FEMA Faceoff: Truth as an Urban Legend

Gaye Levy Gaye Levy  |  Updated: December 16, 2020
FEMA Faceoff: Truth as an Urban Legend

fema dudesThe article you are about to read is something that I have been working on for a number of months.  Before we begin, I would like thank my long term friend, George Ure, for his assistance and collaboration on this piece.  Together our goal was to uncover the truth and debunk what we thought were the internet myth’s about FEMA.

Now we are not so sure.

FEMA Faceoff

In recent months we have all read and seen videos of the large scale movement of military gear, including equipment which could be used to control an unruly US civilian population. To add to that, the US Army’s forward training documents reveal that the military is contingency planning for major US in civil turmoil in 2016. That this could theoretically be caused by the hard bite of the Second Depression and people not seeing it coming is of great concern to us. That plus the fact that the majority of the population will not be properly prepped when it all comes tumbling down.

When writing about tank movement and such on our websites, one of our readers suggested that this was “normal” movement and that the tanks and other heavy gear were likely headed for Fort Irwin (near Barstow) for war gaming and to be fitted with the latest and greatest electronics. But in the hundreds? That fails the “smell test” when we are told that Afghanistan will be winding down.  Something simply is not adding up.

So while the economic side of things is George’s bailiwick and the prepping side is Gaye’s, we both feel that the two cannot be separated when dire times hit and further, that the truth about what is coming needs to be exposed for the greater good of our citizens.miltary tank movement. jpg (Custom)

Given that, what is the responsible, journalistic thing to do? Get ahead of the problem – help dispel paranoia and BS on the net and get some tough questions answered.

Attempting to Debunk the Internet Rumor Mill

Last April, while vacationing, Gaye had the opportunity to have cocktails with a high ranking FEMA official. During the course of the conversation, she discussed the work she was doing at the Backdoor Survival and Strategic Living websites and asked this official if he would be willing to be interviewed. He graciously and without hesitation agreed.

When Gaye returned home, she called George and the two of us put our heads together and come up with some questions that we hoped would debunk the internet rumor mill as it relates to FEMA.  You know what we are talking about: body bags, army equipment, limits on banking . . . all that troubling “stuff” that is increasingly getting play on the internet.

Why? While quite simply, there are all kinds of grim “It’s the end of the world, it’s 2012, go hide under the bed with the cat while you can!” stories on the Internet.  In fact, we’ve estimated that “world ending” stories, books, videos, speaking appearances, radio, and online advertising probably adds up to perhaps $400-million (or more) which is an interesting industry.  Add to that all of the revenue from late night talk shows, the survival gear and prepping goods industries and to some extent, even the increases in gun and ammunition sales.  None of which, by the way, has slowed down since the recent massacre in Aurora.

But the problem we all have is this: Whenever one of those stories about  “Concentration camps are being built in America to house Americans!” comes along, how many “news” sources in the Mainstream Media [also known as the MSM or olde media] actually make an effort to get the flip side of the story;  the response from officialdom?

Zip, zilch, nadda.  So we began our quest for the truth with a FEMA faceoff.

The Journey Through the FEMA PR Abyss

It was that in the interest of good journalism, not to mention a big pinch of reality, that we put some questions to Gaye’s contact, Damon Penn, FEMA’s Assistant Administrator for the National Continuity Programs Directorate, that part of FEMA which has the job of keeping America “together” in the event of all kinds of cataclysmic possibilities. Our goal was to set the record straight and help separate fact from fiction when it comes to our country’s efforts to keep us prepared.

But something happened along the way.

Whereas Mr. Penn did answer our questions, his efforts were stonewalled by the FEMA legal and PR departments. Here is what he said in an email to Gaye:

Your ears must be burning. I just asked about the status this morning. I answered the questions last week and they are with our legal folks. They are trying to determine if we are providing you a service we cannot/have not provided to others. Hopefully we can get past that soon. The questions are fine.

WTF?  We asked direct, no BS questions and get the government-three-step?

