Lifestraw Go Water Bottle Review

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Lifestraw Go Water Bottle Review

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Having good clean water no matter where you are is essential. While there are a lot of water filters to choose from, not all of them are convenient to use all the time.

No one is going to want to stop and pump water or use even a regular Lifestraw if they are in a regular public situation.

Some people also need something that is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of strength or movement.

The Lifestraw Go Water Bottle makes having clean water as simple as pouring and drinking. This is the bottle I would want if I traveled a lot. I am not used to city water with fluoride or chlorine in it so removing that taste from the tap water alone would be a requirement for me.

When you travel you may also be exposed to water that is from sources that could be contaminated. Plenty of people still drink water from untreated springs, creeks, and wells. I know someone that recently visited some people that lived this way and it was very awkward to have to turn down the water everyone else was drinking.

A water bottle like the Lifestraw Go is discreet because it doesn’t look that much different than a regular water bottle. Most people are not going to even notice the filter within the bottle or if they do they are going to assume it is something like the Brita water bottles that remove flavors and odors.

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  • BPA Free

Membrane Filter

  • Removes 99.999999% of bacteria and 99.999% of parasites
  • Weighs a mere 5.9 oz
  • 0.2 micron filtration
  • Rated to last for 1,000 gallons

Removes 99.9% of microplastics

Some of you may be aware of how many little beads of plastic are finding their way into water supplies via face and body washes. Well, this bottle can keep those out of your body.

Carbon filter

This part of the Lifestraw reduces bad odors, tastes, and reduces the taste of chlorine. It also reduces any chemicals or pesticides that may be in the water you are drinking. The downside is that the carbon filter is only rated to last for 26 gallons. You can buy spares to replace the filter when it becomes obvious that flavor has been affected.

Handy carabiner and short lanyard for easy carry and attachment

I am glad they included a decent carabiner with this water bottle so that it is easy to secure. I used to carry a Nalgene a lot in college and it was a lot easier with a carabiner I could use to secure to my belt loop or backpack.

Reasonable 22 oz Capacity

Some water bottles are really big and that means you have a lot more bulk and weight to carry around. This bottle is about right for most people.

Slim profile

While a lot of water bottles are fairly large at the base, this bottle has a slim profile that is easier to fit in some cup holders and in bags.

Easy to Clean

Each time you finish a bottle, it is recommended that you blow through the filter to expel any remaining water. The actual body of the bottle itself is easy to clean with soap and water after you remove the filter of course. The neck is wide enough that a lot of brushes, sponges, or rags could be used to clean it. I have a few of the narrow-mouthed Nalgenes. They are great for drinking from when bouncing down the road in the Kawasaki Mule or the truck but that narrow neck makes them vary hard to clean.

To use the water bottle you just fill it up and then sip through the top mouthpiece. That is all there is to it which means this is a great bottle to put in a 72-hour kit for anyone, including the elderly or kids. James and his son Carter, reviewed the Lifestraw Play if you are interested in a smaller version of this water bottle for use with younger children.

Straw-Style Mouthpiece

One thing I did notice is that the mouthpiece takes a little bit of force to raise into place. I also am not sure the best way to clean it out. I think after a few times of raising and lowering the mouthpiece it got a little easier to manage.

Lifestraw donates a lot to charity.

On the box, it says that for every Lifestraw purchased, a school child receives clean drinking water for an entire year.

You can buy replacement membrane filters too!

This water bottle costs more than what you are typically used to paying but once you have it you can buy replacement filters as needed. All you have to do is untwist the old one and twist in the new one and you are ready to go for another 1,000 liters.

Although it says that pesticides and herbicides are reduced on the box if you look at the included user’s manual, Lifestraw warms against filtering water from any area where there may be runoff from mining or near large agricultural operations.

Although a lot of you already know this, I do want to be clear that this water bottle is for just freshwater sources. You cannot filter seawater with this bottle.

When not in use, you should store the water bottle and filter properly. Here is the process.

After using your bottle, remove the lid and filter and blow through it to expel any water and prevent any filtrate from setting up and clogging your filter. Doing this will significantly increase the life of your filter.

Rinse the filter with clean water and then allow to air dry before placing it back in the bottle and screwing the lid down.

It is easy to tell when you need to replace the filter.

When the main filter has reached the end of its usable life, it will stop filtering water. Of course, if the filter is ever damaged or you start noticing strange flavors or anything that seems “off” you may need to go ahead and replace your membrane filter and/or the carbon filter as well.

To purchase the Lifestraw Go Filter Water Bottle, follow this link for the most up to date price and available colors.

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