Preparing to Hunker Down in Place

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 24, 2020
Preparing to Hunker Down in Place

For the past week, I have been giving a lot of consideration to what I would personally do if there was even the slightest hint of an Ebola pandemic in the United States.  You would think that the process I engage would be easy since I live on an island that is only accessible by ferry, private vessel, or small aircraft.  But, as with all things, preparedness, there are always unique circumstances that come into play in any disaster and a pandemic is no different.

The risk, as I see it, is that I live in a popular tourist destination.  By popular I mean that the population swells up to three-fold during the summer months as visitors from around the world come to view the scenic beauty of the waterways as well as the bald eagles and Orca whales.  This translates into possible exposure from tourists who are carriers showing no outward sign of sickness.

Preparing to Hunker Down in Place

In the article Seven Facts You Should Know About Ebola, I touched upon some pandemic preparedness basics.  From the ten thousand foot level, here were my suggestions:

Be Prepared for a Pandemic!

How to prepare for a pandemic?  The usual: plenty of food, water, first aid supplies, face masks, and something to keep your mind occupied in the event you are confined to close quarters.  Examples include books, playing cards, and board games.  I also recommend essential oils but more about that in a moment.

You should also be prepared to physically isolate yourself.  If a pandemic is even rumored, isolate yourself from large crowds, avoid commercial travel, and head out to your bug-out-location if you have one.  If you work outside the home, plan to telecommute if you can and if not, take some vacation time.  Above all, use common sense and keep a level head about you.

Going beyond those basics, today I am getting up close and personal by sharing my plan.  Having never experienced a pandemic, I can not say whether my approach is right or not.  Instead, I am applying the best common sense I can muster so that I can be ready to hunker down in place if and when the time comes.

7 Things to Do to Prepare to Hunker Down in Place

1.  Plan to Stay Put.  This means no travel.  Air travel is totally out of the picture as is travel to urban areas or anywhere else more than 20 miles outside the radius of my home.  This is pretty easy since travel 20 miles from where I live would land me in the sea.

2.  Inventory Sick Room Supplies.  My existing sick room supplies include both N95 and N100 masks, disposable gloves, disinfectants (bleach, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide), nitrile gloves, and rubber gloves.  I also have a large supply of plastic sheeting material, tarps, duct tape and disposable shower caps to use to cover my feet.  This is all in addition to a comprehensive first aid kit with the usual bandages, pain killers, and antibiotics.

3.  Purchase Additional Sick Room Supplies:  After inventorying what I have on hand, I have ordered protective eyewear (goggles) and disposable clothing.  I have also ordered more essential oils to both diffuse and apply topically in an attempt to boost my immune system.

4.  Create an Island of Physical Isolation:  At the very first inkling that the risk of a pandemic is real, I plan to physically isolate myself from social interaction with anyone outside of my home.  This should not be too difficult since my home includes a small outdoor deck on the second floor; large enough for Tucker to do his business and for Shelly and me to get a bit of fresh air.

5. Mobilize Other Preps:  I have pulled my “portable potty” out of storage and have also stocked my day-to-day pantry with plenty of canned goods and freeze-dried items from deep storage.  I have plenty of food, water, disposable eating utensils, heavy duty garbage bags, toilet paper, soap, pet supplies, personal hygiene items, and prescription meds to get by for a long period of physical isolation.

6.  Deep Cleaning:  I hate housekeeping as much as the next person but now is not the time to use the good-enough method of housecleaning.  We have done a deep cleaning of our home and plan to keep it that way.

7.  Avoid Boredom and Cabin Fever:  In the unlikely event that we really do need to hunker down in place, I have removed the board games and dance videos from storage so that they are easily accessible.  Missing from my collection are some 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles; they are something I need to purchase.

The bottom line?  I plan to stay put, socially isolate myself, and use my preps to limit my exposure to anything and anyone outside the four walls of my home.  Remember what I said earlier about common sense?

Suggested Reading

For suggested reading, get yourself a copy of the Survival Medicine Handbook by Joe and Amy Alton.  Another good book to have on hand is Emergency Air: for Shelter-in-Place Preppers and Home-Built Bunkers by F.J. Bohan.  The article Social Distancing as a Means to Avoid Contagion is a good read as well.