Time went by – months actually – with a good deal of back and forth between Gaye and Mr. Penn. Finally, after three months, we receive a response from Carter Langston, Manager of the FEMA News Desk who claimed that Mr. Penn’s authority did not extend to answering our questions.

The FEMA Kiss Off

So Mr. Langston answered instead.  Sort of.  His answers are shown below verbatim, which, as you will see, are not answers at all.  Which leads us to the next question, also below, what is FEMA trying to hide?

Here’s what we asked – in writing – and the responses from FEMA – after being PR and legally “sanitized” by the PTB.

1. Let’s start with the FEMA mission statement:

“FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.”

Most folks tend to think of FEMA as a huge, bureaucratic monster whose goal is to rescue our citizens from the perils of a natural disaster. As a result, lots of people got all over FEMA’s case over the handling of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

What did the agency learn from those events?

“Within the text of FEMA’s mission statement, the word ‘support’ is critically important. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate is frequently quoted as saying that FEMA is not the team, it is part of the team. The agency is not a first responder, but supports citizens and first responders.

FEMA underwent organizational changes after Hurricane Katrina, after Congress passed the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 (PKEMRA). Among the changes, the FEMA Administrator reports directly to the Secretary within the Department of Homeland Security and directly advises the President of the United States on matters of Emergency Management. More information to include an overview of the PKEMRA and other organizational changes is available at //www.dhs.gov/xabout/structure/gc_1169243598416.shtm.”

<Gaye’s Note:  the link provided does not work.>

2. If Katrina/Rita happened tomorrow, would the impression the public gets about the competence and response of FEMA be much different than it was then?

Given the agency’s emphasis on preparedness, resilience and the concept of a whole community response to emergency management, we believe communities and states will be better able to respond and recover from future disasters. Prepared communities can take necessary precautions in advance of an emergency, exercise mutual aid immediately following an emergency, and narrow the gap between disaster response and arrival at a new normal.

3. It has been our observation that FEMA has put a lot of time and effort into creating a credible source for preparedness information of all types. This includes tools to educate and help mitigate the consequences of everything from natural disasters, to biological and terrorist attacks, to nuclear threats and more. In spite of this, there is a great deal of suspicion that this is just a cover and that instead, there is some hidden agenda involved.

As Prepper’s, let us first say that we personally feel that the READY.GOV site performs a huge service to our citizens. But with that said, what is being done to spread the word and actually convince the skeptics that the information available is what it says it is?

There will always be skeptics on the benefits of personal and family preparedness. That is why FEMA adopted the Whole Community concept to preparedness, response and recovery. We now have a community-wide message of preparedness, echoed by the business community, non-profits, neighbors, local governments and many others. They are doing a great job of spreading the word about the importance of being ready for an emergency.

Now let us move on to some of the tougher questions at hand – the questions that so far have gone unanswered.

4. Conspiracy sites for more than a year have been running pictures, stories, and even videos on YouTube about the “body boxes” and “plastic caskets” which have been produced in large numbers (some estimates go as high as half a million). Is that something FEMA has a large inventory of? What can you tell us about these?

These urban legends are false and serve to create unfortunate distractions.

5. Another popular topic on conspiracy sites is the ongoing discussion of FEMA “concentration camps” being built on American soil with the intent of housing Americans. Some sites go so far as to predict that there will be “round ups” of people who have done nothing anti-government other than discuss or question government policies on a wide number of topics. Are these “relocation” or “disaster camps” real, and if so, what’s their purpose?

These urban legends are false and serve to create unfortunate distractions.

6. An area that has spawned tremendous anxiety on the internet is the HAARP program, which we have to admit seems to be a huge outlay of tax dollars for a small marginal return on the basic science learned about HF radio, which most propagation is well known.

While the use of HAARP for mapping underground facilities in Iran (or elsewhere) using radio tomography is highly skeptical, there’s a good body of folks on the internet who see HAARP as related to major earthquakes and there’s even discussion of plans for a major earthquake (bigger than Japan’s quake) in the central USA – New Madrid.

So the question is: How do you answer people who think FEMA somehow gets ‘advance clues” as to what’s ahead?

