Light Your Way With Nokero Solar Lights

Let’s face the facts.  Prepper’s are lighting whores and solar geeks.  Add a flashlight or lantern to our preps and we are over the moon excited.  Get our hands on something powered exclusively by the sun we are thrilled.  Who said preppers are difficult to please?

Today, for all of you lighting and solar fans, I have the perfect solution to your portable lighting needs: Nokero Solar Lights.  Part lantern, part light bulb, the Nokero N233 Solar Light is lightweight and small but puts out an extremely bright beam.. I am going to share with you my thoughts on the Nokero  N233, but beyond that, I have five up for grabs in a giveaway plus one super Nokero W100 Solar Work Light valued at $179.  That means a total of six winners.

More about the giveaway in a moment but first, let me tell you about the Nokero N233 Solar Light-Lantern.

Light Your Way With Nokero Solar Lights | Backdoor Survival

Casting a Bright Light with the Nokero N233 Solar Light

My first impression upon opening the package was the size of the Nokero N233.  It is only 4.5 inches tall.  The second thing I noticed was it weighed almost nothing.  For the curious, it weighed in at 3 ounces. So far, so good.

The N233 is made up of two parts: the light itself and a base. One side of the light is the bulb, and the other is the solar panel plus an on-off switch.  The is a hook at the top of the light so you can hang the Nokero or, alternately, you can screw it into its base and set it on top of a table or other object.

Nokero Solar Light | Backdoor Survival

The Nokero N233 worked right out of the box.  According to the specifications, the LiFePO4 battery will hold a charge over 12 months and last up to five years.  Theoretically, you could charge the light then set it aside until you needed it.  I don’t know why you would do that, though.  I prefer to use my solar lights day to day because they save me the hassle of batteries.

There are two brightness settings. High beam is 25 lumens and low beam is 10.  I found that both settings were bright enough for reading. Although the stated run time is 6 hours on high 15 hours on low, my units ran about 10% longer than that.  During my testing, I left my two units outside on the deck overnight, not knowing it was going to rain.  I should not have been surprised since this is Washington State, after all.  Anyway, after a night of steady rainfall, my N233 solar lights still worked like a champ, thus living up to their claim of being completely weatherproof.

8 Practical Uses of the N233

I thought it would be fun to come up with some practical uses of the N233 solar light.  Here are eight, although I am sure we could double or triple this list.

1. Clip to a coat or parka to lighten the path or trail while moving around in the dark.

2. During a power outage, set along the stairway so no one trips, falls, and hurts themselves.

3. Signal others in your group by setting up codes (for on-off five times means the coast is clear).

4. Use as a reading lamp.

5. Hang above your outdoor cooking source when it is pitch black outdoors.

6. Attach to your dog’s leash during nocturnal trips outdoors to do doggy business.

7. On low beam, use as a nightlight to keep zombies and monsters out of the kids room.

8. Provide light inside the honey bucket aka outhouse.

The Nokero W100 Work Light

I had a choice of receiving a review unit of the Nokero W100 Work Light or offering one to our readers as a giveaway.  Of course I chose the giveaway!

Nokero W100 | Backdoor Survival

This photo gives you a good idea of how the Nokero W100 will light up a large area at night.

Although I did not test it myself, here is one of the reviews from Amazon:

I purchased the W100 to provide basecamp light on a recent multi-day camping trip.

While the light is on the heavy side and a little bulky it provides an incredible amount of light. We used it for five nights for about 4 hours a night and what’s truly amazing is we forgot to charge it during the day and it still lasted all of that time. Also, as we were trying to tie the light up in a tree it fell about 10’ directly onto rocks – other than a small scratch, the light was completely unharmed.

I’m so pleased with the W100 that I plan to keep one at my cabin for emergencies. Also, I like that Nokero is helping people in the third world. I highly recommend this product for anyone needing serious off-grid lighting.

Nokero W100 Work Light | Backdoor Survival

Here are the basic specifications:

Brightness (lumens): 300 (high), 150 (medium), 50 (low)
Run time (hours): 10 (high), 20 (medium), 40 (low)
Charge time: 6-8 hours
Exposure: Completely weatherproof and fully submersible

Nokero – The Company

Nokero is based in Denver, Colorado which is where their products are designed and tested.  Wonder where the name Nokero came from?  In support of it use of renewable solar energy, it came from “no kerosene”.