And when it comes to learning from survival fiction, I suggest the Brushfire Plague series by R.P. Ruggiero.

Finally, go back and read the article 16 Items To Help You Hunker Down in Comfort for some additional ideas that will make the process of physical isolation more comfortable for you and your family.

The Final Word

This is my personal plan for hunkering down if and when an Ebola or another type of pandemic becomes imminent.  I make no claim to its accuracy or to whether it will keep me safe from illness.  That being said, common sense and the ability to think clearly under duress will prevail and I have a high degree of confidence that the steps I am taking will be the right ones.

I would like to end with a call to action.  What is your plan?  Do you have some ideas that we can learn from?  I am all ears and would love to hear from you.

Bargain Bin: Here are some of the items mentioned in this article.  Most if not all are basic preps you should have on hand, pandemic or not.

3M N95 Particulate & Respirator Mask: This is an inexpensive mask that can be used in a variety of emergency situations. They come in a box of 20 and are NIOSH-certified. The molded cone design is fluid and splash resistant and will greatly reduce your exposure to airborne particles.

Moldex 2730 N100 Respirator Mask:  Do not confuse P100 masks with the N100s.  N100 is what you want since the P100’s are used to filter particulate only and not gasses and vapors.

3M TEKK Protection Chemical Splash/Impact Goggle:  I read a ton of reviews before settling on these.  They have not arrived yet so I can not say whether they are any good or not.  That said, for the price, I am sure that I will find some use for them.

Dynarex Black Nitrile Exam Gloves, Heavy-Duty, Box/100:  Pick your size; both Shelly and I wear a medium.

Disposable Protective Coveralls: There are plenty to choose from and as with the gloves, better to be too large than too small.

3M Utility Duct Tape:  I am also stocking up on Duct tape.  After reading Duct Tape 911: The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together, I now know it has tons of medical uses.

The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way: By Joe and Amy Alton, this book will teach you how to deal with all the likely medical issues you will face in a disaster situation, and including strategies to keep your family healthy even in the worse scenarios. It covers skills such as performing a physical exam, transporting the injured patient, and even how to suture a wound. This medical reference belongs in every survival library.

Diffusers:  You are definitely going to want to consider a diffuser to mist healing essential oils into the air that you breathe.  I keep one in my office next to my desk, one in the bedroom and one in our main living area. The diffuser pictured below is the ZAQ Dew Aromatherapy DiffuserNote that you will receive an additional 10% off all items from Spark Naturals when using code BACKDOORSURVIVAL at checkout.

Bicycle Canasta Games Playing Cards:  This timeless classic will keep the entire family occupied when the power it out.  Playing cards or board games should be in everyone’s preparedness kit.

Ticket To Ride: This my favorite board game, bar none.  Family friendly, you will spend hours in front of the fireplace playing Ticket to Ride with your favorite people.  This is worth the splurge.

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  1. A quick note on NIOSH part 84 reaspirators. They are all particulate respirators, though they also stop droplets and mists. None of them stop gasses. The N is for not oil resistant, the R is oil resistant and the P is oil proof. The number is the efficiency of the filtef. 95%, 99% and 99.97% for the ones marked 100. The P 100 replacec the old HEPA designation on non-PAPRs. Hope this helps

    • My Kindle does that too….it over anticipates and adds words that don’t make sense sometimes. I finally found the option that stops that, but I still mess up and there is no editing.

  2. Just a comment. As a nurse, when a patient is placed in isolation, the nurse”dresses out” according to what the patient has, the door is shut, and everyone entering the room is also suppose to “dress out”; this does not always occur. Although this seems like a lot of work, putting on a disposable gown, gloves, shoe covers, and mask, protecting our family is worth it. My prayer is that ebola will not spread in the US but if it does be prepared and have your supplies, information, etc together. Be VIGILANT when it comes to protecting your loved ones!!

  3. Please be mindful that it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain this website and out of consideration, do not post links to other sites selling essential oils in the comments. Those comments will be marked as spam.

    I will now get off my soapbox.

    • Please forgive me. I wasn’t aware it was included until I saw it after it posted. Next time I’ll proof better.

    • Actually, Dee, your post was not an issue.