As an agency focused on helping citizens prepare for emergencies, FEMA cooperates with NOAA, USGS and others that monitor weather and seismic motion and engages the communication infrastructure to best alert citizens and first responders on emergency situations that are urgent, severe and certain.

7. How much concern does FEMA have about the possibility of bioterrorism and in particular, about the concerns and responses laid out on the government’s own www.pandemicflu.gov website?

In accordance with Presidential Policy Directive-8, FEMA activities and exercises are developed for an all-hazards approach to emergency management. This ensures maximum resilience against notice and no-notice events. For more information, visit //www.fema.gov/presidential-policy-directive-8-national-preparedness.

Okay, enough of the doom, gloom and conspiracy stuff. We have just a few more questions of a general nature.

8. What are the mechanisms in place that assure public transparency in the contingency planning processes which have to cover everything from a small impacting local event to conceivably – if movies are to be believed – things like near extinction level impacts from space?

Public Alert Warning Systems are in place to communicate with the American public through broadcast, Internet, wireless and other technologies to ensure the continuity of our form of governance by the people, of the people and for the people. For more information about this, please visit //www.fema.gov/integrated-public-alert-and-warning-system.

9. We recently learned about the “National Preparedness Coalition”. What is this and why is it important to FEMA’s overall mission.

Preparedness is a whole community effort and FEMA frequently engages coalitions to help promote the concept of individual, family and community preparedness.

10. As a senior FEMA executive, what are your personal top 5 worries about the future?

This question was not answered by Mr. Langston.

The Strategic Analysis

WW1_Poster_Patriotic_USA_America-1LGGeorge was a major market news director in a top 15-market for 13-years which makes him uniquely qualified to analyze FEMA’s response to our questions from a journalistic point of view.  And Gaye?  She doesn’t have to be a big city news mogul to smell a rat.

In his own wry way, George offers this analysis of the interview.

One of the characteristics of officialdoms at any level is that they answer the questions they want to answer, not the one you asked.

Question #1 (“What did you folks learn from Katrina/Rita?”) has only one right answer. It should have been:

“If you take people’s guns away using private contractors, shove them in a big building and don’t provide basic sanitation, food and water – plus get there WAY late – you’re asking for civil disorder. We realize that with a touchy financial system, we need to have learned from this and we have”

They won’t say that. We got a BS filler on their org chart. -1 point.

Second question (“Would it be different today?”): We got another earful of bureaucratic bullshit. Minus another point.

OK, question three, then (“If you have Ready.gov how come preppers are classed with domestic terrorists by the Fusion Center types…you looking for a monopoly?): “What we got was a “We’re the experts and know what we’re doing response.”

If government was expert we wouldn’t be on the edge of a fiscal cliff with financial outfits failing left and right, would we? Minus another point…see a pattern yet?

Curtain number four (“What about those body bags and plastic coffins on video?”):

The Urban legends defense in the face of video all over the freaking net? The “Your eyes are lying to you angle” doesn’t cut it with us.

Is number five alive? (“Concentration camps?”):  Same evasive bullshit “Your eyes are lying to you” answer.

So if you run across stories about KBR doing the legwork to set up civilian camps in the US, your eyes must be deceiving you, that Army contingency planning must be wrong. Perhaps it’s an instant daycare plan? Maybe government workers are too damn busy with PR and Legal to see what’s on the net at sites like Above Top Secret, but you couple that with allowing internment by the military of US civilians in S. 1867 and you can get a sense of our fears when the “urban legend card” is played…twice in the same game.

Any luck with #6 (“Does FEMA get advance clues from other government operations like HAARP?”

This one didn’t answer the question of advance notice…which was the one we asked.

Seven was asking for guidance for us like “How scared should we be on bioterror?” No numbers, nothing worth repeating…just more “We’re the experts…” attitude. Sorry, down 7 out of 7.

Eight was an opportunity to roll out studies (“What’s the risk of an extinction level event?” and reassure us it can only happen every X-thousand years.

What we got was exactly what Hollywood has led us to believe: Whether the government would give notice ahead of time is still doubtful, if it would in any way impair the escape plans of the elite.

