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Homeowners Checklist: How to Make Your Home Fire Safe

This free download is chock full of tips for making your home fire safe, both indoors and out.  Take a few moments to walk around your home to determine what you can do to make your home and the surrounding area safe from fire.


Our Southern Highlanders:  A Narrative of Adventure in the Southern Appalachians

Our Southern Highlanders Cover

“Our Southern Highlanders” by Horace Kephart is about the old way of living in what is now the Smoky Mountains.  It was first published in 1913 and revised in 1922.


The Have More Plan

Have More Plan Cover

The “Have-More Plan” (A Little Land – A Lot of Living) is a 1940 classic devoted to the creation of a small farm.  It is a great beginner’s introduction to buying land, gardening, and small-scale agriculture and covers hand tools, hard work and self-sufficiency. The advice is timeless except in it dated view of DDT.  Other than that, it does not get any better than this.


The USDA Home Canning Guide

If you are interested in learning how to can and want the basics, the bible is the USDA Home Canning Guide.  I have compiled all of the various sections into a single document and made it available for download here or if you prefer, you can download the individual sections at the USDA site.

not get any better than this.


Solar Dehydrator Technologies

Want to learn more about how you go about dehydrating crops including how to build your own solar dehydrator? Here is a free download on solar dehydrator technologies plus instructions for drying fruits an vegetables.  (Source: University of Georgia)


Dutch Oven Cookbook

Recipes compiled by the Idaho State University Dutch Oven Cooking Class


Smoking Fish at Home Safely