Define the Prepper Movement With A Call Action

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Define the Prepper Movement With A Call Action

Back in the day, I was considered somewhat of an activist. Although normally quiet, unassuming, and nerd-like, I fought for the end of political tyranny, the power to the people, and women’s rights in the workplace. I was a small voice in a big sea of voices, but, to this day, would like to believe I have made a difference.

Now, years later, in my own quiet way, I have proudly labeled myself as both a “Prepper” and a member of the Prepper Movement. In addition, I have gone so far as to publicly define prepping as a form of personal activism.

Defining the Prepper Movement With A Call Action ||

Along the way, it has been my intent to create Backdoor Survival as a kinder and gentler prepper website. This is a site that welcomes everyone without political or religious overtones. It has also been eclectic in content covering a wide range of topics spanning preparedness, homesteading, healthy living and life in general.

With that introduction, today I am going to step outside my normal comfort zone and suggest we define the prepper movement with a call to action. I do so knowing that this opens up a level of personal responsibility for which we may not be ready.

This latest think piece from contributing author Richard Broome, asks that you to open your mind and your heart to the realities of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish as forwarding thinkers in the 21st century.


“Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light.” –Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)

In my last contribution to Backdoor Survival, “Mind The Gap,” I talked about the global, structural “assurance gap” that I think exists. The essence of my argument was the assertion that the growing threat to all of us, outmatches the countermeasures we have in place.

In all of my articles this year, as a contributing author for Backdoor Survival, I have offered similar thoughts. So, on this cold, snowy morning in Montana, I decided to address this once again, but with some additional thoughts. As a like-minded community of preppers, we can no longer be so gentle, but must rage.

I have, in previous articles on Backdoor Survival, talked about “The Coming Cyber War” something I feel is no longer just looming event, but starting to happen all around us. With all that is in the press recently, how could anyone not feel this way?

Just ask the executives at SONY, as the impacts the cyber attack on them continues to unfold. I subsequently wrote about “Building a Culture of Preparedness.” In that article I beat the drum, urging us to change our national mindset about personal preparedness and readiness, also advising more political activism by preppers.

All three of these articles had one common theme. Mainly, we all need to be thinking more deeply about our true state of preparedness, both as individuals and as a nation, and we must do it now before we run out of options.

Speaking of trees, my two recent novels, Leaving The Trees, published in July 2013, and Good Crazy, published in November 2014, were created to depict what the cascading effects could be if a cyber event in the financial markets did spin out of control, freezing our financial systems and ultimately the supply chains we all depend on. A cyber event, such as this, really could undo us all, and like in my novels, have us living in camps within the trees trying to survive with what would be left.

However, in addition to the cyber attack scenario, many other scenarios could undo our society, such as an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack, Pandemics (think Ebola) or an ISIS gone wild. All of these could have similar devastating results.

In short, I believe the “assurance gap” which I frequently write about or discuss on radio shows, is still there and just getting worse. If the SHTF moment really does happen, any of these scenarios could cause it. As the witches in Macbeth predicted, something wicked this way comes. We all just guess about “what” and “when.”

So…where do we go from here?

Almost forty-five years ago, as a brand new army lieutenant, I was asked to teach a class to a group of young soldiers about the correct technique for throwing a hand grenade. Properly throwing a hand grenade is something you really want everyone in a military unit to completely understand.

The instructions are simple enough.

“Hold the hand grenade with your hand over the safety band.”

“Pull pin.”


“Take cover.”

Seemed easy, yet many soldiers would do things like:

–Throw the grenade before the pin was pulled so it would bounce harmlessly at the feet of the enemy. This would allow the enemy to pick up the hand grenade and toss it back at you. However, with the pin pulled this time.

–Pull the pin, release the safety band, and then look at me to tell them what to do next.

–Fumbling the throw and having the damn thing rolling on the ground at our feet getting ready to go off.

Yet… despite all of that here I sit, alive and well. I survived the experience and, by the way, I should have told you we used dummy grenades to practice with first. (Whew!)

Thinking about that experience as I ponder the state of global affairs, my central question does remain: “Where do we go from here?” I ask this question, very mindful that with the multi-level complexity of all the potential threats that beset us these days; these possible events could already be too much for us to understand how to cope with.

If even such simple instructions like throwing a grenade could become so misconstrued, what is to become of us with more complex challenges that could suddenly occur? Will we fumble around while the grenade is getting ready to explode?

As the recent Ebola crisis unfolded before us in the news, I kept having the same thought, “What a debacle!” The procedural steps we asked medical professionals to follow appeared to be flawed. Finger pointing erupted. No one seemed in charge.

The result of this inept leadership was the public lost confidence in our government’s ability to handle a pandemic. It was all very unsettling and pointed out to me that the Prepper Nation is right to be skeptical about what we can expect from government.

If our elected leaders cannot do any better than what we witnessed with the handling of Ebola, maybe the Prepper Nation can? We do, after all, spend time thinking, preparing and doing more than most of the people around us.

We talk on sites like Backdoor Survival, sometimes argue, but always try to share ideas and help each other. We also talk straight to each other and do not hide behind comforting, but vapid platitudes and homilies that we see politicians use to reassure citizens, but actually mean very little and solve nothing.

However, even with all of the good information preppers share, I feel something is missing.

There is an old story about a young boy walking with his grandfather through the family garden. The grandfather was carrying a bullwhip. Every time he spotted some kind of bug eating his plants, out came the bullwhip and SNAP! The bug was gone. At the end of the garden they came to a tool shed with a large hornets nest built in the apex of the roof, right over the shed door.

The boy turned to his grandfather and said: “Grandfather! What about that hornets nest?”

The grandfather turned to his young grandson, looked at him thoughtfully for moment, and then finally said: “Boy. Let me tell you something. Bugs is just bugs. But…hornets…they’s organized!”

I feel we are now at a defining moment where the prepper community must start to step up and become an organized movement. Yes, I said an organized movement. We need to stop feeling the need to explain ourselves as a community but rather embrace more publicly and assertively our different perspective from others. We are right about what we think and what we do. They are wrong. Like a grenade going off, there will be no “do-over” to get things right if we ever really face one of the many serious events that could occur.

This is essential. I feel we must start to make some forward progress dealing with all the emerging threats facing us and close the “assurance gap” that I believe exists. If we don’t, considering the current trend of global events, I am quite concerned things will suddenly unravel all around us.

Ayn Rand once said: “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.”

So let’s be honest, if you follow the news and politics at all, you can see our country is now being sold to the highest bidder who has the money, the votes, or both, for our politicians on either side of the aisle. To counteract this reality, preppers need to be able to move the needle on the political Richter scale. At the end of the day a more structured and organized prepper movement increases our power as a voting bloc. We need to seize the attention of political leaders with a prepper agenda for change that has some political muscle behind it.

I know this idea is a fairly prodigious, complicated undertaking; yet, we do have the power of the Internet behind us to share ideas and find a way to make a nation of preppers come together.

My belief is we should start this conversation about how to build an organized prepper movement on Backdoor Survival. Right here. Right now.

I think we start with the question: “What should be the Prepper Nation agenda for change?” Then, let us see where this conversation takes us. Let us all talk about how to make this a safer country. Let us all come together and try to do a really big thing.

Before… we all become that bug in the garden.

Richard Earl Broome . . . All Rights Reserved . . . December 13, 2014


Richard Earl Broome is a contributing author to Backdoor Survival. He has lived an extraordinary life rising from an Army private to an Army colonel who served on the White House staff at the National Security Council for two Presidents of the United States as a member of their National Security Council staff.

