Why the Rich Elite will Suffer When the SHTF

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: August 24, 2021
Why the Rich Elite will Suffer When the SHTF

collapse1The rich elite will suffer if there is a collapse and rest of us working stiffs will be fine thank you very much. That is my belief anyway.

So why? Conventional wisdom and sense (if you want to call it that) tells us that those with fat bank accounts have it made: steady incomes, nice homes, luxury automobiles, and lots of help in the way of secretaries, personal chefs, housekeepers, gardeners, pool tenders and a myriad of other folks that make their day quite pleasant. In addition, they have all the latest and toys gadgets and when a new model comes out they are first in line to get it.

So initially, these fat cats will be just fine in the event of a global economic collapse. But wait? What will happen to their cushy life when money becomes devalued or even worthless? Well first of all, they will go through their pantries in a week or two – possibly a month – and then find that when they need basic supplies, the shelves at the grocery are empty.

And then there is fear. Fear that their money is worthless, fear that the zombies will come in and steal their possessions, and perhaps the biggest fear of all, the fear that someone will shoot them dead for no reason other than unmitigated chaos within our cities and society ion general.

This does not make a pretty picture.

So what about the preppers?

We already know how to make a decent meal out of rice, beans and home grown greens. While the rich elite have spent their summers vacationing and being pampered we have spent our free time learning and practicing survival methods and techniques to prepare ourselves.

We have extra water but we also know how to purify lake and stream water. We know how to get our hands dirty and how to barter our knowledge and skills that with someone who has a skill we lack. We also have medical supplies and weapons to defend ourselves. And equally important, we have walked around our neighborhoods and communities and established a “hi, how are you?” relationship with those around us so that they recognize us and we recognize them. In doing so we have built an extended family that will watch our backs – as we will watch theirs – if the SHTF.

We will have our wits about us because we have already survived the 21st century recession with self-reliance and and the perseverance to protect ourselves and our families no matter what. We live the preparedness lifestyle now and are not willing to wait for some horrible event in the future before we begin to take care of ourselves.

Our baby steps, taken week after week, month after month, year after year, will have taught us the value of hard work, austerity and loyalty as well as compassion and heart. If the SHTF these qualities will help us stay on our feet and to hold our heads high. For although we may be in shock and we may suffer hardships, we will be able to survive and use our skills to help build a better society.

Please share this message with your families, your friends and your colleagues at work. Remind them that you too started with baby steps and that you still are not finished and may never be. Be generous with your knowledge and point them to the myriad of resources available to help them become educated in the preparedness lifestyle. And most of all, remind them to be prepared, not scared.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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19 Responses to “Why the Rich Elite will Suffer When the SHTF”

  1. the real elite have built themselves bunkers deep in the mountains, you must watch them because when they disappear trouble will be close behind, They think there bunkers will allow them to arrise from the ashes and rule once more after the changes, but they are in for a big surprise, they have alot to answer for and there is no escaping that fate……

  2. Gaye, I agree with you. The rich will have a much harder fall than the rest of us. There ae some rich though that are ahead of the game and have started putting stores away and getting prepared. Some can see the writing on the wall. Most of them still dont have all the skills necessary to stay alive. Us preppers are the the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare story. We slowly plod away and end up winning the race in the end. Great post and I will have to have my family read it just to remind them to stay the course.

  3. While I really appreciate your point of view, the elite are not that stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. They’ve employed generations of the smartest minds in the world. They will not suffer as you predict. Their cook or gardener would never leave because they are indentured servants and the work for the ultimate brutal mob. The elite have a literal mountain storehouse of every seed mankind has ever known (The Doomsday Seed Vault). They own the water, they own all the big companies, almost every country is indebted to them (they are the IMF, central banks, federal reserve, et.al.). In the U.S., they are our shadow government (actually not so “shadow” anymore).

    They will fear for their lives, that is for sure. But if they are able to gain control over humanity through their international laws, global military, internment camps, and humanity’s penchant for self-policing, then that fear will lessen.

