BDS Book Festival 7: The PrepSmart Series from Prepper Press

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Early on, when I was a newbie blogger, I was lucky enough to hook up with a boutique publisher who was interested in compiling a series of articles by a dozen or so bloggers.  The project did not pan out but the publisher, Prepper Press, remained in contact.

Many of books featured in Backdoor Survival book festivals have been published by the Prepper Press.  They include books by Glen Tate and the 299 Days Series, R.P. Ruggiero and the Brushfire Plague Series (my favs), and titles from the prolific Joe Nobody and his Holding Their Own.  There have been plenty of non-fiction titles, too.

Backdoor Survival Book Festival: The PrepSmart Series from Prepper Press

Today I have a special treat for you.  Derrick Grant, the publisher of Prepper Press books, is here to answer some interview questions put together just for him.  He will also tell you about the new PrepSmart book series.  Of course there is a giveaway; this time for two books in the Prep Smart series: Developing a Personal Preparedness Plan and Survival Guns: A Beginner’s Guide.

Both are great books, jam packed with useful information and not a bit of fluff.  Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

An Interview with Derrick Grant, Publisher of the PrepSmart Series

Tell me about Prepper Press. How did it get started and what is its focus and goal?

Prepper Press came to be from a mixed interest in writing, publishing, and preparedness. Where the traditional publishing industry is in disarray, we’ve found a niche we can work with, built on less traditional, friendlier relationships with authors.

Our goal from here is to expand further into dystopian fiction, while building the “PrepSmart” library for nonfiction titles.

The PrepSmart Series is new to Prepper Press. The first two books, Developing a Personal Preparedness Plan, and Survival Guns: A Beginners Guide have recently been launched. What can we expect in terms of additional titles?

Bruce Funk, author of Developing a Personal Preparedness Plan, is working on book that will be the “Water Bible” of sorts, covering all of the information a prepper would need to know about the #1 preparedness priority.

Steve Markwith, author of Survival Guns, has his second book about to come out, Shotguns: A Comprehensive Guide. His writing and firearm knowledge is phenomenal.

What is the background and experience of the PrepSmart authors?

Bruce Funk has been a long-time prepper, he’s lived the lifestyle with his family, he has an interest in research and writing, and wants to pass knowledge on. Steve Markwith has decades of experience leading firearms training for the Maine Department of Corrections.

Did they find you or did you find them?

Bruce found us. We’ve known Steve for years, so we asked him.

Speaking of authors, how do you find authors for the books you publish? Can anyone apply?

Anyone can send us a manuscript, yes; but we reject more than we accept. We’re a small publisher, and we’re busy with what he have out, and what we have coming.

A proposal really needs to speak to us, but we’d be particularly interested in hearing from people that might have a specialty in preparedness, for PrepSmart titles. We’ll also look at well-written fiction by energetic authors.

Every book, fiction and non-fiction, includes a message. What message do you hope my readers will take with them after reading the books in the PrepSmart series?

Practical knowledge. The intent of the books in this series is to help readers prep rationally, practically, not to go overboard, but to assess your individual needs, likelihood of events, budget, and do what makes sense give your life situation.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

We’re based in Maine. We’re trying to handle growth in a smart, manageable manner, not to overextend ourselves. It’s all been a learning process. None of us came from a publishing background, so there have been rocky moments, but we’re coming on the other side of being “new” now, and that’s an exciting time.

Next year will bring our first book associated with a major film, we’ll have new titles from existing authors, a new young adult series, and more.

As a publisher in the survival and prepping niche, what are you personally preparing for?

Living in Maine, winter and its power outages, heat, etc. always weighs on our minds from a prepper perspective. We’re also mindful of finances, trying to stay fiscally conservative in the event of economic shock.

For larger-scale “events”, most concerning to us would be a failure of the electrical grid, simply because it seems plausible, and the panic that would ensue after weeks without power – that’d be scary.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

If you enjoy reading (you must, you’re reading this blog), we invite you to check us out at and sign up for email updates. We have exciting new titles in the works.

The Book Giveaway

A copy of two PrepSmart books, Developing a Personal Preparedness Plan and Survival Guns: A Beginner’s Guide, have been reserved for one lucky reader.  To enter the giveaway, you need to utilize the Rafflecopter form below.

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The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

The Final Word

A lot of books cross my desk.  And honestly?  Some are better than others and some don’t make the Book Festival cut.  I do have to say,however, that everything from Prepper Press has been top notch.  Perhaps it is because I like to root for the underdog (which in this case is the small guy) or perhaps it is simply that I enjoy the personal touch that comes from dealing with hands-on publisher.