He is considered a national expert on the subjects of crisis management, disaster recovery and survival. He is a frequent contributor of articles about the many threats facing our society, appearing frequently on radio shows to discuss issues such as pandemics, ISIS, and the cyber threat.

Now living in a small community in Montana, he is a member of the faculty at Montana State University where he teaches leadership. His two books, Leaving The Trees and Good Crazy (Leaving The Trees Journey) (Volume 2)

The Final Word

Without question, this is the most difficult article I have shared with the Backdoor Survival community. I have thought about it, struggled with, and ultimately embraced it for indeed, it is a think piece of the highest order.

The call to action is this: please consider responding with your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. Do you agree, disagree, or are you somewhere in between? This is my website but it is your forum. Let us continue to be the best we can be.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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86 Responses to “Define the Prepper Movement With A Call Action”

  1. I agree that bad things are coming. I just don’t know what those things might be. What scares me the most is eggs at $4 a dozen while gas is $2.39 a gallon and dropping. Do I have time to learn what I need to know? Have I done enough to encourage others by example? Will I be able to remember those skills I haven’t practiced since my youth? So many points to ponder!!!

    • MJ, here is some very good advice, if you will receive it. Respectfully, there is no such thing as survival. It is ‘self survival’ or it is nothing. Please stop fretting over ‘have you done enough to encourage others’. Practice your skills, old and new, and place yourself in the ‘self survival mode’. The old saying, ‘you can’t fix stupid is more prevalent today than at anytime in our history. So save yourself first, then those that aren’t stupid and see the light will follow. Regardless of what anyone does, nor how many articles they write there will never, never be a prepper movement. It will always, always just be those such as yourself that prepare, those that wish they had, and then attempt to take your preps away from you. Again save yourself, those that are worthy will follow suit and reflect your example. The rest are just dead weights no matter how much you may love them or try to help them. Thanks and God bless.

    • With modern know-how you CAN fix stupid. Assuming of course that you are allowed to. Check out the Focusing Institute, online.

  2. While I agree that the prepper movement definitely needs to become more focused and better organized, all I can say is, ‘good luck’! I have tried in my local community, and had very limited success. I find we’ve done an admirable job of instilling fear in prepper-types regarding sharing any information with someone whom we do not know well, or, even at all. Even when brought together by one person trusted by all, I found that you can not force people to open up and take a risk with each other, and many are just so ingrained with fear, they won’t. I can’t say we have had zero success; not true, but it has been a long, slow process.

    Also, as to leaving out the “religious” aspect, for me, you can not. Nor can you for the people whom I serve. You also can not leave out the faith-based (not ‘religion’) component of why we do what we do based on our beliefs; the Bible is very clear about what to expect in the last days of “life as we know it on earth”, which DOES line up with the concept of TEOTWAKI, and not “end of the world”, for it never fully, completely ends. But those who know the Word of Holy G-d know this.

    We ARE under the “great deception” of the last days, or “end times”. The 7-year tribulation period is upon us and the wolf is at the door. So, deny it if you want, but it will not change what Holy G-d said shall be. We also were not called to throw up our hands in despair and cry, “woe is me! Who will save me?”. We already have a Savior, we know what to expect, because He told us….our job is to remain faithful, and to share the gospel as often as possible, to take as many as possible with us. To do that, we must survive.

    Yes, we need more organization as a group. More political organization? I don’t know about that…it hasn’t served the Tea Party all that well..just made massive targets out of them, apparently – which does not make them wrong in what they’re doing.

    We are going to have to trust someone at some point in time. Why not each other, as preppers? But don’t think for one minute we can keep the faith-based component out of it, and have success.

    • Pat r on, I agree,everyone has a worldview of some sort, and without the Lord, good luck…I have been warning people since y2k, that season was a wake-up call for the remnant of God, who have ears to hear. Most of the time, people will not respond until a crisis happens…I hold meetings at our local YMCA, with minimal results…people still flood the money seminars…yet, we are called to warn, prepare,and have mercy on our family members who we prepare for, even if they think we are silly. Hebrews 11:7 spells it out…Noah, having been forewarned by God, of impending judgement, prepared an ark for the saving of his household….you are not responsible for even your congregation…they have to take to heart the warning, you get to prep for your family…carry on, you are a good and faithful servant to do what God calls you to do…

  3. I am not so much afraid for myself, but for my children and grandchildren. They are firmly entrenched in this modern way of life, and have no interest or knowledge beyond the limited scope of their minds. There is no event horizon for them, because they cannot imagine their world (and it’s always all about them) without what they own and experience right now.

    • Karen, I agree. Getting them to learn anything that could be useful is a far fetched dream as all they want is media based entertainment and fast food. Laziness is the culture of the day in the kids I see everyday. The best success stories seem to be those willing to get rid of the tvs in their homes. And how many people do you know willing to do that? How are we going to call our people to act and organize when the generations who have to carry the torch don’t know how to scramble eggs, just how to pick them up in a drive thru?
      I am putting my house in order, to the tune of exasperated sighs and complaints, but it feels very lonely and it is a slow process. I often feel like we are already on borrowed time to prepare.

    • I have been trying to put my house in order for a couple of years. It hasn’t been easy and I don’t believe I’m ready. I’m dealing with a husband who says these things can’t happen here and a 30 year old daughter who thinks I’m crazy. It’s gone as far with my husband’s family that they’ve asked me if I’m “one of those crazy preppers”, to which I’ve said no, and left it at that. My family aside, I think I’ve grown and become a person who looks at all the possibilities. My faith has also grown and I now believe God will be there for his people, as I will be for those around me. (although it will be hard not to say I told you so) I think it would be great to hear from others who have the same problems I do and how they deal with it. Our younger generations are going to have a hard time dealing with any upheaval, especially if they have to give up their phones!

    • Since you mention God, I’m thinking Biblical. So when you talk about being prepared, you might remind them of the dream Joseph interpreted for the Pharaoh. 7 fat cows and 7 lean. We all know about natural weather disasters which can happen anywhere anymore. So when talking to family or others, begin there. Yes, many will have problems with their need for electronics…even so, begin with basics and take it from there. 😉

    • My husband is just the same and it is so frustrating. He teases me and calls my preps my “end of the world supplies”. He does that in public or at home and it is maddening.
      I tell him not to worry that if the world ends he won’t need them and if it doesn’t he’ll be glad we have them.
      My kids understand but are so busy with work and play they don’t have time to get involved.
      I have one friend who is of the same mind as I and is the only person I know who is.
      I don’t know if it possible to convince some people any longer.
      We who are going through this without the help of spouse of family need to be even stronger and more determined to carry on.

    • Then stop being wee-willies and stand up to these people. How do you stand up: SILENCE, THAT’S HOW. Why do you waste your time worrying about some meandering brain dead spouse that’s just going to eat your preps when the lights go out. Furthermore once they eat what you have they will complain about why you didn’t do more. Dang folks, don’t you get it, it’s your fault now for bothering them with talking about this coming ‘event’, and it will be your fault for not doing more after the event. The only way a prepper can win is to ‘IGNORE’ people. Just ignore, ignore, ignore. Don’t tell them anything about anything. Are you afraid to stand alone, if so, you might as well go feed the homeless or have a big pot luck supper with your preps, because alone you are, and alone you shall remain no matter the length of denial you go to. Look reality in the face and deal with it. The only family members you should be concerned with are the children that are too small to fend for themselves and no one else. Again, deal with it before it deals with you. You can’t stay afloat with cinder blocks tied to your ankles and elbows. It’s like the Apostle Paul told Timothy, “Cast off every weight that so easily besets you”. In other words “SINKS YOU”. It’s your boat, go figure. God bless and thanks.

