Winter Book Festival and Giveaway: Ron Foster and The Prepper Trilogy

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: February 16, 2021
Winter Book Festival and Giveaway: Ron Foster and The Prepper Trilogy

books library (Custom)Today I share the next author interview in the Backdoor Survival Winter Book Festival. Ron Foster, the author of Preppers Road March and the other two books in the Prepper Trilogy, shares his answers to my questions and is also providing one of my readers with a free copy of all three books in his Prepper Trilogy series.

Before we begin, I would like to announce the winner of last week’s giveaway. “Neil” has won a copy of The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide For Disaster And Emergency Planning. Congratulations! I have contacted you by email with instructions for claiming your book.

Here is the prepping tip that Neil shared when he entered last week’s book giveaway:

The “Have-More” Plan by Carol & Ed Robinson is a great read on long term, long view prepping. I wish I could do numerous things I have read in the book, but I don’t think I can get away with a mini farm by local codes. Skills and Knowledge are key. Duct tape and paracord will only take you so far; some good tools and the ability to use them are key.

Be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.



Tell me about your book, Preppers Road March. What is it about?

A solar storm has just hit the world causing a EMP event. A emergency manager visiting Atlanta GA must find his way back home after this electromagnetic pulse has stranded him away from his vehicle and his beloved “bug out bag”.

With 180 miles to go to his destination, David must let his street smarts and survival skills kick in as food and water becomes scarce and societal breakdown proceeds at an unrelenting pace. An interesting and often funny cast of characters from the Deep South helps the displaced Prepper on his way, as he shares his knowledge of how to make do with common items in order to live another day.

Ultimately, he acquires an old tractor and heads for home on a car-littered interstate. This is book one of the Prepper Trilogy.

What type of research did you have to do while writing Preppers Road March?

Outside of utilizing open source survival manuals to show concepts I already knew, none.

How long did it take to write?

A couple months.

Every book, fiction and non-fiction, includes a message. What message to you hope my readers will take with them after reading your book?

A lot of people find reading a survival book very dry. I teach and entertain at the same time and many people say they prefer to learn this way.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My background competencies include being a Gemologist (Diamond and colored stone appraiser), series 7 and 63 license (Investment banker), Army soldier and Air Force Airman, corporate administrator and entrepreneur to name a few. Currently I am a fulltime Doctoral student. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Empire State College in Human Services with a specialty in Emergency Management Administration and Planning at age 50. I have a Masters of Administrative Science (MAS) from Fairleigh Dickinson University with 7 graduate certificates.

Certifications include: Alabama Emergency Managers Association (Certified Emergency Manager), National Association Of Safety Professionals (Certified Emergency Management Specialist), FEMA Professional Development Certificate Series awarded, and has Graduate Certificates in: Administrative Science, Emergency Management Administration, Global Security and Terrorism Studies Certificate, Displaced Persons Certificate, School Security & Safety Administration Certificate, Law and Public Safety Administration, and Non Profit Organization and Management.

I also Have a Masters of Science from Capella University in Human Services.

Do you have plans for another book?

Yes, I am a very prolific writer.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

I have 21 books in print. Oh – I also have some book trailers. Gaye has shown one above. Here is another.


owl reading bookA copy of all three books in Ron Foster’s Prepper Trilogy have been reserved for one lucky reader. The enter this week’s book giveaway, please enter a comment below describing why you prepare and/or what you are preparing for.

The deadline for all entries is 6:00 AM Pacific next Friday. A winner will be selected next Friday at random using tools on the website.


I have learned so much from the survival fiction genre. Oh sure, I know the situations are make-believe but that is part of the fun. By taking potential disaster and collapse scenarios and working through the character’s survival strategies, I can reason how I would act in similar situations.

I will not kid you. Sometimes, the events described in these books are terrifying. I hope they describe a worst case scenario but in case they don’t, I keep on prepping.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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Spotlight Items: Preppers Road March, BUG OUT! Preppers on the move! and The Light In The Lake: The Survival Lake Retreat are the three books that make up the Prepper Trilogy. The Preppers Trilogy covers what happens after a solar EMP knocks the electrical grid completely out. As you read through the series, you will follow along as a displaced prepper attempts to get home from Atlanta to Montgomery and survive while making do the best he can given the dire circumstances.