      The problem is the blatant attempt to use comments to promote commercial sites instead of paying for advertising. You may have noticed that all comments with links are held for moderation. Over 30 comments came through today in an attempt to hijack my very modest essential oils earnings with links to other bloggers representing Brand X. It is actually hurtful that there are those out there that would stoop so low.

      Or perhaps I am just being cranky.

    • It’s your site – be cranky if you feel like it! 🙂
      I usually just tell people to do a web search. But in the case of the movie, there are several with the same name, so I posted the Amazon link to it, because they are one of your sponsors and I know you get a small payment from them if someone makes a purchase through your site. If I hadn’t found it on Amazon I would have just said to search for it.

    • I don’t believe that’s even crankiness. It’s just keeping to your boundaries and letting us know what those boundaries are too.

  4. For those that might be interested…some useful hints

    Movie –
    Contagion 2011

    (“Contagion” follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days, as the worldwide medical community races to find a cure.)

  5. Been doing a lot of study, not just for Ebola but other viruses which the pharma meds may not heal. So as an update about Ebola: //

    In doing some research on some other medical concerns I have come to the conclusion if you live in a rural area along with animals and such, your immunity be better healthier to withstand if Ebola does come aknocking. Seems all that goes with the agrarian life gives back this way.

    As to my preps for this. For those who don’t have the essential oils or want an alternate option or backup to oils, this is what I have ‘curing.’ I started this last week, in prep for a schedule surgery my daughter is due to undergo in two weeks, in the hopes that using this will also build her immunity and hold at bay the possibility of MERS while she’s in the hospital. If it does it for MERS and kept the Thieves healthy during the plague, then it is my hope it will work now. Which BTW, it’s said to work as a bug spray (which if one remembers is what carried the plague to the thieves and the above article says Ebola may be carried by Bats but may work on this too).

    Gaye, apologies if this is too long.

    This recipe centers around herbs that have been known for their antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties for centuries. The most famous mention of these herbs in this specific combination was by four thieves during the Bubonic Plague.

    According to legend, four thieves, one of whom was an herbalist, robbed the homes of many who had died of the plague. They were eventually caught and brought to trial. One version of the story recounts that they were sentenced to bury the dead but would be set free if they survived. Another version tells that they were released in return for the recipe for the tonic that they credited with protecting them from the plague.

    Either way, the thieves survived, as did the legend and the recipe for their herbal vinegar. Though we hopefully won’t ever need this remedy for anything as serious as the plague, it still serves as a valuable remedy against many illnesses and is a powerful disinfectant and bug spray.

    Vinegar of the Four Thieves Ingredients:

    2 TBSP Thyme (dried)
    2 TBSP Rosemary (dried)
    2 TBSP Sage (dried)
    2 TBSP Lavender (dried)
    2 TBSP Mint (dried)
    4-8 cloves of minced garlic (optional)
    One 32-ounce bottle of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with “the Mother”
    [Note: Most herbs can be found locally, but are also available online]

    How To Make the Vinegar of The Four Thieves:

    Put all the dried herbs and garlic (if using) into a large glass jar (I used half gallon)
    Pour the Vinegar over the herbs and garlic and seal tightly. The vinegar is strong enough to corrode some metal lids, so in this case, consider putting plastic wrap or a plastic bag on top and then putting the lid on.
    Leave in a cool, dark, place for 6-8 weeks (for health tonic recipe) shaking daily if possible.
    After 6-8 weeks, strain the herbs out using a small strainer and store tonic in smaller jars for easy use.

    Uses for Four Thieves Herbal Vinegar:

    As I mentioned before, this vinegar makes a very effective (though strong smelling!) insect repellent. If you make it to this strength, just put 1/4 cup of the vinegar in an 8-ounce spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Spray on skin, clothes, etc. when in heavily insect infested areas. We store in the fridge to minimize the vinegar smell and make more refreshing.
    In cases of illness, the Vinegar of the Four Thieves is very helpful in quick recovery. Adults can take 1 TBSP several times a day (dilute in water!!) and kids can take 1 Tsp several times a day (well diluted in water/herbal tea).
    When a family member is sick, diluting this with 1 part water and putting in a spray bottle will make a potent disinfectant that can be used on surfaces or sprayed in the air.
    I’ve had some people report really good success using this vinegar as a soak or topical spray for foot or nail fungus.
    Diluted and used on the scalp, this remedy is also said to be effective against dandruff.
    This vinegar makes an effective natural disinfectant spray for use in house cleaning.