    • “Dang folks, don’t you get it, it’s your fault now for bothering them with talking about this coming ‘event’, and it will be your fault for not doing more after the event. The only way a prepper can win is to ‘IGNORE’ people. Just ignore, ignore, ignore.”

      Your counsel has lightened my load immensely. Deep thanks, plowboy.

    • Plowboy & FreeSlave: Ignore them, but as my hubby sez, when they smell that camp coffee on morning three, we will be their BFFs (they think).

  4. There is something which many professionals in emergency response and mental health now call, negative panic. It appears that more than 65% of the population does this when presented with a situation for which they aren’t prepared. Ever notice how some stand around when someone needs help. Good bet they simply don’t know what to do because the scene in front of them is something so foreign they can’t mentally handle it. It’s a human thing. I have seen it in myself and in others. So I quite agree the time is coming and people must prepare.
    When I talk to people, I don’t talk about the political parties because when the disaster/event happens, what political party you belong to won’t make as much diff as knowing who you can rely on for help. So what if they don’t agree with you?! People don’t have to agree on everything except coming together to survive, then thrive.
    So, for those just starting, do an assessment of what you know, what you can do and what you can’t. Make a plan and begin today to do something about it.
    Most may not be aware that before WWII, September of ’40. Congress made plans to activate the National Guard for a year, fully aware of what was happening in the world. The NG couldn’t be activated then only because there were not the camps available to gather them and train them. By February 1941, the Guard was activated in full units and sent to train on war maneuvers. This is why when Pearl Harbor happened, the US had troops trained and ready to be sent overseas. Why do I mention this? Because like Richard, I see this Capitol Hill group as ‘do nothing’—for whatever reason. Of course we could be wrong, sure hope so, but……we must prepare just as those NG units did. I’m not sure how preppers would organize beyond the blogs and small groups which have formed, but I AM familiar with the fact that even during the Depression, the people organized and demanded Congress do something to help the country. People may think it was all FDR’s push for improvement; but hidden in the history of our country, lies the truth that people have always been there to push for action. 😉 Aren’t we following a truly democratic way of action!
    BTW: Gaye, I like the look of the boxes with the Amazon products. :)And gotta say, I love my Maximal Power charger for batteries. 🙂

  5. I have a hard enough time getting my own children on board so I have no idea how to help bring a movement together! I agree that an organized movement is stronger than individuals making due on their own, I just have no clue how to go about it in my circle. I’m the lady that will carry the poster, wear the t-shirt, hell, print the t-shirt, hand out the information, make the coffee and hand out the cookies………but have no clue how to get the people motivated enough to unite. Everyone is prepping for different reasons, how to bring such differing postures to one mind set?? I find the thought intriguing and am interested in what others think as well.
    Jo, the lone rager!!!!

    • Jo,
      You gave me an idea! I have the same problem with kids. While we’re handing out cookies, would our kids be more likely to get it in gear if there were groups of prepper kids? Yeah, I know it sounds dorky, but if they are learning to tie knots together (just an example) in a sort of youth group type situation they might be more likely to get on board. Competitive (good hearted) natures might come out and they might learn some things (but we won’t point that out) that make them capable, useful, people. Their are conventions for twins and religious groups and “little people” so why not the tortured youth of “crazy prepper moms?” What do you think?

    • Love the idea, but how to get them there to start with…..maybe if we promised free prepper apps and throw in free iTunes! I am not being sarcastic, it may be the only way to get their attention. By the way, I am changing my handle from “lone rager” to “crazy prepper mom!!” I like that!
      CPM !!

    • Folks we ALREADY have an organization for teaching our children survival/prepper topics. It’s called the “Scouting” movement. Boy and Girl Scouts. Get active become a scoutmaster, have your church or local service agency (Moose/Elks/Eagles Lodge, Lions Club, VFW/American Legion Post) or find a place where you can meet and set one up or join a group already established. Trust me the scoutmaster would appreciate the additional help.
      You would have a group of young people who would love to know first aid, knots, how to lash items together, fire building, cooking and many other outdoor skills. By teaching them you build your skills.

    • Jody, are you familiar with the Founding Fathers of the 13 colonies? These were men of differing backgrounds and beliefs, yet because they had a shared belief, they overcame their differences to create a country. It is possible and more than that, it’s needed and can be accomplished. You might want to do some in depth reading on how those men long ago accomplished what hadn’t been done before. 😉 It’s about uniting for a common purpose. Just look at how the Occupy movement was made from many differing beliefs yet, they came together and it’s even spread to other countries. Ideas and methods may differ, the thing is…action is better than just waiting. Prepping is better than just waiting. So we start with what is and begin. just like we started prepping.

    • I couldn’t agree about our founding fathers more! They were men of vision, passion and ideals. I am more than acquainted with American history. It is a shame that in present America they would be considered terrorists! I’m all for the founders of this movement as well and would support that in every way I could. I was only saying that I wouldn’t be good at bringing it together.

  6. I agree with Mr Broome. I know of no other organization that would have the forethought on what this country needs, as a prepper. A true prepper needs to have the homestead mentality with the knowledge that goes with it. We have to be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually. We have to be abreast of the news of the world. A true prepper has love and compassion of this world and all that live in it. If all of the world had more love and compassion, all of us could quit living on the edge of our chairs.
    That being said, could we have a secret hand shake? A secret password? Maybe some patch to wear on our shoulder, so we could be recognized as to who we are? Maybe Gaye could be our Secretary of State. John R could be the Secretary of BS.

  7. Great idea and concept but extremely hard to put into practice with our sheeple, give me my handout, instant gratification society. It will only happen with changes at the top, i.e., president, congress, supreme court, top military and civilian brass and top educational leaders and unforutnately I do not see that happening. However, with that said, if we don’t try it won’t happen so sign me up and let’s go for it, whatever that “it” is.

  8. …What if everyone who reads your blog would make a list of the five most important things we feel, may occur in the near future, that would result in a SHTF change?
    …The things that would/could be the tipping point?
    …Take the results of the poll and have each discussed with knowledgeable folks.
    …Put together a list of problems then followed by how to best address these problems.
    …Prepare a mission statement for the group which may also be served to our elected congressional people. It might include what we would like to see as our plan of action.
    …Then question the candidates/elected folks and find out how they aim to vote on particular bills that pertain to our mission statement.
    …When informed we can then vote as a block.
    …Our power is in contributions to the correct folks, followed by votes at the poll.

    Thoughts from a concerned citizen.

  9. Gaye, first of all I want to say you are hitting the balanced note which you seek. I Have checked out many other sites which don’t hit the note. You provide practical info at various levels and subjects while stepping up as you have done today to encourage political and community responsibility.

    Secondly I Realize I have nothing worthy of commenting on the article you posted today. I work on storing food and water and on skills and on having op sys in place to cover obtaining and filtering more water, growing and storing food, handling waste, heating, washing clothes, bathing, and defense.

    But I continue to do nothing about reaching out to neighbors. I’m afraid it will make me a target for supplies in a disaster.

    • Im afraid too! My experience so far with just friends is that they think is a good idea, yet they do nothing themselves to prep, and I mean nothing! I know I need neighbors especially on board, but somehow think response will be the same, “oh I’ll just come to your house.” I wish somehow I could develop a close knit group just here with neighbors, not sure what the answer is. I have thought about joining a “meet up” group on line but then again they probably would be scattered as to where they live. Just dont know….

    • Lori do check out meet up s. We have several local prepper meet up groups. Check out your local LDS community. I am LDS…. Our church has encouraged preparedness as long as I’ve been in it, many LDS communities sponsor yearly prepper expos. Hogwoods book gives suggestions of ways to form mutual assistance groups and likely places to find like minded folks.Good luck!