    In my heart, I wish you were right.

    • I don’t believe their servants will stay and work for them getting no money and no respect,I don’t believe the police, nor military will face mobs of angry,repressed people for no pay either.I also don’t believe the military men and women would want their friends and families killed by their fellow soldier any more than they would kill their fellow soldiers’ families and friends. How will the elite still be in power with no workers making their companies run? As far as seed stock pile, they wouldn’t plant nor tend to the gardens because they are very spoiled and lazy and have an enormous feeling of entitlement even though the only thing they have ever done for the money is lie to, and cheat the public, so yeah, I think they are up a creek without a paddle or a paddler lol.

  4. The rich and powerful (he who has the gold has the power) will see their bank accounts disappear in a flash when the lights go out around the world because they are digi-dollars stored on a worthless computer. But they will still own all their “hard” assets and have supplies of foods and medicines stored away to last years. Their servants/slaves may well turn on them and confiscate their stored goods and to avenge past injustices may hang them from the nearest tree….this is the most likely scenario in my opinion. And who would want to be cowering deep underground when the quakes and tsunamis arrive anyway.

  5. I understand what you’re trying to say here, but the elite won’t be unprepared as you infer. Yes, their water carriers and minions will suffer and be left behind, devastated that their masters abandoned them, but the true scum are well prepared and have ample supplies and well armed armies of thugs to protect them.
    The big factor at that point is our overwhelming numbers, if they haven’t succeeded in killing us off via BP, Fukushima and disease.

    • Why would thugs protect them in times when chaos is everywhere? The only reason anyone does anything for anyone it seems is for the all mighty dollar, but once money is worthless, what’s to keep the thugs from treating the elite worse than the common man because they thumbed their noses at the thug types when things were not chaotic?

  6. I agree with writer “dejavu” that the elites will probably suffer greatly when SHTF although they may think they can survive the coming earth changes and chaos and continue afterwards in their same capacities. I think they will be hunted down and exterminated. See “HalfPastHuman.com” where Clif High writes a Shape Of Things to Come report every few months based up predictive linguistics from internet trawlings gathered by his web bots. A report is due out tomorrow. I have heard it is not for the squemish or faint of heart. Things are going to get real bad real soon and the elites SHOULD be getting fearful…Also regarding telling your friends and family about what to expect and to prepare for, I have given up trying. I am now considered ready for committment so I don’t even try to talk to anyone anymore about storing food and water, etc. If they were meant to be awake for whatever is coming, then they would already have awakened and do not need anyone to slap them in the face for a wake up call.

  7. I have mixed opinions about what may or may not occur in a post-collapse society; but I do believe that, save for the top .05% of the wealthiest of the wealthy, everyone will suffer to one degree or another. Those perched atop the stoutest branches of the global money tree will probably feel little more than the slightest breezes of discomfort when the inevitable economic thunderstorms finally blow in and all goes haywire. I say this because they (the super-elite and mega-rich) will already have a complex life-support system in place, mainly because they have at their disposal a significant early-warning system comprised of equally as rich political and military contacts, along with considerably influential upper-crust social networks strategically located throughout the world.

    Depending on how long the collapse lasts, we preppers may not feel the sting as significantly as the unprepared will; but make no mistake about it: any long-term or indissoluble SHTF scenario will serve to injure or perhaps even incapacitate us far more than it will the super-elite. Then again, that’s just my opinion.

    • Interesting point relative to the elite having an early warning system in play within their peer group of equally rich political and corporate moguls. I had not thought of that. I do believe that preppers will be better prepared mentally simply becuase we are already resigned to the possibility.