    The Vinegar of the Four Thieves smells awful and tastes almost as bad, but it is very effective against a variety of ailments! Plus, its healthier and cheaper than antibiotics!

    What is your best natural health remedy? Will you try this herbal vinegar? Share below!

    Herbal Mixes: The Vinegar of the Four Thieves – Organically Grown Herbs

    Contains Organically Grown: Lavender,Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage and Wormwood.
    2 tablespoons Rosemary
    2 tablespoons Sage
    2 tablespoons Lavender
    2 tablespoons Wormwood
    2 tablespoons Peppermint
    2 tablespoons fresh, chopped garlic
    2 quarts of apple cider vinegar

    Combine 12 tablespoons of the premixed herbs and 2 quarts of vinegar in a sealed glass jar, and steep in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks or so, shaking daily. Then, strain out the used herbs, and retain the herbal liquid mixture.
    Add several cloves of crushed garlic, and close lid. Let soak for three days, and strain out the garlic fiber and discard.
    This liquid tincture needs to be stored in a cool place, like the refrigerator. It can be preserved for a very long period of time by canning. To do so, fill canning jars with boiling liquid tincture to within one-half inch of top. Cap with rubber seal canning lid, tighten ring, and turn hot jar upside down; leave it undisturbed until it cools to room temperature. This will cause the jar to seal. Don’t forget to date and label it.
    You would need to let it sit for the required time. You use glycerin for the crock pot method. This is made with vinegar so the 2 to 6 weeks are required. I’m sorry for the confusion. Thanks!
    vinegar of the 4 thieves

    From our Reading and/or Experience…
    DO NOT use on broken skin.
    The Vinegar of the Four Thieves can be used to benefit anyone: men, women, children and animals.
    It can be used as often as you would like, and in any external application you choose.
    Storage is not a critical issue with this herb mixture. However, we keep ours in a dark, dry and cool place (refrigerator is very good).

    Lately, with all these awful threats of plagues in the news, I have been spending my free time reading medical reports and ancient history books that discuss the times of the great plagues.
    The last great plague of 1664-1665 covered all of Europe, Turkey, India, and China. It is estimated that at least one-half of the population of those areas died. The people knew the disease was somehow related to the rats and mice, because as the rodents died off, so did the people. They just didn’t understand it was the fleas leaving the dead carcasses of the rodents and finding human hosts that were spreading the disease.

    The latest insect-carrying virus that could prove to be a nightmare plague is the West Nile Virus. When we welcomed in the year 2000, the West Nile Virus was almost unheard of. After all, it only concerns people living around the Nile River, right? It is now in almost every state of the union. It kills over 2% of those who get infected. Thousands upon thousands of dead birds, dogs, horses and chickens are being found infected with this exotic killer. Mosquitoes carry it from mammal to mammal to mice to people to pets, and from pets back to people. Thousands of people here in the USA were infected last year. A simple mosquito bite is no longer an unimportant little red spot.

    A quick research project is to look at a map posted on the web displaying infection rates; it is quite sobering.
    In reading personal accounts of the different plagues, I noticed some important points. There were usually 3 completely different expressions of the plague: bubonic (swelling glands), pneumonic (lung congestion with flu-like symptoms), and septicemic (pathogenic bacteria in the bloodstream). Often nurses, doctors, and those who buried the dead never contracted the plague. The survivors telling their stories never agreed upon a preventive, yet I noticed several different authors mentioning vinegar and smoke as a possible defense against the plague.
    I read of one old couple who served the sick and never got ill. They strongly believed their immunity was the result of the use of herbal vinegar, which they put on their hair, clothes, and even a vinegar-drenched rag placed in front of their faces when they were attending the sick.

