Pandemic Supply Last Minute Shopping Sources With Links

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: February 27, 2020
Pandemic Supply Last Minute Shopping Sources With Links

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Well the CDC has finally acknowledged we may have a problem.

Oh really. Guess what?

There was a problem a weeks and weeks ago but the prospect of disrupting an economy already on the brink, or being afraid of being labeled “the boy that cried wolf” made those that should have known better and are supposed to be working for the good of the population sit down like an unruly child and take their medicine.

To be fair there were some that would have liked to have done more but they were not allowed to.

There is a reason I have not been to town in 26 days and counting. The situation has been too uncertain right from the start and the propaganda machines have been running non stop telling everyone to calm down and making fun of people for being worried about the health and well being of their friends and family.

I have to admit that there are some things I myself wish I had written to you a long time ago. At times I tried and some of you definitely got the gist of it.

Things are a lot more obvious now.

This may be the big one folks.

This may be the time when all those preps and worrying that you have done over the years, pay off.

It also may be the SHTF and really seeing the true nature of people that so many of us have thought about and dreaded.

I have talked to people in different areas. I am not just basing this on the news be it mainstream or alternative. I am basing this on the experiences of those I talk to.

In short, my gut feeling is that you need to be more prepared than you have ever been in the past.

I put together this list because I have noticed a lot of people posting pictures of local store shelves that are missing some supplies. I want to point out that just because your local Wal-Mart shelves are bare, that doesn’t mean that there is not plenty of stock available online.

Some have told me that some of the elderly and some that are not really online a lot, just shop at stores. If you have a relative or loved one that is like this and is at a loss as to how to get things, perhaps you could help them out.

Online shopping helps limit your exposure to other people. Yes, you have to accept packages but you can sanitize them wearing gloves and bleach. Check out the end of my previous post about our bug in for info on sanitizing packages and even more info on possible ways to get things when bugged in at home.

The risk is lower than going to multiple crowded stores and touching a bunch of things other people have and having to wait in close company in check out lines.

Note: This list is going to go beyond just bleach and gloves. I am including some links where you can get pet foods and some staple emergency foods as well.

Hand Sanitizer

The link above is for a 2-liter container of hand sanitizer. I am having trouble finding other hand sanitizer online in smaller sizes. If you can find it at all and feel you need it then do not hesitate.

Liquid Bleach and Bleach Tablets

Evolve Bleach Tablets

Bleach tablets are an excellent choice for those that have limited space and do not want to deal with storing a lot of liquid bleach. The tablets also have a much longer shelf life than liquid bleach. More people are realizing these are an option so some brands are selling quickly. There are several brands and sometimes Amazon will have listings for buying 8 bottles at once even if the link to a 2 pack or similar indicates they are sold out.

Great Value Bleach

Clorox Liquid Bleach


I have bought three brands of gloves and the only ones that I have anything bad to say about quality have been the Great Value latex gloves that are one size fits most.

Try to buy a size that provides a good fit. There are different thicknesses of gloves out there. It is worth it to buy thicker gloves because they are less likely to fail you when you need them the most and you won’t feel like you have to double up your gloves.

X3 Industrial Blue Nitrile Gloves – 3 mil

GLOVEWORKS HD Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves – 6 mil, Latex Free

Venom Steel Nitrile Gloves, Rip Resistant Disposable Latex Free Black Gloves, 2 Layer Gloves, 6 mil Thick


If you cannot find disposable masks locally then you may want to invest in a non-disposable mask. Mira Safety has recently released a more affordable cartridge for use with a gas mask. The lead time is 4 weeks at the moment due to high demand. I will link here to my review of their gas mask.

At the moment if I had to find something that was inexpensive and that offers an acceptable level of protection I would get the following combination.

3M Grey P95 Respirator Half Face Large Size

amazon product

3M Face Shield

amazon product

If one seller is out on Amazon or the shipping time is too long, make sure to look in the lower right corner for other sellers with similar items. Masks are selling fast but this is one way to sometimes find them even if the one you click on or a link I give you indicates that they are sold out.

Medications For Fever and Flu

Mucinex Extended-Release Maximum Strength– Helps expel mucus for 12 hours with a single tablet dose. I looked it up and even with high blood pressure, my Dad can take this too.

Advil Liqui-Gels. If you have a family and they are all feverish, you can go through a lot of fever reducers. I ordered a 200 count bottle of Liqui-Gels the other day. They take effect a bit faster than tablets.

Aspirin. The best deal I could find is the link I am sharing with you. For under $8 you get 1000 tablets at 325 mg.

Acetaminophen (Generic Tylenol)

Remember that any medication or medical supplies you might need for other reasons and symptoms should be purchased too. We rely heavily on China for medications and other medical supplies.


Please take a look at my article on electrolytes for some good deals that are still available. I will include a couple of links here too for the sake of convenience.

Basic Emergency Food

Pinto Beans

Bean Soup Mixes

Some of the soup mixes that contain a lot of different beans are very affordable and provide a lot of calories and nutrition. A bonus is that they come with a spice packet that you can just use as needed.