Number 9 was getting us to the question of “What is a national preparedness coalition” for those of us who are recluses, not joiners, and simply work too long and hard to be groupies of this or that?

Strikes out again with a kind of wide spectrum nebulous answer.

The Final Test of Credibility

Not to be mean about it, but when FEMA chooses not to answer “What are your Five Biggest Worries About the Future of America”, it reveals, at least to us, that FEMA is an agency where bureaucratic politicking trumps serious defense.

In the Land of George and Gaye, we can defeat any problem – since we are a great country and amazing people – but if the FEMA folks don’t have a prioritized shopping list, it’s like going to the store and spending on anything that sounds good, rather than planning for so many breakfasts, so many snacks, this many lunches, and so forth.

While we are confident there are fine and well-intentioned people in FEMA, like Mr. Penn, we’re afraid to report that substantive questions are not getting substantive answers which can be cross-checked.

Like on those plastic coffins. “We looked into that and they are not ours…they were ordered by XYZ and you can call them and ask if you wish.” That’s what we were looking for.  We did not expect to be handed slop not worth wasting paper on.

Unfortunately this is likely symptomatic of government in general: Some good people with vision and clear mission hamstrung by bureaucratic butt-covering. Like Congress, come to think of it.

FEMA needs a “flying squad” to track down stories like the coffins.  There needs to be punishment of those who illegally seized weapons from private citizens during Kat-Rita and there needs to be a threat-list with numbers and budgets built around a strategic response.

Unfortunately, there is no one in charge at FEMA from what we’ve seen. Process has trumped common sense so instead of having a well-briefed, well-prepared population, we are getting stonewalled and scared that the people at the top don’t know what they are doing.

Or, as is clear from Gaye’s talk with our source: They do know what they’re doing, but legal and PR ain’t gonna let it out.

Till it’s too late, of course.

Welcome to Fugate-Gate?

Just when we thought we had heard it all, we received this interesting email from a reader who is ex-FEMA and he raises some interesting questions – similar to where our “news noses” have been pointing:

“Have you heard what is going on at FEMA?

In March of this year I received a letter, after 10 years of serving my country as a Disaster Assistance Employee (DAE) that said “thank you for your service but we are not renewing your appointment as a DAE”. They had renewed my appointment every year for years. But this year, there was no reason, no “heads up”, just done. My cadre manager wouldn’t even return my calls asking why they did not reappoint me.

I was always available to serve . . .from Tropical Storm Allison in Houston, the Columbia Space Shuttle recovery in Lufkin, and Hurricane Katrina in Florida and Louisiana, and many others in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Vermont, and, Maryland . . . always waiting for their call . . . wanting to help.

But since Craig Fugate took over as Administrator things have fallen apart. First, they let all of the DAE appointments expire this year. And then they made every DAE have to reapply for the job they currently had. They terminated my DAE status even though I had excellent job reviews so I did not have the same status to reapply that other DAEs had. So, I am drawing unemployment and social security checks when I would rather be working.

Many DAEs are not interested in reapplying. The new rules say they can only guarantee a person working 30 days a year. Wow. Who can live on that?

George and Gaye, I am afraid Fugate is destroying what we built up after Katrina. When the next disaster happens, we will not be prepared.”

Unless, of course, it is something being planned for but kept secret.


The Final Word

There is no question in our minds that our country and our world is facing problems that were not even imagined by our forefathers. Over the last hundred years, there has been a massive migration from a predominately rural society to an urban, industrialized society and along with it less personal self-reliance and personal preparedness.  After all, when you live 20, 30 or more miles from the nearest town, you have to be prepared to take care of your own food, shelter, water and medical needs. But in the cities, not so much.

Conspiracy theories notwithstanding, we have always felt that the resources of FEMA would help us embrace the family preparedness values of previous generations.

And now? We suppose the bigger question is what is it they do not want to disclose and not want us to know about?

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

Gaye & George

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26 Responses to “FEMA Faceoff: Truth as an Urban Legend”

  1. I worked for the feds for over 30 years. It all started to go down hill in the early 1970’s. When I left in 2001, it was a total, I want mine, I will work when I want, FU, ” I am going out for coffee and a smoke, FU, as long as I get more than you. You expected a honest response??

