Lifestraw 2019 Version Review and Discussion

Avatar Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: February 16, 2021
Lifestraw 2019 Version Review and Discussion

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This Lifestraw seems slimmer than others I have owned and features a handy cord for around your neck to prevent dropping it in contaminated water sources.

I also noticed that this Lifestraw is rated to filter 4,000 liters whereas the ones I see that are blue say they are only good for 1,000 liters. This gets a bit confusing because on the Lifestraw site they say the original is only rated for 1,000 liters but their tests indicate that it is good for 4,000 liters. I would feel better about the whole thing if they would just settle on one number.

The Original Lifestraw is on sale at the moment via this link.

I am a little biased against straw style filters. It is just too awkward to use them. I also know that a lot of people are not going to want to get down on their belly to drink from a creek or river.

The original classic blue color is a lot more visible in the woods than the green color that I was sent.

Thee best way to use a straw style filter is to make sure you have a bottle or something to scoop water into so that you can use the straw without being on your belly.

Cannot be used in line with a hydration pack

Some of the main reasons I prefer the Sawyer Mini is that it comes with a water bag you can attach it to and you can also set it up to work in line with most any hydration bag. I want a water filter that uses gravity or that I just have to sip on.

This is a bit different than some of the Lifestraws I have bought and seen others purchase in the past. For starters, the color is going to be harder to see when out in the woods. I advise not putting this filter down in some places just because it is green and blends in well.


I do have to comment on just how little a Lifestraw weighs. At just 2 oz you barely notice you are holding it and it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to a pack.

Good for emergency use but not something I would want to rely on regularly.

These filters do their job, they are very affordable, and they are good for 4,000 liters. I want to point out that while the price is not that much less than Sawyer Mini, they filter far less water (The Sawyer Mini is rated to 100,000 gallons!)

While I am always skeptical about claims of a filter lasting for 100,000 gallons, even if it is 10% that good, it is still going to last a lot longer than a Lifestraw.

You need to be careful and not allow contaminated water to get on your mouthpiece.

So with a straw filter, you stick it in the water and suck. One thing that you have to be careful about is when you remove the filter and possibly tip it back. Dirty water can run down the sides and on to your mouthpiece. One way to prevent this from being a problem is to just wipe it down and make sure to put the cover back over the mouthpiece.

Other Lifestraw Products

While the regular Lifestraw is not for me, I do have to give credit to Lifestraw for having a lot of other great products to choose from when it comes to water filtration. I really like the Lifestraw Go Water Bottle I got to test out for example. The Lifestraw Mission and Lifestraw Family are other very affordable water filters that offer good solutions for a group situation.

For a review of the Lifestraw Go Water Bottle, follow this link.

Lifestraw has recently come out with a filter that is supposed to compete with the Sawyer Mini but it costs twice as much and doesn’t filter as much water.

LifeStraw Flex Multi-Function Water Filter System with 2-Stage Carbon Filtration

amazon product

A lot of people have Lifestraws put back for barter or short term use.

Both online and in real life, I run into a lot of people that have dozens of Lifestraws put back. Heck one person said they had 50 Lifestraws put back when I was at Prepper Camp! That is a lot of Lifestraws.

What gets me is that although a lot of people have them, most people don’t seem to be that enthusiastic about them. They consider them just cheap insurance that is reliable and well known at best.

What I want to know is if anyone reading this actually really likes using them or has used them for an extended period of time? I have never actually talked to someone that has relied on a Lifestraw for a week or more.

My advice for Lifestraw: Either increase how many gallons your original product can filter or drop the regular retail price to $10.

I think that Lifestraw is having a hard time letting go of their original product. When they first come out with it. there was not really anything like it on the market at that price point. Now there are a ton of knock offs and there are products that filter a lot more water, can be used in line with hydration bags, and still come in under $20 even if they have a water pouch included (I’m looking at you, Sawyer Mini).

In short, the water filter industry has moved on. Lifestraw has moved on a bit too since they have a lot of other products. I just think that they need to drop the price to $10 suggested retail if they are going to keep marketing the original but I doubt they can drop it that low and still make a profit.

It is just not convenient to use a Lifestraw and there are a lot of great filters out there that don’t cost much more.

How do you feel about Lifestraw? What products in their line of products do you like? Have you used any of their products for a week or longer?

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5 Responses to “Lifestraw 2019 Version Review and Discussion”

  1. If you live around clean mountain streams ALL these types of filters MIGHT be useful.
    They filter basically dirt and bugs…. what about chemicals? NONE of the do. Herbicides, pesticides, agricultural run off, possible industrial contamination…
    These things just give people a false sense of security (and cost too much while doing it).
    The center of the country, where I live, there is NOT any stream or pond that does not have ag runoff contamination, it might not kill you quickly but it will none the less and in a disaster the contamination could be exponentially higher!

    As to the gallons of water they will filter – I am just guessing that it clear water numbers. If you stuck it in mucky water I doubt you’d get a gallon through it, and in a disaster all you might find is mucky water, so don’t forget to pack plenty of pre-filter materials!
    Most of the flat water around me has plenty green algae in it so I hardly believe even 1000 liters before clog/fail.
    I am aware some models can be back flushed. That requires clean water. If you’re sucking syrup out of a hoof print to survive your argument is no longer valid 😉

    Learn lots. try to live long!

  2. The thing I question about all water filters is independent and frequent testing for each filter’s claims. Do they do it and by whom?

  3. I too, have a preference for the Sawyer Mini, having one or two in each of my many ready packs in my cars and elsewhere, (I also have Sawyers that go bucket-to-bucket for family use) but I came to the preference based on the the Sawyer ability to not just filter out rocks and fish and organisms, but micro-organisms and other little goobers that swim through the larger filtering holes in units that are NOT made by Sawyer. Nice article, but you don’t mention a thing about the Micron measurements of one filter compared to the other. Ya gotta strain out more than the aquatic gnats to get my money.

  4. As good as it is, it would be much better if it were used with a bucket and a rope. Throw the bucket in the water and retrieve using the rope, so you don’t you don’t have to go into the water. Your foot wear does not get wet. You don’t have to face dangerous wild life. The bucket would allow several people to partake. A container that can be sealed, would allow travels further from the water source.

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