Prepper Book Festival 12: Prepper’s Armed Defense

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: August 24, 2021
Prepper Book Festival 12: Prepper’s Armed Defense

Anyone who is serious abut prepping has considered their options for armed defense.  They have tried to examine the pros and cons of both lethal and non-lethal weapons and have tried to come up with the best solution for their own situation.  More often than not, they have come away with misguided decisions due to not fully understanding what their weapon of choice could or could not do and legal ramifications thereof.

It is for those reasons that I am proud to introduce you to Jim Cobb’s latest book, Preppers Armed Defense.  Those of you that have been around for awhile know that I am a huge fan of Jim and his books, mostly because they are concise and to the point. They are also well written and highly readable.  Prepper’s Armed Defense is no exception and, in my opinion, is his most important work to date.

Preppers Armed Defense | Backdoor Survival

I say this from the point of view of someone who selected a personal weapon that was totally wrong for me. It was only after training that I realized I had approached armed defense and self defense ass-backwards (if you will pardon my French).  I wish I had read Jim’s book first.

The options covered in Preppers Armed Defense include everything from firearms, to knives, projectile weapons, martial arts, homemade weapons, non-lethal weapons and more.  In addition to going through these options, Jim clearly and succinctly points out that everything is his book is geared toward hurting another human being.  Take that seriously, comes to terms with it, and accept it.  If not, you need to move on.

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to let you know that Jim and his publisher are making three copes of his book available in a giveaway.  In addition, Jim is back for his eighth interview!  Enjoy what Jim has to say then check in below for details about the giveaway/

An Interview with Jim Cobb, Author of Prepper’s Home Defense

In your own words, tell me what this book is about and who you perceive as the target audience.

PREPPER’S ARMED DEFENSE is intended to be a guide for those seeking advice and input as to their options when it comes to taking up weapons against those who would do them harm.

The book isn’t going to turn anyone into an expert marksman or any sort of martial arts warrior. Instead, it is a down to earth, practical reference explaining the pros and cons of dozens of different weapons, from firearms to blades, pepper spray to stun guns.

While firearms are often the most effective weapon in most scenarios, there are many people for whom guns just aren’t an option, for one reason or another. PREPPER’S ARMED DEFENSE seeks to help all those who wish to be better able to defend themselves.

Many preppers have reached a point where, on most days, they feel ready for whatever the world may throw at them. Then, the next day they feel they have not done enough to prepare and start frantically searching for the next skill to learn, book to read, or piece of equipment to buy. What advice do you have for these mid-stage preppers?

I’ve found the best approach, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for decades, is to commit to doing one thing each and every day to improve your emergency preparedness. You can never know everything, there are always new skills to learn or old skills to practice. Even if your one thing is just to sit down for 15 minutes and read your favorite news sites so you stay informed on world events, you’re still staying ahead of the game.

Many if not most people who stick with prepping for a while begin to look beyond the bug out bag and food storage. They start becoming interested in actual self-reliance, such as gardening, home canning, renewable energy, and such. When you reach that stage, you’re never lacking for something to do.

I apologize if I have asked you this before, but if you could choose only four tools to have on hand for emergencies, what would they be and why?

A good quality knife – a sharp blade is used for so many different functions. Carving, food prep, opening boxes, making tools, the list goes on and on.

Cordage – I like to have a variety of cordage on hand, such as tarred bank line as well as the ever popular paracord. I keep some in every survival kit as well as at home. I suppose if one stretched the definition a bit, you could include duct tape in this category as well. Either way, cordage is very useful, from replacing broken shoelace to temporarily securing a door.

Framing hammer – a decent hammer is far better than a rock. I prefer a framing hammer due to the longer handle as well as the straight claw. They work great for demo work as well as, well, hammering nails.

Cash – outside of a true end of the world scenario, cash is and will likely always be king. Like it or not, many problems can be solved with an adequate application of portraits of dead presidents.

Since this is your eighth book festival, you have been writing for quite some time. What changes have you seen over this period of time and what changes do you see coming down the line relative to books in the preparedness niche?