In any case, like the other books from Prepper Press, I have enjoyed these first two books in the PrepSmart series and know you will too.  Good luck in the giveaway!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight:   Developing a Personal Preparedness Plan (PrepSmart)

This book has been written to help individuals plan for life’s unexpected emergencies through a practical, attainable, and individualized process. The principles in this book will enable preppers to match their abilities, situation, and needs to realistic threats specific to that person. It teaches the reader about “normalcy bias” and provides solutions to the challenge of preparing for the worst in the midst of plenty. The result of going through this process will be a road map for satisfying your needs in a realistic and rewarding manner.

Survival Guns: A Beginner’s Guide (PrepSmart)

Survival Guns is the first firearms book in the PrepSmart series that covers the basics of building a basic firearm battery. Steve Markwith, the author, takes the reader through the process of selecting and buying firearms and accessories through a planned process that meets your needs and budget. He outlines some underlying principles to work toward the goal of building a coordinated battery, beginning with just a short list of “essential systems” that constitute a baseline inventory.

The book’s premise is built on starting with a clean slate. While some readers may already own guns and pursue the tendency to weave what they already own into the mix, those end results may be less than ideal.

Plus: The Preppers Guide to Food Storage

No list of books would be complete without my own book, The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage. The eBook print version is available.

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Test New Survival Gear, and Let Us Know What You Think! We Cover the Products, You Cover Shipping.

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Updated Jul 4, 2019
Published Jan 15, 2015

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55 Responses to “BDS Book Festival 7: The PrepSmart Series from Prepper Press”

  1. What I would like to see published in the next PrepSmart book is something I haven’t seen addressed anywhere. My husband is a Truck Driver who’s gone for 3-4 wks at a time, which leaves me alone for long periods of time. We’re both new at prepping and still trying to learn everything. I would love to see a subject about how a woman alone can best protect herself as well as learn everything she needs to know about prepping. I also would like to see a subject about how if something major was to happen, and my husband wasn’t able to drive home in his truck, how and where do we meet up? I worry about these things alot and haven’t found anything on these topics.

  2. I like the idea of these smaller one topic books, like them electronically to put on my Kindle but both would be awesome. Thanks for the great website and wonderful topics you choose to share!


  3. I would like to see something on prepping with your family. As a father of three girls it is difficult to get everyone on the same page and to cooperate. Also as a beginning prepper it is important to learn how to prep on a budget, that would be helpful as well.

  4. First Aid and alternative medicines

  5. I would like an expert tell me of how to make a Faraday cage. Big and small. I have some older computers that I would like to preserve to be able to read my flash drives.

    • John – I know you have made this request before and have been looking for some “expert” advice myself. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a credible expert. Anyone can post anything on YouTube and in a blog, but so far, I have not seen anything that convinces me that their Faraday cage will work.

      I have been considering a metal garbage can, well insulated with “something”. For the something, I may go to the Boeing surplus store in Seattle and pick up some insulating materials used to protect aircraft. But then how do we test for a major solar flare or EMP hit?

      I guess I need to do some more research and, when his new book is done, convince my buddy Ron Brown to help me. He is an engineer and really good at that stuff.

  6. I would like to see a book on creating ‘secret’ areas in your house.

  7. What to do about protecting your home and loved ones. I have a daughter who prefers non violent, non confrontational ways to protect her family. I am different. I have two signs on my property warning that I don’t call 911. Not sure how you protect yourself otherwise!

  8. I would love to have a book about prepping on a tight budget. My husband lost his job a year ago and has been forced into early retirement. We have three tweens and it is a challenge. I would like to make sure we are focused on the right things.

    • We are flat broke with barely enough coming in. I’m Focusing on DIY projects. Instruction can be found in Backdoor Survival posts and on YouTube. We are making a water filter from buckets, a clothes washer from buckets, a composting toilet from buckets. We also need to build composting bins in the yard and a cold frame would also be helpful.

  9. I’d like to see a book that addresses traditional/alternative medicines.

    • IMP the essential oils Gaye has been detailing are the best medicine out there. I really liked the post on birch for muscle and joint pain.

    • Whoops that was supposed to read In My Opinion.

  10. I second what Dana wrote. Home defense for a woman alone. I’ve got the weapons and ammo but while I’m defending the front door looters can break in the back.

    Another topic I rarely see addressed and when I do find an article it is not feasible. How to HARDEN a simple wood frame vinyl siding tract house.