By now you know that I favor companies that give back to our less fortunate global citizens.  This is not being a soft touch; it is being human.  For every purchase, Nokero, the company, provides a light to a person in a developing country.

The Giveaway

Nokero is giving away one of their W100 Solar Work Lamps and five of their N233 Solar Lights.  There will be six winners.

To enter the giveaway, you need to utilize the Rafflecopter form below.  Select one or more of the options after signing in using your email account or Facebook, the choice is yours.  The best way to start is by clicking on “Free Entry for Everyone”.  After that, each option you select represents an additional entry.  There are a number of different options so pick and choose or select them all.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their prize within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

Note:  Due to Customs requirements, this giveaway is only open to those with a mailing address in the United States.

The Final Word

I first learned about Nokero from a reader who had purchased some of their solar lamps at a show.  It was either a preparedness show or camping exposition; I really can’t remember.  What I do remember is that she said she had no financial interest in the company and was simply a satisfied customer.  It does not get much better than that.

Since that time, the company itself has grown and now has quite a few products in their lineup.  All are sold directly from their website and a few, including the N233, are sold on Amazon.

As far as I am concerned, the combination of solar energy and emergency lighting is a win win.  Please do enter the giveaway.  I would love to have you win a Nokero Solar Lamp for free.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Bargain Bin:  Below you will find links to the items related to today’s article.

Nokero N233 Solar Light:  I first heard about these solar lights from a reader a few years back.  Now that I have tested them, I am impressed by the amount of light they give off as well their sturdy construction.  I especially like how they hold a charge for 12 months, meaning your can store them fully charged and can count on them to work during an unexpected emergency.

RAVPower 15W Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports: This compact, three panel, solar charger will charge two devices at once, including tablets, smartphones, Kindles, and even AA/AAA battery chargers.  Value priced at about $50.  For more information, read: Gear Review: RAVPower 15W Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports.

Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse: Although this is a book of fiction, it is also serves as a survival manual of sorts.  The depiction of society three years following a collapse is so very real that I could almost put myself in the same room as the members of the survival group that has banded together to protect each other as they live in a communal retreat.  The section on a bartering market was hugely insightful and gave me some idea of how it might work in a real, SHTF situation.  Considering when this was written, Patriots is eerily timely.

One Second After:  For many, the novel “One Second After” was a game changer that convinced them of the need to be prepared.  If you have not read this book, you really should.  This is my #1 pick when it comes to survival fiction.

iRonsnow Dynamo Emergency Solar Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio, LED Flashlight, Smart Phone Charger & Power Bank: This $20 unit has it all in one portable package.  It can be also be powered using 3 AAA batteries.  This is a great value.

10 Inch Premium Glow Sticks – Assorted: These glow sticks are fantastic!  Each stick glows for 8-12 hours, and comes with a pre-attached hook and lanyard.  They are well priced and hold up well when packed around in a pocket or handbag.  For more information about glow sticks and chemical lighting, read 10 Reasons to Add Glow Sticks to Your Survival Kit.

LifeStraw Personal Water FilterThe Amazon Top Ten Most Wanted Survival and Outdoor Items Backdoor Survival:  The LifeStraw is considered the most advanced, compact, ultra light personal water filter available. It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. It weighs only 2 oz.  making it perfect for the prepper. For more information, see my LifeStraw review.


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  1. Tending the garden to can the veggies, is a top priority. My water pump to my well is getting fixed next week.

  2. Organization is always a goal, it is a never ending task. Canning/freezing/drying my summer garden so nothing is wasted is next. Another goal, which is more like a wish, is saving enough money for a Sun Oven. And you can always use more lighting.

  3. If this product is as hardy as described in the post, it would seam to be a great value and a bonus for anyone’s preps

  4. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Trying to keep the needs list up to date and then knowing where everything is takes a lot of much needed time.
    And this looks like a great product. Thanks Gaye!

  5. I’m hoping to can lots of summer produce, make applesauce, and freeze pumpkin and butternut squash. Also, I really need to focus on learning new skills. In addition I would love to use more essential oils for everyday ailments. Tall order, huh?

  6. You are THE most generous person! Thanks for yet another chance at a cool item! My goals are probably pretty basic and not very noteworthy. Top three goals are to have a lot more grocery store food (salmon, beans, fruit, veggies, etc), make another run to the Mormon cannery (we have one 10 miles from us!!), and to purchase/store more water. I fly by the seat of my pants, generally speaking, and don’t do badly at it. So, those goals may change on a whim…or change of mind based on what I hear/learn/find.

