Should You Buy Preps With Your Stimulus Check?

James Walton James Walton  |  Updated: June 6, 2022
Should You Buy Preps With Your Stimulus Check?

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This pandemic has funneled massive power into the hands of our state, local and federal governments. This is one of the great tests of American freedom. The balance of personal liberty and containment of COVID-19 will undoubtedly challenge those in power to act at their very best and very worst.

In response, the US Congress has agreed upon a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package that looks to put money in the hands of most Americans. For some that money will present a chance to take a financial breath as many Americans aren’t working and others are just keeping their head above water.

The government and many scientists have come to the conclusion, based on modeling from places like the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, that the next 2 weeks will be the worst.

So, what does that mean for the stimulus check you are getting?

We are hardly out of the woods with COVID-19 and 2 weeks is just the beginning of what will likely be year we won’t soon forget due the hardships faced by the American people.

Are you prepared to live this way for months? What about dealing with shortages and economic woes into 2021?

What Comes After COVID?

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“It looks like up to 30% of small businesses could close thanks to this.”

A long time friend lamented over the phone. He too is a small business owner and has not been faring very well in this COVID Economy. At the moment we are dealing with a situation where small business and even some larger ones are making tough decisions about their future.

“We had a nest egg.”

Massive economic upheaval in the face of this pandemic is not only devastating to the American workforce but it is also soul-crushing. When a business closes you are watching the dream and aspirations of a collective or an individual go up in flames.

It’s tough to bear.

America will likely struggle well into the holiday season with financial woes. This crisis could easily spill over into 2021.

American businesses are also struggling to find new, affordable, producers. This pandemic has exposed the severe fault in manufacturing most of what we need, use and want on the other side of the world.

With all this uncertainty it’s hard to imagine an immediate bounce back when social distancing restrictions are finally lifted.

What About Online Election Chaos?

Your political affiliation has nothing to do with concern over an online election. There is just something that doesn’t seem right about highly corruptable machines counting votes. Then again, that’s kind of how we do it anyway, right?

New Stimulus

They are already drafting the next version of the stimulus at this moment. That means our politicians understand we are facing a far-reaching problem.

This will likely be a more comprehensive bill and maybe considerably more than 2 trillion dollars!

So, what does all this stimulus and economic turmoil mean to you? Are you going to save that money for the coming economic slump? Having an emergency fund is very important and that makes a big difference when disaster strikes.

However, if the shelves are empty at your local grocer, your money cannot buy that which isn’t available.

Maybe it’s worth investing that money into some preps that could ready you for the remainder of 2020 and the many challenges to come.

Long Term Food Storage

I sleep really well at night thanks to long term food storage. While many preparedness-minded people invest in a robust pantry, that is very important, long term food storage is vital, too!

The “peak” of infection is projected to be in the next week or so. That is hardly the end of this crisis. No one really knows and our leaders are trying to maintain civility while dealing with a global pandemic. It’s a tall order.

No matter how long this thing goes on you will need to eat the entire time. You can invest in high-quality pre-packaged long term food storage but, I will warn you, producers like Augason Farms are selling out of inventory as we speak.

The good news is you can still buy food in bulk in many places and package that food for the long term yourself. This will require that you have 5-gallon buckets, Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.

The long term food storage process is simple and gives you real peace of mind in times like these.

Emergency Water Storage

At this time we are not facing a water crisis anywhere in the nation due to COVID-19. Collecting rainwater is not just about assuring you have water for drinking and cleaning in the home.

We are undoubtedly rushing headlong into an economic crisis that will affect everyone in America. Some people believe we will see food shartages even in this nation. If your garden is part of your survival plan, you need a way to water it.

Water stored in rain barrels is not chlorinated and ideal for your garden.

Storing drinking water inside can quickly devour your living space. It’s heavy and bottles or even gallon jugs take up tons of space. It might be worth checking out the stackable water bricks as an emergency water storage solution.

Another valuable tool for emergency water preparedness is a high-quality water filter by a reputable producer like:

Real First Aid

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“What happens when the hospital beds are all taken?”

David Jones, The NBC Guy, host at the Prepper Broadcasting Network spoke these words in early January and a lot of people heard him loud and clear. It was like puzzle pieces clicking. COVID-19 was going to be a serious threat for many reasons.

What are your first aid capabilities? If you bought a first aid kit from a local retailer, GOOD! It’s not what you want to depend on but it’s back up.

You need a real first aid kit that will allow you to do things like stop bleeding and perform safe CPR. A collection of OTC meds is not a bad idea either.

My Medic makes some of the best trauma kits and IFAKS on the market. They are incredibly durable and come with the real bandages and medical equipment you need.

Stay away from hospitals during this pandemic. If it is not life-threatening, be prepared to treat it at home.

Backup Power Solutions

“What do you even need this thing for?” My brother in law asked on a hot Virginia day hauling a gas generator into my yard.

The question stuck with me forever as an ode to the strange invincibility complex that we have as Americans. We are so accustomed to convenience that we can hardly imagine it going away for more than a few days.