    Thank you I would love to win the books.

  11. I would also like to see a book devoted to cooking from preps with no fresh food. Meals from beans grains and canned foods with dehydrated or freeze dried too.

    • I agree with you too Karen. I’ll pass along a little tip that I just learned, but there are probably a lot of people that already know this because when I learned it, I had a ‘DUH’ moment. lol I have always bought into the teaching that to cook pasta you had to boil lots of water. But while testing out post SHTF recipes and techniques, it bothered me to see all that cooking water poured down the drain and I couldn’t think of many ways to reuse the water with all that starch in it. Well I learned that you can cook pasta at a slow simmer with very little water, just like it is in the instructions for that *** Helper stuff.

    • I am going to experiment making pasta this way, taking notes and measurements so I can share. Thanks for the tip!

  12. I second and third the idea of something for the woman home alone (ps: I’m a senior). I would also like to see some solar power instructions in simple layman’s terms for a single person who does not live in a single family home and is clueless about electricity. Most of the articles/books I’ve seen seem to assume a family single home situation with some electrical background.

    I’ve personally made a significant investment in herbal and essential oil alternative medicine, both DIY products and a library (hoping to use that as barter or as value in participating in a prepper group). While this is mentioned a lot in preparedness circles, I’ve not found a book that approaches it in detail from a preparedness perspective.

  13. These sound like very helpful books. The kind the whole family needs to review, for the knowledge to survive.

  14. I am with John R. on this one. Faraday cages and hardening against EMP as well as repairing post EMP, are subjects that the info I have been able to find is conflicting and confusing. I would LOVE to have definitive, detailed, reliable info on this!

  15. I would like to see a book for older, physically limited people. People like me, who can do things they need to, it just takes a lot longer to do them. I use a walker, and at times a wheelchair. I also have a biotronic implant to stop my heart. It can’t slow down as everyone else’s can once elevated. So I tend to do everything slower.

  16. I would like to see an plan for selecting an adequate bug out location. I have a couple in mind but they both have limitations.

  17. I’d like to see an extensive article on Herbs,what they are used for, how to store them, growing herbs. etc.

  18. You can never have too much information about prepping. There is so many things to take into account and different methods. If one way doesn’t work, try another.

  19. Gaye: great article bringing us an excellent collection of books for this new 2015. I would like to see future books on self help, preparedness and dealing with changes in our culture and the world.

    These look like excellent titles and I would love to try them.

    Thanks for the post. Carlos

  20. I’m with the other ladies on this one. Any ideas on how a woman can protect herself when she is home alone. I would also like to learn ways to fortify my home. In the event that I would have to stay in my home during a bad situation, I want to make sure I’ve done what I can to secure it.

  21. I’d like to see something on the art of bartering (identifying the value of what you have vs what you want, etc.). I’m not a “haggler”, so knowing how to do this is a concern for me.

  22. I would love to have a book on how to stay cool during a south Texas summer when the grid is down.

  23. I agree with Dana [above]. There are folks who are far from home and/or do not have family and friends where they are. A book on how to ‘solo it’ until your partner gets back would be very reassuring to folks.

  24. Perhaps a book on alternative energy sources. Or even better, rebuilding your personal “grid” after a collapse of the regional or national grid.

  25. I’d also like to learn how to build a simple Faraday cage.

  26. Just got two of Jim Cobbs books for Christmas, I’d like to see more info on cooking wild game, as well as butchering. I am a chef and proficient at small game, but the deer, bears and boars would be a challenge for me to do alone.

  27. What I would like to see would be a method of movement in an occupied area for the purpose of trading or finding out info.

  28. I’d like to see something on how to convince family and/or friends to get on board. I am very worried that my family won’t listen to me and make plans on how to meet up, etc., in the event of a disaster….and I feel so awfully alone that I’d love to figure out how to get a friend or two to prep, too.

  29. I’d be interested in a book about alternative medications. I have collected some info about herbs and tinctures but having it in one booklet would be great. Thanks for asking and have a great day!

  30. I agree with Learner that a book on how the elderly can manage prepping, hunkering in (which would be my preference unless the authorities tell me to leave) and evacuating the home.

    I am 69 and in poor health due to arthritis in hands, knees and back.

    I live in a rental house in Tacoma, Washington. Doing major renovations to the house, garage, or yard is not possible. First, the landlord would probably not approve, and second, I’m a clutz at anything in the construction area.