  7. Batteries are so expensive. I like balancing out our emergency kits and preps with items that are solar powered.

  8. I’m looking at surgery in a couple of weeks.. so my short term goal is to get back on my feet as soon as possible.. my summer goal is to get back in the garden and hopefully can a little this fall. (Yes, bad timing for back surgery.) :((

  9. What a great light! Charge it up and it is always ready for those power outages we have so many of in Florida. You should have at least two so there is one in the bathroom
    and one where you are.

  10. To get better organized, to increase strength and stamina through walking, biking and exercise, and to learn a new skill.

  11. I’m still very much a newbie prepper! But here are my 3 goals for the remainder of 2016:

    1. Ramp up water storage to 2 weeks.
    2. Set up a rain catchment system.
    3. Master canning the fruits of our garden.

  12. These solar lights sound like they would be a great asset in any situation since they are also weatherproof and apparently very sturdy.

  13. Looks like a great product. I was going to get some solar lights at Dollar Tree and modify them for different uses. A great start would be to win this giveaway and then go to Dollar Tree!

  14. We are moving next month, so:
    1. Reorganize storage to meet outpr needs in the new house.
    2. There is no generator, so purchase new portable generator
    3. Take a firearms safety course

  15. I need to come up with a good method of filtering water, a method of heating and cooling my house and set up lines of communication with family.

  16. I have a balcony garden that will provide produce for canning. I will reorganize my preps to one area and I will look for giveaways that will help fill the gaps in my preps. Actually I have more gaps than I do preps. The joys of fixed income.

  17. Having problems getgetting this to post, sorry if multiples.
    1) improve health
    2). Better organization
    3) more range to e!


  18. You probably wouldn’t want to use them daily if you were keeping them for an emergency. Even though the LED lifetime is long, using them daily will wear them out. If it can hold a charge for 5 years, then storing them in the an emergency box would be a perfect usage to not worry about batteries going bad while they wait to be used.

  19. I’m old enough that solar lights are “magic” to me. Lol This one seems really efficient & I would love to have one in my preps. In the middle of moving so no garden this year so my goal is to search out local gardeners/farmers from which to buy fresh produce. Thanks

  20. While I would love to get some solar panels they are out of range for my budget. I did get 2 solar flashlights, 2 solar lanterns and have 2 solar Casio watches. I do have to remember to put items onto my window sill to charge however. Of course the best are the watches which I would recommend highly.

  21. 1- TRYING to get my garden to grow in this 100 degree heat
    2- get stocked up on soup for winter
    3- continue organizing the backroom as a pantry/prep storage are—that means handing over the Pez collection to my adult grown son who is married with 2 kids…he can deal with them now!

  22. With the the year mid point my goals are the following.
    – continue to increase my food storage
    – learn three 3 skills per month, foraging (edible plant identification) example
    – make several millbank bags (WWII water filtration bag)

  23. My daughter is getting ready to move out, so number one is making sure she is ready with a get home bag/bug out bag and a solid plan. #2 continue increasing my food and water storage capasity. #3 continue educating myself on ideas.

  24. Solar power is very high on my list. We are now doing very well with producing all our meat. Our vegetable garden is a work in progress. We bit off more than we could chew. Gaye is so right when she says not to wait until you need a skill to practice it.

  25. My goal is to get organized. “Life” happened a couple of years ago and while we continued to get prepared, organization fell to the wayside. Rectifying that now!

  26. This seems like a great little work light. I also liked the smaller one for smaller jobs around the house. More light is always a good thing, especially when it’s powered by the sun.
    Thanks for the reviews.

  27. My goals are to do-What I can-When I can-If I have the money. Mean while, organization, Skills, and learn more will suffice.

  28. 1. Cleaning out space to move seldom used kitchen gear to garage storage.
    2. Prepping a small fallout shelter in the basement
    3. Collecting supplies to reinforce the basement

    With the uncertainties around the election, I’m getting ready in case whoever gets elected goes off the rails and we end up in a shooting war with a nuclear power…An all out exchange probably isn’t survivable, but a limited exchange or just a terrorist group with a single nuke could make a mess of things. Heck, just the grid going down could turn into a nuclear emergency if it lasts long enough that nuclear power plants start melting down (or at least their cooling ponds run dry and catch fire.)
    I already have the civil defense meters to know when we need to shelter, but with some preparation it’ll be more effective.

