Prepper Book Festival 11: The Best New Books to Help You Survive

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Prepper Book Festival 11: The Best New Books to Help You Survive

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the books that have been selected to participate in the Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival #11.  This time around I have both fiction and non-fiction, from new authors as well as old favorites.  It is a fantastic line-up with something for everyone and I hope that you find something that is both interesting and educational.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing author interviews as well as book giveaways – lots and lots of giveaways.  The authors and their publishers have been very generous and so I do hope you will support them by taking a moment or two to enter the giveaways and take a chance on winning some free books!

Prepper Book Festival 11 | Backdoor Survival

But first, for those of you that are unfamiliar with book festival format, what is a “Prepper Book Festival”?

What Is A Prepper Book Festival?

Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festivals are a showcase of some of the best books and authors in the survival, preparedness, and self-reliance niche. The way Book Festivals work is that once a week I feature book giveaways coupled with exclusive, one on one author interviews.

To enter each book giveaway, I ask what I hope to be a thought-provoking  question and request that you provide an answer in the comments section of the article.  I have been told that many readers are more interested in the answers to the questions themselves than the book.  I very much applaud that because to be honest, learning from each other is how we will move forward and prevail during these uncertain times.

Just so you know,  I typically provide a way to make multiple giveaway entries so you will want to watch for those bonus opportunities.  Many of these bonus opportunities involve social media so if you already like Backdoor Survival on Facebook, or follow on Pinterest or Twitter, you basically have some free entries coming.  Subscribers (don’t worry, that is also free) also get an extra entry that is worth multiple points.

Winners of the book giveaways are selected at random and the winning book is sent out directly by the author or the publisher.  The winners have 48 hours to claim their prize or an alternate is selected.  You snooze, you lose.

Now that you know how it works, let’s get started.  Here is the list of BDS Prepper Book Festival 11 books and their descriptions.

2016 Prepper Book Festival #11

Failures of Imagination: The Deadliest Threats to Our Homeland-and How to Thwart Them

America’s inability to foresee the September 11, 2001 attacks was deemed a collective “failure of imagination.”  Our political leaders and intelligence professionals failed to anticipate the wide-ranging and unorthodox threats to the nation’s security.

Nearly a decade and a half later, imaginations in Washington D.C. are still failing.  Despite assurances from our leaders that America is safer today than it was before 9/11, the truth is, we are still vulnerable.

Congressman Michael McCaul has spent years in Washington watching the Obama administration ignore or dangerously underestimate the most pressing threats to the country.  In Failures of Imagination, the sitting chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, who receives daily intelligence about threats materializing against America, depicts in real time the hazards that are closer than we realize.

From cyber-warriors who can cripple the Eastern seaboard to radicalized Americans in league with Islamic jihadists to invisible biological warfare, many of the most pressing dangers are the ones we’ve heard about the least—and are doing the least about.

Failures of Imagination offers a call to action for Americans to address these very real and present dangers, and the need for the White House—whoever its occupant will be—to combat them with the seriousness and urgency they require.

This is an important book.

Author: Michael McCaul

Prepare Your Family for Survival: How to Be Ready for Any Emergency or Disaster Situation

Parents care about keeping their families safe, hydrated, fed, and healthy on a daily basis; yet, every year families face unforeseen situations that threaten those necessities. It could be a natural disaster like a hurricane or blizzard, or a man-made emergency situation like a power outage or food shortage.

Is your family prepared?  Learn the basics of water and food storage―where to start and what to work toward for serious preparation―as well as 72-hour kits and evacuation plans. Readers also get helpful guides to follow once their family is in an emergency, like how to stay clean with a limited water supply, how to cook with emergency cooking devices, and how to survive in the dark.

Linda Loosli is the founder of the blog, Food Storage Moms. She is an expert on emergency preparedness and regularly teaches preparedness classes in her local community.

Author: Linda Loosli (who is also my good friend!)

Prepping for a Pandemic: Life-Saving Supplies, Skills and Plans for Surviving an Outbreak

Every year pandemics strike! And they can easily spread all over the world—overwhelming doctors and hospitals. Will you be ready when a deadly epidemic hits your town?

Prepping for a Pandemic provides the vital information and life-saving steps needed before and after an outbreak, including:

•Outbreak Warning Signs
•Initial Symptoms
•Ease of Transmission
•Quarantine Protocol
•First Aid Skills
•Medical Treatment
•Future Threats
•Home Remedies

With detailed information on deadly diseases, tips on stockpiling supplies and plans for bugging out, this book offers everything required to keep you and your family safe.

Author: Cat Ellis

The Prepper’s Guide to Caches: How to Bury, Hide, and Stash Guns and Gear

There are a variety of circumstances where creating a cache is a wise preparation. Natural and man-made disasters abound in our headlines, many of which can completely destroy valuable preps in a matter of seconds.