  2. I would not believe a word a PR said I have seen first hand what FEMA dose Being a HAM I was this a group in the area when FEMA came and we offer our help… We was told in so many words get the He** out we have cell phones which in that area was out at the time…The tanks are prainted urban camo so think….IT TIME FOR AMERICANS TO STAND-UP AND SAY NO!!!

    • The tanks are in standard Woodland Camo Pattern, not urban. Urban is grey black, but no one really uses that at all, i have never seen it. I was in the Marines for 4 years and we did exercises in northern california, and we had to ship our vehicles on trains from the east coast to the west coast, where the tracks go, the vehicles go…since they are on a train! if the shortest route to the training area or back to the base is through a major city, guess what they will go through it and not route hundreds of miles around a city just so videos like this wont show up on youtube. There is a DEFINITELY a need for a heavy dose of suspicion in regards to government. However we hurt our cause and cause distractions to the facts when we see a boogeyman around every corner. Its a train full of military vehicles in the US. There are MANY bases throughout california and around teh southwest area, so they are bound to move around at some point, and at some point be in view of a city or its citizens.

      If they are being dropped off in downtown LA and posting up on corners and strategic locations across the city. then thats an issue. on a train un armed and without personnel is not a big deal brother

  3. What we all witnessed on TV in the aftermath of Katrina was insanely stupid. However to blame it on FEMA indicates you do not understand what happened. The state(s) not the federal government had/have 100% responsibility. FEMA’s job (at the time) was to provide resources the state might need when they asked for them. The state of Louisiana never asked. Did they drop the ball and screwed it up royally? Yes. But FEMA did not they had prepositioned resources and were waiting to be asked to provide those resources. What Bush did was personally take responsibility from (unconstitutionally) bypassing the state and sending in the federal government. The media never liked Bush so they allowed the meme that it was the federal government and FEMA that dropped the ball to go unchallenged. Where they could have gone after Bush (ironically) was where he bypassed the constitution and sent the military in. But the media choose to ignore that because: 1. it worked and they would simply be highlighting his success, and 2. It would clearly illustrate that in fact it was the state (and the New Orleans mayor) who failed and not Fema or the federal government.

    The Concentration camp myth has been around probably before you were born and certainly before FEMA was born. I have tried to track down the so-called FEMA concentration camps with no success because they do not exist. This myth will not die and is typically pushed by late night talk show nuts and a number of internet site nutcases who are best known for either being abducted by aliens or interviewing someone who has been abducted by aliens.

    I watched the Youtube video of the tanks and APCs and was impressed. I spent 20 years in the military and love to see our military might, it was like watching a parade. It didn’t scare me and I am stumped why it would scare anyone. I have seen major movements of equipment before and none of them were ominous. Frankly I am more angered by a police speed trap (and feel it is a greater threat to our constitution) then I am by seeing military equipment being moved from one place to another. I wish someone would make a Youtube video of the billions of dollars being moved from the government to union contractors to build the high speed rail in California. Now that is something that should both scare you and anger you, that is a real threat to our nation and our future. We cannot and will not ever repay our national debt and it can only drag us further and further into a hole until that inevitable day when we must publicly admit we are bankrupt. Not THAT will be a disaster.

  4. On your DHS e-mail today. You are a liberal. Obozo is what you have been asking for for years.bush is gone, your side won, why in the world are you complaining? The next question you should be asking is, what troops does DHS have, not the u.s military, so I’m guessing it will be the muslim brotherhood, the black panthers and the troops Louis Farrakhan has. no u.s troops are being brought home.Only god has the kind of power to allow Obozo to stay in office in the face of overwheliming proof he cannot legally hold office.

  5. On one hand you have to wonder what FEMA is not telling us. On the other hand, is it possible they cannot reveal too much, so as not to give out too much information to those who would harm this country. Very well researched and thought provoking article.

  6. You can see at least one concentration camp Jesse Ventura tracked down on his show on YT now. He found a fully-built modern facility totally empty surrounded by barbed wire with the wire facing in and not out. He managed to find one lone director of the camp on camera and asked him why it had been built and got only vague answers. They do exist, folks.