    So a book on an urban living senior citizen with health problems would be a nice one to add to my collection prep books. I do like the idea that these books can be bought in either print or Kindle form. I’ve already gone to Amazon (through your link 🙂 ) and have downloaded a sample of each book. So if I don’t win, I’ll be able to get them from Amazon on my Kindle. With my injured hands the light weight Kindle reader is a boon. I can hold it comfortably and read while lying in bed. Got to love technology.


    • Peggy – Please do try using the birch essential oil salve on your arthritis. It has made a huge difference for Shelly (he is older than you). It has worked so well that I have 3 extra bottles in reserve for SHTF.


    • Gaye:

      I went to both Spark Naturals and Amazon through the links on your site and ordered what you suggested. Now waiting for everything to arrive so I can start this regime. Thank you very much for all the good tips you give.


  31. I agree with Barbra in Colorado. Layman’s terms on solar power

  32. I’d like to see a book focused on cold-weather preparations- both at home, and on the road if you are caught out of doors for a prolonged period of time.

  33. I read every post from BDS. Always good info

  34. I would LOVE to see something on cooking with freeze dried foods.I DO understand 1 part of this to two parts of this but I am an old lady (lol) and when I am using my food storage that I’ve put up I know that for example to feed x# of people I need X# of cups of rice, pasta, etc and X# of Lbs of meat and x # of cups of veggies. When I use the freeze dried foods (samples and some smaller cans) It’s a hit or miss. The few books I have gotten give a list and apportionments of FD items and how to prepare the food but NO WHERE does it say, like regular recipie books, feeds aprox X# of people if you make the basic recipe in the book and I can’t afford to buy a lot of cans of FD food to experiment with right now I see these recipies and I think If I make this does it feed just me or does it feed more than one person and how many cans of FD food do I have to aquire for each person in the group. It may sound silly but in a SHTF situation I don’t want to have to pull out the calculator and figure out how to feed my family before I throw a meal together. I have a lot of recipies in my head and I learned how to cook good tasting nutritious meals by the “seat of my pants” you know, I have x# of people and only 2 lbs of meat, how do I stretch the meal to feed everybody and make tasty and filling for everyone.Both my boys were taught to cook like that, even Dahubs is starting to “create” meals,not just hotdogs,spaghetti or frozen dinner type stuff, without a set of specific instructions to follow.

    • Kathy – In my experience, there are inconsistencies between the different FD food companies. That does not seem logical but in my own cynical assessment, that may have more to do with marketing than anything else. What is one serving? 1/2 cup? 1 cup? Depending on the company, they want to promote more or less servings to suck you in.

      My personal plan is to use bulk foods (beans, rice, oatmeal – all the boring stuff) with handfuls of FD veggies and meats added for variety, nutrition, and taste rather than the main meal component. By doing do (treating the FD products as “condiments”, I am less concerned about actual quantity. I will start small and build up. If things are so bad that I have to dig into my SHTF pantry, any food will be good food.

      Hopefully, as I come to the end of the long term storage, I will have established good barter relationships and can trade my seeds, physical labor, knowledge, and leadership skills for additional food. That is the plan, anyway.

  35. I have a place in the county. Would like information on building a small save pepper plac.

  36. I would like to see the new and growing problem of food intolerances in food storage addressed. Example gluten intolerance limits the use of prepared freeze dried entrees on the market.

  37. I’d like to see preparing for medical emergencies – beyond the first aid ki

  38. I saw that they are going to cover water in a future book. What I would like to see is information on food storage for the short and long term.

  39. Medicinal herbs you can grow an dhow to use them.

  40. I would like to learn more about herbal medicine and best knife selections for all sorts of survival task.

  41. That’s my plan too. However I have a DIL that is a recovering bulimic, Yes as a teen she developed bulimia and wrecked her stomach She’s awesome and has not had any instances of bulimia for over 20 years now. But because of that she can no longer eat meat, poultry or pork.I think she said she can have broths as long as there is no chunks of meat in it. Seafood is mild enough for her to be able to digest and I was looking at storing some FD seafood for her. My cousin, who has been canning for years has told me that some fish does not hold up too well when home canned. So I have been looking at acquiring some FD Seafood for long term storage. I think Emergency Prep has FD Seafood I could get but again the question is how much do I store in addition to store bought cans of fish. We will all be sharing the meals I make for her in addition to the other foods I am storing.

  42. I’m on a limited income so anything that teaches to get prep with little money, also prep with the elderly.

  43. How to use your dehydrated and canned food for the best meals.

  44. Knives…

  45. Basic defensive tactics


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