Book Festival and Giveaway: An Interview with James Mushen

Avatar Gaye Levy  |  Updated: February 16, 2021
Book Festival and Giveaway: An Interview with James Mushen

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books library (Custom)Today I share the third author interview in the Backdoor Survival Book Festival.

James Mushen, the the author of Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents: Disaster Survival for the Family, shares his answers to my questions and is also providing one of my readers with a free copy of his book.

Before we begin, I would like to announce the winner of last week’s giveaway.  “DHERR58” has won a copy of BOCA CHITA: Prepare-Escape-Survive.  Congratulations!  A will be contacting the winner by email with the details.

Here is how DHERR58 responded to the question of whether he or she was planning to bug out or bug in any why.

“We are bugging in, but we do have a plan if we have to move fast.”

And me?  I actually do have an unlikely bug-out location away from my primary home.  That said, this location would only be used if for some reason my primary location was destroyed, for example, in a tsunami.  Otherwise, I am bugging in.  No doubt about it.

Be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents

To set the tone for my interview with James, here is a short video to set the scene and get you in the mood.

A Chat with James Mushen

Tell me about your book, Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents: Disaster Survival for the Family. What is it about?

The Urban Preppers Book came about because of my mother Claire. Claire is a Saint and Saint Claire is 90 years old and lives about 12 miles from the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, which is built on an earthquake fault that is right next to a prime wild fire area.

Urban Preppers was the result of my obsessive search to create a plan to protect and save Saint Claire when the unthinkable happens.

But these days it is not just earthquakes, wildfires or nuclear accidents that have me worried but terrorists with dirty bombs, armed gang bangers, cyber attacks that close banks plus many other catastrophes waiting to attack Saint Claire.  So the Urban Preppers Guide covers a wide range of disasters that families can face.

I think anyone that just visits the table of contents will see that. There are about 471 pages of practical information that can keep your family safe when an unexpected visits – which it will.

What type of research did you have to do while writing Urban Preppers? How long did it take to write?

The research and writing of Urban Preppers took 6 months. Research material came from a variety of sources.  I scoured all the current popular disaster survival, emergency preparedness and military manuals. Extensive web research was done on hundred’s of sites that included FEMA, Red Cross, Web MD, FDA plus many, many more.

YouTube videos and expert survivalist interviews were also incorporated to create a book that is packed with useful information on a broad range of topics.

To be clear, Urban Preppers are not Bear Gryls survivalists but regular folks from all socioeconomic backgrounds that choose to protect their families in a crisis. The Urban Preppers Book will assist them creating an intelligent plan.

Every book, fiction and non-fiction, includes a message.  What message to you hope my readers will take with them after reading Urban Preppers?

The message of the book is that the world is becoming an increasingly fragile and dangerous place. Many people prefer to live in complete denial but Urban Preppers choose to take responsibility and action to protect and safeguard their loved ones.

Just having a 30 day supply of food and water puts you 80% ahead of everybody else and your kids won’t go hungry in a disaster.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I was a native of Detroit before traveling west.  I now reside in Las Vegas.  Along the way, I have been a cyber-security consultant, fireman, CEO, and iron-man triathlete.  I have also successfully patented two of my inventions (and am the author of the patents as well).

As I mentioned above, The Urban Preppers Disaster Survival Hand Book was the result of the concern I had for my 90 year old mother who lives 12 short miles from a nuclear power plant that was constructed on an earthquake fault in the middle of prime wild-fire country.

In my spare time, I love to play with my dogs, grow vegetables and travel to exotic ports to experience new cultures, scuba dive and take underwater photography.

Do you have plans for another book?

Yes, 2 are already written under a pen name.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

Get 30 days of dehydrated food and 30 days of water and you will sleep better at night.

The Book Giveaway

owl reading bookA copy of Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents: Disaster Survival for the Family has been reserved for one lucky reader.  For this week’s giveaway, all you need to do to win is to leave a comment indicating what you feel is the greatest challenge to your prepping efforts.

A winner will be selected next Friday at random using tools on the website.

The Final Word

Although I have only breezed through Urban Preppers on a casual basis, (I have a huge backlog of reading and reviews to do!), it strikes me as the perfect book suitable for the beginning to intermediate prepper.  I was familiar which much of the content but there were parts where I said “humm . . . I had not thought of that”.


Photo from the book cover

One thing for sure, you will look at the book cover and think – been there, done that – I can relate.  I say this because one way or another, we have all faced a crisis or disaster of some sort at some time in our lives.  Instead of freaking out in panic, though, it is best to prepared and to keep learning, picking up gems of wisdom and new skills along the way.

In closing this week, I echo James words, slightly modified: Get 30 days of dehydrated or canned food and 30 days of water and you will sleep better at night.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


Spotlight Item:  Disaster Preparedness: Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents.  Urban Preppers is the emergency response preparedness guide for the rest of us who are not Bear Grylls survivalist types but regular people from all walks of life and of every, age gender and socioeconomic level. This book covers minor annoyances including power outages and garbage collection stoppages all the way to civil unrest and natural and man-made disasters.

Bargain Bin:  Listed below are all of the books in the Backdoor Survival Fall Reading List.  There are both fiction and non-fiction titles and a bit of something for everyone.

Also, just as a heads up, two or three times a week I post free Kindle books on my Facebook page.  The special free book offers come and go so I tend not to post them on Backdoor Survival.  Remember, you do not need a Kindle to read Kindle e-books.  Simply download the free Kindle app from the Amazon site and you are good to go.

The Backdoor Survival Fall Reading List – Non-Fiction

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Disaster Preparedness: Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents; Disaster Survival for the Family
Survive Any Food Crisis
The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide For Disaster And Emergency Planning
Deep Web Secrecy and Security – Guide to the Deep Web and Beyond
Broken Web The Coming Collapse of the Internet
The Weekend Homesteader: A Twelve-Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency
The Home Schooled Shootist: Training to Fight with a Carbine

The Backdoor Survival Fall Reading List – Fiction

BOCA CHITA: Prepare. Escape. Survive.
299 Days: The Preparation
299 Days: The Collapse
A Survival Story: Part I
11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life

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  1. I have been a “prepie” all my life. My biggest problem, no matter how much I prepare, I dont know how many children, grandchildren, and friends that have laughed at me for years, will be showing up at my door. I tried to instill the idea of food storage to my children, but it looks like they would rather spend their money on the joys of life.
    I remember when the “bug” bit me. 1975. Can anyone remember the gasoline shortage? Long lines at the gas stations. Odd and even days to fuel up. I only made $150 a week, but I had a sweet 1964 Corvette convertabe in the garage. It was worth exactly what a one years supply of dehydrated food (Sam Andy)for a family of 6 cost.
    Since then I have been prepared. Does anyone remember Y2K? I was so preparred, I was almost disapointed when it didn’t happen.
    My problem now is that I am getting old. It is a lot of effort getting out of bed to feed my critters, that I am trying to raise for food. When will children learn?

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