    • Mama Grizzly. I went to “meet up” and found a group over in Evansville. A great bunch of guys. They tried to put on a program to teach the skills needed to survive every other week. They use to advertise on “meet up”, but they no longer do. They advertised “open to anyone”. I was there one meeting and one man showed up and before long we found out he was a member of a group (about 200) of militant type individuals. He wanted to know if we could get good prices on large volumes of ammo. We were a peace lovin group and we didn’t want anything to do with his kind. Guaranteed there are many groups like his. If they were to need anything and came to your house, they WOULD get it. Be careful who you join up with.

    • I got a reply in my email to my comment but don’t see it here…for some reason…I’ll respond anyhow and trust it will show up. Re: Militant preppers – there definitely are groups, especially ones formed of former military and LEO types, whose main prepping strategy is guns and ammo, and plans to take whatever they need from everyone else. Pirate preppers. And every preparedness gathering or meetup will include the militant elements. You just have to ignore them and hunt for other folks that fit with you, keep looking, you can find them – if it’s not going yet in your area, start your own meetup group. Develop your own mission statement as to what you are and are not – and you can use that to weed out non starters like the pirates. Again, Hogwood’s book offers lots of great ideas how to do that. One reason I suggested the LDS community, you can find good people there who are just really into being prepared and storing and producing food without necessarily being on the militant side. I myself try to cover all the bases, and many find me too militant; I just see it as being realistic. :-S

    • Sometimes browser caching will delay your comments from appearing. Others may see them but you may not.

      Clearing your cache (F5) often resets things.

    • Thanks Gaye! I am a computer idiot. I pushed F5, don’t know if it did anything! Hey, just a thought, don’t know if you’ve ever featured Charley Hogwood, or if he is too militant for your tastes, but I have sure found his stuff informative and useful – his MAGS book has got to be my top most helpful prepper book I read last year. I actually got the revised edition,where he linked up with Dr. Bones, retitled The Survival Group Handbook. Maybe your readers interested in forming a group/community might find it helpful too? Thanks so much for all you do! Love your site.

    • Respectfully, I disagree Mama Grizzly. It’s not about avoiding them. It’s about working to include them. In any community, there is a need for warriors. We can wish this weren’t true, but it is fact. So you want them working WITH you instead of it becoming a ‘them or us’ mentality…..that’s when it turns into confrontation. I’m a history buff, so I have seen what can happen when warriors or militants are excluded, just look to the middle east right now and you can see it too. Check out the gangs and anyone who gets excluded becomes more a potential threat than including them and using everyone’s strength to the advantage of the community. We will need farmers, healers, politcos, etc.

    • You have a point for sure and our group most certainly includes and welcomes the warrior types. But you have to be careful you find the rounded warrior you’re who are also willing to work and contribute and line according to rites of morals and ethics rather than the hard core pirate preppers or those who are first and foremost all about militance and little else. That’s all I’m saying. We definitely practice and encourage development of defensive skills and necessary equipment

  10. Love your site. Respectfully disagree with article. Before becoming a rather diehard prepper I spent some time as a political activist. It was my realization that the whole system is so completely corrupt and that the political class has sold wtp down the river that led me to conclude the best thing I could do was save my energy for preparing my family for the inevitable crash and burn or society is heading for. I have zero faith that there is any way to achieve a political solution to our problems at this point. Or that there is any way to really turn the political process around without a total reset. So I am hunkering down, and doing all I can to help my kids and my friends kids survive that reset and be left standing to help rebuild from the ashes. And I agree with some comments above that my faith is an integral part of my preparedness paradigm; I know where we are headed, that meltdown is prophesied and inevitable, and it will only be aftet the second coming off our lord that the rebuild in a finally sound and incorruptible society will be possible. I will save my energy for prepping and teaching those around me about prepping in any way I can and not waste a precious ounce of it tilting at political windmills anymore.

    • I agree, they’ve sold us, our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and many generations to come down the river…the National Debt is staggering, it’s so large no one can fathom it, so we just ignore it, we bury our heads in the sand. Even Thomas Jefferson, at the end of his life, felt our system was already too far gone to save. Even George Washington, that great man, was corrupted, signed a bill making it illegal to produce your own Whiskey without an excise tax (Thanks Alexander Hamilton), and ended up leading an army against farmers who stood up (rebelled) for their right to do what they’d always been doing. And guess who also produced Whiskey? George Washington, but he stood to GAIN because he was already rich and his production was huge, so the excise tax wouldn’t harm him.

    • Sharon. I live in Ky and the last advertisement on the side of simi-trucks for good Ky bourbon is as follows—Ky has 500,000 barrels of bourbon in storage for every one of Ky’s citizens. WOW. So much to drink and so little time. We may be taxed, but we will never run out.

  11. There are pros and cons to becoming proactive politically. You are no longer “anonymous”, you could become a political target, you become “known” in your neighborhood as that prepper person…while now you are just the normal Jane or Joe next door growing a garden & raising a few chickens.

    On the other hand, I think people have turned to prepping because they see the world around them devolving into idiots and orchestrated chaos. My views are simple…look at your local, county, state, national elected officials, not just those who are commissioners or mayors, legislature, congress or president, look at them ALL…because your local sheriff is elected, and they’re the ones in charge of accepting or declining militarized equipment, gun control, they respond to rural emergencies, etc., etc. STOP VOTING FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS! Vote your conscience, not what’s going to affect your wallet the least (as an example, I know a teacher’s family who voted Dem when they are registered Rep because the Dem promised higher teacher salaries yet was VERY PRO ABORTION…which this family was completely against) Did they vote their conscience? No, they voted their wallet. This is just one example. I recently heard an aspiring politician (may be running for president) who said people didn’t want to vote for Romney because he was Mormon…I beg to differ, some of my best friends are Mormon…we didn’t vote for him because we saw NO difference between him & the current president. Sure, they may talk the talk, but if you look at voting records, there’s not much difference. Heck Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare. I could go on and on. Sigh…

    Anyway, the only way out of this mess is for average Janes & Joes to realize that Liberty is a CHOICE, the prepper movement is about LIBERTY…Self Reliance, depend on yourself not anyone else, especially the government and a “leave me the heck alone” attitude. If you can find those kinds of people running for office, vote for them…if you can’t, then run yourself. And even if everyone says that person can’t win, vote for them anyway, send a message, you’re sick of the status quo…you’re sick and tired of voting for the front man because he MIGHT be better than the alternative, or he might not. Stop listening to the media telling you someone can’t win…when did it EVER become their call to tell YOU who to vote for. Doing nothing or doing the same old thing over and over (insanity anyone?) just leaves those in power…in power. Stop rolling over and letting the money and power keep corrupting the system, if you don’t see the handwriting on the wall, I suggest you take a closer look, it’s plain to see.

    In many ways, though, it may be FAR TOO LATE, with no turning back, and you become a target for those in power because you disagree…so maybe you do nothing but sit back in your easy chair, all prepared for the coming crash, EMP or disaster, you and your family are ready, and you’ve got your guns & bullets to defend yourselves and your preps.

    I don’t believe there is a simple solution, the county gov’ts are controlled by the states via $$, the states are controlled by the Federal gov’t via $$, the Fed gov’t is controlled by big money (find one person in congress who isn’t rich and isn’t tied somehow to big money or big business).

    BTW voting for Liberty is not the same as voting Libertarian or any other party, it involves research…and most Americans aren’t willing to do anything but listen to the political hacks on TV & radio telling them who to vote for. Sigh….I’ll get off my soap-box now.