This pandemic has been a rude awakening for many of us. Still, I wonder how many will act on becoming more prepared. Or will we shrink back to our boastful selves?

Backup power is always a good idea. Whether you invest in a gas generator that can power most of the things in your home or a solar generator that is silent and effective, a big purchase like this might be the perfect way to invest your stimulus toward preparedness.

HAM Radio

The ultimate emergency communications method is HAM radio. When disaster strikes local governments turn to HAM operators and clubs to get important information in and out of affected areas.

Most preppers bristle at the mention of HAM radio because of the required testing, studying and the cost to get started. All of which are not as scary as you might think.

However, a good radio will cost you a few hundred bucks and even more if you want some distance to your signal. If HAM has been on your mind an amateur radio could be a great stimulus prep.


These checks are set to arrive by mid-April for some. Others without direct deposit will have to wait even longer. That said, people are hard up for money.

At the moment, at least in my area, we are seeing civility. How long can we expect people to be broke and desperate before windows start shattering and gun shots resound in the distant night?

To avoid this you want to surround your home with natural deterrents.

These could be things like floodlights, cameras, alarms, and even reinforced locks, doors and windows. Everyone is home so that’s one thing that will deter many. Those few who are not home will be the first targeted.

As we move deeper into this crisis keep your personal safety and security in mind.


Most Americans don’t give evacuation its due. We watch threats from a distance but are rarely prepared to evacuate. If your area winds up in the throes of mass infection or civil unrest due to job and income loss, you may find it more beneficial to head out of town for a while.

Evacuation makes a lot of sense in this scenario. The kids are out of school, you are either working remotely or not at all and it won’t affect any hobbies or activities because of that has been canceled, too!

The perfect stimulus prep for evacuation is to collect all of your important documents, some cash and maybe some personal effects and have them stored in a small safe that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice.


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For a long time, the prepper’s garden existed in a survival seed bank which was stored in the freezer or fridge. It was a garden in theory! A lot has changed and many of you have impressive gardens or small gardens with impressive aspirations.

Your garden is a great prep for just this scenario. We have seen panic at the grocery stores. We have watched people lose jobs. Hardship is upon us as a nation.

In these hard times, food becomes a serious concern. With a few raised beds and the right types of prolific plants, you can supplement some of your dependence on store-bought foods.

With proper fencing, you can even have gardens in the same yard as playing children, dashing dogs and pecking chickens. There are few limits to what can be done if you get creative.

If you aren’t gardening yet, now is the time to start. If you already are gardening maybe add some perennials this year, some fruit trees or a greenhouse.

Over time, slow expansion leads to a landscape of food-producing plants. This can happen in a small suburban lot and you can be overwhelmed by food! That’s a great position to find yourself in.


I can only hope that these stimulus checks arrive in a timely fashion and help dig people out of serious financial hardship. Hopefully, they will pay some bills, buy some food and maybe even save a bit.

That said, some will receive money and have the ability to use it for other things. The big question is how do you handle that money. Saving money at a time like this is important. Cash is important.

However, we have no idea how long this crisis will last. Even with the models and the experts, we are all just guessing.

Coupled with a coming election and the struggle to jumpstart the world economy, not just our own, we could be in for some serious hardship in the near future. It will not be your typical summer in America.

How many stimulus bills can the government send out? If no one is out there producing than it doesn’t matter how much money you get deposited into your account.

Consider our recommendations for stimulus preps to help you live a more prepared lifestyle. I am sure you could be better prepared in, at least, one of the areas we mentioned.

Don’t hesitate to make your own list of stimulus preps or improvements. Your preparedness journey is very personal and, hopefully, you know what you need better than anyone else.

Home improvements should not be looked over either. Your home is your largest survival investment so that could be the perfect use for your stimulus money.

Good luck out there. Things are getting weird and I’m glad I can be here to help a bit.

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7 Responses to “Should You Buy Preps With Your Stimulus Check?”

  1. This was a warning shot for many. Get it together. Yes you should spend a portion of it on preps, to be determined by your needs and finances, because this is an opportunity many will not have later. Many savings took a hit and many lost their job so saving it for another bad time is also a prep. Maybe have actual cash on hand as a prep.
    Don’t forget training for all those new gun owners.

  2. There are three (3) very important matters that come before the panic of any major crisis like this COVID-19 pandemic and they are:
    One – The ability to reason
    Two – The ability to use logic
    Three – The ability to use common sense
    With these 3 powers the general public will be much safer and much less deadly.

    This article about preparedness is very good and I have been reading this blog for some years now and to me your information makes very good sense.

  3. Seriously?!
    Thinking like this reminds me of guys that would have their “bonus” check (or tax refund for that matter) spent 3 ways to Sunday before the cash was in hand.
    You wanna talk about being prepared, don’t spend what you don’t have!

    • In many cases you might be right Bruce. Having the money for a bad time is also a prep. Each individual needs to weigh out their needs over desires.

  4. Great article! Keep spreading the wisdom. Please keep providing sites that we may purchase supplies from for things that could save lives. Most people don’t have a clue as to what they need or where to get it during a “dooms day”. Bless you

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