Bargain Bin: Listed below are all of the books in the Backdoor Survival Winter Reading List. There are both fiction and non-fiction titles and a bit of something for everyone. Also, some of these books are Kindle e-books but you do not need a Kindle to read Kindle e-books. Simply download the free Kindle app from the Amazon site and you are good to go.

The Backdoor Survival Winter Reading List – Non-Fiction

The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide For Disaster And Emergency Planning (Author Charlie Palmer)

Rapid Fire!: Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations (Author Max Velocity)

Lanterns, Lamps and Candles (Author Ron Brown)

An Operations Manual For Humankind – The Complete Compendium Of Natural Health: (Author: Paul Patrick Robinson)

Understanding the Use of Handguns for Self-Defense (Author David Nash)

Where There Is No Doctor (Authors David Werner, Jane Maxwell, Carol Thuman)

Making the Best of Basics – Family Preparedness Handbook: (Author James Talmadge Stevens)

How to Live on $10,000 a Year – Or Less – Newly Revised for 2013 (Author George Ure)

Barbed Wire, Barricades, and Bunkers: The Free Citizen’s Guide to Fortifying the Home Retreat (Author F.J. Bohan)

The Prepper’s Pantry: Building and Thriving with Food Storage (Author Anne Lang)

The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living (Author Estar Holmes)

The Backdoor Survival Winter Reading List – Fiction

Preppers Road March (Author Ron Foster)

BUG OUT! Preppers on the move! (Author Ron Foster)

The Light In The Lake: The Survival Lake Retreat (Author Ron Foster)

Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises: (Author Max Velocity)

Holding Their Own: A Story of Survival (Author Joe Nobody)

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35 Responses to “Winter Book Festival and Giveaway: Ron Foster and The Prepper Trilogy”


  2. My favorite goat just gave birth to 2 little ones, but she would have nothing to do with them. She wouldn’t feed them, so off I go to Rural King for powdered milk suppliment. WOW. What is in this stuff? It smells like vanilla ice cream. 20% protein, more minerals than my morning protein drink, and more vitimins than I take each morning. Can we use this stuff in our food storage for humans? What I bought was in a resealable plastic pail. I would think a little of this each morning would help anyone. Any answers to this question out there in survival land?

  3. Sounds like a great series. I’d love to read it. I am a recent widow and have 3 children. I can see the “signs of the times” and am gleaning a lot from sites like these and am also so thankful for people who are sharing their knowledge. I do what I can, from homeschooling to food storage, all in small bits here and there, in preparation for you name it…from the spiritual end of the world to economic crises to natural disaster…I just want to be ready.

  4. My husband has been prepping for years, but I have just begun REALLY prepping in the past year. I have begun paying attention to the way this country (and world) have degraded. It is very frightening how everything has changed. We are trying to prepare for anything, although we can never be prepared for every scenario. I am so thankful for all of the knowledge that people are willing to share. Thank you for this opportunity!

  5. 50 years ago Americans prepared for ‘hard times’ as a way of life. We have all gotten soft because life has gotten so easy. Turn up or down the thermostat to control the heat/AC in our homes and our automobiles. No more need in cutting down the dead tree in the woods and carrying in wood to burn in wood stoves. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the local market when it is -10 degrees outside. No more need to garden, or can food for winter months. Choose clothing and shoes from overflowing racks of apparel. No need to know how to sew or repair clothing. Much less knowing how to make garments from scratch. But have you asked yourself, “What would I do if every store had only empty shelves?” Grocery store owners have reported that they believe their store would be stripped in a matter of hours if the electrical grid went down. Losing electricity is the most likely event in my opinion. It could occur from an EMP bomb or simply by accident from overloaded, outdated and neglected equipment, or an ill-trained technician. Be smart and start doing something today; ‘hard times’ may return at any moment.

  6. i live on a river and prep incae of floods or the road gets washed out.We also have one main highway and if it went out the whole county would be cut off. I want to have enough resources to take care or my son and myself.