    They lived to tell their stories and to promote their preventive.
    Many families survived by staying in their homes at all times and creating acrid smoke in their homes every 3rd day. They thought the smoke was purifying the air of disease. The smoke was made by burning a variety of things, from gunpowder to Rosemary. They suspected that the rats and mice might be carrying the disease, and by creating the strong odor, they believed it would drive the rodents and fleas from their homes.
    Burning Rosemary, which is a pleasant odor, proved to be so effective in ridding homes of pests that its use has continued down through the years. Even as late as World War II, rosemary incenses were burned in the hospitals of France to “cleanse the air.”
    The most famous and interesting story of healing coming out of the great Black Death plague was the story of the four thieves and their amazing concoction that came to be known as The Vinegar of the Four Thieves. History records that the four thieves were arrested for stealing from the homes of the many dead victims. After their arrest, they were taken from prison and forced to bury the dead with the promise that if they lived, they would go free. One of the thieves was an herbalist, whose herbal wine vinegar purportedly kept the four thieves alive all during the Black Death. As their resistance to the disease became obvious, others started using their vinegar tincture—reportedly with great success. They lived to credit the vinegar potion for their survival.
    The old records document several recipes that are very much alike. I looked up each of the herbs comprising the tincture and marveled at how effective the tincture would be in place of today’s insect repellents. Of course, superstition was rampant during those times, and disease was not understood, so the old history books confuse superstition with herbal healings. Common sense and more recent medical understanding have made it possible to comprehend why this herbal vinegar worked so well.
    Rosemary, being a strong antiseptic, was one of the choice herbs. Wormwood and Rue are the bitterest of herbs. Both are antiseptics and vermifuges (kill worms). Wormwood has been used internally but can cause convulsions. Lavender and peppermint are high in volatile oils, hence excellent ingredients for a very good insect repellent, as well as being pleasant smelling. Sage, among other good things, is a lymphatic, which is an important fact to remember in case of a bubonic-type disease outbreak. Of course, garlic, as the king of herbs, is a wonder drug. Within its paper-thin wrapping is found a host of beneficial properties, far too many to list. But it does have specific properties that are antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibiotic and, antifungal—chemicals that kill parasites. If I were ever lost in a sick, hostile world, I would not take medicine; I would take garlic. Always keep a sack in your kitchen, and go to the library to learn how to use it.
    The Vinegar of the Four Thieves is a super-strong insect repellent. It should be diluted with water to half strength if you spray it directly on your skin. This repellent can be used many ways. Splashed on your socks or shoes will discourage ticks, chiggers, and mites. An herbal cloth kept in your pocket and rubbed on your skin every hour or so would be very beneficial during outdoor work or recreation. Or, a nightly bath with a little herbal vinegar and oil will keep it on your skin for many hours and could prove helpful for families who live in the country or while out on camping trips.

    I’m with Gaye about hunkering down. I will even go so far as to place a “Quarantine” on my door if there should be an outbreak. As long as we have phone service, those important to me can keep in touch.

    • I forgot to post the ” ” marks. the first part is my words the rest is combined info from several resources. If you don’t like vinegar, allow it to ‘air’ and the smell will dissipate w/o loss of effectiveness.
      Gaye, thanks so much for all you are doing to keep us updated. 🙂

    • Dee. I use Marjory Wildcraft’s receipe for 4 thieves tonic. She takes about 4 iches of horse radish root, 4 inchs of ginger root, a large onion, a head of garlic, all chopped in pieces, placed in a mason jar. Lastly add a sprig of rosemary, fill with apple cider vingar, with mother (I use Bragg’s), and let sit at least a month. I place about 1 Tbls each morning in my smoothie for, just in case.
      If you take this tonic and mix 50/50 with hot sauce, apply liberially on skin, it makes an excellant bug repelant. No mosquitos, chiggars, ticks, even my dog will come near me.
      Excuse me and my daughter’s computer, she doesn’t have spell check.

    • Thanks John, I’m going to be making some of this too. I do believe in options. I am also aware how adaptive not only we are, but viruses et al. With variety, these buggers won’t know which one hit ’em. lol

  6. I would suggest a face shield. Goggles are also needed but the face shield over them can give you that extra bit of protection. Also I hope that you will not ever have to deal with this, but in the event you are forced to deal with an individual or animal in your home that had died from Ebola remember that the virus can be spread even after the host has died.

