The Rising Tsunami of the Police State

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
The Rising Tsunami of the Police State
tsunami of police stateSaturday night, March 17.  Dateline 8 PM PDT.  I received an email from a reader alerting me to the Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness signed by President Obama on March 16.  To tell the truth, I thought it was a hoax.  Other than The Examiner, I could find no reference to the EO anywhere but on the official White House Press release site. So what to do?  I had already completed the Sunday Buzz but wait, I just had to include this bit of breaking news.  And so, for the next twenty four hours, like many of you, I sought to make sense of the fact that there has been no main stream coverage of this event. I do not consider myself an advocate of conspiracies.  But as I consider this wholesale cannibalization of our freedom and of the Constitution, I begin to wonder whether there is some grand plan.  Perhaps there is some master puppeteer poised to pull our strings when and if the rise to elitism reaches the pinnacle. So with much personal angst, I have begun to believe that the rank and file citizens of the United States of America are being herded down the path to a Police State.  Or, better put, will soon be running from the rising tsunami of the police state. What is a Police State? According to Wikipedia:thisistomorrow2
A police state is one in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic and political life of the population. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism and social control, and there is usually little or no distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive. The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.
So let me get this right:   A police state occurs when the government takes over control of the country by restricting the freedom of the population. Residents of the police state are required to obey the occupying authorities and may be punished for not doing so.  They may be required to perform non-military, government mandated duties serving at the pleasure of the chief executive, the military and the PTB.  They may be detained indefinitely if considered a threat, rendering the protections of the constitution null and void.  And finally, their goods and their lives become the property of the government. This sounds to me like the essence of the the National Defense Resources Preparedness order.  The same order that gives the US Executive Branch the power to control and allocate energy, production, transportation, food, and water and even labor resources by decree.  While supposedly this will be done under the auspices of national defense and national security, the order is not limited to wartime implementation.  Quite the contrary.  One of the order’s functions includes the command and control of resources in during peacetime. Welcome to a New Flavor of Uncertain Times The groundswell of outcry to this new order (and by the way, many of you said NDAA was just a warm-up) has so far landed on deaf ears from the main stream media.  On the other hand, you have to be blind not to see that the leading events (Obamacare, mandatory immunizations, bogus economic statistics, endorsement and reward for corporate greed and malfeasance, and the insidious infringement of personal rights) has been leading up to this, one large step at a time. No one is immune.  Citizens are already being spied upon and families that prepare are being tagged as “persons of interest” or even declared mentally incompetent.  It is no wonder that we are seeing runs on ammunition and empty shelves at the local Wal-mart. The big question is why.  I have a few ideas but perhaps the reasons were best articulated by Brandon Turbeville writing for Activist Post:
“Some have no doubt begun to wonder why the President has signed such an order. Not only that, but why did he sign the order now? Is it because of the looming war with Iran or the Third World War that will likely result from such a conflict? Is it because of the ticking time bomb called the economy that is only one jittery move or trade deal away from total disintegration? Is it because of a growing sense of hatred of their government amongst the general public? Is there a coming natural disaster of which we are unaware? Are there plans for martial law?”
The Final Word I can not say I did not see this coming. I had simply hoped that it was an illusion. So what happens next? As I said on the Sunday Buzz, there is nothing about this executive order that is good. As bystanders to the grand event called Government Control, we need to adopt an eyes wide open stance. If you are financially able, increase your preps including food, water, first aid, communication equipment, defensive gear and ammunition while you can still do so without calling undue attention to yourself. Nineteen Eight-Four is here.  And like it or not, we cannot sit back and be lured or be blinded by the reassurances of our elected officials.   Stay informed and be aware.  And for heaven sakes, eliminate fear by being prepared. Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation! Gaye Spotlight Item:  If you have the time, you might also want to listen to this special report.
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19 Responses to “The Rising Tsunami of the Police State”

  1. Here is 1 week of DOCUMENTED police corruption – you think they have been hiring these types by accident, in the new AmeriKa?

