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Jackery Armor 9000 mAh Charger Review

Avatar for Samantha Biggers Samantha Biggers  |  Updated: December 22, 2021
Jackery Armor 9000 mAh Charger Review

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Recently Matt and I went to our first Prepper Camp in Saluda, North Carolina. Since we were camping without any electrical hookups, we took along some Jackery products so we could have a few lights and keep our phones and my laptop going.

The Jackery Armor is a small power bank that proved to be very capable of keeping your e-reader or cell phone charged. I was glad for this because I have no experience with smaller battery banks, just larger power centers.

I have reviewed a lot of Jackery products at this point and I am impressed with the brand so far. Jackery is fairly new in the world of solar and emergency power products.

Jackery Armor 9000 mAh Charger

The Jackery Armor is an affordable little gadget that is nice to have. On our arrival at Prepper Camp, our cell batteries were starting to get in the 40% range. Since Matt has a better cell phone we decided to charge his. I was really surprised that despite his browsing Zero Hedge the charge went from 47% to over 80% within 30 minutes. During this time the Wifi was on despite me thinking I had turned it off for at least half of the time.

Review Jackery Armor 9000

Capacity and Charging Capability

9000 mAh of power. I was impressed with the capacity of the charger. For example the Kaito KA700 radio I reviewed only has a 2000 mAh battery bank.

So what can you do with 9000 mAh of battery?

  • Charge an iPhone 8 3 times
  • iPhone Xs for 2.1 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 1.8 times


This is a very reinforced product that feels comfortable in the hand. I think that you could drop this on a very hard surface and be just fine. Sure you might damage the armor a little bit but that is all.

Flashlight Feature

This charger has a handy flashlight feature. It is bright enough to allow you to move in the dark with a little more safety but it is not comparable to the light you get if you have a standalone small LED flashlight. Sometimes having a small light is nice though. I don’t want to blind myself or mess up my night vision too much if I am rummaging in my bag when camping.


A lot of preparedness products have a compass as an added bonus and the Jackery is no different. This compass takes a few to settle. If I was really serious about navigating with a compass and map, I would not want to rely on the little basic one they give you with this power bank.


While a carabiner may not seem like much, I was glad to see that it was actually included in the box with the Jackery. I figured that it was something I would have to buy and add later on.

Charging the Jackery Armor Power Bank is easy.

The beauty of these small power packs is that they can be charged off either a solar panel that has USB charging capability or via a power center such as the Jackery 160.

Matt and I have experience with the Jackery 240 and the 500. At Prepper Camp we used the Jackery 500.

The Jackery Explorer 240 we gave to Matt’s parents so they have some easy access power in case of an outage at their house. They keep it topped off via 110V outlet or the 50 Watt foldable Jackery panel that goes with the power center. The panel that they have also allows for you to plug in a USB chargeable device directly into the panel.

If you are interested in the Jackery 240 or 500, here are links to my reviews on Backdoor Survival.

Jackery 500 Power Center

Jackery 240


One difference you will notice with Jackery products is that they offer a full 24-month warranty against defects and product failure. That is pretty good considering that a lot of gear has a 12-month warranty if you are lucky.


Conclusion Jackery Armor 9000
Calling my Dad to check on him from Prepper Camp. It is nice to be able to keep a cell charged up. If anything is amiss we can be informed and head home quickly.

I am glad I bought this. It is easy to use with my power centers and offers a small addition reserve of power that is portable and lightweight. A carabiner allows for easy carry and packing that doesn’t take up valuable internal space. If you are afraid of a carabiner coming loose on a long trek, you could use a quick link for a strong attachment.

Small power supplies are a good way to have enough power to get through a small emergency. They make a great gift and are a decent way to get started towards having back up power without spending a fortune. A small battery bank like the Jackery Armor would be great for kids, teens, and adults to keep in their daily carry backpack.

The Jackery Armor will keep your cell phone, e-reader, or tablet charged up during a power outage which means you have some method of communication and some entertainment. I know that when the power goes out at my house, cell phones work just fine as long as I have an alternative power supply.

If you want a Jackery Power Bank, follow this link for the most up to date price and to purchase.

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