  7. For more information about the murky origins of FEMA

    Up Against the Beast:
    High-level Drug Running
    by Uri Dowbenko

    An imprisoned former US Green Beret is suing the CIA, George Bush and others, to draw attention to their complicity in government-sanctioned drug-trafficking operations and cover-ups.


  8. Jesse Ventura !! Give me a break. He is certifiable. The only one crazier then him is Alex Jones. But wait, but wait! It was Jesse Ventura AND Alex Jones! WOW! That means it must be true… Bwahahahaha So where is this FEMA concentration camp, I don’t have time to watch Jesse Ventura?

    Then there is Uri Dowbenko. Diagnosis: Batshit insane tinfoilhatter, who is lacking any capacity whatsoever to rationally evaluate evidence, reasons and arguments. He is probably harmless, though, and rather entertaining.

    • If you don’t have time to watch — then you don’t want to know, do you? You would have to argue then with what your eyes were seeing — not a theory. The camp exists, Ventura filmed it and interviewed one of the “officials” that were managing a spanking new and totally empty FEMA camp. This guy was a piece of work — totally unable to answer any questions about the camp. So, this is documented. What the hell is our government doing building empty compounds, when we are supposedly broke as a nation?

  9. And you are totally unable to answer any questions about the camp. Where is it? I’m not sure I could stomach watching Ventura for an hour to wait until he finally disclosed where this supposed FEMA camp is. If you know then tell us if not then I have my doubts Ventura actually revealed anything.

  10. You can just watch Part 3 here, so it won’t impact your delicate pallate. In this show Ventura found one camp, and he had another guy that found 2 more heavily guarded and empty compounds — police move in — don’t want to answer questions. They’ve all got the hallmark barbed wire facing in — double rows of fences. The camp spokesperson calls it a “residential center” but has no answers for who should reside there. So, watch and make up your own mind. I’m more interested in what the message is and how credible the evidence rather than who is speaking.


  11. OK, I watched it. I didn’t see a FEMA camp, did you? Where was it. I saw what is probably a holding area for ICE detainees, big whoop! Do you really think that is a FEMA camp or as the ever so dramatic Ventura says “a concentration camp”. So what did we get out of the shaky video and quick out of focus shots? Drama no less exciting then when Geraldo Rivera cracked open Al Ca-pone’s secret vault. Honestly is this how YOU would “prove” the existence of a FEMA camp?? Why not a long and focused shot of the site during daylight hours. Why not provide exact locations if not addresses then lattitude/longitude (useful for google maps). I can drive to any place in the U.S. and my GPS tells me exact lat and long. Why the hype and then hide everything they supposedly found? Do YOU after watching this video know where these places are? Why not? Why wouldn’t they tell you specifics? There is ONLY one reason to not tell what they found; because they didn’t find diddly squat. Just like every other FEMA camp rumor it is pure BS.

  12. They clearly stated Los Angeles on the video, and the 2nd video showed you the wide shots of the camp with the razor wire. If this was an ICE detention center — why was it empty, and why didn’t the officials that were running it just say so? You have to pay attention here. Their behavior raises a lot of questions. I’m amazed that I can show people the chemtrails being sprayed right over their heads, and they still won’t believe. These jets make absolutely no noise whatsoever — something very strange going on, but not to them. I can’t make you believe. At the very least, you should take from these videos that something is very strange here. We’ve got a completely empty camp, we’ve got officals asked specifically — why are there 2 rows of barbed wire here? Did you hear that? So, clearly there was an empty detention camp, and clearly they did not want the public to know what it’s purpose was. Now, the ball is in your court. It WAS NOT an ICE detention center. Got any other clever ideas?

  13. Los Angeles!! The largest city in the world in land mass! You’re kidding right? If they were there, right there standing in front of it then give us an address or tell us it’s between the Safeway and 7-11 or give us latitude and longitude! Are you so blind that you didn’t realize they were intentionally vague so that no one could refute them???