  7. Great article, Gaye. I have a question. We basically live in the country, not too far from town, but our property adjoins National Forest land and no immediate next door neighbors. They are within shouting distance, but not really visible. My question is this, we store much of our food, including two deep freezers full, in an outbuilding in our yard, about 10 yards from the back door. When you hunker down in your home, is it a not too good idea to venture outside at all?

    • There is so much that is unknown about the transmission of Ebola. Many experts that I trust do indeed believe that it is transmitted only by the exchange of bodily fluids so that is all that I know at the moment. It does not mean that things will change since my guess it is mutating rapidly. We have a detached garage where our freezers are located as well as a good quantity of canned food. If things get to a hunker down situation, we are going to bring in as much as we can and, as a matter of fact, have already started to bring food from my more hidden, deep-storage area.

      Unlike you, there are neighbors in close proximity plus tourists. I do worry about looting if the food chain falls apart as truckers stay home with their families. Even if they do not, how can we be sure the food has not been contaminated?

      We are diffusing Shield 24/7 around here along with Zen to maintain my sanity.

    • Is sanity really needed to survive? 🙂
      Just kidding. Yes, you may be able to survive if you loose your sanity. But, you are much more likely to survive if you can calmly and rationally asses the situation and your options.

      So, Gaye – please keep your sanity!

    • Build a causeway between your house and the outbuilding! Then you are not outside and not vulnerable and not seen…

  8. Good advice, but better not stop there. If that ever occurs, people will be without the basics and will come to take what they don’t have. I have plywood & OSB panels pre cut to cover windows and doors, along with sand bags ready to fill and place inside to stop any bullets. No, I won’t have to go out and buy sand. I will pull back our fake grass and use the 1/4 minus gravel.

  9. Gaye – thanks for the insight into your plan. One question I have though is you mention essential oils & then say ‘more in a moment’ but there’s really not anything else other than recommending the diffuser & the wellness kit. Do you recommend specific ones to use for example is oregano or rosemary good to help purify the air? I know I’ve seen a cheat sheet before on which ones are good for specific ailments. I need to find it & print it.

    Having kids things are a little different for us. Right now it’s no big deal because they’re off for the summer. The issue comes up in a few weeks when school starts. I can’t keep them home, nor can I decide all of the sudden to homeschool. I’ll send them with hand sanitizer and reminders of “touching” things – doorknobs, other people, water fountains etc. Our school has closed before for health concerns. I think if things get bad they’d do the same.
    I have mixed feelings on the sick room. I have supplies to cover it, but I read a comment where a mom said to the effect of – I don’t want my child’s last look to be through plastic. That really hit me. I don’t have the heart to put a loved one in a sick room. I’d wear gloves and a mask but I can’t leave them even if it meant I could get sick & die.

    Other than that I agree common sense, good hygiene and healthy eating are the important things to keep in mind

    • Andrea – The paragraph that mentioned essential oils and “more in a moment” was actually quoted from the article Seven Facts You Should Know About Ebola (// I apologize for the confusion. I cut and paste it below.

      “I keep a spray bottle with Shield protective blend and witch hazel with me at all times for use as a hand and gizmo sanitizer. I spray it everywhere, including on my phone, my keyboard, on pillows and bedding, and more. If I feel a sniffle or a runny nose coming on, standalone Shield goes in the diffuser 24/7.

      But what about protection from Ebola or other deadly viruses? The jury is out but as far as I am concerned, staying healthy with a strong immune system can not hurt.

      One thing I did do when the recent Ebola headlines hit was do some research to find studies that specifically addressed Ebola and essential oils. I had some help but neither one of us could pull up any verified studies. On the other hand, there have been some studies and articles linking Cinnamon and Ebola. I like the cinnamon link since the Shield Blend I use contains Cinnamon Bark in addition to Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary.

      I plan to keep searching for some credible information on the use of essential oils to mitigate Ebola, but in the meantime, any of the antiviral and antibacterial essential oils would be good to have on hand. Some examples are Thyme, Melaleuca, Oregano, Cinnamon and, of course, Shield.”

      The article also has a DIY recipe for making your own blend. As far as the cheat sheet, here it is: // There is link at the end of the article where you can download and print it out.

      In additional to essential oils, many readers here on BDS swear by colloidal silver so that is something else to consider.

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