    Lincoln RI cop gets a suspended sentence on his felony assault conviction for kicking a cuffed woman in the head [0] //

    Atlanta GA settles 4 public strip search, brutality & videotaping rights lawsuits for $940k, while some articles say they won’t disclose specifics on those cases, at least one involved a $330k settlement to one of the suits over the highly publicized raid on a gay bar. [3] //

    Bartlesville OK settles suit by releasing video of 2 cops assaulting a hospital patient after a local paper sued for access to that video. [0] //

    Atlanta GA cop gets all charges against him dropped for assaulting a bicyclist he pulled over in exchange for paying $5k in restitution even though the victim is opposed to the deal. [0] //

    Washington LA aldermen vote not to investigate complaints that 2 cops are harassing residents in a minority neighborhood, searching people just for being out after dark & regularly using excessive force on residents. [5] //

    Toledo OH cop found not guilty by reason of insanity for shooting a fellow cop while suffering from a seizure inside the department. What’s interesting here isn’t necessarily the shooting, but that she allegedly ignored advice from doctors that she quit being a cop before she hurt someone prior to the shooting. [0] //

    Redding CA cops fatally shoot woman’s Boxer puppy & pregnant chihuahua while chasing a suspect she wasn’t associated with to her hotel room. [0] //

    Aliquippa PA police face suit filed by woman claiming cops snuck onto her property while responding to a call about a small fire in a fire pit in her yard then needlessly shot her dog in the face. [3] //

    Concord CA cop arrested on felony assault & false imprisonment charges after alleged domestic violence incident [2] //

    West Fargo ND cop gets suspended sentence & clean record in plea deal for hitting his wife in face during dispute [0] //

    Baltimore MD cop sentenced to 30mo prison for extortion under color of law in high-profile towing scandal [0] //

    Fairview Heights IL cop arrested for driving while intoxicated after St Patrick’s day crash [1] //

    Austin TX cop faces reprimand after news producers caught him on video watching videos in cruiser while on duty [0] //

    Orlando FL cops faulted in autopsy of man who died after being subjected to 4 taser burst while he was restrained, one of which lasted 31 seconds which is over 6x the recommended 5 second burst. No disciplinary action is planned for the officers. [3] //

    Del City OK police are being accused of a coverup after witnesses claim they fatally shot an unarmed teen in back while his hands were raised. Police claim they had to shoot because he was holding a gun. [3] //

    Newark NJ cop accused of hitting mentally ill man in the chest with a running leap punch before he died. The man’s family is demanding a federal investigation into the incident. [3] //

    Pinellas Co FL deputy seriously injured a man by tasering him while he was cuffed during an unspecified arrest by a state EPA cop [3] //

    Orlando FL cop suspended w/o pay for unspecified period of time for throwing a woman to the ground on video, breaking her teeth in the process. [0] //

    New York NY police are accused of a variety of abuses in their latest crackdown on Occupy protests and there are videos claiming to back some of these claims, including: [4] //

    Miami FL SWAT team performed a heavily armed raid on unarmed Occupy protesters that was partially caught on video. The police claim they received reports they were arming themselves for the next protest but the protesters were released after searches & interrogations. [3] //

    Chicago IL cops detained reporters standing on a public sidewalk outside of a hospital while they tried to cover a story. The police were caught on camera telling them that “1st Amendment rights can be terminated if you’re creating a scene or whatever” and this appeared to be a case of “whatever” as the police said they were causing a scene just by standing there. [3] //

    2 East Cleveland OH cops fired for violating policy by opening fire at a car when the woman driving it tried to flee a traffic stop [1] //

    Youngstown OH cops are accused of cuffing & arresting a grandmother in front of her grandchildren without charges. They apparently released her several minutes later without any explanation after they finally checked her ID. [4] //

    Yakima WA police are accused of intentionally misinterpreting state law as an excuse for keeping a police sergeant’s misconduct and the investigation into it a secret, and it isn’t the first time they did so. [4] //

    2 Seneca MO cops were fired after a probe into citizen complaints found they had no certifications and one of them had a felony record. [1] //

    Collinsville IL cop shown manufacturing cause to search motorist’s vehicle in home video made by that motorist. While the video is long and somewhat cheesy, it’s impressive on how much effort and thought went into proving his case. [3] //

    Sûreté du Québec police criticized for raiding reporter’s home after a hospital complained about a report he made about how lax they were about protecting confidential medical records. Rights activists say this isn’t the first time that agency enacted raids against reporters for, well, reporting the news. [5] //

    Holly Ridge NC cop chasing kids who swore at him rear ended another cruiser, causing it to burst into flames. The other officer was rescued. [0] //

    Edinburg TX cop gets probation in official oppression plea for shaking down a motorist in order to get his customized cooler full of beer. [0] //