One thing I’ve noticed, and I’m far from the only one who’s seen this, is the continuing proliferation of those who are seeking to just cash in on the prepper/survivalist niche. These are people who have little or no practical knowledge on the topics but know how to take dazzling photos and combine them with SEO marketing tricks so they can appear to be reputable sources of information. There is just so much bad information out there that gets passed around and repeated over and over until it is treated like gospel. Unfortunately, there’s little to be done about it. Just be sure you double and triple check your sources for information when you’re doing research.

As for the future, I see more and more people gravitating toward the self-reliance arena. People are waking up and realizing it is important to know where their food comes from, what’s in the water they drink, and how to do things for themselves. This is a great thing and I hope it continues.

And finally, where do YOU go to learn about prepping and survival?

One of my favorite sources is John D. McCann over at He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. Of course, Backdoor Survival is another great resource.

I like to check YouTube for product reviews as well as “how to” sorts of things. While I obviously recommend investing in hard copy books as a way to preserve knowledge, videos can often provide a quick answer. I don’t really follow any particular video channels, though. I just bounce around a few until I get the info I’m seeking. is also very handy.

Honestly, when you get right down to it, there’s very little that is truly new in the prepper/survival world. Often, it just comes down to who can explain the topic or theory in a way that you understand best.

The Giveaway

Jim has reserved three copies of his book in this newest Book Festival Giveaway.  The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific Tuesday with the winners notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winners must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note:  Due to customs requirements, this giveaway is only open to individuals with a mailing address in the United States.

The Final Word

As I mentioned above, as someone who selected a personal weapon that was totally wrong for me, I can appreciate Jim’s advice more than he will ever know. I leave you with these words from Jim:

“It is preferable to know how to defend yourself and never need to do so than to be in a bad situation and not have a clue what to do about it.”

For more information about the books in this latest book festival, visit Prepper Book Festival #12: The Best Books to Help You Prepare, Stay Healthy and Be Happy.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight:  Preppers Armed Defense

A comprehensive guide to gun options as well as non-lethal and homemade alternatives needed for neutralizing attackers after a catastrophic collapse

A massive disaster strikes. Civilization breaks down and with it goes the thin blue line of police protection. Days or even weeks pass before the National Guard arrives to protect law-abiding citizens. In the mean time, it’s every man, woman, and family for themselves. Having self-sufficient means for protecting your family at this critical moment is essential. Thankfully, Prepper’s Armed Defense details exactly how to achieve this high level of life-saving readiness.

Far more than a gun guide, Prepper’s Armed Defense is the most comprehensive, no-holds-barred guide to all type of weapons, including knives and other edged weapons; non-lethal weapons like pepper spray, tasers and stun guns; plus last-minute improvised weapons made from common household items.

Among the weapons covered:

Brass knuckles
Blackjack and sap
Monkey fist slingshots
Clubs and batons
Tonka and other martial arts weapons

The legalities of self-defense are also discussed as not all encounters will take place after a societal collapse. From the proper way to relate the information to a police dispatcher to when you should call an attorney, the focus is on ensuring you don’t end up behind bars for protecting your loved ones.

Prepper’s Armed Defense is your guide to inflicting the maximum amount of damage to those who would harm you and your family.

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  1. I would like to know how to get the mindset that I need to be able to defend my family. I grew up in the peace love and hippie era and the last time I hit someone was in 1969. It wasn’t effective.

  2. While guns are definitely king, I am more afraid of a person who is skilled with a knife. I have seen shot and I have seen cut, and cut is UGLY.

  3. For home defense and self defense, all possible available options. Firearms aren’t always an option because of Federal, State, Local laws and employment restrictions. So I’d like to hear about all the possible options that might be available.

  4. I think planning home or personal defense varies by person and location and comfort zone. Assess your risks and plan accordingly.
    The world is becoming more dangerous, with drugs, thugs, terrorists, and criminals. Prepare in the order of risk and reevaluate as needed

  5. I’m particularly interested in the non-firearm items. I live in the PRK (People’s Republic of Kalifornia) and if you use a gun here for, it seems like ANY reason, YOU go to jail.