  7. As a police officer, i have seen the number of criminals skyrocket with more and more entitled, “why work for something when i can take it” attitudes. I prepare in a multitude of ways, such as being a range and hand to hand instructor for my department, living in a secluded 20 acre plot, with orchards, a garden, building a greenhouse, canning, chickens, etc. to just name a few. Although there are many wonderful people “out there,” the quality of a great majority of the human race is declining rapidly.

  8. We live in a rural community not that far from a large city. As an older couple we are constantly looking for ways to survive an economic collapse and the chaos that it will bring. We have been prepping for 3 years and it seems we never have enough ideas. We have a few people who are like minded with whom we share ideas, but there is soooo much.

  9. I began prepping in 2010 as I knew my job was in jeopardy. I prepped for the day I would have to take early retirement by using my full salary to get home repairs done, a well drilled, and a 3-month food supply accumulated. I took early retirement in July, 2012, and now I work part time (less than 15 hrs/wk). I still prep for power outtages, ice storms, tornadoes/storm systems. Always vigilant.

  10. I am preparing for anything from an extended power outage (snow or thunderstorms) to societal collapse. Here’s hoping anything that happens is much closer to the former!

  11. I started prepping back in 2010 and then lost my job shortly after. It was a great help having food stored up although we went through it pretty fast. When I think of prepping I prep for anything. We live in tornado alley, we have had ice storms that have left us without power for a week. There is all kinds of situations that can happen. I had been stocking up on lamp oil and lamps and had started making the boys go one night without electricity. We would turn off all the lights and use the oil lamps and play board games and read. I wanted them to understand they didn’t have to have electricity to have fun. Luckily that was shortly before the ice storm. With 3 oil lamps in one room we were able to keep the room 60 degrees and we had light to play games and read. We made it the full 7 days with no problem. Of course I wasn’t prepared in the fridge dept so I lost everything in the fridge and both freezers but that was a valuable lesson. Now I’m prepping for anything that could happen! I’m thankful for blogs like yours and any information I can find.

  12. I grew up on a farm in the 50’s & 60’s when we grew a huge garden, canned, froze food, butchered chickens, had hogs & a beef steer butchered, made sausage, etc, etc. I watched my grandma make everything from scratch for baking & cooking/it was wonderful food. I am trying to do as much of that old way of life as I can now to prepare for the shortages of food that ARE coming. It is sad that too many people don’t have a clue how to make bread, fry chicken, or grow a tomato. Hopefully enough older folks like me can teach the younger ones how to survive without the frozen pizza and other convenience foods. We all need to eat healthier and do away with most of the fast food out there now. People, fill up your pantries and learn new cooking skills as you will need them soon. May God bless & protect us all.

  13. This site is great, I’ve just started prepping and the suggestions listed by weeks is very helpful.

    One thing I would like to share is this—I found it impossible to store enough water. I lost my electricity for 3 days. Living in the country, I lost it all because electricity runs the pump for water, furnace for heat and refrigeration. Michigan has little sunlight in winter so solar power is out.
    A Mr. Buddy with propane helped with heat just fine. The problem was water for flushing. I found out it is too difficult to store enough. So,this summer, I’m going to put in an outhouse. Don’t like the idea, but it sure will solve the water situation! Maybe hard to do in urban areas, but maybe hide one in garden shed for bugging in. Losing electricity is a big inconvenience; however, a FABULOUS learning experience. I was busy looking at equipment. As others have suggested, get the basics FIRST. Live and learn as they say!

  14. I am a relatively new prepper. Just trying to get food & water stored up for 60 days for husband & myself. And trying not to be anxious about the future. Having food, water, first aid supplies, etc, helps. I need to keep in mind what I would like to do vs what is practical for my age & physical limitations…an on-going battle!

  15. I am preparing for my family some comfort for when whatever crisis comes whether it be loss of job, weather related, terrorism, etc.

  16. I prep because it is good common sense. A few year ago I was without a job for a year and my preps helped a lot with expenses.

