Gear Review: Trademark 4 in 1 Hunting Knife

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Gear Review: Trademark 4 in 1 Hunting Knife

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Knife Depot BladesIt must be a guy thing.  One knife is never enough and neither are two or three.  Most men that I know have a collection of blades, each serving a slightly (with the emphasis on “slightly”) different purpose.  That said, when planning for emergencies, you should have a reliable knife in your pocket, in your vehicle, in your pack and in your tool box.  In our household, we have pocket knives, multi-tools, tactical knives. machetes and more.  And in all fairness to the men out there, I have three knives of my own.

Knowing how useful knives are, when Knife Depot contacted me about a gear review, I jumped an the opportunity to let the Survival Husband get another blade for his collection.  Little did I know that he would select something totally different from anything else we own, namely a set of four hunting blades suitable for cutting, butchering, and skinning game as well as for general outdoor use.

We have had an opportunity to use the blade set for a couple of weeks now; mostly while hiking along the trails in the nearby woods.  Because hunting is a true SHTF task that will be used only if we have to, we did not test the blades for that purpose.

Below Shelly (the Survival Husband) shares his thoughts on the Trademark “Hawk” 4 Piece Blade Set.

The Hawk 4-Piece Blade Set

As always when Gaye, aka “the Survival Woman” receives an inquiry from a company wanting her to review their product-line I like to see what their selling. When KNIFE DEPOT came to us and gave us a choice of knives, within limits, I went to their website so that I could browse around and select something different from what I already owned.

Hunting Knife Set

While doing just that the Hawk 4pc. Blade Set caught my eye.  It looked like a great item to add to a Prepper’s pack because it was light weight, compact, easy to carry and useful in a number of different ways. You know: something you can carry when hiking or throw in a car or a boat so you don’t get caught with your pants down (so to speak) in an unexpected situation.  Not only that, if I even have to hunt for food (we have lots of deer and rabbits in our area), I could use this knife set for basic cutting and skinning functions.

I asked Gaye to order it for me to test and review, so here it is.

The Hawk 4 piece stainless steel blade set comes with a universal handle plus two different knife blades.  One measures 6 inches and the other measures 7 inches.  In addition, there is an axe blade which is shaped like a half-moon and a 10” saw blade.  Everything is contained in a canvas sheath type holster measuring 9” x 4.75” that can be worn on a belt.

Knife Depot Blades

Knife Depot Blades

Knife Depot Blades

While testing the knife I found that the locking system in the handle is so unique. When holding down the lever on the handle, you insert the blade and flip the lock on the hilt to lock in the blade.  I was very impressed with this system. The blade is rigid and locked into place easily; there was no play whatsoever and the blade is as secure as if it were one piece.

Okay.  Now it’s time for the field test.  As Gaye and I set out for one of our hikes, I strapped the holster on and off we went. Wearing the blade set on my belt (there is a belt loop on the sheath) was very comfortable – I hardly knew it was there. The first thing I tested was the knife blades. They basically functioned well and the stripper hook on the blade allowed me to pull away sticker bushes. The saw blade worked well although it didn’t seem to like the green wood but it still cut through. The axe blade was okay and will work in an emergency but with an overall length of 10 inches, it loses inertia along the way.  My opinion is that it will function better after I put a sharper edge on the blade.

Knife Depot Blades

Knife Depot Blades

My final analysis is that for emergency preparedness and newbie hunting purposes, the Hawk Blade Set from KNIFE-DEPOT is a decent, compact and durable system that can be easily carried on your belt or in your pack.  The set is surprisingly well balanced and sharp right out of the box but after some use, I do recommend putting a sharper edge on the knife and axe blades, perhaps with a Smith’s Pocket Pal.  For me, the knife set is a keeper and I know I will be glad I have it.

Knife-Depot has a very extensive line of products.  There were a number of other items I found interesting but alas you can’t have everything can you? (Well you can but you would need a bigger house to store all of the stuff!)

Shelly aka “Survival Husband”


Knife Depot has been selling high quality knives and accessories since 2004. They have over 10,000 different products in stock – everything from survival and tactical knives to pocket knives and even kitchen knives and everything in between.  They carry all of the top brands such as Smith and Wesson, Gerber, Kershaw, SOG and more. Best of all, their knives come with a 60-day money-back guarantee that includes free returns.  Yep, that means that they cover all costs associated with returns. Nice.

I found a lot of interesting knife lore on the site as well as tips and a very nice Guide to Buying a Pocket Knife which you can download for free.


As I mentioned in the beginning, we own a number of knives, each with a slightly different configuration and purpose.  That said, my recommendation has always been – and still is – to first and foremost get yourself a quality pocket knife or a Swiss army knife that is available on your person (or your pack or handbag) at all times.  My personal favorites are the Kershaw OSO Sweet or the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife but there are plenty of others out there including a wide variety of these and similar knives sold at Knife Depot.

Whatever blade you choose, exercise caution in its use.  Practice using it not only outdoors but also indoors (say in the kitchen) so you that you can become accustomed to its heft and feel.  Learn how to open the blade (if it a closed blade model) and close it without cutting yourself.  Knives and blades, as with all of the gear in your survival kit,  should be used regularly so that you become skilled and proficient is using it before your life depends on it.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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cheap survival knife_1FROM THE ALMOST FREE DEPARTMENT: Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife with Fire Starter

I have been on a mission to find inexpensive items for five dollars or less (including shipping) that can be used to fill in as extra prepping gear.

It measures 7 inch long overall, has a full-tang stainless steel blade, is equipped with thick green cord-wrap handle, and has a nylon sheath plus a magnesium-alloy fire starter.

How does it work?  This is not a Kershaw, Gerber or other high quality blade.  On the other hand, the fire starter works great (better than great) and is worth the price entire set. Six bucks?  I think it is worth it and will play with it some more over the weekend to see what it can do.

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  1. The knife manage could be very important mainly whilst you are out within the woods or coping with very difficult materials that need cutting. Always move for non-slip handles on the way to be able to save you severe injuries such as accidental cuts that would definitely be inconvenient whilst you are outdoor the
    city. Thanks for sharing this amazing tips.

  2. Very informative post, Gaye. Hunting knife is most used thing while making shelters, while digging, hunting, rescue someone and many more works. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Nice review, Gaye. That’s a great knife kit for surviving on land. For those of you who are boaters, or “water survivors”, I recommend the Leatherman Skeletool. Boaters always need a screwdriver, knife, and pliers. The Skeletool is all 3, plus wire cutter, wire stripper, and bottle opener. I keep mine attached to my belt loop, using the carabiner clip. I never need to dig in my pocket, or in a toolbox for it. I wouldn’t go boating without it. -Dave

  4. Looks like a pretty handy tool. How does it compare to a fixed blade as far as strength? I would imagine with the exchangeable blade design it is more on par with folding knives. Any blade play?

  5. It would be helpful if you would include country of origin in equipment reviews. If it is made in China, I do not buy it – period.

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