    3 Beloit WI cops get counseling & reprimands for giving cop suspected of DUI a ride home instead of testing her [0] //

    New Jersey state troopers investigated over disrespectful photos of them celebrating drug bust while waving Puerto Rican flag [1] //

    Oklahoma City OK cop gets deferred sentence after pleading guilty to violating state law by placing online bets [0] //

    Covington LA police sued by man claiming 7 witnesses saw cops randomly grab him out of a crowd then repeatedly beat and tasered him while responding to a disturbance at a bar. [3] //

    Murfreesboro TN cops sued by black man they beat in his yard after mistaking him for an asian car theft suspect [3] //

    2 Humphreys Co TN deputies indicted by US DOJ for beating & tasing man for 19mins then beating him again at jail [3] //

    Carbondale PA settles suit for $105k to woman injured when a cop intentionally rammed an ATV she was a passenger on because they were riding on a road without helmets, the cop was suspended 10 days [0] //

    Coon Rapids MN police accused of excessive force during med call on man suffering from seizure & heart condition [3] //

    Youngstown OH cop retires while investigated for punching then dragging inmate by leg shackles for spitting on him [0] //

    Modesto CA cop who resigned in Feb is indicted on sexual assault charges involving several alleged on-duty rapes [1] //

    Hennessey OK cop sentenced to 40yrs prison for sexually abusing an 8yr-old girl over a period of 2yrs [0] //

    Henderson Co TN deputy found guilty on federal child pornography charges involving 10yr-old girl [0] //

    Hattisburg MS cop gets fine & clean record in plea deal for extortion, accused of raping nurse under color of law [0] //

    Harris Co TX pct 5 deputy constable arrested for sexual assault of teen relative & online solicitation of minor [0] //

    Henrico Co VA deputy pleads guilty to receiving child porn involving prepubescent children, caught by US DHS [0] //

    San Jose CA school cop pleads no contest to multiple charges for sex acts w/2 teen boys he met on dating site [0] //

    Philadelphia PA cop convicted of official oppression & exposure in split on-duty sexual assault trial jury decision [0] //

    Dumfries VA cop who opened ice cream shop after retiring arrested for allegedly sexually abusing child 10yrs ago [0] //

    Pocahontas Co WV deputy under investigation for crimes prosecutor describes as “just as horrendous as murder”… though nobody will say just what those acts were. [1] //

    West Memphis AR cops accused of harassing, falsely arresting & searching residents after cop alleged he was shot at [4] //

    Prince George’s Co MD police sued by mom of murder victim claiming they lied about him being a drug dealer as a part of their strange PR effort to convince residents that all murders in the county were somehow justified because all the victims did something to deserve it. [4] //

    Washington DC police chastised by judge for false statements in efforts to keep policy docs secret, orders release [5] //

    Pinal Co AZ sheriff tries to silence news reports about his alleged sexual misconduct while he was a school director with cease & desist orders [5] //

    Flower Mound TX SWAT cop arrested on aggravated assault charges for allegedly pulling firearm on his girlfriend & others [0] //

    Roosevelt Co MT sheriff gets suspended sentence in plea to assault for throwing man through window in bar brawl [0] //

    Baltimore MD cop will get 20yrs prison in plea deal for running heroin trafficking ring while on duty, faced life [0] //

    Phillips Co AR deputy pleads guilty to possession w/intent charges, 4th area cop to plead in Delta Blues scandal [0] //

    Cook Co IL deputy and his son arrested on contraband tobacco trafficking charges in federal sting operation [0] //

    Lakewood WA cop pleads guilty to stealing over $100k from fund for families of 4 fallen officers [0] //

    Rome GA cop sentenced to 2yrs in plea deal for stealing $25k in funds from police union [0] //

    Alabama state trooper arrested on felony theft charges for allegedly stealing over $500 in gasoline from agency [0] //

    Greene Co TN deputy resigns while subject of unspecified federal criminal investigation [2] //

    Abbotsford BC cop fired for lying about how unmarked cruiser was damaged, alleged to have crashed it while drunk [0] //

    San Francisco Co CA sheriff’s guilty plea in DV case questioned by DA, thinks it isn’t sincere [0] //

    Town and Country MO police sued by cop claiming she was sexually harassed & retaliated against for 10 years [3] //