  6. Awesome giveaway, thanks so much for giving away 3 of your books. I have recently joined your site and am prepping for the melt down. thanks for your blog, that helps so many:)

  7. I recently bought a 20 lb pull recurve bow so I could rehab my shoulder AND the grandkids could pull it. That and 6 arrows was $less than $150

  8. I would like more information on the reportedly easy to hack/breach security alarm systems and how to harden them. Hardening a house is a compromise that if not understood can get you killed by unexpected problems. Making a home extremely hard to break into can also make it difficult to exit in an emergency such as a fire or earthquake.

  9. I like the concept of thinking this thing out thoroughly. It makes no sense to just check it off your list if you own a handgun or other firearms. Who knows how long bullets will be available? What if your weapon malfunctions? I’m intrigued about learning of other options.

  10. I don’t know how others feel, but I really dislike the use of sliding glass doors because they are just too easy to break and enter into a home. But this seems to be highly desired despite the perils. Sadly any deviance lessens a homes appeal. I also see the manner windows are being installed as simplifying the process of breaking into a home; windows are getting placed lower all the time. These are just 2 of my grips. So called modern homes are too open with glass doors and very low glass windows that really are not safe in my way of thinking.

  11. I like to hear expert advice on weapons suitable for indoor last-resort defense. At my age, hand-to-hand is a frivolous thought.

  12. Homemade weapons and home fortification. I’m prior Army, so we have the ammo front covered for now. I have one of Mr. Cobb’s other books, which was a great read and full of insight.

  13. Ditto all the comments, plus I have questions about defence of home with us older Americans in mind whom are lacking the strength they once had (but not lacking in spirit). Great givaway and artice/interview, Gaye!

  14. Information is great to know to chose the best weapon. Once chosen, practice, practice, and practice before it is needed.

  15. I’d hope to learn ways in which to learn how to overtake an intruder w/o stealth-like skills (which I have none!).

  16. Preferring not to engage in armed confrontation (if avoidable) I would like to see some more information of how to make my home less attractive and my perimeter more secure.

  17. This maybe overkill but I would like to know more about what I (and DH) can do to harden our home. Would getting bullet/bomb proof glass for the windows be something we should look into? Not just the Kevlar film but doing the poly-carbonate “glass” instead of regular glass.

  18. Knowledge of all types of protection is a must to see what options you have and what will work best for you and your family.

  19. Honestly this just freaks me out. I’m 45 and out of shape because I work long hour, come home and have no more energy left. My husband is the weapons man but the thought of him not being near me to protect me and our children is a possibility. I think like many things in life, a good defense would be best if balanced with a variety of tools, weapons, and strategies. I would like to learn more about low cost ways that don’t scream “PREPPER LIVES HERE!!!!”

  20. I know how to use my pepper spray and have some basic info on the stun gun and taser but would like to sharpen my skills with all three. Once I get my confidence up with these, I can move on to other options.

  21. I am a woman and I own a short barrel shotgun. I bought it because I have no vision in one eye so I figured if I had to hit something that I probably would’t miss with it. However, I would like to learn about other means of protection that would work for me.

  22. I have to go with the previous post, I’m particularly interested in the non-firearm items. I live in the PRK (People’s Republic of Kalifornia) and if you use a gun here for, it seems like ANY reason, YOU go to jail. I believe the issue is intent, did you intend to hurt someone? Yes you did just by having a loaded shotgun in your house in CA a good prosecutor could prove intent even if you didn’t use it. And don’t be stupid and have it loaded with buckshot or slugs, you will be in jail for a long time. Yes I would like my driveway lined with claymore mines and a 50 on the roof but that’s not going to happen unless you live in a real good old boy neighborhood back east. How fast can you draw a can of bear spray,

  23. Great interview,
    I always enjoy a good resource that covers all the bases, oviously not every can or wants to own a firearm, but everyone should have the right to defend themselves.
    I have some great advise for those living in the PR states, leave!

  24. I’d like to learn about a good plan for keeping your weapon and ammo safe and secure while easily accessed by you (and only you) if you were to need it.

  25. I would like to learn how to make our home less attractive to those who are up to no good. We are older and not up to much physically but shooting. Would rather look unappealing to thieves in the first place.

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