  29. I suppose my three goals are 1: Try not to get too caught up prepping and enjoy life more. Less stressing about “what if”. 2: Get our chicken coop and run ready for some new “family members”. 3: learn how to make soap.

  30. These lights look like a good source. Experience with Solar powered lights has been mixed up to this point but maybe there guys are on to something.
    thanks for posting and reviewing.

  31. Hard to tell these days what are prepping goals and what are just goals. I need to get my preps organized and inventoried so I don’t buy too many things that I already have or don’t need. I need to reinforce the shelves that I’ve got and build some more to get preps and other things up off the basement floor. We hatched more chicks this year than I was expecting so raising, butchering, and canning or freezing chicken is going to take up a lot of my time.

  32. #1 priority is Organization/Inventory of what I have
    #2 Increase cooking skills using food storage
    #3 Refining first aid education with some practice

  33. Set up solar panels and batteries for backup house power.
    Can summer produce and some meat.
    Increase security around home.

  34. Solar power is the way to go for lighting. We put a couple simple ‘solar lights on sticks’ to light our steps and taped one to the corner at the edge of our place. Be sure to check operation of solar lights from time to time.

  35. Organize pantry.
    Buy dehydrator to dehydrate greens so that I can make a powder out of them.
    Organize emergency battery power and lighting “stuff”.

  36. Fantastic and generous giveaway. This fits my solar strategy of small individually chargeable items. So far I have a solar radio and a solar battery charger.

    1. Buy 2-4 plastic kiddie wading pools for rain catchment. Store under the deck. Drag out to the lawn while raining. Filter, boil, and bottle water right away. Use the rain water to find out how long it will last.

    2. Plant potatoes in a bucket or storage tub. Store potatoes under the house to find out how long they will last. Will the crawl space work as a root cellar?

    3. Cache something, anything, anywhere in the ground to finally get this party started. I have triplicates of small survival equipment because some of it is going to be cached.

    Gaye, I hope you will ask us how we did on our lists at the end of the year

  37. Another great article and giv-a-way.
    I have several things I want to build, mostly a wood fired outdoor kitchen, I think a pizza-bread oven would be indespensible in a grid down situation. I would also like to build a fire ring, grill, stove combo while I’m building, I have the idea, I really need to start getting the bricks and mortar!

    I work in gun sales, so I always wonder why people wait for the rush to buy a way to protect themselves, or the rush has cleared out the ammo, and they are upset I can’t supply it.
    I am looking at myself right now and asking myself if I am going to wait for a problem with getting bricks to start and finish my idea!
    Thanks for helping me self reflect.

  38. 1. Getting all of my supplies moved from my old house to the new and organized.
    2. Getting a truck load of compost and putting my raised beds together to be ready for next year.
    3. Adding to my water storage and catchment system.

  39. 1. Canning or dehydrating food from the farmer’s market
    2. Organizing and creating a coherent system for preps
    3. Inventory of our cold weather gear and adding or repairing as needed.

  40. My top 3 goals would be to build up my food stores a bit more. Build new shelves for my home canned goods. And last but not least start plans on setting up a solar charger for a couple of car batteries we can use to run our emergency battery sump pump.

  41. Looks like a great light! I need something like that when I go up to my camper, I need to see what I am walking on (uneven ground) when I pull up at night.

  42. Continue adding to food storage, still saving for my Goal Zero equipment and continue to add to my solar powered lighting. Another purchase we are looking to make is a solar powered bug zapper to assist with mosquito control.

  43. More work on the veggie garden, lots of canning, bee keeping to begin and a Hawaii vacation to squeeze in! 🙂

    1. Wow Desiree, ambitious and important goals. I found that after purchasing a defensive implement, that purchasing monthly a box of what you need to use it became like purchasing another can of beans. Walmart sells it and it just became a regular part of my grocery cart. Wishing you great accomplishments in home building.

  44. I’ll be refreshing my water supply, taking inventory of food storage to check my spreadsheet, and saving my pennies for a Goal Zero for my nebulizer.

  45. Having a manual pump for our well, finalizing a communications plan for family members who work and go to school up to an hour away from home, and improve our medical kit.