    • Now, now Sharon. You are off your soap box, now step back and take a deep breath. You are so right in everything you say. A woman with a head on her shoulder. Are you married, if not, would you like to be?
      I was taught at a very young age it was my duty and privilege to vote. My forefathers fought and died to give me that right. I have tried to do as you say and look into all that are running. I did go along with one thing you said. I threw away one of my votes to tell the other candidates they dont get a free ride. I voted for a third party candidate.
      Girl, you get on that soap box anytime you wish.

  12. My “neighbors” and I have lived around each other for almost a year in my new place and, try as I might, I have had to drag even a “hello” out of them as they rush inside. The woman next door finally told me her name at the beginning of Nov and I haven’t seen her since. Now, maybe it’s me, but I feel like people are so shut off from each other in some communities (my last one was NOT like this) that all I would be doing is upping the number of people I have to defend myself against when SHTF. Do I need to find a better community? Absolutely, and it’s in the works, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who doesn’t even know the names of the “neighbors” much less their level of open-mindedness about TEOTWAWKI.
    What I have done-and not everyone can-is stock up on water and ways to prepare it because this will be what makes people listen to me when the time comes. As well as prepare myself mentally to lead if need be, because I suspect no one will know much more than they learned on prime time on my block.while that will not be the best time to form a community team, it will certainly be when people stop long enough to listen.

  13. I think being a lone ranger prepper is a risky proposition. Community is key. Recommend Charley hogwoods book on MAGs.. If you don’t have one I would spend my effort putting one together rather than writing about politics. I have put one together from mostly like minded friends at church and a few of their friends. So we have about a dozen families and our own group of “ranger kids”; we do a family camp every year where we ask learn and practice skills together… My son said it’s like scout camp for families. I am taking the cert training this spring and working with fire department education person to offer monthly classes to our small community on different aspects of prepping. Aside from that, be a rounded prepper. Know that if you prep word will get around and you need to invest as much time and resources into protecting your family as providing for them. And you can’t do that alone.

  14. Thank you all for your responses to my article so far. I have to admit I like the discussion we are having, and admire the very honest reactions, both pro and con. I feel I truly “get” this idea seems too hard or quixotic to some. In moments of weakness, it does to me too.

    Except, I have four children and grandchildren and cannot bear the idea of sitting idle and doing nothing when I know I could at least try to make things better for them. That does make me press on.


    Richard Earl Broome

  15. I agree but at the same time I’m scared. I don’t feel prepared enough, which I’m really not as we just started prepping. I worry for my son’s future & of my future grandchildren and how they will grow up and in what kind of society. Sometimes I wonder if anything can be done. I look back at how I grew up and felt safe and secure with no worries about things like this. Never imagining that what I’m witnessing today could happen. I’m scared for our country, the moral decline. It’s both shocking and appalling. But I do know that SOMETHING has to be done and I’m willing to fight for our country and our families and will gladly stand beside others who want the same things that I do.

  16. @ Dee here’s a kind of thought provoking article. //
    Leftists (you mention the Occupy movement) stick together like glue, because their paradigm is all about the collective – the needs of the collective are more important than those of the individual, which is why individual rights are anathema to the progressive/statist agenda and they are always hacking away at them (1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th amendments, you can pretty much pick any one of the Bill of Rights and find evidence of the progressive attacks and the billions left leaning fat cats throw at campaigns against them today). Look at how those on the left circle their wagons when any one of theirs comes under attack – no matter WHAT they have done, or how blatantly it flies in the face of decency or reason. Yet, let a conservative do anything that can even vaguely be spun as a stumble, and the long knives are out, the feeding frenzy commences, and we are expected to (and usually willingly comply) sacrifice our own on the altar of political correctness. Given that most preppers are conservative by nature, we tend to exhibit a more typical rugged individualism. We tend to be more headstrong, opinionated, and bullheaded. Preparedness groups and communities often fail because of this. On the right you have to look no farther than the current civil war within the GOP between the party machine and the Tea Party. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s too realistic to hope that the kind of cohesion that binds the Occupy movement, and any coalition on the left (look at who lines up behind their banner – Islam with gays and feminists, unions with illegal immigrants…it’s a pretty strange set of bedfellows) will hold together a bunch of individualistic contemporary conservatives and preppers. And that’s been confirmed to be again and again in my relations with many in the preparedness community today. IMHO.

    • You have a misperception, I believe. It doesn’t matter left or right to me. Even small differences can be blown to enormous proportions. Perhaps because I am neither left or right, I have the opportunity to see within both and other sides. All those labels you speak of, I have seen in any group of people. I used the Occupy Movement as an example. I could have used any group. I realize I may be in the minority among preppers. I see things, then instead of criticizing or putting labels, I seek to see how to build even with the differences. It’s who I am. I find putting labels on people only allows people to see what they choose to see on that label and not find what else may be there to assist in a way not known yet. Even though you and I see things differently, I suspect in a crisis, we could get along because the goal would become more important than our differences. 🙂

  17. I will probably never feel ‘prepared enough’. Which is actually a good thing because it’s a drive to always do more, learn more, be more. My headset now is totally different then when I went to the Gulf in 1990-91. Before there were a lot of variables, a lot of fears: what about my belongings? Will I have a job that pays enough to keep my life style stable? Things like that. Now it’s ‘So long as I have shelter, food, something to keep me warm and my cat, I can get through anything.’

    Life under fire burned away the shiny coating of living and showed me that all you really need are the basics. The rest is nice, but not essential. It left me with a head set of ‘I can do anything if I try.’

    • no…you can’t do ANYTHING if you simply try hard, a fallacy we tell our kids for some reason. Go outside, pick up your car over your head and throw it 100 yards down the street. You’ll be able to do it if you try hard enough. After you are done with that go to your local bank branch and ask the branch manager to open the safe and legally give you all the money inside, if you try hard enough you can do it.

      But wait…didn’t Michael Jordan get cut from his JV basketball team? Isn’t that the story of perseverance that we tell all the little kids? And how did MJ fare when he tried hard at pro baseball…he sucked.

      Be a realist and accept your limitations, do the best you can with what you have been given.

  18. I feel somewhat unqualified to contribute my two cents worth to this because even though I definitely identify myself now as being a prepper, I recognize that I am still in the early stages of my journey and far from being where I would stamp on the label as “prepared.” However, I do feel that I can offer at least my once cent worth because I have lived nearly my whole adult life as a homesteader. As I read this article I found that little seed of hope in my spirit trying to sprout, but alas the acid rain of reality has halted the germination process. I ask forgiveness in advance if my so called data is off but who knows where to get real truthful info from these days. It is my understanding that the percentage of the US population that could remotely be classified as preppers is about 1%. Even if each one of that 1% would unify completely that wouldn’t be much of a powerhouse to make an impact, but even that is highly unlikely because from what I’ve seen of prep blogs and sites is that there are many different types of preppers who are all coming to the table from different directions for different reasons and expecting different outcomes. As other comments have already pointed out that OPSEC is deeply rooted in many factions. I would make a safe bet that given my geographical location I am in an area that very likely has a higher concentration of preppers than the average area, but I can only base that on subtle signs that only another prepper would recognize to base this off of because none of them would admit to it. I would also add that it would be like pullin hen’s teeth to get the word out to the masses unless of course we could get a Kardashian to tweet it or Miley or Bieber to autotune about it. The few people that I know of that still make the attempt to keep “informed” by watching the network news broadcasts don’t even realize that the alphabet soup of “news” broadcasters(abc,cbs,nbc,etc..) are all bought and paid for by the powers that be and only report the fluff that the CANCER that is our government will allow. It will be hard to believe that I am actually an optimist by nature but I cannot play ostrich and ignore the fact that that light at the end of the tunnel is really the headlight of a massive unstoppable freight train. Our country has gotten soooo far off base that I don’t see how it can find it’s way back. Now that congress has just increased the campaign contributions allowed by ten times, I really think the chances just got astronomically smaller. Uhg I could keep going but I fail to find the benefit. Gaye, thank you for all you do and teach us. I admire and appreciate you very much. I hope you don’t end this day feeling dejected. I find myself in the same class as some others have mentioned…I have had little(as in none) success in my attempts to be a leader to others to begin to take the first baby steps to prepare. However, I am a workhorse of the highest order. If I felt like I was following a true leader I would put my shoulder to the plow and go with all my might. You seem to me to have great leadership skills as well as it seems that Mr. Broome does too. If ya’ll do find a way through this muck and guide us to do X or Y or Z with step by step instructions then I will be cheerfully in line to do my part.