      — Gaye

  8. I very much doubt that the rich will suffer more than the regular Joe, or the prepper. Likely they’ve already bought land in lightly populated areas, with good hunting close by, good farmland, stocked several large caches of food, weapons, medicines, bought livestock, etc… There are many places like that in Idaho, Montana, W. Washington & Oregon, the Rocky Mountain States, Mid-West, even the Appalachians & Ozark Mountain ranges, Canada or South America.
    I’ll bet many of them are good hunters, given that hunting is a leisure sport they have time and money to enjoy. Some of them are former soldiers with light infantry skills, or they’ve paid for training from skilled instructors, and they’ve likely networked with others of their kind, pooling their resources to be more effective. Assuming they’re stupid, fat turkeys, ready to be rolled, is a big mistake. Some of them undoubtedly are, but I would not care to assume that of any man.
    If things go bad, imitate the house cat, who doesn’t rush into a situation without proper recon, rather than the pit bull who will rush in and get his head blow off.

    • What happens when they run out of ammo? The main point here I think is that most of the elite have no idea how to do anything besides order other people around and like I have already stated, no money, no service.

  9. I’ve been thinking about this. I have a brother who qualifies as “rich.” He’s a year younger than me. He built a superb retreat up in the Sierra mountains, keeps himself current on trends and events. Other than the amount of money he can devote to his preparations, he’s not a lot different than I am and I’m by no means wealthy. On the other hand, I know an individual who is extremely wealthy. He has done nothing other than buying precious metals and that’s purely as a hedge against inflation. I have asked him why he isn’t taking the most basic precautions when he agrees that the economic system is going to implode. He says if you have gold, you can always buy anything you need regardless of what the hoi poloi may be suffering. I reminded him the Russian Revolution does not bear this theory out and he laughed in my face. I suppose it just depends on the person and his attitude.

  10. Sure, there are many clueless rich, and they may well fare worse than average in a collapse unless favored by luck, karma or connections. OTOH the “elite” designers of our economic torture chamber have at least a vague idea how long they can bleed and feed from the economy. It is now staggering, from massive vampire feeding; when it keels over, i expect the vampires will have a contingency plan or three to keep feeding off of the survivors. Lacking inside info, i can only guess what those plans might be. A new war or two to profit from while reducing the “surplus population” seems likely. Designating anyone with stuff worth taking as a “hoarder”, or domestic terrorist; then confiscating whatever for the “good of the people” seems likely, with tipsters maybe getting a cut. There may be a setup for generational war, with some exorting folks to prepare for the “Golden Horde” or a “Mad Max” scenario, and another group suggesting Boomers caused this mess and deserve to suffer for it.

    Enough dark thoughts, the point is it is quite hazardous to underestimate our enemies.

  11. Yea I think the real elite will do fine in the short term. They have the money to buy the right lands and have all the supplies that they will ever need. That being said, I agree that in the long run the average prepper is probably better off.

    The reason I think that is because most of us have one thing that the elite don’t have SKILLS.
    When the SHTF and people start going crazy they are going to go after the elite first. Most of these people have no clue how to live without their possessions and will have no idea where to go or how to get away. They will be sitting ducks .

    • Yes, that pretty much sums up my view. Over the long term, the preppers will have better coping skills – something that money can not buy.

      — Gaye

  12. imagine a powerful man who repeatedly raped boys and girls in a village because he could get away with it. if the conventional justice system does not prosecute because it is owned/controlled by that man, what will happen in a time of great unrest/tribulation? i’m guessing the rest of the village will eviscerate him and likely murder any of his offspring. i don’t condone violence in any form (physical, emotional, verbal, mental,..) but i cannot approve of how elite power-families have raped the Earth and exploited others since the beginnings of human civilization. what comes around goes around; those who live by the sword will die by the sword; an exploiter will get his due. i don’t feel sorry for him (as some might argue i must). he dug his own grave; jump in buster .. i have argued for compassion and forgiveness in much of my writings but.. embracing a rapist only encourages them. given time, they will do it again .. no, i agree with the fatalists / doomsayers / armageddon-watchers – we deserve a ‘house cleaning’ of extreme magnitude since basically we’ve allowed the rape of mother Earth and exploitation of underprivileged by our passivity.. in a sense, we’re as guilty as the elites for their rape and exploitation.. and we will pay for our sins against Mother and each other.. God is not vengeful, but we are – and we will pay-back ourselves for our stupidity and complacency.

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