  46. This is a really neat idea for a solar light. I like how the smaller one screws into the base like a light bulb.

  47. Thank you for introducing this line of product. I had not heard of Nokero before but it’s great to see they are a US company with ingenuity, a good product and compassion in giving as well. Our power went out last night and this would have come in handy as he solar light we have hadn’t been charged. So we were forced to use a couple head lamps and our phones. Not ideal. Would love to have this!!

  48. I need to improve and expand the emergency and work gear in my car.
    Actually sit down and sort out my EDC.
    Continue to improve my land and animal habitats.

  49. My top 3 prepping goals for this year: (1)inventory what I already have, (2)calculate what I still need, (3)make a serious plan to acquire it.

  50. 1) learn more about gardening in Arizona (not an easy thing to do); 2) get in better shape after my surgery; 3) get prepared for my hunting trip to come

  51. More water storage possibly with a rainwater catchment system, more solar capacity leading eventually to a system large enough to keep the fridge operating for a few days as a minimum, and trying to can or pickle some of this summers harvest for long term storage.

  52. I have planted my largest garden ever this year. I hope to can lots and lots of tomatoes. I have planted more potatoes this year that ever. I have tried planting potatoes in barrels, old tires, straw, and anything except dirt. This year I planted potatoes like my grandparents did. In dirt. I am hoping for a bumper crop.

  53. I’m doing better on my food stores but I want to get more dehydrating done. I need to add supplies to my first aid kits, since I’m a nurse and want to be ready in that department, and finally getting my paper documents in one place. We’ve had many fires here in Cali that remind me you may need to evacuate at any moment.

  54. To improve my gardening & preserving skills.
    To learn medical skills.
    To round out what is missing in my preps. (I organized the cupboard, now I have to figure out what I still need.)

  55. Nifty little kights. I can imagine all kinds of uses for these & I’d love to win this giveaway…. Might have to buy some otherwise, though I’d prefer a more tactical color.

  56. I like the size of the lights and the fact that they are self-contained. Having a base, or a way to suspend the light is really important. We can take these camping, have them charging during the day, then either have the light on our picnic table or hanging in our tent.

    I wish I had found these before we sent out 15-year old grandson off to work at summer camp as a C.I.T. The small lights wold have been perfect for his wall tent. And at that price, I would not be too upset if one got left behind.

    I am especially excited about the work light and its high lumen capacity.

  57. These look like great little lights. I’ve started collected some light sources but 1) don’t have near enough and 2) these look way better than anything I’ve purchased.

  58. Almost forgot! My 3 prepping goals for the rest of the year are to continue canning food, getting my water supply in order and securing my bug out home.

  59. I would say my top prepping goals are: rotating my small food supply; add water storage; and get my husband on board!

  60. A major goal is to get organized. Too much crap, too little time, and too hot during the summer to work then organize.

  61. 3 goals: set up rain barrel for emergency water (I’d boil it or use solar treatment methods, don’t worry!); goal 2: get regular DIY products going for self-sufficiency and the like e.g. healing balm, pain oil blends, et,; goal three, get drip irrigation setup for my veggie garden, by August and goal four: harvest home grown produce

  62. Since I’m a full-time RVer and own neither house nor land, my most important goal is to find a spot where I can hunker down. Both my kids live in big cities, so I don’t want to move in with either of them. After that, I need to get a storage facility for all the preps I’ve acquired during the last 4 years, half of which are now stashed at my son’s house. Somewhere in here I also need to organize and inventory those preps.

  63. 3 goals I have for the next 6 months are: replace my stored water supplies (use the “old” water to water the garden), begin using the Sun Oven that’s been sitting in a closet for a couple of years, and get more target practice.

  64. My top 3 prep goals are:
    1) Switch to more energy efficient appliances + rechargable battries
    2) Buy solar-powered lights and chargers
    3) Cut down on wast and stock up on reusable bags, bottles & containers!

  65. My goals for the next few months

    1) Inventory current food supplies; rotate older items and use up to make room for new.

    2) Organize and inventory current non-perishable prep supplies; restock emergency supplies for both cars.

    3) Purchase large capacity water filter and replacement filters to last for at least a year.