  19. I wholeheartedly endorse the basic point of this article: that we need to become organized. All too often, we talk about “the banks” or “the government”… well friends, there’s no such thing as “the government”: its just a bunch of other people trying to spend our money so they can run our lives for us. THEY are already organized, so if we mean to survive — and I’m pretty sure that’s where the word survivalist comes from — we had better get organized too.

    As for the “differences” among preppers — especially differences in matters of religion — these must not and should not matter one whit. When a tyrant holds you under his boot, you want the foul thug off your windpipe. If someone offers to help, are you going to check to make sure he’s the right religion? And if the situation is reversed, do you abandon a human being and a potential ally to be devoured by monsters?

    I stand ready to help in the fight for our liberties. I refuse to believe that our generation will be the one that takes the final step into a thousand years of darkness.

    Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

  20. As a prepper, I am not religious. I am a strong believer in the ideas of the Constitution ad the Bill of Rights. I do not trust my neighbors when the time comes to be prepared for anything. I am of the mind set live and let live. I would appreciate the coming together of a prepper movement to have a voice against tyranny and politicians that have been bought.

  21. first of all, i would like to say “happy new year” to gaye and my fellow readers!

    bandanas are red
    and lifestraws are blue;
    may all your good wishes
    for this year come true!”

    secondly, i have some thoughts that i haven’t seen anyone mention yet. that grandfather had a very good point when he said hornets are organized. all hymenoptera species are extremely well-organized and efficient. in fact, many scientists and futurists think that when we become extinct we will be replaced as the dominant species on the planet by ants. all hymenoptera species are societies run by FEMALES; the males exist to donate sperm and that’s it. i’m not suggesting that we should turn ourselves into wasps, but i do believe that if a large prepper organization is going to work it will have to be run by women! every other organization on this planet is run by men, and has been throughout recorded history, so we don’t know from experience what a major gynocentric organization would be like–but we know excruciatingly well what an androcentric one is like, and they are much of the reason why prepping is necessary in the first place! the only large and effectively run prepper group that i know of is the mormon church, an organization completely dominated by males; i suspect their history of persecution has more to do with that than any logical or prophetic expectations about the future. in fact, i don’t know why any christian would be a prepper; i’ve read the bible and don’t recall jesus ever saying we should prep for armageddon. in fact, he said specifically that we should NOT accumulate material goods, we should NOT try to predict when the end will come, and we should prepare for judgement day by having faith, doing good works and not being afraid to die. but i digress. i’m not sure women are ready to lead such a movement in our society, and i’m very sure men aren’t ready to allow it! (just as one example, sharon’s comment about liberty was thoughtful and made sense; jon r. (a frequent commenter on this and other blogs), who is clearly an intelligent and knowledgeable man, reacted by jokingly proposing marriage (often a way of symbolically “owning” and thus disempowering a woman) and referring to her as “girl.” that’s pretty typical of the best of the male preppers, as far as i can tell.) believe me, i’m not knocking men; their drive, talents and strength have brought human civilization to incredible heights in many ways: to the moon, for example! but there has been virtually no female input to this juggernaut, so its faults have also become exaggerated: a focus on the present, ignoring the future; an all-pervasive obsession with dominance and power, to the exclusion of morality; a reliance on ever more elaborate technology even as it annihilates the natural world; and so on. if we are going to survive as a species, we will need some estrogen in the mix to plan for the survival of coming generations, something women are very good at, and we need it now. an international prepper organization led by women would be an excellent place to start. i suspect there are women in other countries, where women get more respect, who actually could create and lead such a group. i hope so.

    • I would like you to know that being a Christian would in no way exclude you from being a prepper. There are instances in the Bible where man is instructed to ‘prepare’:
      *Noah-Genesis 6:21 “You are to take every kind of food that is to be eaten and store it away as food for you and for them.”
      *Joseph-Genesis 41:35-36 “They should collect all the food of these good years that are coming and store up the grain under the authority of Pharaoh, to be kept in the cities for food. 36. This food should be held in reserve for the country, to be used during the seven years of famine that will come upon Egypt, so that the country may not be ruined by the famine.”
      And lets not forget about these gems:
      *Proverbs “6:6 Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise! 6:7 Though they have no prince or governor or ruler to make them work, 6:8 they labor hard all summer, gathering food for the winter. 6:9 But you, lazybones, how long will you sleep? When will you wake up? 6:10 A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest—6:11 then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.”
      *Proverbs 27:12: “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”
      *1 Timothy 5:8 “If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

  22. Thanks for all the excellent thoughts and commentary about my think piece so far. I have a question for everyone. If we were all allowed to construct a notional “Prepper Agenda for Change” (with the huge assumption we could actually achieve this), what should be in it? I mean the new laws, the new public policy, the kinds of things a movement could force those in office to do if they had the voting power to back it up.

    I’ll give you an example. Shouldn’t preppers get a tax break or an insurance rate reduction because we will be less demanding on public services during a disaster? If You can get a tax break for putting solar panels on your house, why not for being more prepared than your neighbor?

    • Some of my initial thoughts would be…
      1. Mandate that critical infrastructure was hardened or backed up in some way(like hospital and nursing home generators.)
      2. Allow for Dr.’s, pharmacies to release to people an extra supply of life essential meds(like insulin, organ rejection meds, etc.)
      3. Include in the school curriculum a first aid and basic survival skills(setting up emergency shelter, navigating without GPS, water purification, locating food) and have it be a mandatory to pass in order to graduate class.

    • These are really excellent ideas. I agree with all of them. I would figure out what might be the single points of failure for anything we deem (as preppers) to be critical infrastructure and mandate back up capabilities for all of them. Hospitals, most certainly. What else? Communications sites, etc.?

      Did you know that Israel, a country that certainly has the need to have a national culture of preparedness with all the threats to that nation from the surrounding countries, has school topics similar to what you have suggested in their education curriculum, starting in elementary school?

    • I did not know that about Israel but that is good to know. I am homeschooling my kids and am teaching them to be preppers. Some of my future lesson plans are to have math word problems like such…
      If an average adult needs 2000 calories for average activities, how many calories would be needed to sustain weight for 30 days, and how many pounds of beans and rice would it take to meet that need? lol
      right now they are still mastering ABC and 123 thought.

    • number one: the power grid. not only because we need electricity, but because our aging nuclear power plants are only required to keep a week’s worth of diesel fuel on hand to power their generators (which cool the spent power rods). with the grid down, some plants would enter a fukishima-type meltdown condition after one week. i live upwind of several, so this one scares me.

    • First and foremost, reaffirm the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and start properly teaching them to the children…and put prayer back in the schools!