  17. I prepare for an economic problem, whether it’s the gov’t causing seriously high inflation or my hubby losing a job due to the economy or just a serious illness or injury, I believe in being prepared to take care of ourselves, and to an extent to be self-sufficient. We raise chickens for meat and eggs and a large veggie garden to eat and preserve. I learned these things from my parents who were children during the great depression. We also practice our skills, and as unpleasant as it was, we butchered chickens so that we’d know how if we ever had to. We also have made friends with several neighbors whom we can trade skills/equipment with. If my hubby were answering this, he’d say he was prepping for a grid-down scenario, thankfully he allows most of the budgeting for prepping to go for food. I know what it’s like to be hungry and if I can help it, we won’t ever have to.

  18. I have a very large extended family. My interest is in knowing how to feed them in the event of a natural or civil event. That includes using stored items as well as acquiring from foraging natural resources.

  19. I prep what I can…when I can…with what little money I have. I believe that every little bit helps. Also, having a prepper mindset costs nothing…awareness, DIY, etc. The SHTF possibilities are many….I’m leaning towards a pandemic and/or economic collapse.

  20. I am prepping because I can see something is going to happen. I am on a limited income but am doing the best I can. I think it ma be an economic collapse but feel we need to prep for sickness, job loss, car repairs or any other unexpected expenses. Sure would enjoy winning .

  21. I am a retired Master Sergeant from the Army Reserve and in my 26th year as a law enforcement officer. I have seen the best and the worst of mankind and the worst scares me. The Army taught me its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. My own experiences as a first responder during hurricane season in Florida has shown me just how fragile our infrastructure is, how limited local governments are, and just how little people prepare to help themselves. The FEMA recommendations for having enough supplies for 72 hours is a placebo. Ask the recent victims of Hurricane Sandy about the 72 hour rule. I prepare because I know my government can’t and sometimes won’t help me. I don’t want to depend on them; the numbers are not in my favor. Regardless of what they tell you, there is not enough to go around. I need to be able help myself and take care of my family. That’s why I prepare.

  22. thank you for the opportunity to enter you book give away contest. The reason I started prepping, was that for years I was always beleaving that I should buy a little more for extra when I went shopping. I didn’t understand why I felt the need to do this, but last year I felt the need to began prepping full force. I had no ideal where to start and didn’t no anyone that prepped. I started watching u-tube video’s on how to store food, and then just started buying in bulk and doing it. I feel so good about being prepared. I still have along way to go, but after a full year of prepping, I can look at my preps and all that has been stored and feel a sense of peace. I still cannot stop reading and watching video’s. There is also something new to learn. I have a lot to still learn but I take it one day at a time and make everyday a prep day in some way.

  23. I prep for the lack of social security, both the $ and the government. I figure the best case scenario I’ll eat like a king for the rest of my life. Worse case, will keep my children and grandchildren until we can ramp up the garden and goats.

  24. I was adopted from a 3rd world country where there was a lot of chaos due lack of resources, war, and incredible poverty. Things change in a moment’s notice. I can’t prep for everything but I am working to prep my family for fires, natura; disasters relevant to my region, and overall learning to be self-sustainable, if needed one day, with a variety of things. like, making & shooting a bow & arrow. But there is so much I still really want to learn. Even though it seems paranoid so some, I think learning to prepare is fun, not just practical & useful.

  25. I prep to take care of my family in the event of any situation. Geographicly I don’t have to worry about earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis, however the economic and entitlement problems in this country cause me the most concern.

  26. I’m prepping to become more self reliant on the source of my food. I don’t like grocery shopping and I hate the prices of fresh organicly grown produce. I figure it’s not only cheaper to grow my own, but at least I know where it came from and if it actually is organic.

  27. I’m preparing for uncertainty at best and collapse of services taken for granted. Doing so by stocking food/ med supplies, planting my first garden, taking a CWP class, and perhaps … chickens!

  28. I am prepping for an economic collapse. I am a single mom with two kids and raising chickens and rabbits. We have a small garden that keeps us in fresh vegies all year round. I am also an avid reader and would greatly enjoy Ron Foster’s books.

  29. Prepping makes sense and being an Old Scout “Be Prepared” has been ingrained in me since I was a Boy Scout. Thirty Eight years of service to Scouting later it’s still my motto. Some things never go out of style!

  30. the one skill i would need during a shtf situation is the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, be able to modify plans on the fly if needed.

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