With proper techniques, equipment, and methods, practically any type of critical supplies can be safely stored in a manner that is nearly impervious to the elements. The largest single threat to any cache, however, is being discovered by other people. This guide will provide you with several methods, including disguise, diversion, and technology to defeat even the most sophisticated metal detectors, theft, or illegal seizure.

Author Joe Nobody is joined by T. Pike, USMC. During his two deployments in Afghanistan, Pike’s job with the Marines included searching for enemy caches. He found a lot of them, denying his foe important weapons, ammunition, and supplies. He also developed a unique level of expertise and experience that can now be leveraged by anyone who wishes to keep their personal assets out of harm’s way.

Author: Joe Nobody and T. Pike

Prepper’s Communication Handbook: Life-Saving Strategies for Staying in Contact During and After a Disaster

When disaster strikes, calls, texts and emails don’t work. After 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Sandy, cell phones were rendered useless when transmission towers were destroyed and networks became overloaded.  Having an alternative way of reaching family and loved ones at these critical moments is essential. With this in-depth guide, you learn the best tips, tricks and expert secrets for surviving when phones and the internet fail.

This comprehensive guide covers everything needed to be fully prepared for when the grid goes down, including the best types of radio for every disaster scenario from HAM radios (used by most search and rescue groups) to walkie talkies (small and easy to use, ideal for children).

And, since survival communication goes beyond the short term, there are also instructions for longer term solutions like hand cranked or solar powered batteries.  This is the ultimate guide to acquiring, assembling and utilizing life-saving emergency communication systems.

Author:  Jim Cobb (who is a friend of Backdoor Survival and is back for his 7th Book Festival)

Dark Ages: 2020: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Thriller

The Dark Ages ended when the Black Death pandemic decimated over 60% of the European population. Millions of sudden deaths, created an immediate surplus of goods and lands, which catapulted that part of the world into a new age of rebirth: The Renaissance.

The outbreak was unleashed on purpose, by an ancient and occult cabal which still operates at the present time, behind the secret societies of the rich and powerful.

In the year 2020, moved by the desire to launch humanity into a new era of enlightenment and scientific advancements, this same obscure society plans to release a virus which can wipe out up to 90% of the world’s population. Political maneuvering and the biggest false flag event in generations sets their plan in motion, and immediately the President of The United States is caught in a web of horror, weaved by this powerful global elite.

As modern society crumbles and the final unleashing of a New World Order takes place, 5 lives will collide in a violent struggle for control, power and ultimate survival.

Author: JD Dutra (who is also the creator of the Conflicted card game series)

Braving the Storms (Strengthen What Remains)

Braving the Storms, is the third book of the Strengthen What Remains series.

In the first book, Through Many Fires, nuclear terrorism strikes the nation’s capital and six other American cities. In the second book, A Time to Endure, society continues to unravel, and civil war threatens the divided and economically-crippled land.

Now a new and even more lethal problem emerges. A swift and deadly flu epidemic sweeps out of overcrowded FEMA camps and strikes the nation with horrific results. Caden Westmore struggles to keep his family and community safe, while others use the plague to advance their own military and political agendas. Caden must succeed, but how can he, when both the epidemic and chaos attack his hometown and family?”

Author: Kyle Pratt (one of my favorite post-apocalyptic authors!)

The Final Word

From where I am sitting, this has to be one of the most eclectic Prepper Book Festivals yet.  I love that the topics include material for both newbie and advanced preppers with something of interest for almost everyone.  Plus, as with all Backdoor Survival Book Festivals, Prepper Book Festival 11 represents the best of the best in terms of new releases from both new and established authors.

That being said, I would like to extend a big thank you to the individual authors and their publishers for submitting their books for consideration, and also for providing copies to award in the upcoming book giveaways.

It is my hope that you will learn lessons in self-reliance and survival from each of these books, including the books of fiction.  In the coming weeks you have a chance to meet the authors, learn about their books, and get a peek into their own preparedness efforts.  As I mentioned at the start, if a book sounds interesting, please support the authors by entering the giveaway, purchasing their book, posting a review, or suggesting the title to your local library so others can learn from them as well.

Now, as always, the real work begins.  Which book am I going to read and review first?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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  1. Excellent selection of books. Someday soon I’ll get my own Prepper friendly ebooks “The Dying Time: Impact” and “After The Dying Time” out in print format and then maybe I can submit them for inclusion in the next Prepper Book Festival.

  2. This is a truly great lineup. So grest that I’m going to use the links to go ahead and get some of these books. Especially James Wesley Rawles, my hero, who is not afraid to express how some Americans REALLY feel about government. He put my dreams on paper. And Yes, Next to Kenya is a great place to put this imaginary nation because Kenya, as a Christian country has directly opposed several personal values that Obama tried to convince them to accept.

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