Our Plans for Backdoor Survival – Call for Writers!

SurvivalWoman SurvivalWoman  |  Updated: September 5, 2020
Our Plans for Backdoor Survival – Call for Writers!

In case you missed it, please see Gaye’s post here.

When I first spoke to Gaye about Backdoor Survival, I knew we had a gem.

Not only is Backdoor Survival an amazing resource in the Prepping space, it has that “extra” touch. It’s more than just another content site to me.

I thought it would be helpful to outline a few expectations to our readership. We have a dedicated mission to grow Backdoor Survival into the best positive prepping resource online.

What Will Change

New Faces: Behind the scenes, we are busy screening new writers to carry the message of Backdoor Survival. NOTE: if you are interested in writing for Backdoor Survival, see instructions at the end of this message.

New Channels: We are eager to try our hand at new distribution channels, such as Newsletters and even a YouTube channel.

More Gear Testing: We are planning to step up our gear testing, evaluating and recommending (or not!) prepping gear. We will test the gear as if SHTF already!

Re-design: Within the next 3 months we are looking to re-design Backdoor Survival into a more navigable resource which speaks to each visitor at their respective prepping experience level.

What Will Stay the Same

Positive Prepping: We will always carry this message close. Readers will never see “doom and gloom” for the sake of clicks. Enough said.

Actionable Advice: Gaye has paved the path, but Backdoor Survival will continue to deliver “in-the-trenches” advice with in-depth, well researched, articles.

Giveaways: Continue to look for giveaways and raffles. In fact, our team will be working on introducing more high value giveaways as a “thank you” to the community. If you have a product or know someone who could benefit from this, you can review this page for details.

Female Perspective: In this space, Backdoor Survival has a unique voice. Our team believes it is important to maintain this perspective moving forward. While we will continue to feature guest posts from the likes of Dr. Joe Alton (and others), the core message will be from the perspective of the Survival Woman. In fact, we will even have Gaye back from time-to-time as a guest contributor and definitely for a follow up interview.

A Call for Writers and Editors

Are you interested in writing for Backdoor Survival? We would love to hear from you. Send us an email at apply@backdoorsurvival.com. Please include a summary of your relevant experience!

Do you have editing experience? We are also looking for knowledgeable editors to help maintain the tone of Backdoor Survival. Similarly, you can send us an email at apply@backdoorsurvival.com.

Our Final Word

For as much as Gaye has given to this site, it’s you – the community – who carry the torch! As the Managing Editor, I am so very excited for this next phase.

On behalf of the entire Owl Mountain team, thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more great resources….

Over to you. What improvements could we make to Backdoor Survival?

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28 Responses to “Our Plans for Backdoor Survival – Call for Writers!”

  1. HUM… Teams of writers, gear testing, distribution channels, etc. More of a business than a blog that Gaye built. I can get that on any number of prepper sites that have converted from real everyday home prepping.

    What Gaye brought was the personal, everyday touch that she used in her own life that gave us a clear path to follow.

    I do wish you the best but this does not sound lie it is for me.

    • Hi Bella – Thanks for your comment. We will definitely do our best to maintain that personal touch and create engaging, relevant, content. That said, we can never replace Gaye (although we will have her back on). She is an amazing woman!

  2. My initial impression mirrors Bella’s comments. I will give you a trial run, but if this is just another ad revenue funnel, I will not stay. Also, if you can’t introduce yourself, red flag. Won’t even sign off with your name? 2nd red flag.

    Gaye, you will be sorely missed, I have been a subscriber almost from the beginning. I enjoyed figuratively sharing a cup of coffee with you as I read your blog. The next door neighbor lady I wished I had.

    • Hi David – Hopefully we can win your trust as well. The fact is, I didn’t introduce myself because it’s not really about “me”. We are trying to create some strong voices here at BDS. I’ll be in the background coordinating the business, editorial calendar, and with the occasional post.

      I do have a military background and a strong interest in self-reliance, survival skills, etc.., but since I’m still actively engaged, it’s a fine line in terms of releasing details. I hope you can understand this.

      The new neighbor is, well, “new”. Hopefully we can get to know each other.

    • Thanks for responding. I just read the MRE article and found it informative so off to a good start.

    • Thanks David. This means a lot! Trying to reference past work by Gaye as well (“weaving” new articles in).

