Survival Buzz: Redefining the Prepper Activist

Gaye LevyGaye Levy | Jul 3, 2019

A few years back, I wrote about Prepping as a form of activism.  In one of the comments, a reader coined the term Prepper-Activist, or Practivist for short.  He went on to say that it does not matter what we are called, as long as we prepare the best we can for whatever the future may bring our way.

Another reader said that a hundred years ago most people did, as a matter of course, what preppers do today. People who didn’t were called slackers. Now that irresponsibility is the norm and what used to be normal is called activism.  I could not agree more.  Activism does not have to manifest itself in marching, carrying signs, and making a lot of noise.  It can be a quiet, individual thing that we do to affect change in our personal lives.

So why this, and why now?  I have been reading through hundreds of comments that have come in during the last week and am more convinced then ever that the boogeyman is out there waiting to pounce.

Redefining the Prepper Activist | Backdoor SurvivalSo who is that bogeyman?  Start reading through the comments to this week’s Prepper Book Festival 13: A Simple Man and take your pick.

I am being a bit redundant in repeating what has been written before so let me summarize for you the six qualities of an activist, and by extension, a “Practivist”.

Six Qualities That Define the Prepper Activist

1.  Commitment:  The Activist gets things done.  He does not merely dream, he acts.  Tenacity and perseverance are a way of life.

2.  Education and Knowledge:  The Activist is always learning a new skill.  He makes an outward effort to stay informed of issues that may threaten survival and the world and society at large.

3.  Positive Attitude:  Activists are upbeat and enthusiastic about their mission.  Naysayers do not discourage their efforts one iota.  To the contrary, that makes the activist work even harder to accomplish his goals.

4.  Communication:  An Activist will speak up when sneaky corporations and corrupt or ineffective politicians try to control his destiny.  Even when his voice is lost in the wilderness of corruption, it is still a voice that will never give up.

5.  Problem Solving:  An Activist may not know it all, but he will figure it out for better or for worse.  Complacency or inaction because “you don’t know how” does not exist in the activist’s life.

6.  Passion:  An Activist is charged with the fire and passion to make things happen.

If these qualities sound familiar, you are both a Prepper and an Activist.  In your own way, you are setting a course to change the world.  You may not think so, but in my view, that is exactly what you are doing one day at a time, one bean at a time, and one skill at a time.

With so many newbies coming to this site of late, I want to pass on a bit of encouragement.  There will be some days when you feel as though you are all alone in your quest, fighting a battle that can not be seen or heard.  The battle is one of preparedness and is one that will serve you well if only to give you the ability sleep at night secure in the knowledge you can take care of yourself.

You are not a crazy nut job nor are you a chest-thumping radical striking out to be different.  Mostly you are a silent soldier on a quest of self-sufficiently.  Congratulations.  You have arrived.

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The Final Word

I don’t know abut you, but the feeling of frustration at never being quite ready enough is frustrating. In my own case this has been coupled with a move that required me to abandon many of my preps and start over.  There have been days this past month where I have felt like a newbie.

All that being said, I can also become my own cheerleader and in some respects, that keeps me going.  So hang in there, continue to store food and water and to learn pioneer skills that will see you though massive chaos, should it occur.  Don’t become your own bogeyman.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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5 Responses to “Survival Buzz: Redefining the Prepper Activist”

  1. My first impression of the term Practivist wasn’t Prepper-Activist, but Practical-Activist, I find that very fitting indeed, what could be more practical than having enough “beans, bullets n bandaids”?

    • Good one, Austin! I actually abhor the term ‘Prepper’. Having grandparents who lived practical lives just enforced the mindset for any ‘in case of situation’. My family doesn’t say the word prep or SHTF or TEOTWAWKI in our conversations with each other, but INCASA, and we never talk about ‘it’ outside our family.

    • That’s exactly what we say! “In case” has been the case several times-no one even questions it anymore around here! When you catch your older teens telling a friend “in case”, you know something went right! Especially when said friend agrees-because it’s worked before.

  2. Gaye, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for using correct grammar when referring to an individual. He, his, him DO include both men and women.

    THEY and them is only correct in the plural.

    I grew up in a grammatically conscious family. We now live in a world where everything changes. The prepper activist is preparing to be adaptable. I am not a very adaptable person. Therefore I like a little dose of tradition while contemplating all the difficult changes.

  3. I too like that phrase rather and than a “Prepper” consider myself to be “practical about being prepared for many situations”.
    I am happy to have found your website. I enjoy reading the comments from the group and seeing the Comradery (I googled this word and it said: the spirit of friendship and community in a group, like the comradery of soldiers at war who keep each other upbeat despite the difficulty of their circumstances. … A close friend or a fellow soldier — in other words, someone who comes to mind when you say, “We’re in this together.”)
    I will enjoy searching your site for the gems of practical preparing!
    We are in this together! 🙂


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