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Olight Javelot Pro Flashlight Review and Olight Sale

Avatar for Samantha Biggers Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: December 13, 2021
Olight Javelot Pro Flashlight Review and Olight Sale

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There is nothing like a good flashlight. From camping and survival to general farm and household use, flashlights are something that should be part of your life. In our household, we have a lot of different lights in varying sizes. Over the years the one type of flashlight that we have found missing in our stash is one that is extremely bright and a bit larger.

While I think that for most purposes, a small to mid sized light is best, there are times when you want a lot of light and need something that goes above and beyond just finding your way around the house during a power outage or similar.

A lot of people used to buy Mag Lites at least in part because when it come to quality flashlights there were not a lot of competitors and they were easy to find at a lot of outdoor stores and online. Well they have a lot of competition now and it is worth looking beyond the Mag Lite when it comes to buying your next quality flashlight.

Recently we acquired an Olight Javelot Pro flashlight for review. In many ways it does remind me of the old-style Mag Lites.

Javelot Pro

Defense Bezel

The bezel is made so that the flashlight could be used as a weapon like many tactical flashlights.Since is so large it would be more effective than the average light when it comes to defense.

The Handle

I have to say that the handle is impressive. There is no rubber, it is just heavily textured aluminum that is very comfortable in your hand and allows for a firm non-slip grip. I like that the handle doesn’t have a cover to be honest. If I want to wrap a flashlight handle, I will, otherwise some coverings are just something else to split and crack over time or worse, slip around when you are trying to do something.

3 Levels of Brightness

When we first got the light out it took a minute to realize how to adjust the level of light. I didn’t read the instructions or anything like that. You just have to turn it on and then press once to go to the medium setting and once again for the highest setting. It is really easy and I am glad that there are three settings because this light gets very bright.

I admit I was a little skeptical when I read the description for this flashlight and it boasted a beam distance of 1038 yards and 2100 lumens. That just seemed hard to believe for a handheld flashlight, even one in this price range.

We were pretty amazed how far away this light would shine especially considering how many obstructions that we have around here.

IMG 0285 scaled
Before. There was just a little light left.
IMG 0291 scaled
Javelot Pro shining at a slightly different angle.
IMG 0284 scaled
Picture taken with the Javelot Pro shining.

Comparison of Basic $15 Dorsey Flashlight vs Javelot

IMG 0273 scaled
Looking towards are small barn. The Dorsey is just a cheap but good basic flashlight we keep around.
IMG 0291 scaled
Big difference with the Javelot Pro!
The light is very bright and the beam distance is excellent. One thing Matt and I noticed is that the front of the flashlight gets pretty warm when operated at maximum brightness. The handle stays cool.


This is a lightweight flashlight especially considering the level of light you get. At the same time, it is still heavier than what a lot of people are used to because most of us have smaller tactical lights that fit on a belt or that can be stashed in a bag with ease. From a self-defense standpoint, I always felt like the smaller lights that always make tactical claims were exaggerating more than what some might suspect. How could you use something as a weapon very well that doesn’t have much heft to it?

The Javelot Pro is one of the few flashlights I have held in a long time that I think might actually do a little damage if someone found themselves in a bad situation. There is enough weight but not so much that it would be hard to swing. I am always tempted to sharpen the points on the bezel more but this is such strong metal that I think it would be quite difficult to achieve that.

The Case

I have to say that when we first got the box with the Javelot Pro in it we both were impressed with the case the light, holster, and battery system came in. I have bought pistols that didn’t come in a case this nice. While this is not a name brand Pelican case, it is made the same way. The foam lining, heavy plastic, and seal mean you have a way to store your light when not using. This is a case that can take an impact and will keep water out. Since we are going to keep our light out for quick access, there is a good chance this case will be repurposed. It might not mean much to you to get a nice case but I thought it was a nice bonus.

Why get a light with a beam distance that goes that far out?

We have a farm and vineyard on the side of a mountain. There is also a 5-acre forest with a lot of undeveloped farmland behind it. We need to be able to see things and check on animals at night at times. While neither of us minds getting out and tending things, sometimes it is nice to check on things from a distance, especially if it is possible to see if there is anything really happening that is concerning.

A strange noise or something coming from an animal area for example may be something minor that we can observe rather than having to get proper attire on and walk 1/4 mile or more in bad conditions or get out the Kawasaki Mule. The weather can get pretty nasty here at 3,000 ft in the wintertime. Ice storms and other situations can make it where you don’t want to have to venture forth unless it is really necessary.