  23. I have developed a low budget prepper diet. It ensures above starvation calories and adequate protein. Vitamins are not included, nor are flavoring agents. It is a baseline diet and can (and should be supplemented with any meat or veggies you can get. The cost can be as low as $1.06 per person per day.
    Use oil (cheap in bulk from Sam’s club) to provide the calories. Use rice, sugar and flour for additional calories and palatability. Protein comes from TVP and powdered milk. Legumes can also supplement protein and carbs.
    The idea is to give 2200 calories per day in a way that is relatively cheap, easy to preserve and compact.
    This is not really for those who plan to rotate their provisions and plan to eventually use every last item. It is for real ‘end of the supply line’ times. I would not consider it particularly healthy and it does require cooking. TVP can be a great meat substitute and use white rice as it has no oil and won’t get rancid. Use CO2 gas (or dry ice) to preserve if you see fit.
    When bad times come few will turn away from 3 year old rice just because it is out of date. After 3 years the oil in bulk (the 35 pound jugs) have not become rancid yet.
    This is not for everyone but for $3000 I know 10 people will live for a year and have enough calories and protein to work too.
    If you are rich go the MRE route or get into drying and freezing and canning. I do some of that too but it is assuring to know that I have enough for survival.

    • Hi Mike,

      Do you have more details to provide? I’d be interested in understanding it better.


  24. Any other ideas for a Prepper Agenda for Change? How could we start to change the negative attitude many have about prepping? In the last 50 years, the country has significantly changed our attitude about health and fitness and now people are much more conscious and supportive of it. Can’t we do the same for prepping? It would certainly benefit all of us. What should our strategy be to help start this same kind of national psychological shift to support prepping?

    • I never thought to have a discussion on this side of prepping, however for the good of our country maybe that time has come.
      I would think the first thing would be to get the leaders of this country (federal, state, local, Wall Street, news/media) to publicly admit that in a nationwide or large regional emergency the government would be of little (or any) help and that “we the people” would be on our own for an extended period of time. This fact should be pointed out to all citizens of this country in the form of a series of public service television/radio/written commercials, made by the above mentioned leaders. I know this is pie in the sky thinking, but could you imagine the cold hard slap in the face of reality to the “head in the sanders” to have their senator, congressman/woman, or governor come on public T.V. and make a statement like this. You can’t confront a problem if you don’t know about it and this would force everyone in this country to admit we have a large problem that only “we the people” can solve.
      I think it would be a great idea to have each State require that all high school freshmen (even those that are home schooled) take a yearlong “shop” class during which they learn how to build, wire, and grow things from written instruction. In parts of Europe they have apprentice high schools. Having this type of high schools would help us all when the stuff hits the fan since someone has to be able to make wind generators from car alternators and it would help those kids that have no desire (or can’t afford) to attend college earn a decent living after they got out of high school.
      Require that all colleges offer very low or no cost courses on pepper oriented subjects to maintain their accreditation. Some of the subjects covered could be basic gardening, introduction to welding, basic and advanced emergency medical instruction and many others that help us all in a true national emergency.

    • “In the last 50 years, the country has significantly changed our attitude about health and fitness and now people are much more conscious and supportive of it. Can’t we do the same for prepping?”

      Richard, that is such a wonderful question that it pains me to provide what seems to be an abrupt or seemingly harsh response: “No.”

      In Scripture there’s a passage that says to let your yes be yes, and your no be no. Given that, I’ll provide some brief conjecture as to why this one prepper’s answer is no.

      Libs (by which I mean Liberals. by which I also include as a variant of Socialism, Marxism, Totalitarianism, Communism, and all the aforementioned eventually devolve into some degree of Fascism) are, for the most part, big government statists. Prepping, by implication or by actually stating outright, declares via action that the government is not going to be able to help or provide during disaster or calamity or crisis. This narrative is anathema to Libs.

      Libs want everyone to breastfeed at the government teat. The big government teat is going to protect you and nourish you. But preppers don’t want to suck big government teat. Hence preppers will be identified, isolated, mocked, ridiculed, scoffed at, marginalized, and sad to say, persecuted.

  25. start with the kids, before they become entrenched in denial. teach them disaster preparedness, with exposure to familiar figures like firefighters–a cooperative effort. if governor kasich can mandate school collaboration with churches, then surely we can mandate school collaboration with emergency responders! kids will still start believing they’re invincible around puberty, but at least they’d have some skills to survive; and once the testosterone levels go down, they’ll be prepared to start living the preparedness lifestyle.

    • “Preparedness Lifestyle” is a very good way to describe it. If we were to describe a “Healthy Lifestyle,” I think most of us would say we paid attention to our diet and nutrition, routinely exercised, and tried to control our weight. If any of us were to tell others what we mean by a “Preparedness Lifestyle,” in a sentence or two, how would we do it? Can we come up with a similar phrase? For preppers to attempt to design an agenda for change and create a prepper movement, how we describe the “Preparedness Lifestyle” seems to be the fundamental starting point to me.

  26. I am new to prepping…I have a lot of stuff but not as organized as I should be but with help of Gaye I am sure I will get it all together….eventually ….I agree with a prepper organization for the whole nation but right now…it won’t happen anytime soon….I just wanted to know if anyone watches or listens to ……yes I am going to say it…….Glenn Beck…..?????….what is everyone’s thoughts of his views….some of his show is kinda silly but he believes in preparing and being armed…let the comments begin……….

  27. The preceding comments illustrate perfectly the difficulty of organizing preppers into any form of cohesive group. I’ll explain that opinion by first describing my circumstances. I am a 72-year-old woman who has been a full-time RVer for 12 years. I travel alone and live off-the-grid (rarely a campground and never utility hook-ups). I’ve spent the last eight winters in a boondocking area of hard-core eccentrics, independents, and crazies, where I amazingly discovered that people of all ilk can live together fairly peacefully with NO rules, NO leaders, and NO amenities. It’s a liberty-lover’s paradise and a close-knit community, but not a prepper place. I LOVE the freedom of my life-style and would not exchange it for a palace.

    Although I have very little money and almost no space in my small RV, I’ve been prepping for three years and have managed to stash at least six months’ worth of food into every nook and cranny, along with small barter items and necessities of life for the longer term. I’m concentrating on all things off-grid and am learning about herbs and making medicinal herbal tinctures so I will have something to contribute to a prepper community, should I ever find one. BUT, as indicated in several preceding comments and in a majority of other prepper websites, I would be “persona non grata” in a prepper community because I am . . . gasp! . . . a LIBERAL! Before some of you puke in disgust, know that there are many other LIBERAL preppers! In fact, the only preppers I personally know are LIBERALS. And even worse, although I am very spiritually oriented, I no longer consider myself a Christian, nor do I have the remotest desire to join any organized religion. Allow yourselves to faint.

    The point I’m trying to make is that there’s too much vitriol spewn out by too many preppers regarding politics and religion to allow for sufficient unity among them to change anything at all. They’re mere copycats of the hate-mongers who are ruining our world right now with their divide-and-conquer tactics.

    • I want to thank for what I think is a very thoughtful, articulate response to my article. I agree what you have found with your lifestyle is both freedom and some control over your life.

      We all come from different viewpoints, so I agree that coming together as a community of preppers will be an enormous challenge. Obviously I am, respectfully, on the other side of this discussion from you, but I have decided I am not willing to be just “the bug in the garden,” but rather to attempt in some manner to cause positive change.

      If you are a liberal and 72, then you will recognize this quote by Robert F. Kennedy:

      “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

      Good thoughts from a man whose life was cut way too short.