  3. It may be different but I for one will be positive that it will be worthwhile. Information comes in many forms.

  4. This is not the type of message that I would expect on Memorial Day weekend. Many of us have come to depend on this site for honest, applicable, non-commercial advice that could be trusted.
    I have witnessed other sites take this approach regarding subjects such as cars, firearms, political commentary and in a few clicks I was GONE.

    I sincerely hope this “hand off” will be different and continue the spirit that Gaye has worked so hard to maintain, make that constantly improve, for these past years.
    I wish the new team only the best…………………but you have a hard act to follow. Still on your team, but watching !

  5. Gaye , best of luck ! I hope this site maintains the integrity it has so far . I also hope products tests are honest . I have seen stuff on other sites recommended, only to be a waste of money and space . Some others offered good stuff only for the price of shipping.

  6. Welcome to BDS. We aren’t always grumpy, but losing Gaye threw some of us a bit of an unexpected curve. Gaye deserves a rest from it, but she will be sorely missed by all of us.

    I think that what Gaye brought to this group that most of us really appreciate was the *personal* touch. It hasn’t been an impersonal site pushing a string of expensive specialty items, nor a series of impersonal educational articles from various writers. Gaye wasn’t just a *front* man…uh, woman. We felt like her life touched ours and we got to know her as a name and a face and a person whom we genuinely liked. There are dozens of prepper blogs on the net and I have looked at many of them only to pass them by–some of us prefer something softer, something to which we can personally relate.

    That said, I don’t guess we could gobble up all of Gaye’s time forever and I’m glad that she found someone who she trusted to take over the site, rather than simply ending it. Left to me, I would rather see whoever owns the site contributing honestly in his/her own voice(s), but that may not work for you. I will stick around for a little while either way to see how it develops. I’m not trying to be negative, just feeling a bit nostalgic, I guess.

    Good luck to you, whatever you do with the site.

    • Thank you Janine. I hear you. We really want to honor Gaye’s legacy and build BDS into an enduring resource. Since we can’t replace Gaye, we have to find voices that will both add something new, while maintaining the positive and personal message. Thanks for your trust. Please let me know if BDS ever strays too far.

  7. Backdoor Survival has been one of my most favorite prepper sites. Gaye has given us a wealth of detailed information on well researched and personally experienced subjects, and all for free, no purchase necessary, unlike numerous other prepper sites. I especially liked the links to the different associated products because it saved me a ton of time to personally research further on my own. I also looked forward to the chances for the free giveaways and the opportunity to write a comment and read other people’s comments. I feel like a part of this positive community and take it seriously. We’re all in this together, even if it is from the privacy of our own homes. (my opinion, no offense)

  8. Welcome. You’ve got some big shoes to fill. Gaye has a very personal writing voice. The ads are at the bottom of the each post so you can choose whether or not to read them. The product testing has been very helpful. Gaye tends to present items as best is class.

    I think there is a lot of sincere grief going on here because We love Gaye so much. I think that rolling with our grief will work better for you than abrupt changes.

    The best thing you can do is to be an actual prepper/survival yourself.

    For me personally I don’t need fluffy bunny posts but I need the writing to be real. I am open to biased posts. My belief is that the destruction of our country will come from within.

    Gaye stayed away from politics and alarming posts. That works well for the greater good, but I am open to more intensity, as long as it is not driven by advertising and the push to go buy something now.

    My impression is that the readership invests in supplies and gear as we are able to. Both financially ready and mentally ready to take the next step. We look to Gaye to tell us the best brand, but not to push us before we are ready to buy the next thing.

    Skills are super important. We like to read about survival related activities that you yourself have done.

    I would love to see more reader participation, such as a topic-driven forum.

    Best wishes.

    • Karen – Thanks for sharing. This is very helpful and will shape the direction of this site.

      What we are trying to do is bring in a few regular contributors (from this community and beyond) who can speak to a variety of personal experiences, but still with a personal (hands-on, speak from experience) touch.

      I like the idea of a topic-drive approach from the community. Perhaps a weekly digest where readers submit their best ideas in the comments and these are curated into a resource post.

  9. What are your plans for Gaye’s past content? Will all of her columns still be accessible/searchable or do you plan to retire them to obscurity?

    • Hi Nicole- Yes, absolutely. Everything will be accessible. In fact, we are planning different ways to make these 1000+ posts more easily accessible via design functionality. As I hope you will see, we plan on complimenting past articles and referencing the existing body of research while adding “connecting dots” to the content mix.