Scaring off varmints

Another advantage of having a very bright flashlight is that you can use it as a non-lethal way to scare off critters that are causing you trouble. Sometimes light can prevent a major loss if used at the right time. Even if you don’t care if a method is lethal or not, there are times when it would be hard to get a good shot at something or you couldn’t no matter what due to the proximity of a troublemaker to something that you care about.

Magnetic Charging System

This is my first flashlight with a magnetic charger. It kind of seems like magic. You literally just get the magnet close to the bottom of the flashlight and it attaches and charges via USB. After using this system I can see that one of the major advantages is that if you suddenly grab your flashlight and forget it is hooked up to the charger, it just detaches rather than you jerking a cord and damaging it or the flashlight itself.

Actually now that I think about it, this is actually the first flashlight that we have owned that didn’t just take some type of standard-sized battery. Rechargeable flashlights seem to be a lot more common now and so far I like the experience. My only question is how long the battery packs will last before they don’t hold a charge so well? Some other devices I have that take lithium style rechargeables seem to still be going strong after years so I think batteries have got a lot better than they used to be.

Other Olights

Obviously the Javelot is not the light for everyone so I am going to talk a little about some other lights that Olight produces. They really do a great job at offering lights in a range of sizes and to fit any budget while not sacrificing quality. Here are a few lights that stand out.

If you shop using the links below on May 29, you will get a major discount. Olight doesn’ sales with this high of a discount often so if you are considering purchasing a light, May 29 could mean a discount of 40% and some bonus product added at no charge as a special thank you! Prices listed are current retail price and then the price with the discount available on May 29.

Seeker 2 Pro Blue Limited Edition 30% OFF, (MAP: $149.95 Sale price: $104.97)

This is a compact light that delivers up to 3200 lumens and has a beam distance of up to 250 yards. It makes a good flashlight for carrying a vehicle or for carrying when hunting. If you want a powerful light for a bug out bag, this light is a good choice because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it can be worn on a belt without feeling really bulky.

I was impressed that this light boasts a 12-day runtime powered by a customized 5000mAh 21700 battery. I can be a bit forgetful when it comes to battery charging so something that has a long run time is always appealing to me. This light also has an indicator on the side to let you know your brightness and battery level so you can be sure to top off your battery sooner rather than later.

For just a few dollars more you can get the Seeker 2 bundled with the smaller i5T Desert Tan flashlight. It is well worth the extra cash to have a handy little light that you can put in a front shirt pocket or stash somewhere. The i5T uses an AA battery and is rated to 300 lumens. Here is the link for the bundle.

S1R Baton II Purple Limited edition 30% OFF, (MAP: $69.95; Sales price: $48.97)

If you want a small flashlight with a long beam distance, this is the light for you. The Baton is designed to be the perfect light for stashing in a small purse or glove box. With 1,000 lumens of light output and an impressive 145-yard beam distance, this light will help you find your way safely in an emergency. The small size and bright color make it a good choice if you want your kids to carry a light in their school bag or when camping.

 I recommend getting the bundle which includes the i1R 2 in Desert Tan. This light is rechargeable and fits on a keychain. Despite the small size, it provides 150 lumens. Here is the link for the bundle.

5T EOS Desert Tan 25% OFF, (MAP: $32.95; Sales price: $24.71)

This little light is appealing because it is compact, provides a nice level of light, and it runs on a single AA battery. I really try to just buy lights that have a rechargeable lithium battery pack or that take AA batteries. Most of the rechargeable batteries we keep around are AA or AAA so it just makes sense. Keeping a lot of different types of batteries around can just be annoying.

This light offers 300 lumens and a beam distance of 60 meters making it a good choice for keeping by your bed in case of an outage or in your car in case of an emergency. At this price point, the light is affordable enough to buy multiples for stashing anywhere you might need a reliable light.

Why spend extra for a quality flashlight when you can get tactical flashlights for under $20 on Amazon?

We have owned a lot of flashlights over the years and while there are some really inexpensive ones that have surprised us, in general, you get what you pay for. Battery life is very important as is the light output and how far the beam actually goes. If you are always replacing the batteries then it can be pretty annoying even if you have rechargeable on hand most of the time.

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