Forward Thinking: Ready Set Prep Summit

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
Forward Thinking: Ready Set Prep Summit

Man carrying food to storageLast week it was my privilege to attend the Ready Set Prep Summit sponsored by  This was a by invitation only event that was held in Dallas, Texas and attended by over 16 members of the online preparedness and survival community.  Food Insurance called us “forward thinkers”.  Imagine that!

The agenda included a social and networking event where I became acquainted with the owners of some really cool websites.  I was thrilled to not only to meet some new folks but also a few of my online friends that I have been working with these past few years.  During this time I was able to chat with almost everyone individually and to share our common ideas and philosophies not only about prepping but also about their own sub-niches within the prepping space.

The next day there were presentations by industry experts, a food tasting and some insightful website evaluations from some marketing and social media gurus.

The focus throughout the summit was the mainstreaming of prepping and the responsibility we share for delivering actual and factual solutions Ready Set Prep Summit Glenn Beckto our readers.  As you know, this is something I feel passionately about so when one presenter suggested – no encouraged – us to discontinue and drop the term “prepping” from our vocabulary, I had to stand up and disagree.

Our day ended with a visit to the Glenn Beck Blaze TV studio where Mark Hyland, the CEO of Food Insurance plus the panelists participated in a live broadcast of the March 21st show.  No matter what you might think of Glenn, he was warm and gracious and spent a few minutes chatting with us and posting for photos.


I have given quite a bit of thought to the mainstreaming of prepping.  One reason I feel that prepping has come into its own is that right now, things are crazy difficult and crazy uncertain.  In times like this, people want something to cling to that they can control.

Gathering supplies, growing food, learning DIY skills and becoming self-sufficient are things we can all do on our own.  We can do these things with the satisfaction of knowing that we have majority control over their outcomes in a world where so much seems beyond our reach.

And I don’t know – for me at least it means that I can take charge of my life instead of being someone else’s puppet.  Does that make sense?  Do you feel the same?


As I mentioned above, we were treated to a blind taste test consisting of five different freeze dried meal samples from five different companies.  This was truly blind.  As you can see in the photo, we were given little numbered cups and were asked to rate each on a 1 to 10 scale plus add our comments.

Ready Set Prep Summit 004

The results?  The product supplied by our host, came in first.  I honestly believe that even they were a bit surprised at this but it is true.  As our group compared notes after the fact, we agreed that the Food Insurance product was the tastiest and that it had the best texture.

In addition to tasting the meal type products, we also sampled some freeze dried pineapple and freeze dried corn.  Oh my gosh – they were so sweet I could have snacked on these all day long.  I did learn something, though.  That is that if you eat too much of any un-reconstituted freeze dried product, it can and will expand in your stomach and cause some digestive distress.


I can not say enough good things about our host,  They paid for our travel and put together a day of relevant activities for us without once asking us for a thing.  Of course I am sure they would like us to recommend their product line (more about that later) but not once did they bring that up.

Instead they focused on learning about readers and our own expertise when it comes to preparedness.

FoodInsurance 002So what is Food Insurance?  Food Insurance offers short and long term solutions to your food storage needs.  This includes gourmet meals in pouches with a 7 to 10 year shelf life and the same meals and individual items (such as that delicious FD pineapple and corn) in #10 cans.  They also have two-week and one-month kits plus gluten-fee and vegetarian meals plans.  All kinds of stuff, really.

Something else that they did at the Summit was to present us each with one of their lightweight, weather resistant backpacks plus a portable water bottle and filter.  Not being bashful, I asked if I could give away the same backpack and water bottle to one of my readers.  And of course, being the nice folks that they are, they said yes.  So how cool is that?


To win the Food Insurance backpack and water filter, all you will need to do is to submit a comment at the end of this article telling me about your greatest food storage challenge.  That’s it – easy peasy.

The giveaway will run until April 14th and as always, the winner will be selected at random.FoodInsurance 003

Please note that Food Insurance will also be sending out a special promotion to everyone that enters the giveaway contest although you can be easily able to opt-out of future emails.


Here is a list of the attendees with a link to their websites.  I hope you will take a few moments to visit each of them to see if there is something useful to help you along your own path toward preparedness.

Common Sense Preparedness (Presenter)
Food Storage and Survival
Nautical Prepper
Off Grid Survival
Practical Preppers
Prepper Podcast Radio Network
Simply Canning
Solutions For Preparedness (Presenter)
Stealth Survival
Survival And Prosperity
Survival Common Sense
Survival Joe
Tactical Intelligence
The Doomsday Moose
Waging War On Debt (Presenter)
Food Insurance (Host)


There is widely held mindset that a disaster or a crisis is something that happens to other people.  I call that Disaster Denial.

