Spring 2014 Book Festival: Fugitives from Northwoods

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: November 12, 2016
Spring 2014 Book Festival: Fugitives from Northwoods

Today I share the next author interview and giveaway in the current Backdoor Survival Spring 2014 Book Festival. Chris Bostic, the author of Fugitives from Northwoods, is joining us for an interview and is also providing one lucky reader with a free copy of hisbook.

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the details of this week’s giveaway below.

Fugitives from Northwoods BDS

An Interview with Chris Bostic

Tell me about your book, Fugitives from Northwoods. What is it about?

The story is set in the not-to-distant future. After a global banking collapse, dictators have seized power to restore order, which leads to the formation of a new, malicious Civilian Conservation Corps of sorts. Teenagers fourteen and older are basically imprisoned in work camps. The book is about one group’s escape, and how they brave the wilderness in a run for the border.

What type of research did you have to do while writing your book?

The novel is set in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) of northeastern Minnesota. I’ve canoed there several times, most recently in 2012 with my son and others from his Boy Scout troop. The book is at least 90% geographically accurate, with only a few liberties taken to up the ante a bit.

How long did it take to write?

About five or six months of writing, spread over the course of a year. I wrote for a month or two at a time, then took some time off to let new ideas filter in.

Every book, fiction and non-fiction, includes a message. What message do you hope my readers will take with them after reading Fugitives from Northwoods?

I would say the book is more an undercurrent of multiple themes rather than having any one particular message. It’s not necessarily a political book, but there are strong Libertarian leanings in the main character, Penn.

It’s primarily a quest for freedom. There’s also an exploration of independence vs. interdependence as it relates to group dynamics.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I’m a Missouri resident, and a civil engineer by trade. I live with my wife of nearly twenty years and our three children. The kids are all spread out – from a 15 year old boy to an almost 4 year old daughter. There’s one more daughter in between. So they keep me insanely busy, but I still find some time in the evenings and weekends to write.

The rest of the time it’s work and school activities. I’m not complaining…

As an author in the survival, prepping and/or homesteading niche, what are you personally preparing for?

Wilderness Survival influences my writing the most. I suppose it’s the Boy Scout training, but a healthy love for the outdoors definitely factors in. There’s always some wilderness aspect in my books, and usually something that’s gone horribly wrong that makes it a survival novel. Thankfully, I’ve never had a truly awful hunting/camping trip, but it pays to Be Prepared.

Do you have plans for another book?

Yes! The second book in the series is in production now.

Rebellion in Northwoods will hopefully be out in the next two to three months. I have a couple of other completed novels that I’m shopping now for agents/publishers. One is a float trip gone wrong set in my home state of Missouri. The other is a Caribbean island adventure with drug smugglers invading a teen summer camp.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

I’d just like to say thanks to your readers for considering taking a look at Fugitives from Northwoods. It’s really gratifying when I get comments through my Facebook page or Twitter asking when the next book is coming.

The Book Giveaway

A copy of Fugitives from Northwoods has been reserved for one lucky reader. I have another poll for you today.

If you could pack only one book in your bug-out-bag, what would you choose:

A. First Aid/Survival Medicine Handbook
B. General Field Survival Handbook
C. Book on Foraging for Food
D. The Holy Bible
E. Other – Please Specify

To enter the giveaway, you need to answer this question by responding in the comments area at the end of this article. The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Thursday with the winner notified by email and announced in the Sunday Survival Buzz. You will have 48 hours to claim the winning book.

The Final Word

You will find that Fugitives from Northwoods is different than most survival fiction titles in that it is a story about young people. Teenagers, actually. The world has gone wrong and they are imprisoned in a work camp that is only one step above the worst WWII nightmare of a prison camp. It is no way to live and so they flee. This is their story and it is a good one.

I hope you will enter the giveaway to win your own copy of this week’s book!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight Item: Fugitives from Northwoods

Eight teenagers escape imprisonment at a work camp to brave the wilderness. Tested to their limits, they struggle to survive their terrifying dash for freedom. After the total collapse of the world economy, the United States could not stand together. So they failed separately.

Fugitives from Northwoods Small

In the small region-state of Winnkota, poverty and greed are turning the idyllic Northwoods of Minnesota into a barren wasteland of clear-cut forests and over-fished lakes. Every able-bodied teenager is conscripted into a labor force and sent to work in harsh, prison-like conditions. They are enslaved young so they never learn to think for themselves. But Penn is different. He’s determined to win back freedom—for himself, his friends, and someday for his homeland.

