting as you wander around in the dark.

SunBell Around Neck

There are three light modes:

Bright – 4.5 hours
Standard – 13.5 hours
Dim – 135 hours

The bright and standard settings were good for reading while in my opinion, the dim setting was best used as a night light.  Your mileage and preferences may vary, of course.

Charging the SunBell Solar Lamp

The solar panel is connected to the battery pack by a 9-foot charging cable.  The charging cable is tucked into its base when not in use.  Pretty ingenious, actually.

SunBell Charging Cable

When I say that the SunBell battery is charged by the sun, I am only giving you part of the picture.  I should really say that it is kinda sorta charged by the sun.  The truth is that its internal battery can be charged up without much sunshine at all.  Partial sun or even cloudy conditions will charge the SunBell although the charging period will be increased.  Still, that is a great feature especially for those of us living in a northern climate zone.

Just so you know, the specifications say that charging takes 3 hours in sun, 8 hours in partial sun, and 10 hours in cloudy conditions.

Does Phone Charger Work?

Yes, absolutely.  Not only that, I tried powering my iPad using the USB port and it actually worked.  I did not keep it connected for long and I imagine this would quickly deplete the battery but still, it was good to know.  I had similar luck with my Sony reader.

The Little Sun

The Little Sun is a much simpler device.  You might recall that I mentioned it in the Sunday Survival Buzz.Little Sun Front

Little Sun Solar Panel

There is not much to it.  After charging it for 8 hours in direct sunlight (or slightly longer on an overcast day), you have a portable light that produces 10 hours of soft light or 4 hours of bright light.  It comes with an adjustable strap that can also be removed. giving you lots of options for portability.

We have been using the little Sun on our deck at night to provide a soft glow that you just can’t get with traditional overhead lighting.

The Little Sun would be great as a gift for kids of all ages or for someone who has a passion for flashlights and portable lighting.  Sound like someone you might know?

How to Enter the SunBell and Little Sun Giveaway – The Rules

Here is the part you have been waiting for.  Backdoor Survival sponsor is giving an away both the SunBell and the Little Sun.  There will be two winners, one for each product.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is to select one or more of the options on the Rafflecopter form below.  You can sign in with your email account or Facebook, the choice is yours.  The best way to start is by clicking on “Easy Entry for Everyone”.  After that, each option you select represents an additional entry.  There are a few different options to pick and choose or select them all.

Please note that the winning item can only be shipped to an address in the United States or Canada.

The giveaway will end on Thursday, August 21 at 6 PM PDT and the winner will be notified by email on or before August 24th.  Note that the winning entry will be verified and the winner will have 48 hours to respond.

The “Rafflecopter”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Final Word

I love my new solar-powered lamps.  Not only are they great for emergencies but I find I am using them for everyday use both as a desk lamp and as outdoor lighting.  I don’t have to worry about batteries because they can be powered outdoors, even when it is overcast.

Plus, with the Little Sun, just looking at it makes me smile.

A big thank you goes to not only for being a sponsor of Backdoor Survival but for providing the SunBell and Little Sun to the two lucky winners.  Good luck, everyone!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Bargain Bin:  For your convenience, here are some links related to emergency lighting and of course, the SunBell and Little Sun.

SunBell Solar Lamp:  The SunBell Solar Lamp is a very cool portable lantern that does a whole lot more than sit on a tabletop.  I love the fact that it can be used as a task lamp or flashlight and that it can charge my phone.  The fact that it charges my mobile device, too, is a bonus. Note:  As of this writing, shipping is free when the SunBell is purchased from EarthEasy, a Backdoor Survival sponsor.

Little Sun Solar Lamp:  The “Little Sun’ may look like a child’s toy but my gosh, after short charge in the sun, it generates 4 hours of bright light or 10 hours of soft light.  I have been using it when I go out to the garage at night.  I hang it around my next and skip the headlamp.

Dorcy LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood Lite: Don’t let the price lead you to think this wireless flood light is wimpy. I have two of these and feel that these lights are worth double the price.  Using D-cell batteries, the Dorcy floodlight will light up a dark room or a dark stairway in an instant.  I can not recommend these enough.

FordEx Group 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight:  FAVORITE! Here we go with another flashlight.  It is super mini sized, bright and waterproof.  Plus, it uses a single, standard AA sized battery.

FordEx Group 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlig

Blocklite Mini Compact Size Ultra Bright 9V LED Flashlight:  One of my readers (James) turned me on to the Blocklite.  I now own four.  There is a similar flashlight called the Pak-Lite (which is more expensive) but it does not have a high-low switch like this one.

blocklite flashlight

Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern: This sturdy Coleman has a runtime of up to 28 hours on the low setting and 18 hours on the high setting but does require D cell batteries. Personally, I have both a battery operated and propane lantern. Of course, by now you know that I like redundancy with my preps.

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