  10. I agree with much that Karen had to say, as far as your ‘reception’ so far. Gaye’s announcement threw us all for a loop. She has been ‘the girl next door’ or like a sister to many of us, even if it was just on line. I think key to keeping many of us ‘old timers’ will be keeping that personal connection. IDK how that will work with a consortium of writers. But I, for one, am willing to stick around and give the new gang a fair chance. As long as you can maintain the integrity that Gaye has shown, I think you stand a fair chance. But be forewarned, if this ends up turning into another ‘click bait’ site, you will lose more followers than you gain. That is why most of us love Gaye so much.

    • Thanks for sharing. The goal is definitely not to turn this into a click-bait site. My goal is to continue to build an audience based on long term sustainability which means delivering valuable content that improves peoples lives, in the same vein as what Gaye has done. There may be some new voices on the site, but hopefully you will get to know them. Right now we are “trying out” a few different writers around focus areas of expertise, but nothing is set in stone. All I ask is that you provide honest feedback! The BDS community has the ability to help shape this next era.

  11. Welcome! We will miss Gaye very much but we also need to give the new owners a fair chance. I guess this group has become close in some ways, like a neighborhood, even though we are scattered everywhere. A lot of info has been shared amongst the readers by the readers and I would like to see that continue. We all have something to offer. Let us continue to build the cookbook Gaye put together from our donations of recipe’s, that has a lot our attention and I myself am looking for more ideas using freeze dried food, etc.

  12. Instead of you guys testing all the gear all of the time, why not hand it over to us?!? And don’t just send out one piece of each type of gear, send out several. This way you get a better chance of the results being unbiased. Then let us, the general public, use it for say a couple of weeks. After that test period, we would send in our own critiques on the gear. Y’all could even send out a questionnaire to be filled out after testing was completed.

    • I’ve thought about this. Possibly incorporating into the giveaways and having follow ups every so often to see how it’s holding up over time. Good stuff! Will add this to the list.

  13. I look forward to all the changes and was a little sad when I read about Gaye’s departure. Then my internet went out early Sunday morning until Tuesday afternoon (today) and I had time to process it and many other things. I’m glad you wrote a transition post and the new site sounds like something I’ll learn from and enjoy. I do love gear testing and used to pour over the Consumer Reports magazines before all the online sources. I have a nursing and nutrition background, so there was always posts that interested me. I know my weakness is weapons training and I’ve learned a lot here. I do appreciate no gloom and doom messages since I’m a positive person and feel a good attitude will get you pretty far, even with things not always in your favor.

  14. I too will miss Gaye, and have told her so personally. To the new editors, I am the author of the series on medicinal herbs, the articles on flour sack clothes and straw bale gardening, and also Life on a Mountain Farm, currently on Gaye’s remaining list of the Prepper Book Festival. I have tried several times to reach you by the email given, with no success. How can I get in touch??

  15. I will be glad to give the new team a fair shot. I will miss Gaye and her way of doing things. Her style was kept me coming back to this site. Best in all your efforts.
    Gaye, Enjoy life and THANK YOU for all you have done for me with the site.

  16. I echo so many others when I say that Gaye’s style was a welcoming and sincere approach which reached us in a way that is hard to come by. Thank you for giving of yourself in such a way we all found special and believable. Enjoy yourself and thanks for passing your good works on. I know it won’t be the same without you but I am sure you left us in good hands. Peace

  17. An area of concern that is not covered very well by prepper sites is preparing your body for difficult times. Im not talking about self defense or body building. A more immediate need is to think about how your body will adapt to long periods without sustenance. Most people are addicted to a starchy sugary diet. When those foods are suddenly hard to get all of those people will be very weak from blood sugar drops. They will be a huge liability on family members and anyone around them. They will be angry and desperate. Some conversations about how a paleo or ketogenic diet converts people from sugar burners to fat burners is in order. Fat burning is much more efficient for energy and can be sustained for days. Not feeling hungry and still having energy could mean the difference between making it or not. And it certainly is easier to flee a disaster for days if your partner is fat adapted and isnt laying down to rest every mile or ripping your head off because they are sick and miserable. Also those sugar burners will be put through a forced detox when they run out of their processed grains and sugar. A detox is a good thing to do in good times when you can take it easy at home. But not during an emergency. Becoming fat adapted, practicing fasting and regular detoxes all prepare your body and your health for hardships. For me being fat adapted means I can go out and do a trail workout in a fasted state and not feel hungry or weak or run out of energy. It also makes your brain more alert as well as countless other health benefits.

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