    Wright State Univ OH police chief says he feels humiliated when student finds his duty weapon left in bathroom [0] //

    Washington Co OR SWAT team shoots neighbor of suspect during raid when he mistook the cops for intruders [0] //

    Bullhead City AZ cops, including one who already has a history of abuse, claim that a man they arrested broke ever bone in his face by falling in a police report that has been rewritten several times instead of being beaten like his family claims. [5] //

    Muskogee OK enters secret settlement deal with man who was mauled by police dog while offices laughed [4] //

    Boston MA settles suit for $1.4mil to jail gaurd left brain damaged by cop who tackled and put him in choke hold [0] //

    Crestview FL police major w/criminal record facing slew of charges dubbed most crooked cop by Reason mag [0] //

    Eugene OR settles suit for $26k to law student claiming cops used excessive force & illegally entered his home [0] //

    Vermont state trooper pleaded guilty to lewd conduct & exploitation of a minor, took nude pics & molested child [0] //

    Los Angeles Co CA deputy sentenced to 1yr in plea to oral copulation w/minor for sexually abusing 16yr-old relative [0] //

    Waterville Twp OH cop pleads guilty to viewing child pornography on police dept computer while on duty [0] //

    Isle of Wight VA deputy indicted on reproducing or selling child pornography charges after caught requesting pics [0] //

    Seattle WA report uncovers that officials plan on spending $300k in settlements just to keep police records secret [5] //

    Detroit MI police settle ACLU lawsuit by training cops not to arrest people for questioning them [0] //

    Tampa FL cops accused of ignoring complaint that NFL player threatened woman after rear-ending her, didn’t cite him [3] //

    Boynton Beach FL cop arrested on misd DV charge after altercation with ex-wife over a garden rake [0] //

    Stellarton NS cop charged with assault & property damage over unspecified on-duty incident a month ago [3] //

    Highland Park MI deputy police chief fired in “budget cut” after news of assault conviction prior to promotion [3] //

    San Diego CA cops accused of bias by arresting man for wearing loincloth & briefs while letting women wear thongs [0] //

    Leetsdale PA cop sentenced to probation for interfering with arrest of friend on drunk driving charge [0] //

    New Bedford MA cop resigns after arrested for crashing w/child in his truck as he fled hit&run crash w/other car [0] //

    Bernalillo NM cop accused of getting special treatment during arrest and trial on DUI charges [4] //

    Vancouver BC deputy police chief crashes into car with police cruiser while talking on cellphone, admits fault [0] //

    Joliet IL cop arrested after fired for repeatedly punching a woman in the face on video during a domestic dispute call [0] //

    Fullerton CA cop charged with destruction of evidence for crushing an audio recorder containing his interactions with a DUI suspect who later committed suicide in jail. [0] //

    Sanford FL police are accused of questionable investigation methods in the case of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen by a neighborhood watch vigilante [3] //

    Cleveland OH cop charged w/dereliction of duty for failing to help cop in fight that escalated into a fatal shooting [0] //

    Sparta GA cop arrested on animal cruelty and dog fighting charges after state police confiscated several dogs based on a tip [0] //

    Palm Beach FL police capt suspended while investigated for allegedly harassing a fellow cop, 3 others were also suspended while investigated for unspecified reasons [2] //

    El Paso TX cop arrested on theft charge after allegedly caught on video shoplifting at Walmart [0] //

    Los Angeles CA cop arrested on allegations he stole from luxury hotel while working off-duty security job [0] //

    Egg Harbor NJ cop investigated after commandeering someone’s car in order to chase the wrong car in a burglary case [0] //

    Phoenix AZ cop arrested on felony DUI charge after pull over with 7yr-old child in car with him [1] //

    Memphis TN cop suspended after sounds of him having sex in squad car broadcast through neighborhood due to open mic [0] //

    Portland OR cop sentenced to 2 days jail on DUI charge after found passed out in his truck on the side of the road with his boat in tow [0] //

    Chicago IL settles suit for $3.6mil to man who falsely confessed to murder after tortured by cops for 30hrs [0]

    Louisiana state trooper sentenced to 9yrs in plea deal for possession of child porn [0]

    Mt Sterling OH police chief resigns after dept suspended when he failed to tell officials that cop tasered 9yr-old [0]

    Pleasantville NY police reports released by court order reveal cop fired at cop who fatally shot Pace Univ student [4]