Of course you know and I know that crisis events happen all the time and can include all types of scenarios – from job loss, to sickness, to natural disasters, to civil unrest and more.  And even though people see and witness these events as they unfold around them, they still think that it will never happen to them – only to someone else.

Being prepared is something we all need to do to regain control of our lives in an out-of-control world.  By being in control, we can prevail in spite of the mayhem round us.  That, to me, is why prepping is moving in to the mainstream.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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205 Responses to “Forward Thinking: Ready Set Prep Summit”

  1. I agree with you, Todd about the chat forum. We really don’t have any privacy anymore. Gaye was very nice to let me and another gal exchange email addresses, because we are living near each other…. I think we live close, at this point neither of us are giving our names, addresses and such. I hope we develop a friendship….then we can share personal information. The only thing I really know about her, she’s a secret prepper and lives in my state.

  2. There are additional reasons not to run a chat forum. Many people who live a lifestyle of preparation are somewhat leery of information disclosure. Having worked for many years for an internet service provider, and also being in the field of cybersecurity and information assurance, I can assure you – pun intended 🙂 – that once you have has even a short history of login and access data it is surprisingly easy to narrow down to a specific individual. Especially if you are a TLA (Three Letter Agency) that doesn’t require warrants to request information.

    I would also be willing to say with a fair degree of certainty that virtually every “prepper”, “survivalist”, and related chat rooms and forums are well frequented by individuals whose sole job is intelligence gathering and data mining. The exceptions may be (and I stress “may”) those whose membership is contingent on personal relationships and knowledge of every member of the forum.

    • Todd – Thank you for weighing in on this topic. As the Backdoor Survival diva, I already know that I personally have exposure with the TLA. But what about readers who leave comments? How do they fare?

    • Gaye –

      I apologize in advance that this turned out to be such a long reply, but it isn’t quite black and white. When our kids have a question they usually start with: “I have a question, and tell me if you have a 30 second answer, otherwise I’ll go ask Mom.” =D

      It really depends on that user and their net footprint. Not to be too depressive, but if you are active on the internet and email it can be relatively easy to piece together a profile. Especially if they use any social networking sites. All it often takes is a single thread.

      An oversimplified example:

      Joe the Plumber posts a comment here under a pseudonym.

      He also ‘Likes’ an unrelated post on some gardening site. That gardening site carries advertisements.

      One day, Joe clicks on an ad that takes him to a shopping site. The advertising agency sets a cookie on his browser.

      He is already logged into the site. He then does his shopping and later comes back here. The comment section of this site (and every other blog/forum) stores a cookie as well (which is how it remembers your name/email).

      Remember he posted a comment here earlier, then clicked a “Like” on the gardening site?

      You have a ‘Facebook’ like icon up there. Facebook also contracts with the advertiser and so they have access to the same cookies. Now the cookies, ip addresses, emails and so on are all connected and stored in somebody’s database.

      So while Joe personally might not be identified by name, there is a web that leads back to his real identity on the shopping site, where he paid with a credit card or PayPal.

      That’s the bad news. And there is no real solution exactly other than to have alternate identities, but that only adds another layer.

      The better news is that by practicing good opsec you can definitely mitigate your footprint and blend into the noise. As horrible as it sounds, what you want to do is present a low enough profile that somebody else is noisier than you. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a V8 with no muffler if the vehicle next to you is a triple locomotive freight train. =)

      The worst thing somebody can do on the internet is try and go dark. The software and analysts that look at this stuff (and they do) look at PATTERNS to identify subjects of interest. Someone who has a web presence and then suddenly drops off the web without a corresponding obit generates a red flag. Just like a person who has no previous pattern of political posts suddenly starts posting on a radical website. The software systems and algorithms are amazingly sophisticated. Far, far more than most people realize.

      There are tools out there that can help minimize traceability (things like TOR Bundle, Firefox NoScript Extension, HTTPSEverywhere) which can help a lot, but without good opsec they’re pointless. Somebody who uses all of these tools but then goes and logs into their Facebook account with them might as well not use them. Which is where keeping personalities comes in. 🙂

    • Since we all have computers and email and facebook we can be found. Nothing is really totally private. Satalites can now listen in on coversations and it is just amazing how technology has increased in such a short period of time. The government has a computer with your name and everything about you in it. Satalites can now zone in on an area and see people even if it is with infra red. Its crazy like something out of a science fiction movie but it is true.

  3. Gaye, have you thought of a forum or something where your readers could chat with other readers?

    • Great idea, Backdoor Survival is on fb and there is a chat option I think. John R. I pray you will get an answer soon from someone. Just be careful picking up on the net.

    • The reason I do not have a forum is that it takes time. There is a lot of backend work to the blog in addition to the writing and a forum would just add to the load. I also work at a J.O.B. so as you can imagine, things get crazy busy around here.

      I used to have an open email area not attached to posts but it was not used much so I shut it down.

      Perhaps some day . . .

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