Adversity and loss abound, and should any of them survive to reach the border, will the freedom found equal all that they expected?

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Fugitives from Northwoods
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76 Responses to “Spring 2014 Book Festival: Fugitives from Northwoods”

  1. I would bring the Holy Bible.

    I already have at least average to above average skills in first aid, survival, and living off the land, so these other books would be something I’ve already learned or at least read about, and having the Good Book would provide inspiration and spiritual guidance. These are easily as important to living as any other, even more. Definitely, I would bring the Holy Bible.

  2. E. Other – Please Specify: Does my kindle with 100s of survival/prepping books count? if not I’d have to go with A. First Aid/Survival Medicine Handbook

  3. Other, I’d have a tablet/e-book with hundreds of books, ranging from useful to fiction, (not that fiction isn’t useful especially on rainy days)

  4. I would choose (A) First Aid/Survival Medicine handbook, and write as many scriptures as I can remember inside the front and back covers.

  5. I would pack “B” general field survival book. SAS Survival Guide, or Les Stroud’s Essentials Skills And Tactics to Get you Out of Anywhere Alive.
    The SAS book is small, 3″x4 1/2″ and would not take much room and is packed with excellent survival information. Les Stroud’s book is regular size and contains a great deal of wilderness survival information.

  6. E. Other. Anything by Patrick McManus! If I have to bug out I will need a good laugh and he cracks me up!

  7. My first thought, like others, is to do what I have planned and take my tablet it has the Bible and many other references on it – sans that I would take the Bible.

  8. Oh golly, this is a tough one! I guess I’d have to go with B. As a transplanted city girl to SW. Colorado, I’d need the book to help me get out alive if a situation were to occur where I’d have to leave my home.

  9. I would pack the Survival Medicine handbook. As a former ACLS medic for over 12 years I have a lot of knowledge but something to help keep skills up or extra knowledge is extremely useful.

  10. My plan is to definitely bring my Kindle, which has massive amounts of all types of preparedness and skills, as well as the Bible…and my solar charger. If that isn’t an option, I would have to say the medical book (A), since that’s the one area I am most worried about, but I like the idea of writing as many Scripture verses as you can inside it!

  11. The first FOXFIRE book, you can learn to dig a well, build a cabin and forage and much more to save yourself and family. This is the original prepper go to book. I’ve had this in my collection for over 20 years.

  12. For myself I would also bring a kindle with all of the reference materials that I have gathered but, lacking that, as I also have been an ALS paramedic for fourteen years, I would opt for the SAS Survival Guide.

  13. Well, I was going to say my Bible, but after reading some of the comments I think I will just take my phone which has all my survival books and 3 or 4 versions of the Bible on it.

  14. “E” I’d take a Kindle reader. It’s small enough to include in the pack. It will have all kinds of books and also the ones on the list. All that would be needed would be a way to charge it up by solar.

  15. I have read most of the ‘survival’ books on the market so feel pretty familiar with the information in most of them. I have the WORD of our Holy Bible buried in my heart; I was taught to forage as a youth by my father, who was an avid woodsman; I worked in a healthcare field prior to retiring, so I would choose B., General Field Survival Handbook.
    I also read your website and highly recommend it to family and friends.
    Thank you for posting this question.

  16. I would bring my Kindle and a solar charger with Field Survival Handbooks downloaded and easy to refer to.

  17. I CHOOSE “Collins Gem Sas Survival Guide” It is updated and has major first aid and medical contained. Many people need both information sets – survival and first aid – It is reference material and is not frequently memorized…

  18. I would take my Bible (which has 8,810 promises in it for me} and pray without ceasing. The Lord goes before me in any situation (everything is Father Filtered before it reaches me) and trust the Lord for guidance and deliverance.
    Besides my Bible I would take with me all my books on survival and all preparations I make ahead of time. Example dried food, water and Patriots and One Second After as far as books and any survival field guides and my essential oils along with my reference book on essential oils (new 6th edition).

  19. I would take my Bible which has 8,810 promises in it for me and pray without
    ceasing asking the Lord for direction and deliverance. The Lord goes before
    me in any situation (everything is Father Filtered before it reaches me). All my survival guides by authors Cody Lundin, David Black, James Welsey Rawles, and many many others. I would also takes my essential oils with reference guide [New sixth edition}. For now I am gathering all information from my
    co-op and experienced survivalists. I have gathered valuable information
    from your website and want to thank you.

  20. Mu Kindle plus the solar charger. I have numerous help books downloaded, but if that is not possible, the book on finding edible plants, etc. I just pray that common sense will return to our citizens which will affect our choices of leaders, so that we can go back to decency and order and the rule of law.