    Opelousas LA cop and a Ville Platte LA cop were arrested on charges related to an alleged conspiracy to commit felony theft [1]

    Orange CT cop gets probation in plea deal after charged with sexual assault for having sex with his bother’s girlfriend while posing as his twin brother. [0]

    Denver CO cop with a history of excessive force and sexual misconduct was arrested on a domestic violence charge involving his girlfriend [0]

    Orange Co FL deputy arrested on domestic violence charges in incident involving wife [0]

    Rockford IL park dist police officer gets probation for filing false report about how his cruiser was damaged [0]

    100 cops in 9 Minnesota law enforcement agencies sued for using police database to look at pics of cute cop [0] //

    Readstown WI police chief who was arrested while on the run in Nebraska for using badge to sexually abuse women is now accused of molesting a young boy and will likely face additional charges for that as well. [0] //

    Colleton Co SC says they’ll pay $300k of a $700k jury judgment to the family of a man killed in head-on crash with deputy, because that’s what their insurance will cover. [0]

    Harrison Co IN deputy takes a plea deal for felony criminal recklessness for giving his wife a gun when she threatened to commit suicide during a dispute, which she then used to commit suicide. [0]

    East Chicago IN cop was suspended 6mo for fondling himself & making lewd comments to a burglary victim on camera. [0]

    North Port FL police face a complaint for arresting a man on wiretapping & obstruction charges for videotaping police. [5]

    Scottsbluff NE cop was sentenced to 5-10yrs prison after convicted on 10 counts of possession of child porn [0]

    Flomaton AL police chief arrested for false imprisonment after he arrested a man 177 miles (sorry, should be .177 miles) away from his jurisdiction in Florida then transported him back without regard for extradition laws. [1]

    Big Lake MN suspended their police chief in their effort to fire him after spending thousands to settle sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuits [0]

    Arcola IL cop who is also police chief of Hindsboro IL was arrested on official misconduct & armed violence charges. [2]

    Philadelphia PA settles suit for $25k to man who videotaped a cop harassing him for legally having a holstered gun with a permit. [0]

    Quincy MA cop suspended 30 days & ordered to take anger management over the latest chapter in his lengthy history of harassing and threatening his neighbors. [1]

    Earlville IL cop sentenced to 45 days in jail for selling marijuana and possession of medication without prescription [1]

    Baltimore MD cop arrested after her daughter undercharged her by $300 while she was working as cashier at supermarket [0]

  2. Was talking to a friend in local library. She said that there was heavy security at the new municipal bld. in our fair town of Lebanon ky. pop. 8,000. I then learned from our town water guy that the bld was hardened with blast resistant walls and bullet proof glass. This tells me that the blood drenched monsters who run this country are preparing for civil war!

  3. A certain man had feral hogs running all about and destroying his many acres of farm and ranch land. One day he had had enough, so he decided to get rid of them–once and for all. The usual methods of killing them proved ineffective. The hogs were too smart for the usual traps and poisons, and there were just too many of them to hunt with traditional weapons.

    The man had an epiphany, a revelation of sorts, so he set about constructing a clever trap. He walked to one of the larger fields on his land and placed food in the same spot every day for a week. Each morning he would visit the feed spot, see that the food had been eaten, and placed more in the same location.

    The next week, in addition to the food, the man placed a section of fence fairly close to the feed, continuing to place feed, just as he had the previous week. The following week he added a second section of fence, but continued feeding as before. This went on until he was finally able to completely surround the feed. He was convinced that the hogs would by now have no fear of the enclosure. He then added the gate, left it open for the hogs to enter, then hid in a row of bushes not far from the trap. Eventually the hogs came to feed as they had been every day for the past month or so. By now they were relaxed and confident that there was no reason to fear the strange object that surrounded their easy pickings, and they waltzed inside without hesitation.

    Once the feeding began, the man dashed out of the bushes, slammed the gate shut before any of the startled hogs realized what had happened to them. They all squealed and ran around trying to find an exit, but there was none to be found. Their complacency had led them into a trap that would prove their ultimate demise.

    It’s been quite a few years now since I first read this same story, and although it’s fictitious, it occured to me then, just as it does now, that our government builds fences in much the same manner as did the man in the story. And although I’m not entirely convinced they always build fences for nefarious purposes, I am convinced they (the power elite) are certain they know what’s best for the rest of us poor unthinking and uninformed types. Conversely, you can take it to the bank that they sure as he.. know what’s best for THEM!

