Gaye Levy Interviews Samantha Biggers

Jodie Weston Jodie Weston  |  Updated: September 9, 2020
Gaye Levy Interviews Samantha Biggers

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For those of you that don’t know, Samantha Biggers is the editor in chief at Backdoor Survival.  We became friendly shortly after new ownership took over and did my best to mentor her relative to the ins and outs of full-time blogging.  Since then, I have grown to respect her opinions and her lifestyle which are both pretty remarkable given that she is a millennial.  You know, a member of the younger generation that is not known for independence, belief in free speech, and the other rights us “grays” hold near and dear to our hearts.

A few months back I asked Samantha if she would be willing to subject herself to an interview and she agreed.  It has taken me a while to post this, not through any fault of Samantha, but because of the personal funk I have experienced as I watch the degradation of what I perceive as the erosion of our freedom.  You may recall I recently wrote about that in “Is American Freedom Under Siege?”. 

A must-read if I do say so myself.

More to the point, you should care about Samantha Biggers because she represents forward-thinking while at the same time embracing a traditional lifestyle of homesteading and preparedness.  While I do not always agree with her, she represents our future and that gives me optimism.

Click here for the complete interview at Strategic Living Blog!

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4 Responses to “Gaye Levy Interviews Samantha Biggers”

  1. Red Dawn
    But wants to spend a month in Russia!?! Lol

    Seriously good interview. We don’t always agree but I respect the heck outta what y’all have done.

  2. I wish we had something like this website in Australia.

    In regards to what’s going on in America, my opinion is that shadowy elements within are determined to cause chaos, and disaster by collapsing the country from within by widening the existing divide. As the saying and strategy goes “Divide and conquer”.
    While everyone is looking at what’s going on, the shadowy elements will be able to do what they want.

  3. OK, did Gaye go off line a year ago and SB took over? All I know, Gaye went off line and I missed the good bye. Glad she’s back.

    • Gaye is no longer the publisher and owner of Backdoor Survival. She has another site that she updates regularly. Here is the link to Strategic Living. I actually do not own Backdoor Survival either, I just started writing for Backdoor Survival and then they needed someone to do a lot more of the writing and editing. Gaye became a friend after I started writing for BDS. She wanted to interview me for her site and I thought it would be nice to share with BDS readers that want to know a little more about me. Gaye is staying busy but doesn’t write for BDS any longer. Thanks for reading!

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