  21. This is a very tough one. My husband is a physician, so, presuming I take him along, I don’t need the first aid book. He also earned Eagle Scount, so our outdoor skills aren’t too bad. I’ll go with the Holy Bible.

  22. Scriptures. I’m comfortable in my knowledge of the rest. Not saying I know enough but that’s already what’s packed in my BOB. Since I don’t have a portable electronic device, then it’s about relying on what I know except for spiritual which I need reminders.

  23. I would also choose E – my Kindle which would have Survival and First Aid books. But if that is not an option, then I would want B – the General Survival Book, because it would most likely have a little of everything I might need.

  24. grammar of a foreign language, plus dictionary, to keep my mind active and to acquire another language skill

  25. First aid and survival medicine
    ALTHOUGH my kindle on my phone w/backup on my laptop has over 560 prepping, survival, homesteading etc.

  26. I would say either b or c. The way I look at it is that you have to be able to survive first (food, water and shelter). Yes there is a place for first aid and the Bible, but first aid is hopefully something you never need in that kind of situation (except for minor stuff) and the Bible is great to have, but again you need to survive first and you always have prayer and like others have said, you can write scriptures in the book you have.

  27. Have to go with A. I would make sure I had my Bible, and if one is not healthy, nothing else matters.

  28. I already pack The Holy Bible in my go bag. It’s a small bible with small print and it comes with a thin flexible plastic magnifier.

  29. B. General Field Survival Handbook and then I would try to remember where I put my solar power set up so I could recharge my Kindle in order to look at all of the other books on the list to keep me occupied when I am not simply trying to stay alive!

  30. E. Other, it would have to be my homemade folder. It has a quite bit of all the above, even the Bible in it.

  31. I would chose a book on foraging in all environs, if it had a section on local edible plants, though I have to commend Melanie for reminding us of the value of our sense of humor.

  32. I’d choose my Kindle and solar charger if possible. Otherwise, I’d have to go with my Bible and trust God to remind me of all the survival skills I haven’t learned yet.

  33. As a Christian, my first instinct would be the Bible, but after careful thought, my choice would probably have to be foraging as I really don’t have a grasp of that…and my hope is that I’ve hidden the Word in my heart well enough to sustain me. 🙂

  34. I think a general survival/ field guide would be the most useful book to have. No one can keep in their head all rhe information one might need for survival in all circumstances.

  35. Bible. I already have wilderness medical training, live on a very rural homestead, and I know many edible wild plants in my area. I NEED my Bible for the other important things in my life.

  36. There is already a small Bible in every bag I have. I like the idea of a reader and a solar charger. Will have to do that too.

  37. If my kindle and a solar charger count as “other” I would take that. But if it’s to be an actual book I would have to choose the SAS survival book.

  38. I’ve seen so many posting that ” The Bible ” would be the first prep. I’m sorry and I’ll probably make people mad at me, but ” The Bible” is for comfort. We were created with a brain and expected to use it. A Bible will not save your life if things get so bad that we have to depend on Nature and our wits. The Lord is not intervening with all the crud that’s going on in the World today, and the spirit within us has to rise to the occasion, if we are to have any chance of survival. Everyone has within them a sense of right and wrong…..which basically what the Bible is all about. I go by one commandment; Do unto others as you would have done unto thyself ( paraphrasing ). The Bible will not be my first prep, because I intend to live, some how!!

  39. I thought I had my answer until I saw what Michael said! Better get my kindle loaded up with more info books and get out my solar charging set-up! I know the Minnesota Boundry Waters! How exciting it would be to win this book and take another “trip” there!

  40. The U.S. Army Survival Manual would provide a great deal of information in many different areas.

  41. The Bible IS for comfort and in an unfamiliar, possibly hostile environment comfort will be sorely needed.

  42. First I would say my ipad as it has my books downloaded but if that does not count I would go with my Bible for He will provide what I need.

  43. I would have to say B. General Field Survival Handbook, because I would also drag along my Kindle which is crammed full of first aid/survival medicine books, food foraging books, various copies of the Bible, as well as other copies of general field survival books because the one I would bring would be the latest addition to my library. I love curling up with a good book any time I can find what would be called “down” time!

  44. God giveth life – eternal life. The Bible would be my choice. Our purpose is to share his saving grace while here on earth (And be prepared to share our goods & knowledge) – but our ultimate goal is to be with him in heaven. Why not get to know him personally if we will be with him eternally?

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