Half a bag of Hambeens soup mix with a little meat thrown in is enough to feed 3-4 people. Check out my previous post about cooking up a pot of this and you will see what I mean. I made the whole bag and it was way too much food.


White Rice

I am linking to 5 lb bags of white rice because it appears that Wal-Mart has decided to not offer 10 lb or 20 lb bags of their store brand via mail order. This is a recent occurrence.

Brown Rice

Remember that if you cannot get white rice to look for brown rice. For some reason, this often gets overlooked. At the moment you can get 5 lb bags of brown rice for a very reasonable cost using the link above. Yes, it is more expensive than white rice but it is still an inexpensive food to stash back.

Pet Foods

You may want to make some compromises when it comes to putting back pet foods. I found Purina Dog Chow for example online for a good deal. It is a little less money than what we normally feed. I don’t usually buy dog food that has corn in it for example. During SHTF situations, having something to feed your dogs and cats is far more important than making sure you have some exact special brand.

Also, I have to point out something I learned from James Wesley Rawles at Survival Blog and that is the fact that some of the fancy low preservative dog foods do not last in storage as long as some of the more budget-friendly ones that have preservatives. Higher fat dog foods also go rancid faster.

Purina has been a reliable source of pet foods for many. Here is a link to 50 lb bags of dog food that you can have delivered to your door. You can also get it in Chicken flavor if your dog prefers that for the same cost.

Rachel Ray Salmon and Rice cat food is another decent choice for putting back. Despite the fancy name and ingredients, it is very reasonably priced. Diamond Maintainance Cat is another option.

The question I get asked repeatedly is how many months worth of supplies people should have on hand to be on the safe side. The truth is that no one can tell how long this will go on.

It took years for the Spanish Flu to burn itself out. Regardless of the emergency, I think it would be great if every family had 6 months to a year but it takes time to reach that level of preparedness even if you have the space. You have to do what is within your means. If you can swing buying up a month or two’s worth of supplies then that is great.

Anything is better than nothing. This late in the game, try to plan on having enough food and other supplies for a month if at all possible. I just don’t think 2 weeks is anywhere near enough considering what the CDC is telling people.

Take a look at what you already have and try to find ways to use up the oldest food and items you have first. This is an excellent time to go through any preps you have and get in good rotation habits. You may also notice some gaps in your supplies that you were not aware of.

Check out my previous post on pandemic supplies for when things are sold out for some more ideas.

I wish the best for you and your family during these tragic times. I hope I have been able to help you at least some over the last few years.

Samantha Biggers

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8 Responses to “Pandemic Supply Last Minute Shopping Sources With Links”

  1. A few thoughts. When it comes to stocking OTC meds, stock what has worked for you & family in the past, also be aware of family health changes when doing this as conditions change what meds can be taken safely, think cardio issues etc. and med conflict here. Start integrating [stored] things like legumes, beans etc. into your diet as far ahead as possible (like today) prior to actual full time use to minimize gastric disturbances ahead of ‘crunch time’-getting an idea of how much Beano, Immodium, T.P. etc. will be handy. If you haven’t already, consider switching you K-9s food to one that uses rice instead of corn or other grains. We did it with our Chows and their coats & shedding improved along with a diminished solid waste output. The output is lateral in humans as well- something to consider as waste disposal and methods is a major factor during emergencies.

  2. Did a little shopping and Walmart was wiped outta powdered milk and went to get a bucket. Got “the look“ from the clerk who said “yeah those got wiped out in the last few days”. Lots of folks standing round the rice in the aisle. Like it was confusing them. I’m like “it’s rice, it lasts, it feeds, don’t overthink it.”
    Looked for respirators at a few places today. One place had several other men looking for them as well. I’m good but I was looking cause I was shopping there anyway.
    Things are gonna get tight before long.

  3. Bleach tablets may be fine for getting your clothes white, but most of them do not claim to disinfect or kill germs. Look for products which show on the label that it kills 99.9+% of germs. LC

  4. Dear Samantha

    I have a few of these things already, and I am planning on getting a lot more.
    Some of what is on your website I can’t get as they are not sold in Australia, and I live in a country town, where we make do with what we have, which is not much.

    I’ve been a prepper for a few years now, and I am very pleased with my efforts so far. However, I can do a lot better.


    Kieran Roberts

  5. While I appreciate your recommendations, I would just add that instead of taking toxic OTC mediations, most of which are made in China, use natural herbs, essential oils, supplements and boost your Immune system. Stay away from anything that’s GMO and loaded with harmful ingredients. That will kill you before the virus.

  6. Good list! Hopefully most preppers already have everything on it. This Corona virus is an example of why you want to be prepared in advance. Unfortunately most folks try to prepare just after-the-nick-of-time but by then it’s probably too late.

  7. Samantha, I want to thank you for reaching out to all of us now. I’ve only been prepping about 6 months and we are in much better shape for these circumstances than if I hadn’t come across your articles. It feels like it’s never enough, but I do have a stronger sense of confidence that my family is in the best shape possible. I am very thankful for your help!

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