  67. Thank YOU, Gaye, for providing us with valueable information, and for blessing us with your rants & raves. Otherwise, I for one would feel ‘am I alone in this?’. We’ve had our power to go off too many times of late. Once someone ran into a pole, twice by lightening stike, and other times just because the wind blew. Sooo I’ve been looking at everything alternative to electrical power. A few short years ago I lived with no power OR water for 2 years, then was provided with water but for outside use only. My advice is to never move to an area in the boonies and EXPECT power and water. It was during those hard times I realized just how hardy I was. I’d roughed it during floods and a devastating fire but I grew closer to God and firm in Faith. My ONLY regret is wishing I had the knowledge then that I have now. I believe I can weather anything. Now, if I could just get it through my better half’s head to be frugal..

  68. Love your giveaways – thank you!!! I bought several of these lights and they’re great. They’re so light and compact and take up so little storage room. I’d love to have lots more of them.

  69. Sounds like this limitless lite will be a good addition to our lighting options. Thanks for keeping us up to date on new products.

  70. Would love to have one. Will have to check them out on-line. Always need more lighting options and one that I don’t have to replace batteries, crank or shake sounds too good to be true……

  71. Thank you for an excellent opportunity, and for all the other things you do for us. You will never truly know how much of a help you are.

  72. Thanks for your positive approach to prepping. I am so tired of being pegged a “pessimist” by friends and family that I have rereading some of your “rants and raves” for the positive reinforcement they provide.

  73. Thank you for all you do for us. Your experiences and discussions help to keep me focused. I learn new things from you, and am reminded of things I once knew long ago that I need to refresh. I have borrowed your phrase “common sense and thoughtful preparedness” for use with my adult Community Emergency Response Team students, and encourage them to follow your excellent site. Thank you!

  74. Thanks for all of the information and advice on your website, leading us to be prepared for various emergencies. We appreciate your efforts and also opportunities like this!

  75. I appreciate all of your wonderful information. I have learned so much from your site. I love all of your wonderful giveaways. Maybe this time… ????

  76. I’ve been a solar-power enthusiast for many years now. Buying solar-stuff from time to time. My wife complains about how much stuff I have. I’ll get more!

    Won’t she be pleased when/if we “need them”?

    Paul G.

  77. You are my favourite prep site.

    Just sorry you cannot ship to Australia. We all love you down here.
    Good Luck in everything you do Gaye, you do it so well.

  78. This site is great! I don’t know if it’s possible to have too many lights. I have one that I actually won on this site and I have 2 flashlights with rechargeable batteries. Now I just need some kind of kick-ass solar charger to charge a bunch of stuff. If any of you have any recommendations please post them. I need to get a handle on it.

  79. I have not seen any of these but will put that on my shopping list. Thanks for all you do to keep us safe and informed.

  80. Hi Gaye! I’m still using your 12-month prepping schedule and am excited to try the Nokero Solar Lights in the next shipment. Thank you so much for offering these in the give away!! Jimmie

  81. Yours was one of the first sites I found when I discovered there were like-minded folks out there wanting to be prepared. Yours is still the one I look for first each day. Thank you.

  82. It is a nice item to have and would love to have one for my two college age kids who walk and don’t drive. They both have classes that get out at 11pm. So my daughter walks back to dorms on campus with her friends but my son has a two mile walk from a city high rise to a apartment complex over two miles away. He also has classes that begin at 7am in the morning so a two mile trek back to school. He is in his early twenties and yes I use to call all the time to make sure he was ok. Now I just send text message the get “k” in response. If I don’t hear from him for a few days I invent very long list of why we may not have heard from him for days such as being kidnapped, abducted the aliens or as simple as lying dead in a ditch some where just concerned parents checking in. His friends say he should write a book of “Crazy Things Moms of College Kids Text.

  83. I’m getting one of these!I’m tired of always looking for batteries. Yes! I’m getting one of these. Thanks for all your sound advise.

  84. These lights look great. I bet they would be good to use around my chicken coop to make it easier to keep an eye on things at night. The dog collar was a great idea too.

  85. Another power outage last night for several hours for NO apparent reason was another reminder of what I still need in preps. Light and more light, of various kind and stengths! And books, puzzles, a battery operated fan in this heat, and my list goes on..
    Be Blessed & Be Safe!

  86. I have a few solar lights, but these look interesting with so many ways to use them. I don’t have a dog now, but used to, and clipping a light to the collar is a great idea. You can’t have too many lights when its dark!
    Thank you for all you do. I have been in the prepper mode for years, and your site is one of the more ‘rational’ approaches to being prepared for the common person. I always check what you have to recommend before getting something I need.

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