      I guess the quote for me is from Theodore Roosevelt:

      “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

      Like you, I am also in the camp to try for more control in my life, but on a larger scale. I will gladly take on that fight for the future generations.

      Bottom-line is, I think preppers need to have a voice. We need to matter to those in power and for them to have to reckon with us, not just do as they wish.

      Thank you for your thoughts Gail.

    • Richard,
      Those two quotes convey a lot of wisdom. Your posts have me wondering if you are planning someway to be the voice of the preppers? Are you planning to run for a political office? or organizing a PAC? or do you have some sort of plans to move forward with this goal to build an organized prepper movement?

    • LOL. I would never run for office.

      I also have no plans to form a PAC. The PAC is not a bad idea though, but I think we are so early in discussing organizing a movement that it is too soon to go in that direction yet.

      I am not vying to lead this movement. I am not certain if any one person can, but more to stimulate discussion and provide ideas.

      We need to make some forward progress as a country and help facilitate a culture that embraces preparedness. Israel does, why not us?

    • To Gail: A million thanks for saying what this lurker did not dare to! I’m 54 & agree with you; wish I had the option of RV (or sailboat, for that matter!) living. Alas, I own a farm, free & clear. Gotta make my stand here, in the deep South, for better or worse, to live or die. Best wishes, & thanks again!
      To Richard: Great post, great quotes but it is George Bernard Shaw who originated the quote attributed to RFK. Shaw’s play “Back to Methuselah” was the place where RFK got the quote that he paraphrased. Also, RFK DID indeed attribute the quote to Shaw. Just some silly English Lit. history from an English Lit. major (& they said my degree would never amount to anything!-LOL). I am a prepper but such a newbie at it that I dare not wade into this wonderful & spirited discussion! I feel like I need to get the rice under my belt BEFORE I can consider such issues as whether &/or how to give any recommendations regarding politics to anyone who has more wisdom & experience prepping. I feel as though I must prepare a way to preserve my family’s physical lives before I can consider higher minded issues such as politics to enter my mind. For a beginning prepper like myself, there is just so much to do, so much to learn, so many decisions to make, so much to consider when prepping to physically survive, it can be overwhelming. When I try to think about being politically active about my lifestyle it becomes doubly overwhelming. Would I vote for a candidate who backed prepper issues? It would depend on what other issues the candidate did or did not back. Other issues are equally as important to me NOW as being a prepper because we have not experienced a SHTF situation but we definitely have experienced other important issues that must be dealt with now, not in some potential future time. (though I do agree a SHTF situation is probably inevitable–I can’t vote a straight ticket that deals with future/maybe’s when there are so many now/in-my-face issues that are certain). There, said I wouldn’t wade in & now I have-lol. I now return programming to the adults–cartoon time is over 🙂

  28. I’ve just been thinking about the NRA as an example. This organization has become an unquestionably powerful force, even though I’m sure it has members with widely varied points-of-view who come from all walks of life and probably disagree with each other on many hot button issues. The key seems to be that they have come together as a group who feels very strongly about their one central belief. That shared belief is soo important to them that they are willing to leave their differences at the door in order to fight for the common cause. I should think that true preppers would hold to their belief of prepping as tightly, and would be willing to come together for the common good of promoting the prepper lifestyle. Can we somehow take a page from the NRA playbook in order to unite preppers? It seems to me that all preppers have a great deal to gain by uniting and finding a way to persuade more citizens to become preppers. After all, the more people who are prepared to take care of themselves, the less people will be among the roving hoards of unprepared, right? and the more people that are prepared, the more we take away the power from those who wish to do us harm. Just imagine how differently the ending of One Second After would have been if after the power went out everybody just lived off their preps! There is evidence that preppers can unite…the word prepper itself. Some years ago we would have been referred to as ‘survivalists.’ But since that label began to be so negatively perceived, survivalists apparently united to change what they call themselves.

    • The NRA is a great example of people with diverse views coming together with a common objective. I had not thought of that.

      I also resist being labeled. “Say it long, say it loud, I am a prepper and I am proud.”

    • learner, you make an excellent point about the nra being a diverse group that acts as one, unlike us preppers (although of course there are preppers in every group). the difference is that the nra serves the oligarchy extremely well: it does everything humanly possible to increase the profits made by those who manufacture and sell firearms and ammunition. nra members are willing to put their children at risk or do whatever it takes to make sure that the 1% prospers. preppers, although many of us are right-wing politically and even more are gun enthusiasts, are an even more varied population, many of whom have no great love for the oligarchy. and some of us are even hair-on-fire liberals! in other words, we are harder to control as a group and less likely to vote against our own interests in favor of the powers that be. so the aforementioned powers that be have no reason to encourage us to form a cohesive unit and every reason to try to prevent it.

  29. In reading these many comments there is a common complaint that it is almost impossible to get people in their community to listen and act upon the Prepper movement. One reason for this is the simple fact we forget to understand and that is why should people listen to you? It is too easy for people to get defensive and label you as a nutty Prepper type or a Tea Bag survivalist.

    One way to overcome this is to be clear that the need for the community to organize itself is not your idea, but rather the Government’s own FEMA department recommendation that communities must recognize that the Government will not be able to help in a disaster for up to several days or not at all. It is up to the communities to take responsibility themselves for their own protection and organize a Civil Defense plan for the safety of all. That includes having enough food and water for a minimum of 72 hours for each family member. Hopefully, you now have their attention. Funny how everyone listens when the message is from the government.

  30. Why not give preppers who do this a tax break, or reduced insurance premiums for being more responsible and less of a burden on the government? Money talks too.

    • Richard, you make a good point. Most people I know can be motivated to do most anything if it involves the almighty dollar. The reason that this probably will never ‘catch on’ is because insurance companies would surely demand proof of your preps. Most preppers would faint at the thought of an itemized disclosure list of their preps in the hands of someone else, especially a big insurance company whose database could be hacked. Not only that, but who would deem what items, and what quantity of those items would qualify for a discount? Would two weeks of food and bottled water in your pantry knock off 3% but a one year supply get you 9%? Would firearms count toward a prep and give you a discount? or would they be classified as a liability and raise your rate. I’ll tell you something, we used to heat our home with an electric furnace. When we started really prepping we installed a wood burning stove in our house. We were blessed by our insurance man telling us that as a reward for our initiative to reduce our dependence on electricity, we now had the privilege to pay for an increase in our premium because it is considered a liability. You have some great ideas and I’ve gotten a lot out of your articles, and I hope you continue using your influence to try to keep this discussion going.

    • I think these are all excellent points by you that I take seriously. The less we have of government or “stone cold hearted” corporations in our personal lives the better. Which is the main point. Do you want to be the bug in the garden or the hornet’s nest? I just don’t think the majority of us can hide from either the government or corporations, but need to have enough political power to push them both back.

      There is an old saying that I think originated in the Army Special Forces during the Vietnam era. “If you have them by their balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

      Right now. Preppers “ain’t got ahold of nuthin.”

  31. “My sharpest concern as director general of MI5 is the growing gap between the increasingly challenging threat and the decreasing availability of capabilities to address it”
    Andrew Parker
    Director General of MI5
    BBC News, January 9th, 2015

    I have to agree and voiced my concerns earlier this year in my article on Backdoor Survival, Mind The Gap. Time is running out for us.


  32. Does anyone read the Bible? At the end times there will be a rapture. If your are not saved yes be a preppers and you will be going thru the last 7 years of tribulation and be ready. But if you are a Christian you will be Gone per the preaching of the Bible. The day of Rapture can happen now with all the prophecy being lived out today. Just saying you may want to spend as much time reading the Bible as you do as being a prepper. OK start your negitive complents now !

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