    • Bravo, Great Story. Here’s something else you might find interesting. Some years ago while Harriet Tubman was receiving an award for freeing over 700 slaves through her underground railroad said in a tearful speach, “You know, I could have freed so many more if I could just have convinced them that they were slaves”. How much does this apply today? Great Story, Thanks again.

    • This is a story that bears repeating. I know many people that still trust the PTB and power elite and although they are concerned about the economy, they are confident it will all work out. And yes, it will work out eventually but I am afraid that there will be significant bloodshed first.

      — Gaye

  4. This New Executive Order has been established in part, because the Government is Flat-Broke. And what they afford to buy from you, or can’t legally steal from you, they will design new laws to legally take what you have, including your business, your livestock, your water rights, and your resources, including food and gasoline. The Government needs to maintain their tyrannical power set of wheels, well greased… whether you like it or not.

    Like the Bumper Sticker says, “I love my Country, it’s the Government I fear!”

  5. I am sure you have heard of C.O.G? “Continutity of Government”. You can find a quick history lesson here ( // If some of your readers have hung around with disaster prepardness folks or FEMA people, they may have heard this term bantered around. (but, not jokingly). If their is ONE thing that strikes fear into our superior leaders, this is it! I ask all of you to put yourself in the shoes of a political leader, CEO of an important company or anyone who is in charge of free flowing commerce and ask what you fear the most. As you analyze those ideas, and watch the latest news from around the world, you will see why executive orders from our pres are neccesary. You have to have a plan in place to control the chaos when it happens. Be it from bank runs, occupy protesters really getting out of hand or the result of a natural disaster or a limited war. In order to keep things running, you have to be able to put Controls in place…. and quickly. By the way, here is a good question to stew on…. “How do you control millions of people. What is the one thing we all need to survive.” Hint. got your h2o and calorie storage ready???

    • Yup, I stocked up on canned food and bottled water this weekend as well as paper products. I already ahve that all on hand but i wanted to double up on everyting. I have extra propaine and batteries ready as well.

  6. Here’s something else to wrap your head around!


  7. The real reason you pay an income tax, is for the privilege of using a private currency.
    Also known As A: Federal Reserve Note
    Demand from your bank, lawful money and the tax goes away, with a tax exemption on lawful money, all of your money is yours.
    Tax Exemption: //

  8. Hey Gaye:

    I wish I could disagree with this article. Unfortunately I’ve been aware of laws being put in place for a very long time that serve primarily to take away the basic rights of ordinary citizens. Just check out the Asset Forfeiture laws that are on the books in several states. You only have to be accused of being a drug trafficker for you to have your home and all your bank accounts confiscated by the government. That means before there is even a trial the government can seize everything you have worked your entire life to acquire.

    We don’t hear about the abuses of these laws because once it’s used the victim has no resources to fight back with to attempt to clear their name and reclaim their lives. We know the truth is in this country if you don’t have the money to hire a good lawyer you are at the mercy of the courts. Once they have taken all your assets you don’t have the money to hire a good lawyer.

    These are dangerous times we live in.

    A New Dark Age could be just ahead.

  9. “All resources” goes from what’s under the ground, in the ground, on top of the ground, to over our heads. Add this to wanting to reduce our military, but implement a National Militia under the State Department control, and you indeed have a Police State. My beloved United States of America is under massive attack and of course, the liberal media (who remain in love and totally owned by POTUS) are not going to say anything about what is happening. What they don’t realize is when the Police State is finished using them, they will be thrown under the bus, too. God help us all.

  10. As I stated on the sunday article. The EO does not have a number, this thing is a false flag, by whom, I do not know. I checked the official site for EO and it is not there. Bush did sign a like order in about 2002. I think that this was done to put AKA in a real bad light, elections coming up. One other thing: EO (according to the US Constitution) apply to the White House only, not the rest of the government or the people.

    • As I mentioned, I too initially wondered if this was a hoax. No time stamp and no number. On the other hand, this is not atypical for White House press releases.

    • Here you go…


      Right from the horses mouth.

    • This EO is the same one Bush and other Presidents have signed every so often when they come up for renewal. Just many in a long list- PEOs 10994-11004 are also applicable, as well as PDD51 and the recent NDAA 2011. If one believes PEOs apply to the White House only… well, good luck.

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