    Why didn’t the officials answer questions? DUH! Thats what officials do, stonewall. If Jessie Ventura shows up at your work with cameras and who knows who else are YOU going to go out on the limb? Hell no! I’d tell him to get the hell out of here and go back to Mexico.

    The thing is that telling us where these so-called FEMA camps are is the easiest thing in the world and they spent 40 minutes NOT telling us. Why??? The answer is obvious, because they didn’t find FEMA camps but needed to fill the 40 minutes so Ventura could earn his $500,000 and go back to Mexico and live the good life for another five years. There is NOTHING in the video, NOTHING!

  14. He also visits a fusion center in CO but doesn’t tell us where, specifically it is. Are you going to tell us that fusion centers are a myth? Your critical thinking skills are ridiculous, Sir. Public official’s salaries are paid by us — they don’t get the option to lie to the public. Again we ask the question — why are empty camps being built and maintained for no specific purpose? This makes no sense at all, and you are completely ignoring this undeniable fact, because, of course, you are living in denial. Here is a video by former special ops task force 160 officer, Chip Tatum. In the first video at exactly .25 he confirms the existence of completely empty detention centers operated by DOD all over the country, and that they are designed to hold large numbers of people. You can hear his full length interview in the 2nd video, where he outs the Bush’s, Clinton, and Ollie North as all being heavily involved in drug trafficking with the CIA. He flew the missions under their orders. At the end of the video Tatum warns us about the New World Order and the society they have planned. He’s heard them planning and talking about it for years. It will not be a world any of us want to live in.



    At this point, you are going to stop stalling with your ridiculous objections, get off your lazy butt and start doing some actual research. Why do you need somebody to spoon-feed this stuff to you? What is wrong with your thinking?

  15. What has a fusion center got to do with anything? Oh, that’s right it allows you to make the gigantic leap that since he showed a fusion center and didn’t give it’s exact location then everything he said must be true! DUH!

    The whacko left and right have been claiming there are detention centers from before there was a FEMA. Now it is FEMA detention centers. I have physically gone to numerous locations of so-called detention centers and debunked the rumors (how many have you tried to find?). So far they are batting 0, no detention centers found. And true to form no detention centers or concentration camps in Ventura’s video either. This was a total farce and you remain clueless. GIVE ME THE LOCATION!!! Supposedly FEMA is building them all over give me one location and I will go there and debunk it (or prove it right)

    Don’t give me that Chip Tatum crap. If he actually had anything then people would be going to jail. He is selling books, nothing more, nothing less.

  16. No, Mr. Tatum is not selling books. His Tatum Files are free for you to view in the link below. Mr. Tatum’s body was found with obvious signs of torture, and his face had been sliced off near the coast of Panama in 2007. This “Chip Tatum crap” is brought to you courtesy of Mr. Tatum’s life. Please show the proper respect.


  17. From the site you referenced: “These materials are the intellectual property of Chip Tatum. This material shall not be reprinted in non-electronic form or distributed for commercial use with the written consent of Chip tatum. To order hard copies of the Chronicles, call (352) 787-0867 and get a recording or send $29.95 to P.O. Box 895082, Leesburg, FL 34789.”

    So someone is selling something, what’s to respect???

  18. If you have to ask what’s to respect about a guy that lost his life trying to warn his fellow citizens, GTW — that says something very disturbing about you.

  19. So is that the appeal to emotion fallacy you are trying to foist off on me. First of all you and everyone else has no clue he is even telling the truth. Secondly where is the proof he lost his life doing anything honorable? He might have been a drug kingpin killed by a competitor. Third his story is old rumors and conspiracy theories. If you believe this stuff with no corroborating evidence that says something very disturbing about you.

  20. Hey everyone – Don’t you think it is time to agree to disagree? I try not to over moderate comments and let free speech prevail but let us remember that we all have the right to think and believe what we believe.


  21. Or you could call a winner in this debate, SW. One of us is being dishonest with themselves. They need to have the courage to admit they were wrong and just move on. It’s good to grow.

  22. Oh for Pete’s sake!

    HERE ARE THE LOCATIONS – NOW can we move on? PUH-lease? Thank you!


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